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Many thanks to all the people that attended the celebration of Life for Dr. Mikel Harry it was fabulous.  We have also successfully recorded the service via Facebook LIVE as well.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mikel Harry Ph.D., 65, born on December 28, 1951 and passed away on April 25, 2017.
We will remember him forever.

Posted by Geoff Sander on April 26, 2019
The thing that stood out the most to me about Mikel, was even though he had so much other pressing matters to attend to back in 2014 when he accepted my connection request on LinkedIn and answered all my questions and encouraged my opinion and expression, he still had time to exchange thought and ideas.
My passion back then was to learn; his passion was to feed my curiosity which as a teacher I have inherited. I do what he did for me for my students. As a true authentic developer of learning, one must feed the curiosity as that is the driver for learning. But all in the mean time, I later found out, he did this on his death bed. What dedication, what passion, what selflessness.
Posted by Steve Gottry on December 28, 2018
I still miss Dr. Mikel. He had a way of challenging my thinking. The world will never know what brilliant gifts he was preparing to give us next.
Posted by Lisa Bablo on July 16, 2018
I just learned of Mikel's passing. He was an amazing man whom I highly respected. I had the most incredible time roping with him and riding horses at his ranch in Payson, Arizona. He was one of the great ones!
Mikel, I'm sure your light is shining bright, so many of us are thinking of you.
-- I'm so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Phill A on May 16, 2018
God bless Sandy and the family.
My sincere condolences.
Posted by Aubrey Jones on May 1, 2018
I remember the respect for Mikel I gained in the short time we were together. What he created has served me well for many years and the training he gave me has been one of the most impactful things I have experienced.
Posted by Geoff Sander on April 25, 2018
I didn't get to meet Mikel personally but what I experienced on LinkedIn put him above many people that I do know personally. I am a VET trainer in Australia and it is a requirement that I teach Six Sigma.

This put me right in the sights of Mikel being the founder of the Group Lean Six Sigma. From my request to join his group to connection and eventually regular sharing not only on Six Sigma gave me an insight on how generous this man was.

I had no idea that he was so ill as it never stopped him from responding to posts, bloggs, questions and discussions, even just weeks before he passed on, until he passed on.

Yes there are regrets, regret of not knowing his condition and been supportive to him; regrets of being more jovial in our times together.

RIP Mikel and thank you for your lessons in generosity and selflessness. As expertly achieved as your knowledge of Six Sigma.
Posted by Mike Carnell on April 25, 2018
It has been 17 months since my last conversation with Mike. When I think about that conversation it amazes me that it stays as strong a memory as it was the day after we spoke. That was the Mikel effect. He always left a lasting impression.

When my wife and I met she told me "You lead a blessed life." I had never thought about it like that. It was just life. She was right. What I have been allowed to experience isn't offered to many. That door to that life was opened by Mike as he drove his vision. I had a seat on a fast moving train.

Regardless of everything else we were also part of the Marine Corps brotherhood. That is an honor never given. Always earned. Semper Fi.
Posted by Güven Manay on July 4, 2017
Mikel was a contact of me. His Six Sigma gift and his knowledge has improved main areas of our world and will build the basis for the worlds succesful digitization. Many thanks for this!
Guven Manay, MBB
Posted by Steve Gottry on June 13, 2017
I had the honor and privilege of knowing Dr. Mikel Harry and his wonderful wife, Sandy. Our time together was far too brief, as was his time on earth. Dr. Mike was so accomplished in so many areas. He was the principle designer of Six Sigma...a system that has revolutionized the world—and will continue to do so. He rode in rodeos, drove race cars, and lived a life of adventure. He had great taste, and entertained with style.

I believe that "Cowboy Mike" is, right now, engaging God in magnificent, deep conversations about creation, math, physics, and all the other things that likely only their great, creative minds can grasp.

The world has lost a creative genius, and I have lost a friend I truly wish I could have known better.
Posted by Jay Watson on June 7, 2017
Mikel, I followed behind you at Motorola, Honeywell and G.E.! You changed the world with Six Sigma, Thank you for your contribution !! It will be an honor to continue to follow behind you again ... to Heaven! (The one place that doesn't need improvement !!)
Posted by Aubrey Jones on June 6, 2017
Mikel was a giant among men. His shadow is large and it is inspirational to those of us that met and were trained by him. I was so lucky to meet and learn from him, Sandy and Don. While he leaves a body of work as his legacy, we also are part of that legacy. It is our responsibility to live up to it and continue it. Have a good rest my friend and know I will see you later.
Posted by Andy Howell on May 10, 2017
What I remember most are Mikel's kindness and generosity. You will be missed but not forgotten, Mikel. Thank you.
Posted by Melchor Ganaban on May 7, 2017
Dr. Mikel J. Harry is a selfless, a brilliant mentor and a great coach. May you rest in peace. You will always be in our hearts & never forgotten. Your life was a blessing and from all generation to come, the power of Six Sigma will be a way of life. RIP Sir Mikel. God's Love & Prayer, Mel Ganaban (Singapore)
Posted by Lynn Pearlstein on May 7, 2017
For someone so brilliant and dedicated, Mikel was as down to earth as they come. I'll always remember the interesting and funntimes we had together.
Posted by Raghavender Macherla on May 7, 2017
I have been through his training through SSMI, A great teacher.... His passing away is a great loss... I have learned a lot from him.. RIP Mikel
Posted by JEAN-LOUIS PEREE on May 6, 2017
Without doubt, Mikel J.Harry was the mentor the destiny placed in my way when BOMBARDIER enrolled me in this incredible endeavor of SIX SIGMA. All the activities I had the pleasure to contribute to since this time were influenced by him and his Team. My sincere and honest thoughts to him who is looking at all of us from where he is now. Jean-Louis (Switzerland)
Posted by Rod Morgan on May 5, 2017
I am so very sorry to hear of Dr. Harry's passing.

I enjoyed many discussions with Mikel at the fountain, in between his "heady" Six Sigma MBB classroom sessions, at the Scottsdale training center (ah, location, location, location).

Although I had trouble digging the Six Sigma stats stuff, he turned me onto Chaos Theory, Fractals, Complexity and Quantum Mechanics and a ton of other things that I had trouble understanding. After many years of reading until my eyes bled, watching documentaries, etc. on the topics, I am happy to say that I STILL don't understand them... but I'll keep trying.

I do know more about Six Sigma than I did then, and I value the time Dr. Harry shared with me (and so many others), patiently waiting for us to "get it". Well... maybe not so patiently as those who truly know him can surmise. His bark, however, was always worse than your bite.

Dr. Harry... You were right.... If a cow was waiting in the field for me/us to finally figure it out, the cow would have already been dead. The good news is that another cow always comes along.

Thank you. You stomped the terra and will be remembered.
Posted by Rajan Kanwar on May 5, 2017
RIP Dr. Mikel Harry. Your immense knowledge, passion, perseverance, and enthusiasm for operational effectiveness leveraging Six Sigma methodology you co-developed will continue perpetually. You will always be highly regarded and respected, and will be in our hearts forever, especially in the hearts of business leaders you cultivated relationships with, and students, like myself, you transferred (some of) your knowledge to and facilitated development of such individuals. Until next time...
Posted by Carolyn Killian on May 5, 2017
My family and I moved to IN when I was 11, and it wasn't easy on a kid, especially after already moving a few times, but within a year we had awesome new neighbors, Mike & Colleen, and they were so great! :) My brother's and I really dug them, they were so nice and cool to us kids, and well, it always felt like home next door in Anderson~ And then along came a beautiful tiny and gorgeous little sweetheart, Sabrena!! :) We all just loved her from the very first day she arrived, such a beautiful little sweetheart, and I truly loved babysitting her many weekends, such very sweet memories! Mikel, Thank you for being such an awesome lifelong amigo to my Dad and to our entire family, you rock so much, and I have always been in awe of you, Marine!! My big bro got to hear your stories on Vietnam, and I always envied that, but you knew what you were doing, such a genius! I was so happy when Dad told us you were moving to AZ, and then you met a lovely woman and fell in love, we were all so very happy for you, Mikel! :) Sandy, you are such an inspiration too!! I am so happy Mikel and you met, what a beautiful love story~ I love you, you've been in my thoughts and prayers since Dad told me. Please know I so wish I could be there with you all tomorrow to help celebrate a true Hero and Genius, Mikel Harry~ Rest in Peace, sweet friend~
Posted by Matthew Hu on May 5, 2017
"I had the honor to meet Dr. Harry in his house in around 2002. He was open and humor and .... I was also impressed by his inner force, really amazing. Now, thinking to those days, I’m very lucky and moved … Thank you Mikel and God bless you.  Dr Harry left an incredible legacy and I am honored to have met him and learn from him."
Posted by Dumi Aro on May 5, 2017
Since the day Doc left us, it has been days that I’ve tried to pen down few words to describe what he meant to my life, but every time it just takes me down a very emotional path. I just feel the same pain & sadness as much as I feel the days my father passed. Words are not enough to describe the impact he had in my life and many others like me that he inspired in this world. There was so much the world could have gained from his mind & wisdom. The work ethic and the amount of passion he had in is life dazzles me every time. It’s his passion that helped him to achieve so much. He had seen all corners of life. Corners most of us even dare to be in.  Its 13 years ago I read one of Doc’s first titles on Six Sigma, which changed the direction of my career and lead to become who I am today. I’m so glad I met him in this life, It’s something I will cherish till the day till I pass. 
I still remember every word he told me when I met him in March and it just makes my heart so heavy. I’m so glad I could remind him how much we love him and we owe him. Oh, he was making us laugh that day. Well yes he is the Alpha male and he will always be Doc. One and only Doc!
He has mentioned so many times that he sees so much of him in me, but the truth is no one on earth will ever be able to even come close to the legacy of Dr Mikel J Harry. But one thing for sure, I will always be his biggest fan period, and I know most will agree with that statement. Guess our best tribute to you is to preserve your work and pass on to many generations to come. We all are on it Doc.. will not give up on you.. never did and never will!
Till we meet again … love you and miss you! – Dumi, Aro & Jr.
Posted by H Dea on May 5, 2017
Sorry to hear, RIP, and condolences to family. Maybe he was needed to resolve a SIx Sigma Blackbelt Project in Heaven.

Gone, but not forgotten....
Posted by Nansi Epolito on May 5, 2017
Big Mike, as we called him. Is an inspiration to us. My husband Jay( Marine) to this day looked up to him, as do I. He was & still is a great mentor. The last great memory we have is when we were celebrating Mike & Sandy's wedding on the roof top singing "I Am Proud to Be An American". Mike, an incredible man that has touched many hearts you will always be missed but you will continue to inspire others. RIP Devil Dog
Posted by Greg Eckerman on May 4, 2017
It has been my honor and privilege to know and work with Mikel.  He has been my friend, colleague, mentor, and gadfly. I owe him for the adventure Six Sigma created in my career and all the great people it has enabled me to meet and work with.

Mikel lived large . . . and well. He had one of the greatest hearts I’ve ever encountered. He was the face of Six Sigma, his personality was stamped on it. Many of us have emulated his spirit, none have equaled it.

Bon voyage, Mikel!
Posted by Bill/Linda Killian on May 4, 2017
The Killian family from Anderson, IN is deeply moved by all the tributes shared about our neighbor/friend, Mikel J. Harry. We all met Mikel in 1978 as a next door neighbor. Mikel and his family were perfect neighbors and friends. We stayed in contact, and I had the privilege of presiding at the wedding of Mikel & Sandy. Our three children dearly loved this good man. I will miss him very much. Rev. Bill Killian.
Posted by John Krupar on May 3, 2017
Even though advertisers tell me every day that a particular product or service will be life altering, I can say with certainty that only four experiences have reached that level:
   1. Graduating from West Point
   2. Marrying Alissa
   3. Having a son – Ian
   4. My introduction to Mikel Harry and Six Sigma at GE and subsequently working at the Six Sigma Academy

The benefits of learning and experiencing Six Sigma go far beyond uncovering EBITDA – Enhancing techniques, Mikel created an amazing opportunity that I cherish.

I worked at fabulous client companies (DuPont, Schlumberger, Merrill Lynch, Citizens Bank, Ford, Textron, Tyco and so many more) many of my clients have become great friends to this day. 

Between the clients and my colleagues, I’ve had the pleasure of working with intelligent, inquisitive people who spend their days encouraging others to drive positive change – truly life altering.

Thank you Mikel and Godspeed
Posted by Santosh Bhosale on May 2, 2017
Hus Contribution to Quality was immense and he will be missed a lot and its my personal loss as well..lost a quality guru who changed my life..
Posted by Bruce Miyashita on May 1, 2017
I first encountered Mikel in early 1997. I had been appointed to lead the Six Sigma effort at Bombardier, an aerospace and transportation company based in Montreal. In fact I joined Bombardier a few weeks earlier specifically for that role and the opportunity to work with and learn from Mikel. I spent many months in Scottsdale as we ran dozens and dozens of our Black Belts and executives through sessions he led. He was one of the most articulate and charismatic business people I have ever met. He could, if required, summon advanced mathematical and engineering concepts from his vast memory, but he was equally adept at converting the most complex things into simple but powerful concepts, phrases and images. I especially remember chatting with him during the breaks when we'd stand around and "philosophize," as he put it, about all sorts of the things. Sometimes before the sessions we'd meet for breakfast at a little place beside the gas station at Pinnacle Peak and Pima Road. We would talk about business sometimes, but mainly about life and goals. As I became a mentor to others over the years, I would always have in my head Mikel's voice about goals and how to navigate through a career and would share with people stories about what "Mikel had said" about something. I wish to pass to his loved ones my deepest condolences on your loss. I hope my note will convey another example of the impact he left on so many people. I treasure my time with him and look back on the days spent in his company as among the best days of my professional life. Thank-you Mikel and I wish you peace.
Posted by Christos Tzelepis on April 29, 2017
Dr. Mikel Harry was one of the best minds in Six Sigma and Quality. So many conversations for Six Sigma. He will miss me. God Bless Him.
Posted by Mike Tincher on April 29, 2017
Mikel & I grew up together in a small town in Henry County, Middletown. The two of us played baseball from about the second grade, Little League through Babe Ruth. We were fortunate enough to be in several classes from the first grade through High School. In 1964 Both Mikel & I made the All Star Team. That team went on to beat larger city teams & finally in Gary, Indiana placed third in the state. All of us on that team to this day have a bond. By the way, I still to this day have a scar on my ankle from where Mikel sliding into first base in Babe Ruth spiked me. Mikel was a real charger in baseball.
While in college at Ball State University Mikel & I shared numerous memories growing up in Middletown. I am truly saddened to hear of the passing of a true friend.
Michael E Tincher
Anderson, Indiana
Posted by Raj Mohan on April 29, 2017
The great soul which inspired billions of process excellence professional, had to take rest for making the learners to become great achievers contributing to the whole world in propagating the knowledge imparted by Dr.Mikel. Great soul rest peace.
Posted by Paul Borawski on April 28, 2017
Mikel, was a remarkable man. A visionary, gifted in the ability to make the complex reachable, a man of strong convictions, and a very generous man. He made differences large and small. The world is a better place because of Mikel's gifts. God bless and welcome Mikel home!
Posted by Steve Bailey on April 28, 2017
RIP, Mikel ... you were a visionary, one-of-a-kind thought leader that I was fortunate to know for over 19 years in connection with DuPont's six sigma deployment.
Posted by Justin Whelan on April 28, 2017
Throughout my limited training, I have been approached many times regarding Six Sigma and Dr. Harry's teachings and insight by members of my submarine crew, the USS West Virginia (SSBN-736.) Although I have only scratched the surface of the genius that Dr. Harry was, this small piece was enough to spur the interest of many of my shipmates. His videos through MindProWeb excite and motivate my shipmates to join and learn from his work in Lean Six Sigma.
I and selected members of the USS West Virginia are thankful for all that Dr. Harry has given to the Quality Assurance and process improvement world, and his lessons have personally improved my life and my outlook of the corporate landscape once I leave the US Navy. Thank you for the Wings for Heroes program and making available the priceless gift of knowledge and training.

I give my condolences to you in your loss.

Montani Semper Liberi
Semper Fortis
Semper Fidelis
Posted by Jonathon Andell on April 27, 2017
Mike had the admirable ability to express complex ideas simply and clearly. It enabled him to function effectively on the shop floor and in the C-suite. He genuinely liked people, and his passion was unmistakable. He opened doors for quality professionals world wide, even beyond the organizations with which he worked. He'll be missed.
Posted by Walter Miller on April 27, 2017
Doc Harry and I would schedule a call every few months just to touch base (professionally/personally). I remember from class that Doc liked my unique socks and so I got a pair and he was excited about starting something new. He continued to share his new sock I will miss the conversations with him. Even though I gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from him, that was just a scratch of the surface. Rest in Love Doc.
Posted by Vince Queen on April 27, 2017
I had the honor of attending one of Dr. Harry's most recent EMBB sessions. He was a brilliant man and I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet him. My condolences to Sandy and family.
Posted by Praveen Gupta on April 27, 2017
Mikel's contributions will continue in his absence. His legacy will live forever. Pray for strength to his family to bear his loss, and peace to his soul in heavenly abode.
Posted by Todd Eggers on April 27, 2017
Dr. Harry and his Team changed my life for the better, forever, beyond my humble words. Thank you, Dr. Harry, for making the world a better place for all of us. RIP. Semper Fidelis, our leader and our friend.
Posted by Dave Guggisberg on April 27, 2017
Mike was a joy to be with. I really enjoyed his openness and willingness to discuss any topic. His insights for the program we put together was always exceptional. I fondly remember the many times we sat on his back porch just talking about all kinds of things from the trivial to the complex. And Sandy was always a great help in those meetings. I will really miss those times but remember them fondly. Sad to see him move on, but I'm sure he will make the most of where he is just as he did here.
Posted by Ken Feldman on April 27, 2017
A lot of us owe our careers to Mikel's efforts in creating the Six Sigma industry. Thank you for the legacy and definitely his skills will be needed to improve the processes where ever he is.
Posted by Ellen Saravis on April 27, 2017
People come into your life, for reasons...seasons...and lifetimes. I did not get to experience nearly as much time with him, as I would have liked...and now it will be in the ethers. Mikel is, and always will be...a highley intuitive man. Someone who shares truth from his heart & always supports his friends in the quest of their greatest good. I loved our talks, we had so much fun sharing ideas...and it was always very exciting to be in that creative vortex with him...I always came away with priceless nuggets of possibilities! I won't get to write with him again...but, who knows...the way he rolls, he will find a away! Channel away Mikel...I will always be listening! With love, your friend Ellen
Posted by Slawomir Switek on April 27, 2017
Mikel - thanks for your comments regarding my Linkedin notes concerning TQM and Six Sigma. RIP.
Posted by Keith Meyer on April 27, 2017
My prayers and thoughts are with Sandy and all the family. Mikel loved his family. Enjoyed business and innovation. Enjoyed helping all those around him to be the very best they could be. A great man of vision and action! He will be missed greatly.
Posted by Richard Schroeder on April 27, 2017
I have so many memories and stories in regards to Mikel. There are so many of these stories (which Mike loved) over the thousands of days we worked together that there isnt enough space here to give them justice.Everyone talks about the six sigma aspect- but going back to our initial meeting at Motorola in 1984 and using his analytical tools to to write the Motorola Baldrige applcation, working for me at ABB and removing the risk factors for building a nuclear power plant, working for me at Allied Signal implementing the largest successful six sigma deployment in history, introducing him to Jack at GE, both of us developing the Six Sigma Academy, writing the first book on Six Sigma, the numerous rodeo roping events and road trips we had together, the trail blazing in the woods of Payson, Az. on our horses and our mutual love of cars, ONE THING was the most evident in Mike at all times- his PASSION. Everything he did he did with 1000 percent passion and total belief. The passion Mikel had is the one aspect I will remember forever. God speed Mikel.
Posted by David Hampton on April 27, 2017
Thank you Mikel for all the lives and business you have improved, all over the world
Posted by Geoff Sander on April 27, 2017
I am very saddened by this news.
Here was a very generous man; The father of Lean Six Sigma America, well versed in all aspects of Six Sigma and aroused my curiosity so much that after joining his group Christmas 2014, I would sit up while my wife was asleep and join in on the discussions. Very sadly missed. An excellent connection cut short so soon :(
Posted by Dave Harry on April 27, 2017
Mikel was a true visionary, a gifted mentor, a true patriot, devoted veteran, and an extraordinary business leader. All veterans and especially those of us with a "belt" title (or who employ "belts") owe so much to Dr. Harry. What a fine gentleman. R.I.P. my brother!
Posted by Richard Morrow on April 26, 2017
We were standing at one of those standup tables networking after a long day at a Six Sigma conference. An energetic Six Sigma attendee was sharing her excitement after her first ever conference. Mikel and Sandy walked up just about then and she asked Mikel if he had experience in Six Sigma having no idea who he was. Mikel and I chuckled a bit and he genuinely humbly said, "Well, I guess I know a little about it. Tell me what you know."
Sandy, so sorry for your loss and ours of a great transformer and all the time he shared freely telling his great adventure.
Posted by Jason Bickford on April 26, 2017
Mikel lit a flame that will forever burn! I loved how he treated everyone with compassion, respect, and left them with empowerment.
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Posted by Geoff Sander on April 26, 2019
The thing that stood out the most to me about Mikel, was even though he had so much other pressing matters to attend to back in 2014 when he accepted my connection request on LinkedIn and answered all my questions and encouraged my opinion and expression, he still had time to exchange thought and ideas.
My passion back then was to learn; his passion was to feed my curiosity which as a teacher I have inherited. I do what he did for me for my students. As a true authentic developer of learning, one must feed the curiosity as that is the driver for learning. But all in the mean time, I later found out, he did this on his death bed. What dedication, what passion, what selflessness.
Posted by Steve Gottry on December 28, 2018
I still miss Dr. Mikel. He had a way of challenging my thinking. The world will never know what brilliant gifts he was preparing to give us next.
Posted by Lisa Bablo on July 16, 2018
I just learned of Mikel's passing. He was an amazing man whom I highly respected. I had the most incredible time roping with him and riding horses at his ranch in Payson, Arizona. He was one of the great ones!
Mikel, I'm sure your light is shining bright, so many of us are thinking of you.
-- I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Shared by Max Butler on May 6, 2017

In February of 2013, Dr. Harry shared the Great Discovery, and principles of Six Sigma with a few members of the Arizona National Guard. Moreover, his gestures of kindness and willingness to share were humbling. I now treasure his efforts to support our Service Members. Dr. Harry had a vision and desire to enrich the fabric of us all, through Six Sigma, through The Great Discovery, through his friendship to all those who carry the spirit of service.

The brilliant of light of authentic patriotism shined in his eyes, reflecting the best of America’s ideals; making this world a better place. In my view, Mikel shined brightly the brilliance of America – goodness in action. A goodness founded in the virtues of cooperation and a sense of community. A community that believes the pursuit of happiness is best experienced as a joint venture of shared service, arduous work, and opportunities for all; and Mikel led the way.

From time to time that gracious light sines so that we see the panorama of America’s dream. From here freedom’s light illuminates our case and reflects the greatness of Americas legacy. Listen closely and you will hear “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” echoing on the wind, as he now breaths life under angles wings. With gratitude’s glow, we now gaze upon one Marine’s amazing impact on us all. Today the light of his visions transcends our hearts as soft shadows cast upon our beliefs, hopes, and dreams in America the Beautiful. Thank you, Mikel, my friend, for shining the light.

Treat em’ Rough
Max Butler

Remembering Mikel

Shared by Bill Ross on May 6, 2017

I first met Mikel writing standards for IPC in late '80s (writing standards was where I met Bill Smith as well, EIA QRE).  We were working on IPC-PC-90 attempting to require companies to embrace Quality Improvement.  I had the chance to travel with Mikel around ther US  and Eurpoe and present methodologies and eventually he hired me to help implement/deploy six sigma for ABB (Power T&D, where I met Zinkgraf).  Next thing I know he and Rich were off to AliedSignal...where he brought 'Z' and me along...and we added Gary to the fold).  It was a wild ride with some great stories.  Mikel was very persuasive and seldom lost an argument.  He did much to convince several CEO's to implement six sigma and thus influence a generation.  Although there were many times we disagreed with approach, deployment and even tools, he was extremely passionate.  Funny, I never heard him talk about father or godfather of six sigma, but I do recal him calling himself the John Wayne of Quality.  Rest in Peace, Mikel.

The Emotive Storyteller

Shared by Eric Seidel on April 29, 2017

In order to win someone over to your cause, you must first reach their heart, the great and high road to their mind... this is what Doc did for me during one of the last Executive Master Black Belt classes that he taught in 2017.

Mikel's capacity to reflect upon and share with the class, the myriad challenges and successes that he encountered, as he worked with the executives of Motorola, General Electric and Allied Signal, enabled me to see the world through his eyes, and that we must continue to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield, until the goal has been achieved.

Rest in Peace Doc...