Posted by Candice Wassill on April 7, 2019
Hey my girl,
I miss your smile, your enthusiasm and most of all your hugs! I was blessed to sit with you at lunch, 5 days a week for many years. We shared so many laughs and good times. I never, for one second, ever thought that you wouldn’t beat this. Looking back, I wish I saw the signs.  I miss knowing that you are there for me, I miss your words of wisdom, I miss your beautiful face. I love you my friend and promise that I will still be here if you ever call for me. I promise I will be listening❤️
Posted by Noreen Saunders on April 6, 2019
We said good bye to you today my lovely friend,my heart is breaking for your lovely children and Ben god has some other plans for you,sleep well Miranda until we meet again.x
Posted by Clovis Clovis on April 6, 2019
Our dearly beloved Miranda, your sudden departure from this life is extremely difficult to stomach. You’ve been such a breath of fresh air. You were a great friend and sister to us all and will be inherently missed. You were a strong and direct person,real, bold, driven, hardworking, fit, logical and exceedingly honest because
you cared about everyone’s well-being.

 I am full of regret because I should’ve honored your invitation for the last Cameroon Ottawa NJANGI to dance and celebrate vibrantly your life!When I met you at the hospital you were strong and I knew
you are a fighter and will fight with same fortitude and will overwhelm the odds! However, death is a necessary and inevitable end for us all! God knows why and we can’t question His supremacy. Death is not a defeat because Christ
conquered it. Living for Christ was the most beautiful part of your life and I trust
you are resting majestically
in the bosom of our Lord.

We will miss such a beautiful soul but we’re in peace because you are in a
much better place.

Our prayers and supplications to your children, husband, and the entire
family at such a difficult

Rest in the perfect peace of Christ my dear sister!

Clovis and family!
Posted by Matilda Cole on April 4, 2019
The Seasons of her life…
Miranda was a woman true to the meaning of her name – rare, remarkable, admirable and vivacious. To have known Miranda was to live the true meaning of I am my brother’s keeper. Auntie Mimi was a woman that was at peace with others, herself and her maker.
Auntie Mimi, you burst into Eli’s life and mine in 2011. I will forever be grateful for your trust and the privilege of being one of the organizers and MC for your baby shower to welcome Marie-Georgette and her first birthday thanksgiving. Because of you, Eli and I became acquainted with a wonderful community of people who appreciate culture by always having us as your guest during Njangi.
The truth is I will never be able to enjoy a glass
of Baileys without your presence.
Thank you for your smiles
Thank you for your support
Thank you for your love
Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for being YOU
Our memories of you will always shine through your kids. For as big a heart you embodied a bigger heart they have inherited.
Eli and I will always make sure we do our part.
Rest in Power.
Posted by Evon Wanishi on April 4, 2019
Dear Aunty Mimi (as we fondly called you),
It’s been two weeks and I am yet to come to terms with the fact that you are no more. How can you be no more? You who had the energy of ten people put together, you who always volunteered when something needed to be done. You were selfless to a fault and I always wondered how you managed to do all the things you took upon yourself? It's as if you knew you didn’t have a long time in this sinful world and you did everything you could to touch as many lives as possible during your short stay here on earth. Rest in peace sister and may God receive your beautiful soul in his heavenly kingdom.
Posted by Colett Asombang on April 2, 2019
My GHS Limbe Friend who later became my Sister......
"O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?.... 
We may have hundreds and millions of questions, but one thing we know is that God giveth and that same God taketh. It is hard to believe, it is hard to accept.... But I believe in God and I know it is His will and I have to accept it. Rest in Perfect Peace my dearest Mimi, MiranTabs. I wish I had the time to even say goodbye - hate to do it after the fact.... Really painful. Rest in peace until we meet again. Forever missed in deed - love always!!!!
Posted by Lily Mofor on April 1, 2019
Like the daughter of the True King, you served with joy, in humility and love.
Your helping heart and hands knew no boundaries; they only saw need and you selflessly provided.
Your light was bright and inviting, it gave hope and put big smiles on weary faces - no one we know can take your place.
Now that our King has called you home to rest, we say goodbye beloved sister and friend till we meet again at His feet.
We love and miss you Mimi.
Thank you.
Norbert and Lily.
Posted by Stargurl Anita on March 29, 2019
Tribute to my dear Aunty.
Aunty you were the pillar of the loved and took care of us your late brother's children. I remember when i was still in my mothers family Aunty you insisted that i must come to the Tabi's Family because I belong tookcare of me and made sure I was fine despite all a pitty your passing away was something I never imagine but God knows were fond of calling me your beautiful daughter and each time we talk on phone you
always end the call by saying"I love you my beautiful daughter" it's keeps ringing like a bell in my ears.God alone knows how he does his things and we don't need to question him.i am happy you left behind 3 kids and Marie been the girl directly behind me in the family I will love and treasure her very much .thank you for given me that privilege for me to be recognise and been a member of my father's family.i will love and miss you forever this moment I feel RIP should mean "Return Of possible" but it's the reverse.Rest In peace Aunty till the day we will meet to Part no more. May God favour you during Amagedom when he will come todestroy the wicked ones on you forever.
Your daughter and niece TABI ANITA
Posted by Commy Mani on March 29, 2019
It has been two weeks since you passed on to Glory but my heart still bleeds. Bleeding because of the selfless and sacrificial love you shared with me and my family. Knowing you has been a wonderful blessing that can never be forgotten. We were together last December and hugging each other while comforting a sister who lost her mum, I never knew that was my last hug with you dear my sister. May you continue to rest well in the bosom of our Lord still we meet to depart no more. Still loving you my dear sister.Continue to Keep that beautiful smile in the heavenly places. You were such an Angel to many and you will be greatly missed. I will be singing the song we sang together the last time we meet in remembrance of you.RIP my darling sis.
Commy Ngangum and family.
Posted by Yvonne Tambi Tanyi on March 29, 2019
And Mimi replied me " No worries we are family. I will never treat you differently. You are also my little sis like Eunice. I wish I had the means to do more. Stay well and safe".
Big Sis, And though you've walked through heaven's gate, we're never far apart.For every time I think of you, you are right here deep within my heart.Fare well Sis till we meet again.
Posted by Tabi Eunice on March 28, 2019
My love ,my life,my darling sweet Big sis, it's so hard for me to say good-bye,how can that be possible?,truly you were a blessing to us all..thank you for your love and care,you gave me a future and made me who I am today, my heart bleeds because no one can replace you in my heart..Rest on sweet you always
Posted by Axel Mfoulou on March 28, 2019
Le Seigneur t'a rappelé à lui,
Rien n'est plus fort que sa volonté.
Tu es partie, mais dans nos coeurs tu demeure.
Personne ne pourra combler ce vide que tu laisses....
Repose en paix grande soeur.
Posted by Victor Mulango on March 28, 2019
She was best friend to many of us and a real blessing to our lives. Her passing away leaves an emptiness so present that it could be physically felt. She was the Holy-Grail of friendship and my heart is so broken. Forever you will be badly missed Mimi but I thank you for all the love and wonderful memories… RIP MY BEST FRIEND, may you find favour Above.

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