Let the memory of Mike(Foots) be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on June 6, 1959 in Pineville, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on August 27, 2016 in Ft.Myers, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mike Owens 57 years old , born on June 6, 1959 and passed away on August 27, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sharon Miller on 27th August 2017
Remembering you today ,1 year a guardian angel.....till we meet again...
Posted by Sharon Miller on 6th June 2017
Happy Heavenly birthday Old Man....
Posted by Debra Bentley(hagy) on 8th September 2016
My deepest sympathy to your family mike, you were an awsome class mate. You will be missed by many my friend.
Posted by Sylvia Hill on 8th September 2016
my prayers are with you foots, and you will be sadly missed. my deepest sympathies to your family.foots was like a son to me and our family.he grow up wiht my boys and were very good friends, rip my friend.love you.god bless .till we meet on the other side.'
Posted by Cindy Spencer-o'hara on 6th September 2016
You will be sadly missed, my heart goes out to your family..I used to hear great stories about him and Thumper and my former husband Boyd ....R.I.P Foots
Posted by Ashley Kelley on 2nd September 2016
ok so this is a rough one for me, It still has not regestiered that he's gone! So my daddy has brothers but I don't them so there for I've never had them in my lives but my dad had a group of best friends that stepped up to fill the places as my uncles and foots happen to be one of them has been my entire life . He sure will be missed I'll never forget his big heart his stories about life and great advice and of course his "one eyed hula dance" if ya really know him ya know what I mean! Fly high uncle foots I'll sure miss you . ~Ash
Posted by Stet Blancett on 1st September 2016
Brother Foots, We go way back to school days the old wood skating rink the wood movie theater ,polywog and just hanging out cruising the roads and just having a good time with our friends like a few old boys would do.last time I seen him was at my sister Mona he looked good and that is the way I want to remember him. He will be miss may he rest in Peace. God bless to Denise and your whole family. Love you. Brother Stet , Marilyn rock on
Posted by Pamela Taylor on 31st August 2016
My brother Little Berry and I have always been so close to you, we have so many memories together....baseball in school, going to concerts, suppers in the two story house, Swamp Cabbage weekends, coming to see me in NC and I couldn't stay when it was time to say goodbye to y'all, you helped me pack. We all had a lot of laughable times together...we'll miss you so much ....... my brother loved you as a brother ❤️..... may you rest in peace, may your family find peace in this time of great loss
Posted by Bob Kuntzman on 31st August 2016
I first met Foots around 35 yrs ago when I was 7 or 8, it was so funny to meet someone named Foots and he would never tell me his real name, then so I would stop asking him, he would say his name was Willie Ham Hibblie Hobbler, there is more to that name, but I'll keep it PG. I grew up with a bunch of Doodlebuggers because my dad was one, and my dad and Foots were pretty good friends so he was always around. I have a ton of memories of Foots but the one I keep thinking about, is when I was hospitalized for 5 days in Wilburton , OK back in 1983, and Foots would stop in and visit in the morning before work, and at night after work, he would sneak in slurpees for me. He was one of a kind and he will be missed. Im so lucky to have been able to spend time with him and call him a friend. Rest easy Willie Ham Hibblie Hobbler...
Posted by Sara Cress on 31st August 2016
Love you daddy!!!
Posted by Paige Nicole on 31st August 2016
Ok so I have been trying to pick one story to share about Mike..... I CANT! There was so many over the years. So I'm gonna share my most grateful and hardest story Mike, Chelsi and I share..... For anyone who knows Chelsi or myself you know that since 2nd grade we was inseparable. If you seen me Chelsi was near and visa versa!!! Chelsi and I was in our junior year of high school it was a Friday afternoon... We was out riding around in my mustang, probably supposed to be getting ready for the football game. Lol We seen some friends (boys) drive past us so of course we was yelling at them out the window. I was not paying attention and hit the run off drain between McDonald's and the court house. Ughh what an embarrassment... I bent the rim and popped the tire..... My mom was furious!!! So after every football game Chelsi and I had a ritual of throwing "get togethers" at grandma's house. Mom did not want me to go. She wanted me up at 6 am to go buy new rims and tires. Of course Chelsi and I begged and pleaded until she gave in. We stayed up til God knows what time doing God knows what.... But if you know my mom I had better be up and ready at 6 am..... For some odd reason I woke up 10 mins before the alarm and actually got up. Lol I remember turning the alarm off and sitting on the side of the bed with Chelsi laying behind me. At this point I don't remember anything else until I wake up inn the ambulance. You see, I had a full blown seizure! From this point all I know is what Chelsi and Dad have told me. Chelsi says she woke up because my head was thrown on her stomach knocking the wind from her.... She screamed DADDDDD!!!! And foots was in the room in what seemed like one step! He immediately grabbed my head and held me so I would hurt my head anymore on wall then what i had already done. He calmed Chelsi down and had her call 911 and tell them I was seizing. He then had her call my mom. He saved me. I could of done serious damage if he was not there to hold me. He saved Chelsi that day, Idk if any of us would of known what to do when seeing your best friend, your sister convulting on your bed. And he spared my mom from having to see me that way! He was always there in a flash when he heard his little girls screaming. No matter what it was he did hesitate. He would pick us up and hold us. Now if your scream was uncalled for, after he held us and seen we was just being big babies....... Well let's just say we can just imagine the words out of his old hick ass!! Lol I love you dad! You was the only dad in my life for the good, bad and everything in between!!!!
Posted by Kathie Fleming on 30th August 2016
I haven't seen Foots since HS, where everyone knew everyone, he was such a great funny guy, liked by everyone, RIP Foots. Condolences to his family.
Posted by Josh Tyree on 30th August 2016
My hearts hurts so bad to loss my second dad
Posted by Ann Mckay on 30th August 2016
Posted by Candy Homan on 30th August 2016
RIP Foots, may God Bless your family at this time of sorrow. Another angel taken from us too soon. Prayers for all of the family.
Posted by Alice Collett on 29th August 2016
I got to meet Foots when I drove down to La Bell with his daughter Chelsi and his new granddaughter Brynna Grace. I was excited for them and nervous for me. See for 7 sevens I had seen what a great father he was & I had heard Chelsi say what a wonderful guy he was. I seen how he was always there for her when she called him, how he took the time to listen to her and always knew what to say to make her feel better, so I was nervous. But once he got there that day we arrived I knew exactly what she meant. I instantly felt like I had known forever. We had such a wonderful visit great people, (Foots ctr of course), great food, great times. They were all wonderful. I pay that tribute because he was such a great guy, you had to be a great person to have him. He later got to come to Kentucky, which is really where he started. You will be missed not only by family but just by those that was blessed to have known you. #RIPFOOTS
Posted by Richard Campbell on 29th August 2016
I met Foot when we were just all dumb ass kids "doodlebugging" in Oklahoma. That was in 1983. He was a boss then and was a boss the rest of his life. He had an innate talent for getting the job done, no matter how difficult, while treating everyone who has ever worked with him the utmost respect. It was truly a gift and there were none better at it. He remembered every backroad he had ever been down 30 years ago and almost every property owners name that we ever crossed. One of the most intelligent and caring men that I have ever met. Cool breezes and calm seas, my brother. RIP you will be missed by all of us.
Posted by Marty Searcy on 29th August 2016
My deepest sympathies to your family, I will forever remember foots and good time we had in high school. He always had my back me his, RIP foots
Posted by Melissa Agent on 29th August 2016
Even though you weren't blood ypu are always an uncle and have always treated me as your niece. Always telling the best stories, giving advice or squeezing my shoulders .I will missed you my uncle Foots!
Posted by Katina Ortiz on 29th August 2016
When i was being rolled out i had no clue denise that foots was there till i got readmitted. Still here but may god bless you and the whole family. We have know him for years and i hope i am out of here before services my brother wayne hemphill and judy oatsvall knew him well also rip foots your another angel gainef
Posted by Marcia Maxwell on 29th August 2016
RIP foots can see your smiling face...you are like a big brother to me for so many years..Never forget when you came up to Arkansas on our ranch.. I was a little girl at that time ... praying for you Denise and your family..such a awesome lady you are .
Posted by Vicki MacDowell on 29th August 2016
Denise and family, I'm deeply sorry. I'm here if you need me. Thinking of you every day. Love you
Posted by Teresa Parker on 29th August 2016
My condolences go out to you Denise and your family .I am so sory this has happened to yall. Footes was a very kind hearted and loved man. He will be missed by all!! Prayers for some kind of peace and comfort during this difficult time
Posted by Sharon Miller on 28th August 2016
My deepest sympathies to your family.....you will be missed ...love your Ocala family

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