I love you to the moon and back; to the moon, and back again.
  • 89 years old
  • Born on September 19, 1924 in Franklin, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on November 10, 2013 in Franklin, Tennessee, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mildred Garrett 89 years old , born on September 19, 1924 and passed away on November 10, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Holly Fisher on 23rd September 2017
This is sad, 543 times this has been viewed and only one comment from Emily.... when we were the ones who had to sit behind Jennifers big bufont hair at our Nanny's funeral. She sat on the 2nd row which us reserved for immediate family. She wasn't immediate family and if Nanny was alive she vs would of told her to move. She was so disrespectful to our family and I can't get past it. She never called or visited my Nanny, she didn't have ANY place on that second row that was reserved for us! Jennifer we were there we visited, we walked with her with her pain and her struggles. We didn't get on tv and gallant around jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit praying for her never calling never visiting her. WE WERE THERE! Who was you? What a cousin? You need to know your place and 2nd row at my Nanny's funeral wasn't it. Not by a long stretch. Rise up to that. I could barely see the casket because if you and your child and all that hair. That's Edgar I remembered ag out that day and John getting up there lying about when he asked for Evelyns hand in marriage. It disgusted me because we know eat really happened. Nanny told us and the fact he preached at her funeral? In her right mind, she would of never asked him. He didn't know her, he didn't know the actual ministry she displayed from that bed for 4 plus years. That's what I miss about Nanny, is her values and morals...she didn't have to get on tv or fly around the world to be a Christian. She was a role model and Christian from her bed, her home, her church family. John wouldn't even have had that ministry if it wasn't for MY NANNY AND MY PAWPAW. He forgets who helped them start that charade that they never gave back. It's pitiful that I have this much anger and resentment but I do. I cry all the time for you Nanny. I miss your gentle tender heart, your spunk, your humor. I miss everything about you and our beauty time. Doing your nails, all of that. I'm so sorry I didn't speak up and say no to her sitting there in front of us and no to John preaching. It was a shame, it was not the celebration of your life it should of been. It was a marketing venue for John's whatever he calls it foreign mission bit. He handed out pamphlets at your funeral Nanny, pamphlets of his foreign thing. I did do that much right, I'll never forget it, Mrs. Ozzy pulled me aside and said 'Holly, what are these? Mildred would not like this. ' she was right you wouldn't of liked that. I took them all from your Sunday school friends and everyone else that had them and he even had them laid out in yor viewing room! I threw them all way then told the funeral home people to make him stop marketing it was disrespectful. I did get that much done. Nanny, they all did what they always do . Flew in here and right off the bat scolded me for 'not having Jesus' I was grieving and because they know nothing about me I am not a Christian? I couldn't believe it and couldn't believe they were there. Mom was at your side greeting people and Evelyn was eating in the kitchen, wasn't even there by mom's side. We constantly had to go get her and say this person is here to see you. Jeff And mom both were there at the casket was mom and Jeff on the viewing room talking to everyone. Gayle and Janice were helping wherever they could and even if it was a hug they were there. There was so many people that came and even your nurses came. Rachel came, Mrs. Virginia came. I remember so many bad things but I too remember that some of the family may judge and may have been disrespectful but 4 years later. ..i remember their actions and attitudes because we were hurt and grieving....they showed true colors and kicked us while we're down. But we had angels Nanny, we had all of our angels. Did you know when we told Mrs. Helen that you had passed she the her hands up and said Hallelujah! She made it! She's walking again! She's been made brand new. She was so happy not even a tear in that eye! She joined you in heaven very shortly after. Aunt Lol and Aunt Odell were there..Gwen, Vickie, Donna. Erica, Jamie , Dan. Oh Nanny, we grieved and we grieved hard still do...but it's the actual family that was there and loving us not condemning us that helps to get through the hard times. We miss you so much...but your funeral wasn't all bad...Mrs. Gayle Haywood spoke...she loved you so much, a genuine love just like you had for her and for us. They don't make them like you anymore. You are missed so dearly I can't even put words together. I make sure we put flowers on your grave we even recycle them...and yes Nanny I make them like I used to maker your door arrangements. I love you so very much and miss you terribly. Lover you to the moon and back and back again.
Posted by Emily Noteboom on 11th November 2016
I miss you and love you. I will see you again in Heaven. I love you.

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