When God closes a door,
He opens a window.
  • 88 years old
  • Born on August 31, 1924 in Astoria, Long Island, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on November 21, 2012 in Shadow Hills, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of an angel on earth who now has her wings...Milly Urbanski who remained forever young at heart.


Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to share stories and photos on the STORIES page of this website and to also write about how you met Milly, how she made you smile or laugh and any story of your life shared with her.

Posted by Larry/Linda Phillips on 1st September 2018
Milly You have received you wings and now you can soar with the eagles, enjoy your flight. Larry/Linda
Posted by Patricia Anderson on 31st August 2018
Happy Birthday my sweet friend. I think of you often and miss you tons.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 22nd November 2017
Still miss that great sense of humor, fun and humility.
Posted by Denise Fleck on 21st November 2017
Five years ago my mother dear, you left this earthly plane, Much has happened, life goes on but you are so missed none the same. I miss your smile and love for our dogs, You were always there to lend a hand. Your kindness was without limits, your words loving & true, I am grateful we shared this lifetime... How I love and miss you! Ja cie kocham! Give daddy a hug from me and have him give you one too!
Posted by Larry/Linda Phillips on 31st August 2017
Millie: We still think of you often, You were such a happy friendly person you deserved your wings. Happy Birthday!! Always your friends Larry and Linda
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 31st August 2017
Lighting a candle for loving Millie - still missed and loved.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 22nd November 2016
Never forgotten. Always missed and loved.
Posted by Larry/Linda Phillips on 21st November 2016
Millie you touched so my hearts with your love and generosity Linda and I think of you often as many of your friends and family do also. Bless you, and we send our love to you!! Save us a seat in Heaven. Larry/Linda
Posted by Denise Fleck on 21st November 2016
Hugs & kisses to Heaven Mom. We all love you and are glad you are looking after Bonsy. Posted a picture of a fun memory with you. XO
Posted by Denise Fleck on 31st August 2016
Wow -- 92 today mom! Can't believe it and that you've been gone almost 4 years. So often someone will tell me how much they miss you, but we do everyday in this household. Not long ago, Haiku (who is always quiet in the veterinarian's office) went into a crying wagging craze when he saw a woman with a can. Until she turned around, I just know he thought it was you! I hope you were able to welcome our Bonsai recently. I feel so much better knowing her grandma was there for her. Will find a photo of you and her to add to the gallery. Happy Birthday and Ja cie kocham!!
Posted by Patricia Anderson on 31st August 2016
Happy Birthday Sweet Milly! Kevin went to visit his mom last month and I told him to say hello to you from me while he was at Highland Memory Gardens. I will always love and miss you my sweetest friend.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 31st August 2016
Happy Birthday, Milly, girl. Miss you, God's angel.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 23rd November 2015
I still miss ya, girl. I know you're up there looking out for your family and keeping all those puppies up there a jumpin'.
Posted by Dee Hora on 21st November 2015
What a lady! So many friends and loving family who still remember and miss her. She is smiling down and watching over us all now. Jim& Dee Hora
Posted by Denise Fleck on 21st November 2015
This website is called "Forever Missed," but I know all reading this will agree that my mom is forever loved as well! Added a lovely photo of her to the gallery today decked out for Autumn in Southern California with the jades blooming behind her, almost looking snow-capped. She so enjoyed being with her family and friends especially as the holidays rolled around. Love & hugs to heaven mom! XO
Posted by Joy Ernst on 10th September 2015
Tomorrow is our card class and as usual I'll be thinking of you. Sure do miss you. Love to wherever you are, Joy
Posted by Denise Fleck on 31st August 2015
Bow Wow Wonderful 91st Birthday Wishes Mom! Hope you are blowing out the candles on a heavenly birthday cake! XO
Posted by Peggy Burhenn on 24th November 2014
Milly loved my kolache cookies. When I make them I think of her. Nazdar
Posted by Joy Ernst on 23rd November 2014
Last Friday morning Milly was on my mind while driving to our once shared greeting card class. I was making up stories in my head about what she might be doing, such as playing a practical joke on someone, telling someone they looked very nice today, telling someone else that her meal tasted so good today, having a happy conversation with a small child that just hurt itself, and smiling at someone that appeared to be a little sad. I was missing her so much. Tonight I was reading my e-mails and discovered the update on her Memorial page; I saw her date of passing and it was November 21. Now I suspect that Milly was present in my mind because she knew she could make me happy one more time even if she wasn't physically present.
Posted by Denise Fleck on 21st November 2014
When my mom came to California to live with Paul, me and our then furry child Sushi, one of the things she delighted in was going once a month to a different local Tea Room. I remember her saying joyfully, "This is what I always dreamed we'd do when you grew up!" Glad we had those special moments together! Adding a photo of her enjoying one of these very outings to the gallery. Pinky up mom as you now sip that tea with daddy up in heaven.
Posted by David Kverek on 21st November 2014
Aunt Milly always loved roses. She would talk about how beautiful they are. So I am leaving this rose (pretend it looks like a rose) for Aunt Milly. Hope you and Uncle Cas are doing well together! My love and prayers go out to you both of you along with Denise and Paul. Love, David Mark
Posted by Dee Hora on 21st November 2014
As I write this I am sipping coffee from a mug sent to me that reads Dog Mom, with a picture that looks like our Yorkie, Snickers, the reverse has Dee with two puppy paws. EVERY morning I drink from this cup and remember Milly and what a wonderful person she was and how much she loved her daughter and all her friends and loved ones some here and others who had gone before her most espcecially her husband. You are loved!
Posted by Patricia Anderson on 1st September 2014
Happy Birthday Sweet Milly! I still think of you often. You have left this earthly world but will never be forgotten. Sweet memories last forever. Kevin & KJ are doing great. You would be so proud of them both.
Posted by Pam Holt on 22nd November 2013
Thinking of Milly and the family, especially today.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 21st November 2013
I woke up this morning thinking of Milly, not realizing that this is the first anniversary of her death. I think of her often and miss her. I know she is "up there" kidding the other angels and is also protecting her family "down here."
Posted by Sabrina Barakat on 17th February 2013
What an exceptional lady Ms. Milly was! She took interest in my (brief) study of Czech language, kept all us students informed by email and encouraged us with great energy and positivity. When I got married she sent a charming music box as a wedding present. Years later it was she who thought to inform me that language classes would now be available for children. So thoughtful.
Posted by Marion Pollock on 17th January 2013
OUR ANGEL MILLY I met Milly when I became employed at Highland Memorial Gardens in 1995. Milly sensed I was nervous and she immediately put me at ease. She was very friendly and more than helpful in my transition to this new position. Milly always had a smile or a kind word to everyone she came in contact with, she was a very positive force in our office and throughout the Baldwin-Fairc
Posted by Jerry Barger on 16th January 2013
It was my pleasure and good luck to meet Milly in January of 1953 at a Doctors office in Schenectady, New York. I was new to the area and she took me under loving wing. In our most recent talks she told me how good her were to her. Virginia Barger
Posted by Patricia Anderson on 28th December 2012
Milly was indeed a unique individual that always had a hug and a smile for anyone that she ever met. I was blessed to have ever crossed paths with this beautiful person. She just had a genuine love for everyone and made me feel that love many times. I will continue thinking of you and I feel comfort in knowing you will always be my angel. Much love and comfort to Paul and Denise
Posted by Suzy Ovsepyan on 19th December 2012
Milly you were such a special person for me with your kindness. I remember you said you loved butterflies and one day you would become a butterfly. That made me sad and you noticed right away and started joking around to make me feel happy. The day before I got the news I was having coffee and thinking about you and I saw a big butterfly sitting next to me for almost 10 min moving her wings up and
Posted by Suzy Ovsepyan on 19th December 2012
down. I was planning on calling you to tell you about that beauty and a few hours later I called to say Happy Thanksgiving and Denise told me the news. It was unbelievable. I love you and you will always remain in my heart.
Posted by Laurie Modrey on 18th December 2012
Milly gave me my first dress--from Saks!--unwittingly creating a clothes monster. Several years later, she brought me a very chic purse that I had been coveting in the Sears Catalog. How did she even know? Not long ago, she presented me with a silk scarf with different dog breeds on it. But most, I remember how she & my mother would joke around when they got together. Keep laughing, Milly!
Posted by Jo Oakes on 18th December 2012
Dear Denise..Your mom was one of a kind and I loved her, even when I called her "brat", for fun. I met her when she was working at hIGHLAND mEM., WHEN MY BELOVED jULIE DIED...sHE WAS wonderful and would leave a rose or card from Julie. On Mother's day she would send a card from Julie, but more than that, we ate out a lot, visited each other often. She was a great friend.xox's
Posted by Jo Oakes on 18th December 2012
I must say, I still pick up the phone to call and just look at it, like..oh no...I'll miss her much....She'll always be in my heart...
Posted by Wayne Flammia on 8th December 2012
" I think about you often I will always be your Teddy Bear as you called me. The thoughts of you will always be in my mind and the love for you will be in my heart forever. Thank you for being a part of my life for so many years. I will deeply miss you.You will always be my Mama Milly. .
Posted by Evelyn Modrey on 8th December 2012
To the sister of my heart :How heavy are the heart and soul that paired with yours for these eighty-two+ half years, as class mates, Sokol partners, Bohemian School when we were six, sorority sisters at Queens College, life-long confidantes (our secrets in your keep), mutual mentors and coaches, shared tears and laughter. Oh, did you showed me how to win friends and influence people! Wit!
Posted by Janice Snedeker on 7th December 2012
I LOVE YOU, MILLY URBANSKI...as I look around my home I see you everywhere...you brought such joy into every ones life...and we all feel as if as if each one of us was your extra special friend...you will now be with your beloved Caz...we will all miss you, but we all have our own special, MILLY moments: My love goes out to Denise and Paul.
Posted by Joanne Green on 6th December 2012
Millie gave me a book in 1993 with her inscription,"to Joanne,So that we may share each day in thought and prayer". I still read this book everyday. This was Millie, caring, loving and thoughtful. Our lose is heavens gain. She was an exceptional lady and I will miss her everyday. my prayers for Denise and Paul.
Posted by Chris Gasti on 5th December 2012
She was always smiling...that's what I remember most. I'd like to say I met Mrs. Urbanski thru Denise but, actually, I met Denise thru Mrs. Urbanski! Years ago, decades in fact, this wonderful woman who was smiling held me in her arms. I was just a child then and throughout the years "Milly" was always smiling...I will keep her beautiful, loving light with me forever. My love to D & P
Posted by Wilma Olson on 4th December 2012
I can't imagine my life on earth without Milly in it. She was my Millicent and I was her Penelope. She was a woman who stood for devotion to family & friends; who fought the frailties of old age and displayed a zest for life we can all admire. May God hold you in the palm of His hand, my love. I adored you. Love to Denise and Paul.
Posted by Gloria Ward on 2nd December 2012
Milly never had a harsh word for anyone. She made a positive impact on all she met in her 88 yr journey. Once on a trip for PTA we talked so much we drove right by our exit and learned we kept the ladies in the next room awake that night because of all our laughter. She was a delight to know and now will be one of our brightest shining stars. Go with God, you'll be missed. GREAT MEMORIES!
Posted by Dee Hora on 1st December 2012
Helena was always in my thoughts going back to the late 70's when she painted my hair with "white out". I called her at HMG weekly at 4:55 to see if she was still at work-She always was-I asked for toliet tissue and paper towel counts-She called me Scrooge-Helena was always loved & will surly be missed.God Speed- Jim Hora-Scrooge
Posted by Russell Hobbs on 1st December 2012
My wife Evelyn, a card-making buddy with Millie, also passed away the 12th of June. I had the good fortune of meeting Millie several time as I drove "Evie" to Rose's. Millie was somewhat of a "flirt". We each got a "kick" out of it, for I also am 88. Yes, she will be missed. Russ
Posted by Cynthia Zuber on 30th November 2012
Milly was so thoughtful and sweet to me when I first joined Los Angeles Sokol. She never forgot my birthday and she gave me cute gifts and beautiful, home-made Birthday and Christmas Cards. While she was ASLA Educational Director, she used to send me Czech cross-word puzzles and proverbs. Milly was like a grandmother; she comforted me when I lost my beloved cat and sent me lots of emails
Posted by Marcie Ambrose on 30th November 2012
I met Milly several years ago when she came into my office at PCC. It was love at first sight...me for her and her for me. She liked to call herself "my favorite senior delinquent" She always shared a smile and blessed me with her beautiful hand made cards. I also enjoyed her delightful emails. Now she's in Paradise reunited with loved ones and waiting for us to join the party one day.
Posted by Betty Wilson on 29th November 2012
I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Milly - A true Friend -at HMG.She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She had the most beautiful personality. She made me laugh everyday. We kept in touch after she moved to Calif. Her beautiful hand made cards always came for me and my husband Gene. Love You Always.
Posted by Marta Jamroz on 28th November 2012
Whoever met Milly, felt fortunate. I have never met such a beautiful and full of love and life angel like Milly. It was a love from the first sight. She will always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Kocham Cie, Milly!
Posted by Larry/Linda Phillips on 28th November 2012
Milly will always Quack us up! She was a very special person with a gift for making and keeping friends. May her journey be peaceful and filled with many memories of all her friends and family that loved her. Bless her as she enters the kingdom of heaven. We love you!
Posted by Jiri Harajda on 28th November 2012
I met Milly for the first time in 2005 when being on Fulbright Exchange. My family and I kept coming to see her learning Czech once every month.Milly was the sweetest person I have met in my life. She always kept telling me she was the third Grandma for my little one Adela. She indeed was, is and always will be. I will truly miss you Milly.
Posted by Barb Rohrer on 28th November 2012
I thought of Milly as my own personal Betty White. A young spirit, beautiful, kind, funny, animal lover, people lover, sharp-witted, and what a personality. Her many friends can attest to that. And, how she loved Denise and Paul. She spoke of them often with pride. I miss our conversations and her good humor. Heaven has a new angel and comedienne.

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