Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend - she lived a full and happy life, filled with joy and love for her family and friends. The raw pain of her loss will fade; her legacy of love, unselfish kindness and staunch loyalty will bur
  • 91 years old
  • Born on May 10, 1925 in Secunderabad, Hyderabad (Telangana), India.
  • Passed away on October 30, 2016 in Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mildred Wilson (nee Hooper), 91, born on May 10, 1925 and passed away on October 30, 2016. We will remember her forever. Please leave any thoughts and memories you have of her here.

We cannot use a shared memorial site for both Mum and Dad just yet, so links will have to suffice for now. Dad's memorial is at, just paste this into your browser.

Posted by David Wilson on 30th October 2017
Still sorely missed, but at least now the pain of Mum's passing is eased by the enormous wealth of the legacy of many happy memories and love she shared with family and friends. We were so very blessed.
Posted by David Wilson on 23rd November 2016
My parents always had a truly special relationship with their eldest grandchild, Tara. Until her arrival, I had been the youngest member of the family for over two decades. It was a blessed relief to pass that baton on to Tara, who in many ways was more of a 'kid sister' rather than a niece. Anyway, as a memorial to her Grandmother, Tara produced this absolutely wonderful and moving tribute. If you know Mildred Wilson and have 15 minutes spare, you will surely not regret visiting the link below. It does not work automatically, so just copy and paste it into your browser.
Posted by Claire Wilson on 7th November 2016
Mum was the complete opposite of the stereotypical mother-in-law: I never had a cross word or criticism from her, only unqualified love and acceptance. I was welcomed into the Wilson family back in 1982 when I came back from Gibraltar (where David and I met) just three days before we were married; Mum had made an amazing 3 tier wedding cake, prepared floral bouquets, cooked mountains of delicious food and even had the lawn returfed so we could have the reception there! It was such a happy day and there were so many more over the next 34 years. She wrote to me every month for the whole 3 years David and I were in Brunei, she invited us to stay in their 2 bedroomed flat when we returned in 1985 with our 5 month old Luke and had nowhere to live (Ian was also living at home then too so was relegated to a mattress on the floor in the sitting room every night, poor guy!). We later spent many weekends and even Christmases in Clarence Road, often with Mark and Linda and their families visiting too, so that mealtimes had to be in two sittings, but Mum was in her element – she happily spent hours in the kitchen preparing and catering for our varied tastes. I loved her garden there, so full of lovely flowers, and where I often weeded while she was cooking. When not in the kitchen, Mum was usually sewing or knitting for someone in the family, and often for others too, and the grandchildren possess amazing knitted alphabet blankets that took hours and hours to finish, quite apart from jumpers, hats and toys over the years. I have a large collection of cross-stitch cards which she somehow found time to sew for each individual family member for birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Fortunately, the arthritis that plagued her for over half her life didn’t affect her hands and this year she continued knitting hats, mittens and blankets for premature babies in the local hospital right up until her second admission to hospital in August. It was only in the last few months that her amazing memory (she could recite family names and most birthdays for at least six generations) began to fail her. She also had to be one of the oldest people in UK to start using Skype after Mark gave her an IPad before it was even on sale here! And of course, that led to Facebook, and then the world opened up! More importantly, it became her lifeline, especially when Dad’s health started deteriorating. Their 65 year marriage was an inspiration to us all, and her nine grandchildren and one great grandson, who will all be here for her funeral this weekend, will treasure the love she gave to them, as she treasured theirs. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud 1 Corinthians This verse will always make me think about Mum; she had a strong faith that I know gave her great comfort and it comforts me to know that she is now with Dad. God bless you, Mum, and thank you for everything you did for me and my family.
Posted by Kim Wilson on 30th October 2016
How lucky I was to have the best Granny! Memories of her standing in the small kitchen in the house on Clarence Rd., rolling parathas, humming quietly to herself flood my mind. No matter how sad I was, crawling up next to Granny on the couch, letting myself be consumed by her hug, soaking up the smell of deodorant, lavender and starch; my sadness would melt away. I am so fortunate to have so many strong women who helped shape me. Granny's love, kindness and strength inspired so many. Granny, I love you and will carry you in my heart forever. I hope you and Grandad are together again and you see all the love you both created.
Posted by Mark Wilson on 30th October 2016
I tried to remember moments when Mum talked about 'bad' moments in her life...! Not one came to mind, and having spent the last 65 years knowing Mum that has to be remarkable. Mum always seemed to find a bright side to everything or she moved life in that direction. As I tried to find a depressing moment the thoughts that came flooding through were those of Mum shopping for the family, we grew up with a lot of love and very little else; collecting eggs from the chicken/turkey/duck/guinea-fowl run, taking the bus to Dehra Dun from Clement Town, stopping the milkman and vegetable carts as they raced by Kheria, going into Kharagpur for a change from the Canteen, almost being killed (that's a story)shopping for beef in Gorakhpur, buying lobsters in Jamnagar, lowering the basket for fruit and vegetables in New Delhi, and shopping in the Indian Store in Wood Green. Mum's world encompassed the family but she had shopped the world. Even in her last illnesses, Mum let it be known that she was from India but that she had family dispersed around the world. Mum would not abide anyone saying anything negative about the 'family', I could get away with putting Linda, Ian or David down but if I attempted to do so to Mary, Claire, Vikki, Tara, Adam, Kim, Luke, Sam, Cathy, Jenny, Alisha, Ella, Christy or Dylan, I was in grave danger! No more blankets, booties, baby clothes, cards, or hugs but over 65 years I got the most!
Posted by Jenny Wilson on 30th October 2016
Poem for Granny: Leaves fall, clocks stall, Time to Rest with Grandad, Leave behind lives woven with Your love, Rest wrapped in our thoughts. Inspired in part by Dad's above message but mostly by the far reaching and everlasting tribute Granny left to this world; her love. She was a formidable woman and she made my world better. I'll miss you Granny.
Posted by David Wilson on 30th October 2016
After a long illness, my mother Mildred Wilson passed away quietly and peacefully in the early hours of Sunday 30th October 2016. As the autumn leaves fell and the clocks turned back for the coming winter, she joined her beloved husband Peter, who fell ill in October last year and passed away in December, It is comforting to think of them as together again.

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