This tribute was added by Andonetta Theokary on July 22, 2019
On Sunday July 14, 2019. Sophia and I attended a beautiful memorial in your name for your one year anniversary at our family Church in Philadelphia. I prayed that your spirit was honored. We visited the place where you and Johnny are resting. It's such a beautiful cemetery park. I'm so grateful I was able to honor you and grieve properly. We cried a lot but I know you are in a better place and not sick any more. I miss you until we meet again. Love your sister, Andonetta.
This tribute was added by Andonetta Theokary on July 17, 2018
In Memorial 40 days this week. May His Memory Be Eternal!
You are at rest dear brother and away from the limitations of your mind and body. God Bless Our Family!
This tribute was added by Sophia Morales on June 14, 2018
Uncle Michael was a big-hearted man who had a hard time because of his mental illness. Though it was difficult at time, he truly loved his family. I remember him taking me and Aunt Helen out for my birthday. This was when I was an adult, since I did not grow up with him around. He insisted on paying for everything, since I was his niece and it was the one and only time we were ever together for my birthday. He was a hearty laugher and was content when his family was around. I hope he is resting in peace, finally rejoining the infinite universe, without the physical restrictions his body so often gave him. He will be missed and remembered by his family, who loved him!
This tribute was added by Andonetta Theokary on June 13, 2018
My brother Michael was my best buddy growing up. It was just us three last babies, Michael, Andonetta, and Johnny growing up together. We were very close during our youth. My brother and I went to school together. He may not have had the best way of expressing himself due to his disabilities but he had HEART. As adults he would always make sure he told me he loved me after our phone calls together or when I would make short visits to Philly. He had the best sense of humor and can make you laugh. He will be missed and I will love him forever until we meet again.

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