This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mina Chung 51 years old , born on December 1, 1968 and passed away on February 13, 2020. 

A tribute for Mina is being held on her birthday, on Dec 1, 2020 at 8:30 PM ET.
Posted by Richard Jaworowicz on February 20, 2020
Dr. Chung's passing was a big blow to me, as I lost the best doctor I've ever known, and someone who became a friend to me over 16+ years of visits for an untreatable condition called Bullseye Maculapathy. Dr. Chung guided me through the gradual deterioration of my central vision, letting me know how things were progressing, what to expect in the next couple years, and explaining everything in terms that a non medical professional could understand.

She held my hand (literally and figuratively), while my pretty normal vision diminished. I first lost the ability to read most printed material (newspaper, magazines, hymnal at church). Nine years ago, I had to give up driving. Eventually, I could no longer work in my profession of 30+ years. She was there with me, as an adviser and a friend, the whole time, helping prepare me, and discussing ideas about how technology could help delay some loss of function (larger fonts and high contrast settings on the computer to allow me to continue working for as long as possible, using an iPad for hymn lyrics, so that I could return to singing in my church choir). This past year, when my vision reached the 'legally blind' threshold, and office/computer work was no longer possible, Dr. Chung was there with all her detailed documentation and notes from 15+ years of visits/exams/tests, to help me apply for and be awarded Social Security Disability benefits, so that my family and I had financial stability.

In our journey through this Earthly life, we are blessed to meet and get to know, every so often, a truly exceptional soul - someone of great intellect, energy, love of life and people, who gives so fully, freely and lovingly of themselves in living out their God given calling - someone who touches so many lives in a positive manner, making those lives better and easier to live. That was Dr. Mina Chung for me. Always quick with that smile that lit up the room and lifted your spirit, always offering gentle, soft spoken words of encouragement and advice, and gently consoling with a touch on the hand, arm or shoulder, when life was becoming more difficult as the result of diminished vision. She was there for me over these last 15+ years, and my life will not be as full without her in it.

I am consoled in my firm belief that God has a special place in Heaven for Dr. Chung, and that if I follow her example of a life fully and generously lived, I might, when my Earthly journey has ended, see her again (pun intended), but then with perfect vision, no longer needing her as my doctor, but able to enjoy Eternity with her as my friend!

My heart felt love and support go out to her family, friends, colleagues, patients, and all who mourn her passing from this life. Rest in peace and in God's love, Mina!
Posted by Eric Suhler on February 19, 2020
I knew Mina less well than almost anyone on this thread; perhaps not at all; and yet I’ve found myself profoundly affected by her passing. I had never met Mina until less than a month ago, quite coincidentally while skiing at Alta while attending a uveitis meeting. In the ski lift line, my buddy Sarju Patel and I struck up a pleasant conversation with a nice couple boarding a quad chair - Eddie and Mina. We quickly discovered our professional connections and mutual friends and spent the rest of the 10 or so minute trip chatting about their upcoming trip to Italy for which they were “training” that day. I wish I’d gotten a chance to know her better but I’ll always marvel at the beautiful coincidence that led to our brief meeting which was very memorable to me and Sarju as well. May her memory be for a blessing to all who loved her and miss her.
Posted by Jacque Duncan on February 19, 2020
Mina had this amazing power to make you feel like you were the most important person in the whole world when you were with her. She was so smart, insightful, thoughtful and perceptive. She was incredibly kind, empathetic, supportive and patient: she would inspire me to go running with her at meetings so we could talk and get caught up, and she would run in super slow-motion so I could keep up with her. I bet she went for another run after she left me-I was always sore and exhausted but motivated to push myself a little harder. I can't really believe she's gone, but her loss is inspiring me to let people know how much I value their friendship and the time we spend together. Much love and support to Eddie and her family and all her friends, patients and colleagues.
Posted by Aaron Roller on February 19, 2020
Wishing love and strength to all of Mina's family, friends and colleagues. She was one of my most memorable and inspirational mentors and was instrumental in inspiring me and helping me to pursue my entire academic and career path. Thanks so much Mina for all you gave to so many with your endless enthusiasm, beautiful spirit and so much kindness. Although so strikingly cut short, you can surely look back at your life as one of complete fulfillment in those you have helped, the knowledge that you have shared, the joy you have brought and all that you have given everyone who looked to you as an example. Your brilliant soul will shine on in all those of us that you touched during your mission here. Rest in peace, Dr. Chung.
Posted by Midwest Family on February 19, 2020
Thank you Dr. Chung for teaching me how to become a doctor, an ophthalmologist and a retina specialist before I ever was one. I so wish I had the chance to thank you, but do hope your family find peace in knowing how great of an impact you had on those around you in Rochester and beyond. 
-Yasser Elshatory
Posted by Bob Meigs on February 19, 2020
Dr. Chung was instrumental in saving the sight in my left eye, having performed two surgeries. She was skilled, personable and caring and she will be missed by many. What a sad loss to all.
Posted by Elizabeth Masco on February 19, 2020
One more thanks for having known and been treated by this wonderful woman and doctor, She was an extremely competent and caring person who always greeted everyone with a smile and a handshake. What a terrible loss. Our hearts are saddened for ourselves and her husband who must be lossed as must Nikita. She saw my wife Patricia Cecula and I was always with her and was treated so well. 
Posted by Thalia McCrea on February 19, 2020
I am saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Chung. She will be missed by family friends and patients as well. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Jennifer Anstey on February 19, 2020
When I worked in Ophthalmology, one day as I went to Mina's office to get her signature, I think she saw that I was tired, she talked with me and gave me a cup of ginger tea. So kind.
Posted by Roberta Merenda on February 19, 2020
Dr. Chung,
Thank you for the care you provided me. I will always remember your smile! May God keep you in His care.
Posted by Catherine Faurot on February 19, 2020
When we moved to Rochester my husband had already lost sight in one eye. Imagine our emotions when he began to experience flashes in his remaining eye. He went into Strong at 10 p.m. and Dr. Chung came to save his vision with surgery in the middle of that night while I waited at home with our young children. Her skill and dedication saved my husband's sight. He could see our faces and continue his work. He was always happy to see her on his office visits. Thanks to her work, he could see her and the rest of the world. We lost a bright and beautiful light. Thank you to Dr. Chung for the gifts she brought to the world. She will be missed.
Posted by Beth Jorgensen on February 19, 2020
I only saw Dr. Mina Chung twice in the past year for a relatively minor condition, but I was so impressed with her gracious manner, her clear explanations, her warmth and patience, and her immense knowledge. I am deeply saddened by her loss.
Posted by Mary R Powley on February 19, 2020
Dr. Chung was a remarkable doctor, caregiver and person. She treated my mother's macular degeneration for multiple years. Regardless of how busy her day was, she always had a smile and was genuinely concerned Mom's overall wellbeing.

My heart goes out to her husband, her parents, her family, her friends, her colleagues and the wonderful staff at the Flaum Eye Institute. 

I am so grateful my life path crossed with Dr. Chung's. With sadness and sympathy my heart goes out to you all.
Posted by Karen Selwyn on February 19, 2020
I am shocked and saddened by the news of Dr. Chung's death. My late-husband had Choroideremia and he visited her annually for well over a decade on a longitudinal study of his disease progression.

My husband was a scientist in an wholly unrelated field, but Dr Chung recognized his professional and personal interest in the imaging technology -- especially in the advances during their long association -- and shared her knowledge generously. Dr Chung's warmth made what was an exhausting and uncomfortable day of tests easier to bear.

My thoughts and sympathy go out to Dr Chung's family. I hope the path you now walk will be eased somewhat by the love and appreciation of yet another of Dr. Chung's patients.

Posted by Cheryl Johnson on February 18, 2020
Mina, I admired your professionalism, high standard of care, and your rapport with your patients. Your special skills and expertise with your pediatric patients from this community and around the world will be dearly missed. I send my condolences to your family and friends. May you, my Dear, rest in peace.
Posted by Sarah Warren on February 18, 2020
Such heart breaking & tragic news 

You lived a life that touched so many and had a smile that filled the room...
You created memories that will last forever creating a light all their own.

My prayers are for those you leave behind who face the empty space.

Posted by Christine Kay on February 18, 2020
I am shocked and devastated to hear of Mina's loss. I met Mina at University of Iowa during my vitreoretinal fellowship. She was doing a visiting fellowship with Ed Stone and would travel back and forth from Rochester as part of her training. And then she became one of my close colleagues in a small and tight-knit group of IRD specialists in the US. When I think of Mina, I see her big bright beautiful smile, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that she is no longer here with us. I have been haunted by her tragic and sudden loss since I learned of it. This world can be a capricious, chaotic place, often with so much pain and senseless loss. I know in my heart that she is in a better place now. There are no answers to the empty question mark left in the void her death has created. No answers for now. We can only grieve her loss, pray for her family, and know that she is indeed in a perfect place now without pain. Mina, you will be missed by the thousands upon tens of thousands of lives you touched here. Never a kinder more cheerful more beautiful soul did I meet. May God bless all of us left behind with peace and strength to go on, and hope for the day when we meet again.
Posted by Jennifer Trombley on February 18, 2020
This is a devastating loss not only for the ophthalmic community and the patients that Dr. Chung cared for but a personal loss for those who knew her.
She will be remembered for always having a heart warming smile on her face and her calming demeanor.

Our hearts go out to her husband and family.
Posted by Michelle Dills on February 18, 2020
My husband had an appointment with Dr. Chung just a couple of weeks ago and she looked back on photos of his eyes to compare and remarked that we’ve been with her for 15 years.  She was a remarkable person! So intelligent and kind.  We could email her and count on a rapid response! We are in shock - our prayers are with her husband and family.
Posted by Anna Calabrese on February 18, 2020
I am a patient of Dr Mina Chung, I am at a loss for words, I m so heartbroken, I have not stopped crying and have been reading this over and over ...I don’t understand...I keep asking .. why why why God??? She was unique, beautiful inside and out... the sweetest nicest person I have ever met in my life... I truly believe there is no other nor will there be another like her....I have an appt scheduled with her on 3/11 for a shot in my eye...I don’t Know how will I be able to go... I am haunted by this tragedy to the point that this is all I can think about... I relive her fall..and what she must of front of her husband...such a caring women she didn’t deserve this ...Dr Chung... may you Rip.... I will never forget how you helped me ....with my macular degeneration ... how you truly care ... I felt it way back the second I met you ..your eyes were the windows to your soul... you sure did touch my soul ... you are truly an angel of God... Prayers and my condolences to the family and all the people who’s lives you touched.... and your husband... you will be missed ... I will miss you very much and I will never for as long as I live forget you.... Heaven did indeed gain an angel that day
Posted by Jan Oss on February 18, 2020
My husband & I met Dr Chung only once. As she delivered life changing news, while cautioning is not to overreact, 
She was so warm and compassionate,. Our prayers go out to her family and friends, Too Young to Leave us.
Joel & Jan Osserman
Posted by Katherine Hitchcock on February 18, 2020
I am so sad to learn of this tragic accident and my heart goes out to Dr. Chung's family and colleagues. She provided her patients with outstanding care, compassion, and respect. She was a great supporter of ABVI's mission and she will be deeply missed by all. 
Posted by John McDermott on February 18, 2020
Mina was a year ahead of me in residency at LAC+USC. She was quick to put me at ease when I was a fumbling first year with her kindness, intelligence, and most of all her wonderful sense of humor. She had a beautiful smile and was quick to laugh at the many absurdities we encountered as LA County residents. My thoughts and prayers are with Mina's family, friends, colleagues and patients.
Posted by Carol Pittinaro on February 18, 2020
So sorry to hear this. She was their when I needed her. Everything was explained thoroughly so I would understand before surgery. Just saw her two weeks ago. The happy news, " she would she me in a year for follow up." She always had a smile. I know her staff will miss her, I know they really loved working for her. They all were compassionate and caring. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Suzanne Blackburn on February 18, 2020
My heart is broken for the family of Dr. Chung and all who worked with her at the Flaum Eye Institute. She worked with both of my daughters, who have retinitis pigmentosa, since they were diagnosed as children. She always took her time with us, patiently answering all of our questions. She cared about my children as people and what their hopes and dreams were. We knew she was working on research in RP and would be in touch with us about any advances. I am in shock of her loss for our community. Rest in Peace, Dr. Chung. You will be missed.
Posted by Drew Miller on February 18, 2020
I'm shocked and saddened to learn of the lose of Dr. Chung. I've been her patient for several years after acquiring a retinal disease. She was always cheerful and glad to see me, one could not help enjoying being in her presence. I will miss Dr. Chung, just for being such a kind doctor and person.
Posted by Hutch Hutchison on February 18, 2020
I will be eternally grateful for Dr. Chung saving my left eyesight 10 years ago. A small piece of plaque had lodged in my retinal blood supply, shutting down half the view in my eye. Dr. Chung came in from a run to diagnose and treat my eye, saving the vision. I have been under her care since, to the benefit of my great vision. Her charming care of her patients will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Doc!
Posted by Drew Burt on February 18, 2020
I'd been a patient of Dr. Chung's since I was about 10 years old (I'm 23 now). I've been diagnosed with Choroideremia, like my cousin and my grandfather before me. I'd always thought that I was going to go blind eventually like my cousin and grandfather, but Dr. Chung gave me hope for my eyes. I could never repay her for giving me that hope and I will keep holding on to it in her memory. Thank you for everything, Mina. Your light and legacy will live on in all of those (myself included) that you've helped.
Posted by Ron Strojny on February 18, 2020
I was shocked by the news today. I was one of her patients since 2014. She operated on me several times always giving me hope. You will be missed. Prayers for your husband and family for comfort and peace during this very sad time.
Posted by Lauren Maar on February 18, 2020
Devestated...heart broken. I cannot even express how the news of you passing has rocked me. Mina was honestly one of the most amazing people I ever met. I met her in 2003 when I first moved to Rochester from Chicago and needed a retinal specialist. I didn't need her until 2017 when I became pregnant and my eyes changed. She was so compassionate, kind and patient. Her bedside manner was second to none and even though I was nervous to get injections in my eyes, so was flawless and made me feel so at ease. I never felt rushed and she was always so encouraging and kind. My heart hurts for the void that Mina will leave behind. Thanks to Mina's family for sharing her with us. Thank you to Mina for being such an amazing leader in her field and for giving me hope and sight after my daughter was born. I take solace in knowing that you died doing what you loved on a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family. You will truly be missed. Your smile will always be a beacon to me.
Posted by Robert Vogt on February 18, 2020
I met you as a patient and left as a friend. This should not have happened to such a kind, caring person. You will be sorely missed by myself and so many others. You left this world a much sadder and emptier place.
Posted by Sunir Garg on February 18, 2020
Mina was an wonderful physician, friend, and leader in our field. She always found the best in people. I'll miss her warmth and good humor. My thoughts and prayers are with Eddie and to her other friends, family, colleagues, and patients.
Posted by Koen Goorman on February 18, 2020
Mina, the first time I met you was as a patient, and you assured me with your kind, calm and professional demeanor that everything would work out all right, and it did. As we got to know you and Eddie on a personal level, we have grown to value your friendship, especially as you inspired us to keep adding adventurous trips and experiences to our bucket list. You lived life to the fullest and it rubbed off on those who had the good fortune of knowing you. You will be dearly missed. Eddie, we pray for your strength and courage. Many comforting thoughts to you and your family.
Posted by Jane Tuttle on February 18, 2020
Dr. Chung was a brilliant and kind Ophthalmologist. She took excellent care of my mother after a retinal artery occlusion. I am so sad to hear this news. She has left a remarkable legacy.
Posted by Hongxin Song on February 18, 2020
I have known Mina almost ten years and I still remember the first time when I met her. She had great smiling and warm heart. She was a great ophthalmologist and scientist. She was very knowledgeable and helped so many patients. She was a great mentor to me and we had made great research progress of the ophthalmology field and we both wish to help patients with our research findings. My thoughts and best wishes to Eddie and Mina’s family.
Posted by Laura Dadetta on February 18, 2020
Dave and I are very sorry to hear of Mina’s untimely passing. She was the kindest neighbor, always offering a friendly wave and beautiful smile. Our sincere condolences to her husband and family.
Posted by Lynn Hassman on February 18, 2020
Mina crafted these elaborate private lectures-while simultaneously performing highly complex surgeries- which dissected pretense and misconceptions, leaving her residents with a profoundly deep understanding of ophthalmology.

Words cannot express the immense respect and gratitude I feel towards her. Mina’s excellence was not merely a standard to emulate, but was a gift to her trainees, gracefully compelling us to strive for the potential that she saw in us, excellence beyond what we conceived possible in ourselves.

Her impact therefore will remain inspiring and comfortingly palpable, even as we mourn the loss of her physical presence.
Posted by Sunil Shivaram on February 17, 2020
If LA County was boot camp, Mina was our platoon leader--confident, kind, and always outworking the rest of us. I'll always remember that disarming smile of hers, flashed at moments least expected and most needed. I hadn't spoken to her in years, yet it feels like yesterday that I saw her last. I'm in disbelief and saddened. Thinking of her family. Miss you Mina.
Posted by Beth Starzynski on February 17, 2020
Dr. Chung was the only doctor in nys my daughter would go to after having 3 retinal detachments. Before then she traveled to Pittsburgh each time. Dr. Chung was her retina doctor for past 9 years. Then I had to go to her for a retina issue and then my husband has been with her for two years for injections into his eye. All of the community and beyond knew of her and her kindness,compassion and superior knowledge! You will be missed by our whole family and many more as well!
Posted by Amanda Goldsworthy on February 17, 2020
How can I begin to summarize the depth of loss left by her passing...
I met Dr Chung when we flew from out of state looking for help for our beautiful 5 week old baby boy who was born blind.  No doctor had given us any hope at all of sight. I honestly believe God worked through the hands of Dr Chung and Dr Aquavella! They are an amazing team. I have witnessed it. Not only did they use her surgical gift to help our son see as an infant, Dr Chung tirelessly worked for over 5 hours and successfully reattached my son’s retina 2 years later.  I am sure anyone else would have given up hours before, but she didn’t give up, and she was successful reattaching his retina.  He is now 5 years old, she has closely followed him, and he is doing (and seeing) wonderfully!  I speak for all of the moms and dads who have brought our babies to Dr Chung and Dr Aquavella, the team that together works miracles, you will be so desperately and deeply missed. 
We will be forever grateful to her for dedicating so much of her life to giving our babies the gift of sight, these children no one else could help. 
I will continue to pray for her family, friends, coworkers, and her patients as we all grieve and deeply miss her.
Posted by Yuhua Zhang on February 17, 2020
I am shocked by the immense sadness! I can not believe that we have lost Mina! She was such a wonderful colleague. I have known her for nearly 17 years. I still clearly remember my first time meeting her at the BRP group meeting at Fort Lauderdale during the 2003 ARVO annual meeting. I asked her what the retinal thickness was, with a bit of embarrassment for my naive question. She answered with a very bright and encouraging smile, to which I have been so grateful. We met almost every year at the ARVO annual meeting. Every time I could feel her warm and sincere encouragement. I admire her great achievement. It is tremendous loss to all of us fortunate to have known her. I wish her family and the folks of the UR CVS well and hope you all can recover from this tragedy soon. Mina will be missed by us for her caring and kind spirit, for her warm smile. May her spirit live on.
Posted by Thierry Verstraeten on February 17, 2020
Such tragic news today. Mina your humility and inner strength were infectious. Aspen Retina is in 2 weeks and I was hoping to see you again and go down Hanging Valley or hike Highland Bowl to the top. You picked up ski late but you showed no fear and were so courageous never losing that infectious smile of yours. The retina family lost a brilliant mind and I feel your patients loss. I pray for Eddie, your family and colleagues in Rochester. RIP beautiful soul
Posted by Rosetta Street on February 17, 2020
My heart is so heavy. I just had an appointment with Dr. Chung on February 3, 2020. Dr. Chung was very pleased with my eyes. She said my eyes was doing great and she will see me next year. I just want to thank Dr. Chung for all she did for me. Prayers are going up for her family and I know she will still watch over my eyes.
Posted by Susan Halpern on February 17, 2020
I am so saddened by the loss of this wonderful woman. Dr. Chung was always a smiling face with a positive attitude when we saw her for my daughter's RP. We first met Dr. Chung when Sara was a senior in high school 16 years ago. Dr. Chung was the first doctor to diagnose Sara's eyesight issues through Usher's Syndrome. Every two years when we met with Dr. Chung she patiently answered my motherly questions and provided us with an update on the wonderful progressive research she and others were working on to hopefully in the near future enhance Sara's eyesight. I can only hope that those she was working on this progressive research will continue on to find a cure and honor her memory and what she strived for.

Since the three of us were runners, we also shared stories about our running especially in the Cherry Blossom race in DC. 

I cannot even imagine the hole in the heart of her family, husband and friends from her loss. It is a very sad loss for all of us especially those who she gave hope to on a regular basis. Our family is so sad to lose such unique person. We hope that all the goodness and positiveness in her shortened life will help all of us get through this sad time and eventually bring smiles to our faces when we remember her.
Posted by David Loucks on February 17, 2020
Dr. Chung was so wonderful. I am a woodworker and after being put on steroids by another dr. I lost depth perception and cut the end off of three fingers on the table saw. I felt my woodworking days were over. After she examined my eyes she said that I had developed central serous retinopathy due to the steroids she calmed my fears and she was sooo right. I stopped the steroids and my eyes improved over time. Her calm demeanor and knowledge made such a difference in my life. I truly will miss her ,love Dave
Posted by Mark Young on February 17, 2020
I’m a patient of Dr Chung. She was a good doctor. Greeted you always with a big smile. She took care of me. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Barbara Wnuk on February 17, 2020
I am shocked and so very sorry to hear this. Dr. Chung performed an emergency surgery on me 5 years ago. Afterward her knowledge and calm demeanor reassured me, and I was so impressed by her ability and kindness. Taken from us way too soon.
Posted by Donna Steele on February 17, 2020
Dr. Chung, you are an inspiration to my grandson Kobe and myself. You always showed kindness and patience. You gave us HOPE. Finding out today about you passing has brought many tears. We will miss you. I returned from a grocery shopping trip in tears thinking and praying for you. When I stepped out of my car there was a tiny feather that floated into my palm. A sign from heaven! Rest in peace
Posted by Brian Connolly MD on February 17, 2020
I’m not sure what more I can add to the accolades and tributes that have preceded this. I’ve known Mina since the residency “interview trail.” She was the consummate professional and colleague—always willing to help.

The ophthalmology community in Rochester and well beyond feels this tragic loss. My condolences to her family.
Posted by Sara Halpern on February 17, 2020
Dr. Chung was the first to "solve" the mystery that eluded me (and family). My family and I spent 18 years wondering why I was the only one to be deaf and could not see in the dark. We hit a gold mine with Dr. Chung after a referral from a new eye doctor who had replaced a retired one. She immediately gave us reassurance that things will be fine and stable. She was so good with my mother who always had questions and wanted to know what solutions were being explored to "solve" my retinitis pigmentosa. She understood the difficulty of working with RP, knowing that there's no immediate "cure" as we have for my deafness with a cochlear implant. We had to learn to trust her knowledge, judgment, and sense of optimism that, with time, she would find a way to restore my eyesight. Thank you, Dr. Chung, for everything.
Dr. Lin, we are thinking of all the wonderful times we have had with your wife. You're a lucky man.
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Posted by Jamison Suter on February 22, 2021
Mina, you were one of the kindest people I knew at Yale. Hei-Ock Kim put us in contact, remember? With a smile and a cheery glint in your eyes, you would brighten any dreary or stressful day. Reading your tributes, I see I am not alone in having been blessed by your infectious goodness. Thanks and peace to you!
Posted by Helen Barnett on February 16, 2021
Can't believe it is a year already. Miss my friend - may she RIP
Posted by Anna Calabrese on February 13, 2021
A year has gone by... I think about you all the time... it’s very sad going to the flaum institute and not seeing you there.. instead I look at the beautiful memorial picture of you that they put up... I look at this picture and as I get teary it seems like you are speaking to me...I miss you very much as well as all the people there do... Rip Dr Chung... you are truly an angel...
her Life

A beautiful person who died on a beautiful day

Mina Chung was with Eddie, their friend Johan, and spouse on a daylong guided mountain skiing tour in Italy.

The last mountain was a lot icier than anticipated.

Johan was first to ski and made it down unscathed.

Mina was next, and she slipped and fell at the top of the trail. 

The guide immediately jumped and tried to stop her but both fell down and slid down a 2000 foot mountain side.

They both sustained multitrauma injuries.  Mina’s injuries were overwhelming, and she was pronounced dead at the scene when the helicopter arrived. 

Eddie was trailing behind, and was able to avert going down the dangerous slope.

Mina's dad and Eddie’s brother are arriving on Feb 17. 

Her body has been released to family, they have had some good help from the officials there.

Final arrangements have not been made, and the site will be updated once that information is available.

The joke earlier in the day was:

It was a beautiful day and ....

"If I had to go, this would be the way"

Eddie described Mina earlier as a “Smiling Beacon”

She was truly a Beacon of Light, and all who had the privilege of knowing her, were enriched.

She meant very much to very many, and her loss has caused a huge void in all of us.

Raj and Alan

Recent stories
Shared by Paula Kingsley on June 15, 2020
Dr.Mina Chung, I had moved away and came back to just hear of your passing. I couldnt hold my break down on the phone with the Secretary. Im so sorry my heart is at a huge loss right now. 
 Thank you for being the kind hearted Doctor and person you truly have been.  In 2004 We started our journey together having a wonderful patient amd Doctor relationship .  You saved me. When you sat in with us and gave us the sad news no cure blinding disease i was 29 years old . I was scared. You kept saying your sorry i felt in my heart you wished it could of been different news. You walked us through you helped us understand in words we understood without the long words doctor use (laughing) Oh sweet angel you loved us we felt it. I Loved you too. My heart. I cant stop crying. Im scared to trust another doctor but I know you would want me to continue to get my injections. I wont forget your soft voice your kind words your laugh and my family adored you as well. You had that about you to where people just want to hug you because you truly cared for us .  
 One day I went in and you were concerned I was having a heart attack.  I was. Because of you I am here. You saved me in more ways then one. My inspiration my heart my friend my doctor I will always keep the precious memories alive and hold you close to my heart forever. I will keep my promise .I will continue my treatments .Thank you for everything you have done for me. Im sure missing you it just wont be the same. May you rest in peace and rest easy knowing you made a difference and inspired many and are Loved by many. I Love you and will forever miss you! 
Love Always,
Paula Kingsley

April fools day

Shared by Callais Kudla on April 1, 2020
Today was one of your favorite "holidays."  This time last year you had an extensive plan for an epic april fools day!, carried out with extensive laughs by all!!!  Today, I sat and talked with several of your patients for the first time since your passing, and couldn't help but think of you. As I sat in one of your 'favorite' rooms, myself and another individual who has known you for years were speaking your praises and how we missed you and a few unexplained things occurred in that room.  The individual and myself  both had goosebumps and only thought... that was you! May you be at peace our beloved Mina!

You will be missed

Shared by Kurtis DeRoller on March 2, 2020
My condolences to Dr. Chungs family and friends as a patient i will miss her kindness and honesty as well as her determination to finally diagnose me after years of no one being able to figure out my condition. A great loss for everyone.  I will never feel the same comfort i felt knowing i was in her care. Because i know she really cared. ❤