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Mike's Profile

Shared by Chris Silver Smith on June 1, 2020
I've just added Mike's profile information from the popular social media site, VKontakte (, which is the Russian equivalent to Facebook). It is provided as a graphic image in the Photos section.
I tried to locate this information shortly after Mike passed away, but he seemed to have deleted his profile or account at VK at some point earlier. I dug a little deeper into internet history today, and was able to find the information. I also provide it with the Google Translate version in English. 
I don't think there are any big surprises in Mike's profile information, but it is interesting, and there are some things that I was unaware of, or which I had not recalled about that he liked.

Still missed on the 3rd anniversary of Mike's passing

Shared by Chris Silver Smith on January 28, 2020
It has now been 3 years since I received the news that Mike passed away. It seems appropriate that the weather is gray and dismal in Dallas today to mark the third year since he left us.

His dramatic passing caused disruption to many people in many different ways. But, I tend to remember more and more his other qualities -- his incredible intellectual abilities, seemingly effortlessly used on any of his projects; his enjoyment of acrobatics; and his desire to always make people's eyes shoot open in amazement!

But, it's his sense of humor that seems to characterize who he was most, and it is that quality that I remember about him increasingly when I think about him.

If you visit here today to remember Mike, I urge you to focus on his brightness that is reflected in virtually every photograph of him. And leave while remembering one of his jokes or pranks! I think if he saw us with sorrowful faces he would try to break us out of such a mood by cracking a joke or two!

I'll add a few more photos today that different people sent to me and which I somehow neglected to add to this memorial before.

Rest in peace, Mike.

Немного о школьной жизни

Shared by Анна М on March 23, 2017

Мы учились в одном классе. За период школьных лет я ниразу не помню, чтобы он кого-нибудь обидел. В школе учителя в Мише души не чаяли, они его обожали и отправляли на все олимпиады, какие только проходили. Помню на урок рисования классе во втором или третьем мы рисовали девушку-зиму и он мне показывал овал лица, тонко нанесенный кисточкой, будто нарисованный гелевой ручкой, его это сильно удивляло. Как-то раз учительница математики поставила его в угол, он стал согнул ногу в колене и стоял то на одной ноге то на другой, сказал, что ему так удобно, она сказала, что он себя плохо ведет. Классе в шестом у него была навязчивая идея научиться шевелить ушами (больше получалось морщить лоб), не знаю научился, но желание было большое. Помню, на перемене Миша нашел себе занятие, положить руку на парту растопырить пальцы и попадать между пальцами карандашом. За пару дней он научился делать это очень быстро, скорость была потрясающая. Я бы точно себе палец пробила. Когда в классе проходила контрольная работа по математике учительница садила Мишу к себе за стол, чтобы он никому не помагал. Во втором классе он уже умел складывать и вычитать трехзначные числа. В третьем классе мы писали диктант и в нем фигурировало слово "земля", он спросил учительницу - земля как почва или как планета? Я сначала не поняла, позже вспомнила что это влияет на то с большой буквы писать это слово или с маленькой. Многие дети начинали учиться на отлично потом спускались на обычный уровень. Миша был не такой, его динамичное развитие достигало огромных успехов. Помню он рассказывал, что приходил домой и вместо того, чтобы идти гулять решал задачи. Возможно когда-нибудь он смог бы объять необятное. Действительно навсегда нереализованный ... И это очень печально!

Shared by Rosalie Maduro on February 5, 2017

I haven't talked to Vlad or Mike in awhile.  I was just thinking of them a few days ago and planned to call them as I want to discuss reviving a project we started in 2012.  Tonight I couldn't find my phone and had to use Skype to call myself.  I hadn't been on skype in months so I was shocked to see the note from Vlad.  I just can't believe it.  I'm at loss. I don't want to believe that this is true at all.

I met Mike through his father, Vlad, with whom I worked briefly at a company here in LA.  In 2012 we decided to work on a platform that was a "pet" project of mine.  We brought on Mike and his team to develop the prototype.  In November 2012, he stayed at my place through Thanksgiving while he looked for a permanent apartment. I had never met anyone like him. I think Chris said it best when he described him as a Rennaisance Man.  He was so brilliant, yet so kind, and humble.  He had his father's shy smile and stubborn streak.  There was no topic he couldn't discuss.  He had so much passion for science, math, gymnastics, and Parkour.  I loved talking to him and listening to him.  Just a few weeks ago I was watching my 2 1/2 toddler who mastertered his 200 piece puzzle on his own.  He is so capable and independent and I thought of how I hope he'll be just like Mike one day.  What a devastating loss to this world.  The future needs more amazing people like Mike.  My heart goes out to Vlad and his entire family.  

Mike, I know how much you loved Ethan.  I hope you two have found each other and are snuggling as you used to. Wherever you are, know that you have touched our lives and that we will never forget you.

Mike Apyshkov, Reflections On His Passing

Shared by Chris Silver Smith on February 4, 2017

I've written a long blog post about Mike, how I came to know him, and about how he passed away.

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