My Letter to Mimi

Shared by Crystal Andersen on September 23, 2020
I haven't wrote any tribute's to my Mimi because I had a very,VERY hard time just figuring out what to say when I have had her for a my life time. So here is my letter to her. It will be very hard but I am going to try and read it at her Celebration!!
Dear Mimi,
I don't even know where to begin. You knew me my whole life. You knew me, before I even knew you. You and my mom were best friends. You loved me right from the start. You played with me, and changed my diapers, and combed my hair. You were like my second mom. As I grew, you had Joey. I played with Joe, and loved to go to Mimi's house for summer visit's. 
When I was around 12 ish, you stayed with us in the apartments in Redlands. Being young I am not sure how long you stayed, you said you and Joe were leaving to move to Ohio. I begged you not to go. You packed Joe up in your little yellow car with the wood bumper, and Joe with his my friend the Monster, and drove away. I was heart broken. So many good times living in Redlands. Like everyone piling in your car and you taking us skating......only to get pulled over. We didn't make it to the skating rink. I got my first, and only black eye because of you. Calling my name while in the middle of a fist fight. When you left I missed you so much.
As I grew, you were busy moving all over the country. From Ohio, to Alaska, and lots of places in between. We talked on the phone, not as often as we could or should have.  
Life ,as often happens gets in the way, and I was growing up. I grew up, far to fast and became a mommy myself. 
You came back to California, and I was somewhere around 17. You baby sat Kendra for me, and got pregnant with Jenny. This time, it was my turn to move away. I had gotten married, and was expecting my next bundle of joy when I moved to Arizona.
We came back and visited when we could, and you and Randy got a place in Yucaipa with the kids. 
A few years later, I returned to California with my new husband, and 3 kids. Soon after I had returned, you found yourself a widow with 5 kids to raise. We got to be close again.
We spent many times with all the kids playing at the parks. It was always fun. I will treasure those memories of better times.
Then again you were on the move. This time to Las Vegas with Mr. Denis. We talked all the time on the phone & computer. We came to visit a couple times. 
Then Bryon & I had the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Off to Tennessee we went. I flew out to Vegas and visited. You trusted Bryon & I enough to make sure if something ever happened, that Jenny would come here to live with us. Thankyou for trusting me that much. You will never know how glad I am for that trust.
Then, Jenny was almost in Jr. High and you didn't want her growing up in the "Las Vegas" enviroment. So you followed us to Tennessee.
We had a lot of fun times, in the time you were here. Family get together's, Lake days, and going and having girl's nights at the bar. We talked all the time on the phone. You became one of my closest, and best friends. There was nothing I could not tell you. Without judgement, and unconditional. You listened, sometimes gave advice, and loved me no matter what. Only a phone call away, or a drive to each other's houses. 
When you got sick, I came to see you. I was scared then of loosing you. You fought hard, and managed to come home. You came home, only for a short time, not nearly long enough, nor as long as it should have been. When I got the call that you were going back to the hospital, my heart sank. I felt like I was having a bad dream.
You have been part of my life for longer than I can even remember, and even when we were far apart you were always a phone call away. My heart breaks now. I can't pick up the phone to hear your voice, or come to you for advice or just a needed hug. 
Just know that I will always be thinking about you, and as I have promised to you, look out for Jenny, and now Dawson. Heaven must have needed you more. Rest in Peace Mimi 
Love Crystal


Shared by Victoria Barragan on September 9, 2020
During summer when I was a kid, Millie would take Jenny and I swimming literally EVERYDAY! We would wake up and get ready for the pool and stay ALL day long. We would pack bags with snacks and drinks, take the radio and load up in her car and drive to our apartment pool and just swim. She would watching Jenny and I play games, being “mermaids” and encourage us to do tricks and show her what we could do. Millie was like a second mother to me. Jenny is like a sister. She will forever be loved and missed and cherished. Love you momma Millie! ❤️❤️

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