Her Life

Beloved Sister Mini Whetstone

Beloved sister.Mini Whetstone. born to parents Moses and Delores Whetstone on October 4th Cleveland Ohio...I remember when they brough Mini home from the beautiful and little with a strawberry birthmark on her leg. Oh how we loved this little baby.. her smile was big as her heart.Mini was a happy baby..even though she was very Ill Mini was a fighter. Mini was in ans out of the hospital throughout her llife.. she continue to fight with a heart of a Lion and the soul of a Lamb.  Mini was my parents soul pride and joy.They cherish her with all  their being. There was nothing that my parents would not do for her.Mini develop into a fine young Lady and graduate High school. and attended college.  What a beautiful child she had become inside and out..Even when life had its obstacles. Mini was able to over come them.Mini was gainfully employed. and had given birth to her daughter Jasmine. who was very close to her mother.Mini also had a longtime companion and her Lifetime partner Rico who love and cherish her.. there was nothing he would not do for  her   My sister Mini was tiny is size. but her life and heart was larger then a giant..My sister Earsler was also a big part of Mini Life who love and miss her dearly.There was nothing Earsler would not do for Mini if ask..Mini also had a brother Mosesjr. and myself Mozelle.. who love and miss my baby sister I Thank you my Lord and savior for allowing us to have your child my sister in our lives, for the time we had her.. Jesus I know our times is just visted on this earth and our home is with you. Our Dear Father in Heaven.. I give you the Glory, The Honor. and Praise.. For there is no greater Love then your...... In Loving Memory of my sister...Love Mozelle