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Mitch x

January 31, 2019

Mitchell you and I were best friends for so many years I remember you used to rub my head every time we got drunk together when I would pass out, we used to sing and dance to kerser blind as and even dedicated one of his songs to you!! I remember you and I skating corners & pumping tunes always saying barp barp barp!! You used to call me moondiiii. Lots changed over the years and I wish I had of been there more then I was and I am so sorry for not being by your side. I know you would be shining up in heaven... taleea loves you and Jordy still this day.... we love you Mitch... rest easy and keep looking down on the ones you love, I pray that everything becomes easier for the whole lot of them... always in my heart beautiful xxxx

January 31, 2019

I first started seeing Mitch when I was pregnant with my daughter Tenayah, he would rub my belly & talk to Tenayah he was such a soft, gentle & caring person who was always putting us first. We used to joke around & playfight & he loved playing tricks on me. My family loved having him around because he brightened up their day. He was also the best father figure to Tenayah & we miss him so much. Mitch it wasn’t meant to be this way :( We love n miss u heaps Tiff & TenayahXox

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