Let the memory of Mike be with us forever
  • Passed away on February 17, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mike Leech . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Martin Leech on 5th March 2019
Mike still find it hard every day brother,especially today on your birthday, going to miss our Guinness today!! love always Martin xxxx
Posted by Martin Leech on 3rd May 2016
Mike , cant believe how time has gone without you, your missed every day by so many. I really miss not having my big brother around to keep me on track. love you brother!! Martin.xxxx
Posted by Maggie Mwaura on 21st May 2015
Rest in perfect peace Mike.... Rest with angels my friend...
Posted by Martin Leech on 7th April 2015
Brother, I have always been and will always be the proudest brother in the world! cant believe how much we all miss you. xxx RIP Brother. Martin.
Posted by Noni Gatere on 16th March 2015
Mike....It was a pleasure meeting you during Sense 8 and later on during the quiz night. You were always cool, calm and collected....Always had an eye out for the cast and crew (especially the international ones)-If I happened to 'loose' one of them, you calmly told me their location in a very reassuring way...You will be missed Mike. Rest with the Angels.
Posted by Chris Kiilu on 14th March 2015
It was an honour and privilege to have known and worked with you, deepest condolences to family and friends may they find comfort and peace in this time of grief. Rest in peace Mike.
Posted by Emmanuel Mugo on 13th March 2015
It's a tragedy what happened to you Mike. From the little interaction we had on set, you showed me how light-hearted and honorable you were. My heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. To u Mike, rest in peace brother, u fought the good fight! Semper Fi. Mugo (Stunts)
Posted by Joel Mwangi on 13th March 2015
My deep condolences to family and friends. May his SOUL rest in peace. Forever loved and always be missed.
Posted by Joel Mwangi on 13th March 2015
My deep condolences to family and friends. May his SOUL rest in peace. Forever loved and always be missed.
Posted by Brian Smith on 13th March 2015
We went to a lot of different cities during the Sense8 shoot and met a lot of different people, but Mike was someone who really stood out. He was on set with us every day all day and he was the guy you knew you'd want to be close to if something went wrong. He just exuded this amazing sense of calm and professionalism, and also kindness. He was always "on" - you knew he was taking in everything going on around us, probably things we weren't even remotely aware of. I often wondered what he was thinking about. He was a gentle warrior. He had a great love for the people of Africa. He *loved* what he did. We had some amazing conversations to and from set that I'll never forget, and he taught me so much about the country. But his presence, just the simple and indescribable way that he handled himself taught me a lot about what it means to be a man, even in that short time I knew him. He really made an impression on me. I'd like to thank Mike's family for letting us have him for a little while. He was a truly special man. It's hard to imagine that he's not with us anymore, but I know that he's up in Heaven keeping the angels safe. Safe travels, Mike.
Posted by Edu Kariuki on 13th March 2015
I met Mike twice in the recent past. The first time was when we were on a film set together and the next and sadly last time, we were participating in a quiz night in Nairobi. What happened was very sad indeed and he shall forever be missed. See you when we get there Mike.
Posted by Ginger Wilson on 13th March 2015
We all instantly felt at home with Mike. He was kind, generous, calm, and, though we had lots of jokes about gaps in our education, he was smart and interested in so many diverse things in life. He was really fun to be with but never stole the limelight. And he had that unique reassuring presence without needing to say much. He never complained, except to say that film people worked crazy hours. So of course we called him and his team wimps, which he pretended to admit to. The last time we played out he was at dinner charity quiz with us and in his very dry and deadpan way, kept us entertained all night with his feigned competitiveness and pretending to know all the answers (which he didnt). Mike also had really great taste & would have hated the music on this site too... sorry Mike! We are so saddened we didn't have more time with you x x x
Posted by Barbara Karuana on 13th March 2015
Mike's passing was completely devastating for me, even though he and I had only had a few conversations on the set of Sense8. His warm spirit made it impossible not to like him and it was great that he always had a small smile on his face despite being the "tough guy" on set. He played a great part in making Sense8 what it was and his presence will always be missed. Thank you Mike for all the warmth you shared with us. Until we meet again.
Posted by Carol Muoki on 13th March 2015
I met Mike on the set of Sense 8 and his calm yet strong presence will be missed. Mike loved his work and his commitment can be compared to none other. You will be missed and im honoured to have met and worked with you. Rest In Peace Mike.
Posted by Traci Milimo on 13th March 2015
It's still difficult for me to comprehend the terrible news of your passing. You were kind, compassionate, hard-working and funny. I didn't know you personally but the little I did know about you was fantastic and I enjoyed working with you on Sense8. You shall be remembered.
Posted by Irene Magu on 13th March 2015
Michael, I first knew you from the sense 8 shooting. I did not have the pleasure of meeting you but I hope I do in the after life because from all the love I see around you, it tells me you were really an awesome Guy. You touched the life of many and for that you will be missed.until we meet,RIP.
Posted by Nina Bola on 13th March 2015
Mike, No one really dies as long as they took time to leave us with memories. I remember your laughter We had a great night at the Quiz event of which you were indeed a great team player, we all laughed big time. It was fun i remember... I remember you watching over our crew on the Sense8 shoot We felt safe having you around and that's a unique skill you had Mike. May you watch over your loved ones as guardian angel. You will be missed Mike, RIP.
Posted by Irene Kariuki on 13th March 2015
Mike in our hearts you will forever be as that is the heritage the Lord wills. In Gods arms you rest. Though gone and left a gap your good work will forever be remembered being there amongst us during the Sense 8 shoot gave a sense of security even in the depth and the dark of the night during work. Words cannot express our feelings but deep within our hearts God knows the gratitude. RIP
Posted by Fatma De Haas on 13th March 2015
Hey Mike.. was a great pleasure meeting you on set during the filming of Sense8.. It's sad that you are gone.. I remember you from the moments where we would sit and share coffee or tea at the catering tent while you Watched over the crew as they were resting, always offered to help while we set up the unit area and you wore a smile on your face so calm that we felt comfortable around you..your dedication was an inspiration to many. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Biko Nyongesa on 13th March 2015
My condolences to his family. Rest in peace Mike. Thank you for protecting others during your life.
Posted by Lwanda Jawar on 13th March 2015
I met Mike in Kenya during the sense8 shoot, we dint talk much but always said hi ( the fist 3times). It was a pleasure knowing u though gone too soon, and may ur soul rest in peace. My condolences to all friends and family. R.I.P Bro............ Supper powerrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Posted by Paul Ogola on 13th March 2015
Aye Mike,I have not much to say brother but the industry has lost a great person,friends have lost a partner,family has lost a great son,brother,husband and a father ,but I guess angels do fly low and when the right time comes,they have to go back home.So farewell bro and goodnight. Peace Rest in Freedom Sir.
Posted by Suki John on 13th March 2015
Posted by Catherine Mwendia on 13th March 2015
Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more that a thought apart. For as long there is a memory, they’ll live on in our hearts. May you Rest in Peace Micheal
Posted by Mathew Kigen on 13th March 2015
I mourn that you are dead but am ever grateful that I meet while you were alive. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Violet Otindo on 10th March 2015
I first met you at the shooting of Sense 8 in Kenya. You were always willing to help the crew with whatever we needed , be it lending a helping in moving equipment around or just giving directions. it was the simple little things that showed you had a big heart. You always ensured our safety. Forever we will be indebted to you. As you sit with angels, just know that we will miss you. RIP Michael.
Posted by Mark G on 10th March 2015
Big Mike.. was a great pleasure meeting you on set during the filming of Sense8.. you were one of two people who called me by my surname on set every morning when we shook hands. So inspiring.. Let the angels watch over you as you watched over us.. RIP bro.. (Risk In Peace)
Posted by Joanne Thompson on 7th March 2015
Michael, I love you more than words can say. You are the love of my life and will forever be in my heart. 8 amazing years and so many happy memories. I adored you and loved you unconditionally. You are my rock and I am so lost without you. I miss you and not a second goes by without me thinking about you. I know you want me to be happy not sad but its so hard, I am broken and I honestly don't know how to live a happy life without you. You made me the happiest girl in the world and I know I made you happy too. I'm devastated that we won't get to be in each others arms again. I am so so proud of you as you know, I would tell you every single day. I feel blessed to have had you by my side all these years.Our life together was perfect! We had so many adventures and amazing times together, incredible! Its so unfair, such a tragic, senseless loss, so unjust. I am heartbroken that you won't be coming home. I love you now, always and forever. Always yours, Joanne xxxxxx

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