Let the memory of Mike be with us forever and his life and legacy live on in his baby boy! xxxx
  • 24 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1989 in Warrington, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 12, 2014 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

I made this memorial site in the memory of the best brother in law anyone could ever wish for Mike! we will always love you and we will never forget you! be the brightest star in the sky and keep smiling down and looking after everyone! sleep tight angel Love from your sister in law Rhiannon xxxxxxx <3

Posted by Jake Evans on 28th April 2016
Love you always mike, miss you each and every day, the heartache is still there , one last brotherly hug wouldn't be enough but it would do, love always Jake cuddle monkey xxxxxxxx <3
Posted by Janice Rees on 12th April 2016
We light a candle for you today so you are part of kc birthday blow out as he blows his then he will feel your presence be proud gem is doing a grand job with all the support from her family RIP God bless you. Janice and Brian
Posted by Ste Murphy on 31st December 2015
RIP Big Fella taken to early god bless Mike sadly missed
Posted by Janice Rees on 12th April 2015
Lighting a candle so you can help kylan blow his first candle out thinking if you today God rest you sole be proud of Gemma and your 3 boys xxxxx
Posted by Tracy Yardley on 12th April 2015
Can't believe its a year since you left us all. Your still missed loved and never forgotten. Thinking off your family and dear friends. Happy birthday to your son xxx
Posted by Janice Rees on 31st December 2014
Happy birthday gem is doing a fab job with your lads you will be proud hope you have a good shin dig up there Janice and Brian
Posted by Elisha Capper on 2nd May 2014
Many people will miss you Mike I'm sure, you were a good lad, thinking of all your family Nigel Yvonne Stephanie & co R,I,P mate
Posted by PaulaJasmine Phillips on 26th April 2014
Posted by Katie Whaley on 16th April 2014
Such a shame that you have been taken so young Mike, had some goodlaughs in the past on night's out . Such a lovely lad...Sleep tight xxx
Posted by Jack Middlemore on 16th April 2014
Miss you Muzza just will not sink in uve gone !!!i miss you bro ! Remember when I only got a girlfriend because you had 1 ..ha loads of top memories that I will never forget sleep tyt love ya broseph xxx
Posted by Kym Clarke on 15th April 2014
R.I.P mike such a tragedy you was a good lad sleep tight mate thoughts are with piggy Yvonne and the rest of your family xxx
Posted by Adam Peers on 15th April 2014
R.I.P mate we grew up on bikes went on holiday together had such a laugh with you and no words can describe the hole you have left in the family i no you will be looking down on your little en and protecting him which is your double sleep tight mate taken way to young xx
Posted by Adam Wilson on 15th April 2014
alright bro cant believe it still not sunk in proper yet went put some flowers down for you on saturday bro always in me thoughts and oozie says his respects and are in his thoughts brother see you soon muzz took to early rip my mate xx
Posted by Cheryl Dagnall on 15th April 2014
mike don't no u personally but no a lot of ppl who new you such a nice lad said by all r.i.p x x x x
Posted by Michelle Allen on 15th April 2014
R.I.P Michael u will be sadly missed. Thinking of your family and friends at such a tragic time x x sleep tight angel x
Posted by Sarah Lee on 14th April 2014
Didn't know you but my heart goes out to your family and friends at this sad time , A life taken too soon RIP Mike Murray xx
Posted by Lucy Thornton on 14th April 2014
"No farewell words were spoken, No time to say goodbye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God can tell us why" RIP Mike Love Lucy and Scott xxxxxx
Posted by Chloe Taylor on 14th April 2014
Such a lovely lad mike! I promise I will look after Steph whenever she needs me I'll be there, rip mike forever in our hearts xxx
Posted by Tina Ireland on 14th April 2014
God only ever takes the good mike xx look after your mum n dad and ur little one,,, you was a lovely lad and will be missed by many rip mike... Tina and jimmy xxxx
Posted by Nikki Cornelia on 14th April 2014
Its Just An Absolute Shame With What Has Happend To You! Like Ive Said Before I Didnt Know You Personally, We'd Say Hi But Thats About It.. I Must Admit I Have Shed My Tears For You.. You Just Couldnt Wait To See Your New Baby Boy & That Totally Breaks My Heart But Gemma Has Done You Proud & Has Brought Him Into The World For You.. I Must Say Hes The Double Of You Too! It Goes Without Saying That My Thoughts Are With Gemma & Your Boys & Your Family.. Gone Far Too Soon But God Only Takes The Best.. Slep Tight Mate.. Nikki & Walley x
Posted by Paula Singleton on 14th April 2014
You will be missed by many Michael , your mum adored you and I will promise to be there for her , rest in peace Mike goodnight god bless xxx
Posted by Matthew Fearnley on 14th April 2014
Rest in piece mate sleep tight.. Gone but never forgotten xx
Posted by Julie Percival on 14th April 2014
I didn't know u but I would like to write for u & your family R.I.P. may god look after u and my thought go out to your family such a sad lose
Posted by L R on 14th April 2014
don't know u but gone too soon RIP xx
Posted by Pat Mairs on 14th April 2014
Mike I didn't know you but my heart goes out to your mum & dad & all your family & friends. Night Night Godbless lad....x x x
Posted by Wez Hardman on 14th April 2014
Still cant get my head round whats happend mate nothing seems real you may be gone but u will never ever be forgotton R.I.P bro x
Posted by Kim Mason on 14th April 2014
Can't believe it,I've watch you grow from a toddler into a young man,played with my children as kids looked after you ,can't believe I am never going to bump into again or see that smiling face or hear your funny comments .never been so shocked to hear that you have gone,seen the photos of your beautiful son he looks so much like you,you would be such a proud dad,I am so happy you left a part of you behind,God bless mike ,you will be missed by plenty never to be forgotten so sorry Yvonne and piggy for the loss of your son and steph for the loss of her brother and to Mike's girlfriend genna and the boys and his son and family and friends for such a great loss
Posted by Nicola Buckley on 14th April 2014
Gone to soon rip mike xx
Posted by Jo Kerwick on 14th April 2014
Rip Michael. My thoughts are with all of ur family and friends xxxxxx
Posted by Ste Murphy on 14th April 2014
To Nigel, Yvonne; family & friends Words, however kind, can't mend your heartache: but those who care and share your loss wish you comfort and peace of mind god bless you all. (RIP Mike”” it was a pleasure knowing you matey)
Posted by June Morris on 14th April 2014
gone too soon r i p mike xxx
Posted by Lee Braide on 14th April 2014
Only new you for a short time Mike as gym partner your Gona be missed by all RIP Mike sleep tight x
Posted by Kayley Poole on 14th April 2014
Another life taken too soon. RIP mike, thinking of family, friends and ur little boy x
Posted by Aimie Elliott X on 14th April 2014
Still can't Beleive it! ... Even writing this now doesn't seem real! Ur missed by sooo many!!... I!! Ur baby boy is the image of you and he's gonna know how amazing his daddy is!!! I love you and I miss you!! U sleep tight sweetheart! RIP xxxxxxxx
Posted by Pepsy Shaw on 14th April 2014
So sorry to hear this tragic news sending my love from my family to yours rest in piece mike x
Posted by Dawn Makin on 14th April 2014
Mike heaven has gained another angel, taken far to soon from your precious boys, gemma & all the family, you'll be sadly missed by all but you'll live on in everyones hearts & memories forever. Your little boy's the double of you and would be so proud to have you as a dad you'll live on through your baby boy always, thinking of gemma, the boys & all the family, gone but never forgotten, may you rest in peace & sleep tight love dawn & james xxx
Posted by Sandra Barrett on 14th April 2014
Rest in peace Mike, saw you an your family at school but didn't know you to speak to. Gone far too soon, xx
Posted by Jenna Sexton on 14th April 2014
My heart goes out to Mikes family & friends. Absoloutly heartbreaking.. Rest in peace ♡
Posted by Sarah Middlemore on 14th April 2014
Oh Mike, what can I say? There are no words!! Going to miss you bobbing in and out, making me laugh, When no-one else could!!! Sleep tight mate, the keys under the bin xx love ya xxxxxx
Posted by Rhiannon Ironside on 13th April 2014
We all love you mike and you will be truly missed by all you were the best brother in law and cannot be replaced! sleep tight xxxxxxx
Posted by Jess Lewis Mummy Green on 13th April 2014
Miss you so much you was the most amazing loving man me n dean ever knew who we grown to love very much but you will now live on threw your lil boy can't wait watch him grow n to tell him about you always and for ever in our hearts lv you bro !! Xxx
Posted by Janice Rees on 13th April 2014
This light will burn for eternity you your new born son to help through life as it shines bright for you his guardian angel to be always near him Gemma is A good mum and his 2 big brothers will look after him xxxxxx RIP mike xxxxxxxx
Posted by Denise Jackson on 13th April 2014
Gone too soon, watch over Gemma and her babies x
Posted by Karen Pragnell on 13th April 2014
R.I.P mike look over Gemma and her babies xx
Posted by Dean Pragnell on 13th April 2014
R.i.P mike Murray by the comments of your friends & family you are a legend and well loved.
Posted by Wesley Petch on 13th April 2014
Rest in peace bro . You will always have a special place in my heart a true gent and great dad . Look over your little family mate . Your gone for now bro but never forgotton . All my love muz x Wez x
Posted by Danni Sanders on 13th April 2014
Such a young life taken far to soon! Gemma, boys & new baby have a lot of good friends & family behind them as ive seen over the past few days so she will be well looked after & get through this! RIP Mike sleep tight xxxx
Posted by Natalie Leanne on 13th April 2014
R.I.P Mike, heavens gained an angel, you will be missed by so many people, sleep tight x
Posted by Lynne Kinghorn on 13th April 2014
only met u a few times but you seemed a lovely lad, such devastating news hearing you passed away. thoughts go out to all family and gemma and boys,they may no longer see you but you will always be there looking over them all, rip mike, sadly missed xxxxx
Posted by Zoey Elizabeth on 13th April 2014
such a shame that you have gone at such a young age you wil be sadley missed mike you was such a character always made people smile hope your looking down on your boys & gem r.i.p dude sleep tight

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