Her Life

A life well lived

Nanny married a U.S. Navy man, (Pawpaw-Floyd Garrett); a brother of ten. Little did they know then what a large family they were a part of and would make larger. Together, they had 5 children. Evelyn, Sharon, Jeff, Donald(deceased few days old), and Tim. She worked as a receptionist for a small truck company and became a member of Brentwood Baptist Church. As a small church then, Brentwood  Baptist began in the basement of the children's home. In the basement, you would find my grandmother (Nanny) and my mom (Sharon). There were 65 members then, Nanny was one of the 65 that helped start Brentwood Baptist Church.  She raised her children, worked and retired, serving her community as trustee for her Sunday school class.
She loved her family, the Lord, cooking, reading her paper and drinking her coffee.  She was a teacher in everything she did, whereas it be teach her children how to love and become mothers, or teaching her grandchildren(myself) the importance of her favorite shows that aired. The price is right at 10 a.m. and days of our lives at 2 p.m. with talk of the town in between.  She taught the bible, friendship, love and joy. She ministered to many from her phone calls to her being in a hospital bed, she made differences across the Country. Her and pawpaw were the foundation of a ministry her eldest daughter began; with every life touched by that ministry, Nannys hand was holding the hand of the ministers. Nanny loved getting her hair done, my mother made sure she continued that into her days at the facility to which she made new friends and changed lives. She had many friends, closest were her sister in laws, Odell & Lillian and long time church friends, Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Ozzie. She loved car rides around town, shopping at then Castners and Dillards. She loved cooking with family and traveling with her husband (pawpaw) In their camper. She leaves behind a large family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She is missed deeply and loved more than words are able to describe.  She was our angel and in 2013 she received her wings and new zip code in heaven. Please share with us your stories of her life.