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A tear of sorrow, a smile of hope!

Shared by Adeline M on April 6, 2019

My dear Auntie Miranda, words cannot convey the deep sorrow your loss brings. As we struggle to comprehend, a ray of hope pierces through this darkeness, for we know you FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. And although with human eyes we may not perceive this, your victory in Christ was healing. Now you shall know no pain for He has made all things new again. As you rest in the peace of Christ, may your life's work and testament be a witness always to a Christ-like life. May you watch over Jojo, Marie, little Georgie and their dad. Heaven gained a saint! We will keep watch, emulate your good fruits and pray to rejoice with you in God's glory one day.

Shared by Evelyn Tanyimboh on April 1, 2019

Aunty Mimi

We shall miss you. Your laughter still rings in my ears.Our father in heaven shall take better care of you.


The Good die too soon.............

Shared by Jude Anoma on March 28, 2019

Tons of years ago, we met. Tons of years ago, we came to know you as a very special person. You were full of life and always smiling. You were always there for everybody. You hosted the prayer group for many years and your house was always open to everyone.

You were not an aunty to Simon and Mabel but their mother. You were not a friend to Christine but a sister. We lived it up close and saw you opening your heart to everybody. Your love for family showed in every aspect of your life. You always placed others before yourself and if anyone attempts to encapsulate the essence of your life, that person would fail because with you, it is indescribable. Some people are too good to live long and your life is an example which will be quite hard to equal. 

As you rest in the bosom of the God whom you loved so much, rest assured that your memory lives forever and that Uncle Ben your loving husband, and the kids, Jojo, Marie and George (including your mum, brothers and sisters) would always have the support of your friends who are actually your family. You are a shining pearl and we would miss you. 

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