The story book Has ended papa,And what a story We will never forget unbelievable xxxxxxxx
  • 72 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1940 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 25, 2012 in United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Alan Lisle, 72, born on January 13, 1940 and passed away on April 25, 2012. We will remember him forever.UNBELIEVABLE  story book we will never forget ,farwell papa for now with your family and your son our little dave. see ya paps xxxxxxxxDo not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there,I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow.I am the diamond glints on snow.I am the sunlight on the grain.I am the gentle autumn rain When you awaken in the morning hush,I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.I am the stars that shine at night do not stand at my grave and cry.I am not there I did not die

Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 26th April 2018
6 years since you parted us, you’re missed very much keep heaven alive and send our love to everyone up there. Love and miss you all Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th January 2018
Happy 78th Birthday Dad, rock the heavens I look out for you give a big kiss to our little Dave XxXXx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 13th January 2018
Happy 78th birthday pap’s WOW I can’t imagine you getting old but lucky for you and are Dave you’ll always stay young
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 28th July 2017
Thinking about you more today paps being the 10 year anniversary of our Dave... Look after each other... LOVE Deb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th January 2017
Happy Birthday Dad,Only you could have a Birthday on friday the 13th,But you said it was lucky.Think you had to say that Hahah.Hope things are going well Thinking of you today,Happy 77th Birthday may all wishes come True sending all our love to heaven Love Michelle,Matthew,Charlotte XXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxXXXXXX
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th January 2016
Happy birthday paps 76 wow !!!!! Hope there throwing you a good party fly high be free, Has a bird thinking of you !!!!iI look at the stars tonight knowing your in one of them,And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when I look at the sky at will have stars that can laugh XXXxxxxXXXxxxxXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 25th April 2015
Three years have passed in a blink of an eye Papa, thinking of you today and always, take good care of yourself and our Dave Lots of love Debbie xxx Mark xxx John xxx laura xxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 13th January 2015
Happy Birthday Papa 75 today !!!! Lets hope you and are Dave and all our other family up there are having a party today xxxx Miss you cock xxxx be lucky xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 25th April 2014
Well pap's its 2 years ago you left us but it feels like 20 years ago, where ever you are with our Dave i know you'll both be pain free and happy go lucky !!! We miss you both so much ' be lucky' love you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 25th April 2014
Two years have passed now since you passed away Paps....Seams a lifetime ago....I often think of the last night we spent together..You said that you was having your party tomorrow ,you must of new..I'm just proud of the fact that you've did it your way,you even had a sense of humour has long has you could..And that makes me laugh..So lets all think and hope that our paps did have his party with our little Dave,and all our other family up in heaven ... XXXxxxxxXXXXxxxxXXXXxxxXXXxxXXxX
Posted by Bob Harrison on 25th April 2014
Hi Alan, I've been reading your stories, listening to your music, and I must admit I felt a deep sense of loss for your family. You see, I lived in England for almost 17 years, and I understand the English people, what they feel, and how they think better than most Americans. My English wife Annie died of the same cancer as you Alan, so I know what you went through mate. Multiple Myeloma is an ugly cancer, and I'm doing everything I can, doing lots of volunteer work for the Leukemia, Lymphoma, & Myeloma Society, watching and waiting until the day comes and I can say there is a cure and that you and Annie did not die in vain. I can tell you as I speak, it is no longer the dreaded disease it was when you were diagnosed. Although still taking too many lives. I hope you're getting to spend quality time with David and Annie. I know how much fun that would be. Save a place at the table for me. Cheers Mate!
Posted by Bob Harrison on 13th January 2014
Happy Birthday Alan!! I think of you and your wonderful family often. It can be a sad and lonely world at times without our loved ones, but we keep moving on. And one day you'll be saying, "Blimey, what are you doing here." If we're there, it will be a glorious day. Since you and my love Annie passed from multiple myeloma, over the last three years they've made great strides in controlling the disease. If you and Annie would have only waited a couple more years to get sick, you might still be here. Take care my friend~I hope you're having a great time out there in the spirit world. Cheers!!
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th January 2014
Happy 74th birthday paps...Hope you had fab know how to them how you do it in heaven..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 20th December 2013
Merry Christmas Paps...Where the kids 50 pounds..LOL..Well hope Everying going to plan..So hope it is..And you settled in with all your family ..I know what you be doing at Christmas at home..sat in front of TV,with a drink and a tin of roses..Well I hope you get that in heaven..But you have to share,LOL so funny..I can just see your face nicking your chocolates...Have fun paps...All The best to my paps Alan Lisle XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxXXXXxxxXXX
Posted by Bob Harrison on 26th April 2013
Hi Alan, well, your now into the second year of your new journey. I believe your in a very special place with Dave, one of no pain, or suffering. No one really knows what heaven is like, but that's what makes the idea so beautiful.It can be anything good we want it to be.The "Big Man Upstairs" promised us that. So we all wait until we meet our loved ones again.Keep the light on for us XXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on 25th April 2013
Our first year without you pap's.......its not the same, i cant really remember what i've even done.....its been tuff but ive had no choice but to keep on going...i hope you have settled in heaven and i hope its everything we said it would be..say hello to our Dave and keep him safe..take care all our love Deb, Mark,John and Laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 18th March 2013
Hey Gov, after looking at all the activity & beautiful pictures, surely by now they call you "The Gov." Tell them your the "King of England." In heaven you can be anything you want from what I believe. On earth, last call is 2 AM, in heaven there is probably an open bar, drinks are free, and you never get tiddley. How good is that. No worries mate, from what I know your family are fine x
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 17th March 2013
Hi,Papa has you know is our little Daves 46 Brithday,I put some pictures of him and all of us on your site, Becaues my sweet Bobby Has sponsored you,And I Don't know how to sponsored our dave,I hope you are all well give our Dave a kiss from all of us,Be happy all of you,See you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 14th January 2013
Hi Alan, sorry I missed your Birthday. But late is always better than never. Happy Birthday Mate! All the best to you! I love the way your memorial site is being set up. Your grave site is very beautiful, and I love the picture of Dave's brass plaque. Quality! I'll see you one of these days on the other side my friend. Bless you; Bob.
Posted by Matthew Lisle on 13th January 2013
Happy 73rd Birthday Grandad, thinking of you and Dave! Hope your both alright! Love Matt
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th January 2013
Happy Birthday Dad 73 Today,I know what you be doing Today Haveing a pint and a steak,Well what ever you do in heaven Have a good day,with your rest of our family,I be up today to your resting with so beautiful flowers from the family for you and our little Dave 73 kiss papas to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 2nd January 2013
Happy New Years Alan! I know it's been a tough Christmas for your family, it was their first without you. I knew they would struggle, as the first Christmas is the worst. I just had my Third without Annie, and it is easier, but can never be the same. I hope you had a good new year in heaven and a grand party. Must be a lot of pubs up there. God bless, Bob
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 1st January 2013
Happy new year papa,you miss the two 13s this year 13/1/13,You always said unlucky number,I always remember when we was kids and on new year you would give us some money,And said to be lucky.We used to wait for you comeing in from the pub,With Grandad,Well I hope you had your own party with all your family,And our sweet David,Happy new year too all of you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 25th December 2012
Thank you Bobby Harrison,Thats the BEST christmas gift ever,My dad will love this is favorite song the winner takes it all,What a great person you are Thank you Thank you so much you are my Angel This had made my Christmas I was so Happy when I heard This,When My dad was in my car going shopping or going for cancer checkups he love to listen to this song ,He said He love this song
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 25th December 2012
He went to Another world listening to this song,It brings A lot of good memories Back,He told me This was is Favorite song,I hope you our david,and little Annie Harrison are Haveing party,Merry Christmas to all of you,Annie you had a great husband Bobby,He made my Christmas All the way from oz,unbelivevable in my dads words,That was is favorite word god bless you all, love ya allxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 19th December 2012
Merry Christmas Alan; I speak to Michelle quite often. What a beautiful and lovely daughter you have. She really loves you, and has told me some stories about you, mostly nice, lol. Her and I really have a laugh at times, but the one constant she has in her heart is the pain of losing you. She really loved you, she was a daddy's girl. Cheers mate, I will meet you one day, God bless.
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 16th December 2012
Hello paps.I will kill you myself when I get my hands on you lol lol lol,You know?? What i going on about,Well This time last year we was Haveing a good meal In m&S you me and mother what a good time we had That day you cost me £30 Pounds.But we all injoy them,It only seems like last week,Where does time go,Hope you are well I hope you are looking
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 16th December 2012
Down at us all and you happy in what we are doing,We All know now that you did your way with the big nails you knock in lol lol.Well Only you and our deb and mark knows what we going on about,Merry christmas paps, All is well I think,Well I Hope it is lol Party on paps with our little dave xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 20th October 2012
Hi Alan, tomorrow night I'm doing "Light the Night Walk" sponsored by the Leukemonia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma Society. Me and my family are walking in support and honor of my "Sweet Annie," who passed of the same blood cancer as you. This time she will have company, as we're gonna represent you too, for your family. A & A will soar with the Eagles
Posted by Bob Harrison on 16th September 2012
Hi Alan, I've been speaking to your wonderful family. Michelle, she's a beautiful person, and suffers deeply from her loss. She was a "Daddy's" girl. From her, I can tell you were a wonderful man and father. Little Charlotte, she's a fire cracker. Full of pop and energy. She makes me smile~such a lover of animals. That's a good sign. She'll do well! Rest well, might see you one day
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 13th September 2012
Hi papas,not been on for a bit been so busy.I hope you and our little Dave are Haveing a ball,I have met a new mate on here,Bobby I bet you have both met His wife Annie,He so funny,I bet Annie is too,has I sure you met her, Infact I sure of it,Please dont worry we are all ok,there nothing more we can do now only laugh at everthing party on xxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 16th July 2012
Hi Alan, your daughter placed a nice tribute on my wife Annie's memorial today. Annie, like you, full blooded English and proud of it. Well I'm sure your okay, their is little doubt that she didn't seek you out on arrival. I'm sure she has introduced you to some interesting folks already. In typical English fashion, she loved a party, and it sounds as if you did too. God Bless Alan
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 17th June 2012
Happy fathers day paps Hope you like your flowers,Hope you and our Dave are ok party on Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on 18th May 2012
Thinking of you today paps,Dianne has got some flowers of marks and spencer "Thankyou cock" you be laughing your socks off now I know you will.I hope Everthing well and you are Haveing a better time than me see you cock xxxxxxx Oh yes you was right paps city did win beautiful game papsxxxxxxxxxxxx

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