• 71 years old
  • Born on November 15, 1939 .
  • Passed away on September 15, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mahadev Kumbar, 71, born on November 15, 1939 and passed away on September 15, 2011. We will remember him forever.

"I have got my leave. Bid me farewell, my brothers! I bow to you all and take my departure.
  Here I give back the keys of my door---and I give up all claims to my house.
I only ask for last kind words from you. We were neighbors for long,
but I received more than I could give.  Now the day has dawned and the lamp that lit my dark corner is out.
  A summons has come and I am ready for my journey."

"At this time of my parting, wish me good luck, my friends! The sky is flushed with the dawn and my path lies beautiful.  Ask not what I have with me to take there. I start on my journey with empty hands and expectant heart.  I shall put on my wedding garland. Mine is not the red-brown dress of the traveller, and though there are dangers on the way I have no fear in mind.  The evening star will come out when my voyage is done and the plaintive notes of the twilight melodies be struck up from the King's gateway."

"When I go from hence let this be my parting word, that what I have seen is unsurpassable.  I have tasted of the hidden honey of this lotus that expands on the ocean of light, and thus am I blessed---let this be my parting word.  In this playhouse of infinite forms I have had my play and here have I caught sight of him that is formless. My whole body and my limbs have thrilled with his touch who is beyond touch; and if the end comes here, let it come---let this be my parting word."

--Gitanjali, R. Tagore

Posted by Monica Gonzalez on September 18, 2018
Dr. Kumbar left a mark on my soul that will forever be treasured. He changed my path at the age of 18 by encouraging me to push further...in all things that I needed to accomplish. Today at 47, I can still hear his gentle guidance. I was blessed to have met him.
Dr. Monica M. Gonzalez
Posted by Chris Argento on September 15, 2018
Forever remembered each day & missed. Thank you Marty for your spiritual examples to live in peace.
Posted by Ken O Neil on November 16, 2017
I will never forget Marty a great man and friend
Posted by Gene Decker on September 19, 2016
Marty will always be in our prayers. Ursula & I enjoyed his visits and will treasure his memory.
Posted by Mallesh Mariswamy on September 16, 2016
I just cannot believe it is 5 years since you left us. We really miss you very much. It really brings good memories whenever I see Mrs. Kumbar, Uday, sujatha, Kalpana and your grandkids. They have of a lot of you in them and they bring you back to life for us. Keep blessing us Dr. Kumbar.
Posted by ASHOK KUMBAR on September 16, 2016
It has been 5 years since you attained divinity of silence. Rest in peace. Hope you are watching at us.
Posted by Chris Argento on September 15, 2016
4Ever Remembered & missed.... In Peaceful rest.....till we meet again. Amen!
Posted by Rosy V Pynadath on November 16, 2014
You are one of the memorable people I have met. Your kind and supportive actions are never forgotten. Happy Birthday in eternity.
Posted by Mark Lipset on September 19, 2014
Marty was a good friend of mine on the AFA Executive Board; i still miss him; I've taken over his duties as Elections Chair, & my son now handles the website & computer problems. I recently lost my wife, so I know the loss you are going through; it taks a long time to heal. I have (and wish you) fond memories of Marty; he was a truly unselfish and generous man with his time and help. His spirit is still felt. May his soul be bound up in eternal life with the souls of all good people.
Posted by Chris Argento on September 16, 2014
Forever missed - thank you for living the example of kindness and love for all to follow.....
Posted by Jyoti Kumbar on July 6, 2014
"Love you Doddappa"
"You were the STAR and today also you are STAR"
"Heart can't beat without Oxygen, but we can't live without remembering you"
We know you are with us and blessing us.
Posted by Rosy V Pynadath on November 16, 2013
Always a in our memories and cherished as a worthy memory.
Posted by Ken O Neil on September 16, 2013
Always missed Marty, especially now with all the NCC business. Still remain one of the nicest men I have ever met. RIP. We know you are watching out for us.
Posted by Gene Decker on September 16, 2013
Marty will always be in our prayers. We of the AFA could always depend on his good advice, wise council and great skill delivered with his signature smile. RIP Marty. We miss you
Posted by Chris Argento on September 16, 2013
Rest in Peace Marty, pray for us, until we meet again.....
Remembered in my daily thoughts & prayers.
With Strength & Honor,
Posted by Mark Lipset on September 15, 2013
Every time I do work for the AFA I miss "Marty," as I have now inherited one of his positions, and my son is now the "I.T." person for the union. I still miss talking and working with him. My wife passed away a few weeks ago, so I understand what your family has gone through. "Marty's" spirit is still among us. Be with G-D, Mahadev.
Posted by Rosy V Pynadath on September 15, 2013
Little acts of kindness have mammoth impacts. Mahadev exemplified that. Then, he added big acts of kindness. Always in our memories!
Posted by Rosy V Pynadath on November 15, 2012
Mahadev always lives with us with all his remembered acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.
Posted by Pat Van Every on September 18, 2012
Aloha Mahadev, You are missed.
Posted by ASHOK KUMBAR on September 17, 2012
We are missing you lot....Your Care and your help will never be substituted..Stars are the luckier by the presence of you..May your soul rests in peace..Miss You grandpa..
Posted by Rosy V Pynadath on September 17, 2012
Mahadev is always etched in our minds as a true human being who is blessed with an altruism that is rarely found.
Posted by Chris Argento on September 16, 2012
Mehadev, (Marty) Celebrating your "First Birthday" in Heaven with all the Angels, Saints, my Family & Friends singing His praise. Amen!
"I will not be sad that you have gone, but thankful you were mine."   
                  Rest in Peace. With Strength & Honor, Chris
Posted by Gene Decker on September 15, 2012
Mahadev,(Marty), you are always a presence in our lives. We will never forget the genuine, honest, humble and most sincere man who always had a twinkle in his eyes. We miss you. Rest in peace.
Ursula & Gene
Posted by Shree Kumbar on September 14, 2012
Our dodappa was really a such person and he was cared us a lot and we never found difference between our dad and doddappa and only the thing we believe is that he will be with us always.Miss you doddappa
Posted by Pat Van Every on November 22, 2011
Mahadev was a very kind man. I was honored to have him on my Hawaii tour.
Posted by Gene Decker on November 15, 2011
Our prayers are with you and yours on your birth date and always.
Ursula & Gene
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on October 28, 2011
Dr. Kumbar was an excellent professor. Enthusiastic, helpful, patient, and a great intellect. We were lucky to have him as our professor.
Posted by Vaddana Maddaiah on October 24, 2011
"Mahadev is my friend for ever,sincere to the end bitterness never,family and friends he cherished,laughter and happiness plenty wherever he appeared,poorer we are by his absence,brighter are stars above by his presence"
Posted by Sulakshana Javali on October 1, 2011
"I am not able to express my loss in words.He was a GEM of persons .We will never forget Doddappa for he will always be there in our heart.And we will miss him forever "
Posted by Sangamesh Kumbar on September 30, 2011
Our hearts are broken with the passing of Dr. Kumbar. Our sincere condolences to Dr. Kumbar's family and pray for uncle’s sole to rest in peace. We feel lucky to have had the chance to know him. We all miss you uncle………. Sangamesh Kumbar and Family
Posted by Pooja Kunchur on September 29, 2011
"He had a nature you could not help loving,And a heart that was purer than gold,His memory will never grow cold.We are sad within our memory,Lonely are our hearts today,For the one we loved so dearly Has forever been called away".We miss u a lot doddappa.
Posted by Mimi Dutta on September 27, 2011
We feel lucky to have had the chance to know Dr. Kumbar, and to become a part of his wonderful family. He touched countless lives in myriad ways, and will be missed deeply -- but remembered always.
Posted by Pat Van Every on September 26, 2011
I was the Kumbar's and Angadi's tour guide in Hawaii. He was a very kind man. I'm so happy to of met him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted by Varghese Pynadath on September 25, 2011
Mahadev and I became close friends 45 years ago when we were living on the same block in Garden City, NY. Soon our personal friendship expanded to family friendship. No one can ask for a better friend. I will continue to cherish the fond memories of my friendship with Mahadev.
Posted by Basavaraj Hiremath on September 24, 2011
DR. Kumbar you asked me to call you as Mahadev before we can call you, you became MAHADEV. Your invaluable contributions to Veerashaivas, our family, friends and strangers are priceless. You will be missed and remembered for ever. SHIVA OM Basavaraj & Kalpana Hiremath
Posted by Berneti Gillard-Marshall on September 23, 2011
I have known Doctor Kumbar for many years since November 28, 1991, I called him "DOC" that is what we had called him here at the department of Information Management Systems/Program Evaluation Department at Pilgrim Psyciatric Center. I loved Doc, he will be missed.
Posted by Shanmukh Ghodageri on September 23, 2011
Posted by Thomas T Oommen on September 23, 2011
I was fortunate to know him for a number of years while I was in Pilgrim. Doc. Kumbar has been a good friend and a hardworking person.  He was a blessing to others.
We will miss him very much. With prayers
Posted by Appa Hungund on September 22, 2011
I have known Mahadev for almost four decades. I have nothing but praise for his leadership qualities, love for others and for his kindness. He was there whenever you needed him. We will all certainly miss his presence especially our youngsters. May god almighty bless his soul peace and happiness.
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on September 21, 2011
I feel very much sorrow in my heart,thinking about Dr. Kumbar.I can visualize his action and stressing the points in VSNA meetings. I can also picture his 
emotional feeling when he talks in Anubhava ghosti.
May his soul rest in peace with eternal power of Shiva.

H.S. Jayaswamy and Family
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on September 21, 2011
We are so very saddened by the passing of our beloved friend. He was truly a dear friend and a community leader with openness and fairness. We will all miss him so very much. We pray the almighty GOD to rest his soul in peace.
Vimala and Honnappa Siddalingaiah
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on September 21, 2011
He always had kind words for me and my family throughout the time that we knew him and he and my father had a good friendship with and a great respect for each other.
Kumar, Sheela & Marissa Rajasekhara
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on September 21, 2011
I had known him for last few years but had met him just at the Boston VSNA Convention. He was so nice and polite in our conversation. And now this. It is really sad. I would pray for the departed soul and our deep condolences to all of you. May his rest in peace. Vijay Aivalli
Posted by Sujata Kumbar on September 21, 2011
I feel very much sorrow in my heart, thinking about Dr. Kumbar. I can visualize his action and stressing the points in VSNA meetings. I can also picture his emotional feeling when he talks in Anubhava ghosti. May his soul rest in peace with eternal power of Shiva.H.S. Jayaswamy and Family
Posted by Chris Argento on September 20, 2011
Mahadev, a kind & peaceful gentleman; trustworthy friend; always there when needed....provided comforting words for me when personally (recently) needed......"Marty" will be missed..... remembered every day in thought and prayer. He rests in peace and prepares our way.
Posted by Mallesh Mariswamy on September 19, 2011
He brought with him a sense of duty whereever he went, a feeling of service whatever he did, a belonging to community in the community he created and an everlonging dedication to help people. Dr. Kumbar, as I love to call him, was an inspiration to me and I miss him very much.
Posted by Robert Anzalone on September 19, 2011
Marty was a genuine, sincere, honest man. My prayers are with all his family today. The death of a loved one regardless of age or illness is always accompanied by deep pain. I am proud to have called Marty my friend and
colleague. I and all the AFA will cherish his memory.
Posted by Julie Statler on September 19, 2011
It was an honor and a genuine please to work with Marty for the AFA. He was always smiling, friendly, and helpful and will be dearly missed. I wish him well on his new journey. May God bless you always, and also your family. You were deeply loved.
Posted by BASAVARAJ KUMBAR on September 18, 2011
It was with deep regret that the heart rendering news of the passing away of our beloved brother in law Dr.Mahadev.Kumbar.He was such a lovable person.He was not only person but he was a source of strength and inspiration to many.......
Posted by BASAVARAJ KUMBAR on September 18, 2011
.....In his death in the prime of life,God has snatched a bright jewel from our midst.May his soul rest in peace in heaven and guide us for years to come.             

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