Her Life

Miranda's life

  • Miranda was born an only child  but growing up she didn't seem to mind it .she always had family and friends .she had more love than I think any child could ever have.she was always a daddy's girl and when he passed,it really took a toll on her, but she knew she had to be there for me and she did her best to keep me going .I was so proud of her when she went to Pima Medical School to become  a MAA.she thought of her self for once.she was so happy.but later ,life was so  cruel to 2012,at the age of 32 she had her first heart attack then in Sept 2014, Nov.2014 she was diagnosed with epilepsy. But she kept going, then Jan 2018 ,2nd  heart attack 
  • with styent being inserted.on July 29 20 2019  her life was gone.She saved 4 people that day because Miranda Nicole Ervin was an organ doner.i am so very proud some one else got  a second chance  at life .Miranda still lives. I love you , nikki.