Let the memory of Mikel be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on March 17, 1956 in Freeport, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on April 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

This memorial website was created by Karen Chance-Gleitz (Administrator) for my brother Mikel Chance for his memory. Also, in order for his family and friends to express their love and their memories of him in word or in pictures. Mikel was 58 when he passed on April 24, 2014. He was born on March 17, 1956. We will remember him forever. He is greatly missed. One day we WILL see him again in the resurrection...when we hear Jesus say, "COME OUT" and "all those in the Memorial tombs will hear Jesus' voice and be resurrected to life eternal in a new paradised world." See John 5:28,29; John 6:39,40; 1 Thessalonians 4:13; Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; Luke 23:43; Revelation 20:12-14; John 12:20-25; Matthew 6:10; Acts 17:31; Isaiah 51:12; Psalms 119: 50,52,76.

Posted by Karen Gleitz on 2nd January 2019
Another year starts to miss my two brothers & my mother. I sure miss them so very much. Mikel passed...then Mom...then Jimmie. I will see them all soon in a new world. A world called Paradise in the Bible. Jehovah God's SURE promise. Now I patiently wait for them and on others. The last trumpet will sound by Christ Jesus blowing it on the last day of this old world and a new world will be issued in. Just as Jesus tells us in the book of Revelation. It won't be long now when we get to hold them in our arms and hear their voices and spend time without end with them. Whole and healthy. Laughing together. Making forever memories. How wonderful that will be.
Posted by Cynthia Campbell on 17th March 2018
In memory of Mikel, I have been learning and teaching fall prevention at the senior center here in Palm Springs. The fall, the onset of sepsis that led to his death, opened up my eyes to how I can be of service and help others. Yes, I miss him every day. I’m going to post a photo that was taken on March 16, 2013 when I went to Las Vegas for his birthday celebration… St. Patrick’s Day. To all those that knew him and loved him, let’s remember the Love, Laughter and the Joy of the gift of his music. ❤️
Posted by Judy Easterly on 24th April 2017
My Dear Mikel: You have been in Heaven now for 3 years. I'll always remember being with you that last day and holding your hand. You left us so soon and your missed by so many of us who loved you so much. The kids are doing fine, your Grandkids are so adorable.Ican see them on FB. I miss you singing to me and hearing your music so much. Life is so quiet with out you. I will always love you Babe! Forever and ever! Your Lady
Posted by Karen Gleitz on 24th April 2017
My little brother...5 years younger & my shadow when a small child...I miss him so especially today. It's been 3 sad years of many thoughts of him...our memories I cherish. I miss his phone calls & his checking in to see how I was doing. I miss checking in on him too. Death is a "sting" as the Bible says. But Christ conquered death & paved the way to bring life back to our loved ones, to all those "in the memorial tombs". Jesus will sound his trumpet soon...as he promised...in the last days...which is where we are today...then the dead will arise...I will see Mikel walking towards me. He'll probably be walking with that happy walk of his...with those sparkling blue eyes...that enduring mischievous beautiful smile & say, "What's up?" Then after awhile we'll go find Jimmie...& Mom...& Dad...& Granny...& others who will have been resurrected too. Oh what happy times we will have in a Paradised earth...full of perfect people in perfect health...peace between mankind & animals...our own home that no one can take from us...no sickness...no death ever...plenty of food...ideal conditions...the word of God says, "No resident will say, I am sick." & all worshiping Jehovah God the way HE wants us to...having that loving fatherly relationship with our heavenly father. Back to Eden...& just the way God planned it. His purposes fulfilled. I can't wait to see my brother Mikel there...but I will...for I know it is only a short time until then. I love my brother so much...I miss him greatly...& soon...I WILL enjoy life on earth along with him...having such fun. Until then...I know he rests in Jehovah's hands where he is safe...exactly what he believed & told me in our last conversation. So rest my little brother...until we meet again. Your sister ~ Karen Chance-Gleitz
Posted by Cynthia Campbell on 17th March 2017
I look at your photo every day… And I send you my love and tell you that I miss you… Every day ❤️ I especially celebrate you on your birthday… And I bought a green hat and wore it today - the kind of style you always liked. All my girlfriends talk about what a sweet man and how funny you could be… So I hang on to the good memories and listen to your voice message that you left for me March 10, 2014. I have loaded your videos into dropbox and iCloud to be there forever for your children, their children, their children and anyone else that ever wants to see you play your music. I see you there, and in the clouds and in the children playing. You were always just a big kid… And my baby brother. Forever and always you are in my heart. I feel you visit me sometimes ❤️ Always with love, Cindy
Posted by Karen Gleitz on 17th March 2017
I think about my little brother every day. Today he would have turned 61...wow. I would have teased him about us getting old...lol...It is hard to not have him here. And it's hard to wait for the promised new world where he will be resurrected. What a time that will be. Such joy. I carry him in my heart everyday. I can't wait to see see him & hear him call my name & hear him play music again. I can't wait for us to all go fishing with Dad...me, him & Jimmy. So many others to join us in that resurrection day; like Mom & Granny & so many more. It won't be long until the trumpet will blow & there you'll be...for Jehovah God will awaken my brother from his sleep. His eyes will open & he will be happy, healthy & whole. Yes it will be soon. Until then we will remember all the love & memories we've shared & patiently wait for his return.
Posted by Cynthia Campbell on 24th April 2016
Dearest brother, I miss you every day. When I went to Melissa's wedding I got there early so I could take them all out to dinner. Dana wasn't there but I got to see her at the wedding and at the house with Eric and Weslie. I also got to spend a lot of time with the children. I could see you holding them and being so proud. Especially Kai has your ears and wears a hat just as well as you did. It was a good time for me to spend with the family. Melissa and Kenny had one of your favorite songs that you recorded played for the father daughter dance. It was very touching. At the dinner I told them how one of my spiritual teachers explained that little about you. Actually something very special. That your sensitivities and tenderness had a difficult time and living in this world was too hard for you. My friends that know you all agree that you have a very tender heart. There were times when that was blocked by your anger but I know how much you loved and hurt for the loss of time with your kids. I am currently talking to Jerry about your music and he seems to think he can help. I hope so. Anyway I think everyone is going to be OK. Dana has moved in with Eric and he really wants to protect her. Today I took over some food to the park where there are homeless people and I donated it in your name as I did last year. I know that you were always looking out after people that had nothing and no one....I promise you that I will do this every year in your memory. Come see me sometimes...ok?❤️
Posted by Judy Easterly on 24th April 2016
Hi Babe: Yes it has been two years and I will miss you always. I pray for you daily. I didn't go to Mel wedding but sent a gift. Eric's little boy Kai is adorable. Cindy said he and his wife are very happy. Holly & Mel, are doing good. I'm sure they keep in touch with Dana. She has become more beautiful than ever. From what I see online she is doing real good. They all miss you terribly. I love you Mikel and I know you loved me, it felt so good huh. I sent Eric some picutre,s I had of you, hope he got them, didn,t hear back. My love to you!
Posted by Judy Easterly on 17th March 2016
Dear Mikel I'm missing you so much being back in Paso. We had so many memories here. Melissa is getting married the 19th. I got an invite,but just can't go now. I hope your still dancing with the Angels in Heaven. Do you realize you would have been 60 today! catching up with me.HA I love you and miss you terribly. Always&Forever Babe
Posted by Karen Gleitz on 21st December 2015
I've shed tears for you tonight as I have at other times. I miss you my little brother...your calls & laughter. I wish I could have known all you were going through & I wish I could have helped you more. I wish we all hadn't lived so far apart through the years, which kept us from visiting as much. I miss your singing your messages to me on my phone & how you laughed afterwards...which made me laugh when I heard them. You are gone too soon...my heart will ache until I get to see you in Paradise...which I hope is very...very soon. I love you so much...you live in my heart. Sister Karen
Posted by Karen Wells on 17th March 2015
Uncle Mikel... "tell me what does it look like in heaven?" I miss your lively spirit. There was never a dull moment when you were around. Today I remember your birthday and celebrate the life you lived as there were many smiles and laughs when you were near. I hold the good times we shared near and dear. I miss hearing your music. I miss the good times you brought. I miss your happy face. I miss your calls that always came with a word of encouragement when I needed it most. Though you've moved on from this earth I know your spirit lives on and the veil is thin. I hope you're dancing in the sky... I love you. - til we meet again❤️ your niece, Karen.
Posted by Karen Gleitz on 17th March 2015
I have missed my "little brother" Mikel so much. Soon I will see him with our dad and mom in the Paradise that Jehovah God's promised to be earth wide which is recorded with much scriptural proof in God's word the Bible for all to see and learn about so that we all can have hope. Mikel also believed that he "...was in Jehovah's hands...and that's the best place to be." These were Mikel's last words to me. I know soon I will see him standing before me as we hug and share happy tears with our mom and dead standing there. Maybe others we have lost to death too. Maybe our Granny Janie Mae will be there...or we might gather at a family dinner, all there hugging, laughing, and crying happy tears. What unimaginable joy we will share on Mikel's Resurrection Day. Until then I know he would tell me, "...make sure you're there"...as he smiled that cute grin of his with those sparkling blue eyes. I love him...I miss him...and I look forward to those soon to come wonderful times ahead. ~ Sister Karen
Posted by Cynthia Campbell on 17th March 2015
I tried to get you to Texas for your birthday last year...and I was in Las Vegas with you the year before...and now, well, I just miss you and have decided to make a tradition for you in memory of your birthday: eat a few Oreo cookies and have a glass of milk like we used to do....and watch the music video I made of you. Your big sister....
Posted by Diane Garcia on 12th June 2014
"Dear Karen, I was sadden to read about your loss and just wanted to send you my condolence and prayers for you and your family." Sincerely, J.E. Cantu (yeah, that one.)
Posted by Charlotte Jaehne on 11th June 2014
I first met Mikel when he was married to Susan and their kids were little. Mikel was my best friends little brother, so his sister, my best friend, Karen, talked about him a lot. I finally met Mikel and I really liked his music and songwriting. At my ballroom dancehall, Mikel met Toby Keith in Toby's early career. Mikel could have given his songs away to Toby, but he held on to the idea of producing them himself. Years later, Mikel moved to California to play his music in different venues near Los Angeles/Hollywood. He played until he passed away, doing what he loved. I am forever a fan of his talent and of Mikel. He moved me and put a love of music writing at a whole new plateau. His music and songwriting was that good!!! I will miss you Mikel and look for you during the resurrection in Paradise. Forever in my heart! Love you, always, Charlotte Jaehne
Posted by Donice Wilhelm on 7th May 2014
I will miss you Mikel. Last time I saw you was at Mom's house, and it had been years, I'm so glad I got to see you then. I remember the fun we had as kids, the camping, the trip to California, the summers we spent just hanging out away from our parents. I remember going in the cave up in St Louis, Missouri at Aunt Doris's. I remember just having fun with you. I love you as much as a cousin can, but I know that you are wrapped in the Lord's arms for now, and I will see you again in Heaven. Till then, rest. Love, Donice (Walker) Wilhelm [Cousin]
Posted by Karen Gleitz on 30th April 2014
I will miss you so much my little brother. We had so many memories together. We held each other up many times. We laughed and cried together. We hoped for better days. We sought comfort from the scriptures and shared them, giving us a hope of those better days to come. Your last thought to me was that you and the problems that you were having, that you were leaving them in "Jehovah's hands...that's all we can do". We both agreed we had to trust in Him. Your very last words to me were, "I love you too". And, until we meet again in Paradise on earth (which was your hope as well as mine). I will always think of and miss you. Tears of sadness now, but tears of joy then. Rest on and sleep my little brother; "for none are dead to Him, but all are alive" and like them ARE in the hands of a strong and loving God who loves you with a deep and eternal love who knew your pains, sorrows and heartaches. He "gave His son Jesus who died and ransomed us so that all could have eternal life". I love you Mikel...I'll see you again there...in Paradise.

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