Her Life

A beautiful person who died on a beautiful day

Mina Chung was with Eddie, their friend Johan, and spouse on a daylong guided mountain skiing tour in Italy.

The last mountain was a lot icier than anticipated.

Johan was first to ski and made it down unscathed.

Mina was next, and she slipped and fell at the top of the trail. 

The guide immediately jumped and tried to stop her but both fell down and slid down a 2000 foot mountain side.

They both sustained multitrauma injuries.  Mina’s injuries were overwhelming, and she was pronounced dead at the scene when the helicopter arrived. 

Eddie was trailing behind, and was able to avert going down the dangerous slope.

Mina's dad and Eddie’s brother are arriving on Feb 17. 

Her body has been released to family, they have had some good help from the officials there.

Final arrangements have not been made, and the site will be updated once that information is available.

The joke earlier in the day was:

It was a beautiful day and ....

"If I had to go, this would be the way"

Eddie described Mina earlier as a “Smiling Beacon”

She was truly a Beacon of Light, and all who had the privilege of knowing her, were enriched.

She meant very much to very many, and her loss has caused a huge void in all of us.

Raj and Alan