Marissa, age 35, passed away on April 24, 2021 of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. She is survived by Kent Williams, grandfather, Tatia Williams, mother, and Amber Williams, sister. Birthplace: Brunswick, GA. Residence: Apopka, FL. Marissa graduated from Rollins College in 2007 with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She worked as the Natural Resources Officer for the City of Casselberry for 6 years. Prior to that Marissa worked as the Stormwater and Lakes Management Coordinator at the City of Maitland. She was the Project Director for Cambrian Foundation.

Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 and the ash scattering ceremony was held at Canaveral National Seashore on July 25th, 2021. For details email

The family is requesting that contributions be made in Marissa’s memory to: The Cambrian Foundation, where the contributions will be used to promote environmental education and outreach initiatives related to water conservation. The Cambrian Foundation was founded in 1994 and is dedicated to research, education, exploration, and preservation of the aquatic realm. The Foundation has a very active education outreach program and has three upcoming research expeditions planned. Contact info is provided below:
  • Checks can be mailed to: Jennifer Dillaman, President
    The Cambrian Foundation
    509 High Street
    Freeport, PA. 16229
  • Electronic contributions can be made via Venmo to Cambrian Foundation Past-President, Amy Giannotti:  @Amy-Giannotti
    The last 4 digits of her cell number are 4649. ***PLEASE DO NOT DONATE VIA PAYPAL LINK ON THE CAMBRIAN FOUNDATION WEBSITE AS IT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL and cannot be addressed until Jennifer returns from Socorro Island in several weeks.***

Posted by Tatia Williams on July 25, 2021
today waves too rough
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pictures to come from today
Posted by Cambrian Foundation on May 1, 2021
All of us at The Cambrian Foundation are deeply saddened to hear about Marissa’s sudden passing. Throughout her 17 years of service to the Foundation, Marissa was instrumental in coordinating research expedition logistics, actively supporting fundraising initiatives, and passionately leading our educational outreach program. Her exceptional teaching efforts are featured in Schoolyard Films’ film about the Floridan aquifer ( ). More importantly though, she was a dear friend, a mentor to many, and a valued member of our team - and was the 2007 recipient of the Cambrian Foundation’s Legare R. Hole, III, Memorial Scholarship ( We extend our deepest sympathies to Marissa’s family and friends, and we promise to honor her commitment to environmental education by continuing our outreach program in her memory. We love and miss you, Marissa, and we are thankful for all you brought to our lives. Fair winds and following seas until we meet again.
Posted by Glenn Allen on April 30, 2021
We are saddened at Schoolyard Films to learn of the sudden passing of Marissa Williams. She is seen in the busy background of several scenes in our Aquifer Film, “Clear water…”, and she led our student group through an important lesson in understanding where urban and agricultural stormwater run-off goes and of the direct impacts it has. She was an excellent environmental outreach educator through her work with the Cambrian Foundation (and Schoolyard) and was the Natural Resource Officer for the City of Casselberry, Florida. She is in the foreground of our thoughts today. Our film, and the actual Floridan Aquifer, (and the millions of people who depend on it for fresh water) are all better for having had her passionate interest in water issues and the environment. We will miss her very much. - Schoolyard Films
Posted by Tiffany Busby on April 30, 2021
Marissa was a wonderful, smart, passionate environmental steward and manager. When I met her, she was working for the City of Maitland and was part of the team of local entities working to restore water quality in Lake Jesup, and she continued this work at Casselberry. Marissa was also a regular participant at the Florida Stormwater Association conferences and a valued member of the stormwater profession. She was responsive, kind, and always had a smile to share. My condolences to her sister, family, friends, and colleagues. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Maryann Krisovitch on April 30, 2021
Marissa was a fun, energetic and loving person. She dedicated herself to the health and restoration of the environment and was a knowledgeable and sincere educator and friend. The Florida Lake Management Society will be naming its Young Professional Award in her honor. All of us in the FLMS family are heartbroken and she will be forever missed.
Posted by Ann Francis on April 30, 2021
We, here in the Rollins Department of Environmental Studies, are devastated by this loss of Marissa! Marissa was not only a student majoring in Environmental Studies, but was involved in all of our lives with her passion for the environment.  We were lucky over the years since she graduated to continue seeing Marissa......she would come back to Rollins often to talk to students, to classes, be a part of a job workshop, etc. 
Marissa was my work study for 3 years and a sustainability coordinator.....and I adored her!  We will all miss her heart is broken for her dear family and friends......and for all of us that had the privilege and 'luck' to know her and be a part of her life........

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Posted by Tatia Williams on July 25, 2021
today waves too rough
music we planned

pictures to come from today
Posted by Cambrian Foundation on May 1, 2021
All of us at The Cambrian Foundation are deeply saddened to hear about Marissa’s sudden passing. Throughout her 17 years of service to the Foundation, Marissa was instrumental in coordinating research expedition logistics, actively supporting fundraising initiatives, and passionately leading our educational outreach program. Her exceptional teaching efforts are featured in Schoolyard Films’ film about the Floridan aquifer ( ). More importantly though, she was a dear friend, a mentor to many, and a valued member of our team - and was the 2007 recipient of the Cambrian Foundation’s Legare R. Hole, III, Memorial Scholarship ( We extend our deepest sympathies to Marissa’s family and friends, and we promise to honor her commitment to environmental education by continuing our outreach program in her memory. We love and miss you, Marissa, and we are thankful for all you brought to our lives. Fair winds and following seas until we meet again.
her Life


Marissa was born in Brunswick, Georgia on October 17th, 1985, to mother Tatia Williams and grandparents Kent and Brenda Williams. Marissa grew up in Whitefish, Montana; Yuma, Arizona; Altoona, Pennsylvania, where her sister Amber Williams was born; and Summerville, South Carolina.

Personal Life

Marissa was an avid fan of watersports (including kayaking, boating, snorkeling, parasailing, and diving), being interested in these areas from a young age. She became SCUBA certified out of personal interest and used her airboating license while working for the City of Casselberry.

When she wasn't on the water, Marissa loved being in nature and often spent her free time at places like the beach and Wekiwa Springs State Park. Marissa also regularly went camping and attended local camping events and festivals.

Outside of exploring nature, Marissa loved passing time drinking craft beers with her friends. She and her best friend Jim drank every beer on the bar The Copper Rocket's beer list twice in order to obtain a personalized mug to use at the bar. She was always excited to try new craft beers when vacationing across the US and Central America.


One of Marissa's favorite hobbies was pinball, to the point that she had a flipper tattooed on her wrist! While playing pinball, she was graceful, fierce, competitive, and never without a smile on her face while playing! Marissa was a fierce competitor but she always said her goal was just to have fun playing, and it showed on her face. She brought joy to everyone she played with. She would usually beat you, but she would do it with a smile on her face and encouraging words for those playing with her. If you let her know you were winning, you usually wouldn’t be winning much longer! She had this amazing ability to turn it up at any moment and turn a bad game into a high score.

Marissa played pinball all over Florida, going as far as to rented machines to play in her house during the pandemic. If there was pinball, she wanted to play there! From I-Pinball to the Artcade, the Replay Museum to Hourglass Brewing, bar and hotel pinball hoping, District, and especially The Pinball Lounge!

At The Pinball Lounge, she played in the doubles pinball league, 10x10 Tournaments, and helped run ladies’ events. Over the years, Marissa had played in league with three partners: Joe, Jim, and Kyndal. The new league season just recently started and Marissa and Kyndal's team were tied for second place after the first week! The rest of the season will be very hard but will be dedicated to “Playing for Marissa.” She is very missed at pinball league.

Marissa was a member of Belles and Chimes Florida, a pinball group for female pinball players. She was a proud member of this group and loved when female pinball players came together. To continue to bring more ladies together, she and Kyndal created the Ladies of the Lounge group with the owners of the Pinball Lounge. Together they organized events like a Galentine’s Day Event and Ladies Tournament, where Marissa was a rock star decorating the lounge, being a welcoming host to all, and even placing second in the tournament. She helped inspire many women to want to compete in more tournaments and be more active in the pinball community. The next event, Lei Day Ladies Tournament and All you Can Play, was set for Saturday, May 1st, 2021. She was very excited about this event and loved that it was a tropical beach theme, as the beach was her favorite place. This event will continue as planned but now be held in her honor as a celebration of her life and her lasting impact on the pinball community!  

Here are Marissa's pinball highlights:

  • Belles and Chimes Tournament- 1st Place
  • Ladies of the Lounge Galentine’s Day Tournament- 2nd Place
  • Pinball Lounge Bonanza- 2nd Place
  • Tournament Fridays at District- 4th Place
  • Pinball Lounge 10x10 Tournament- Highest score on "Loop the Loop"
  • Pinball League: Marissa’s Perfect Night- She scored all points she possibly could and had the highest score on every machine played! She then followed that up after league play by putting up a grand champion score on Iron Maiden.
Pinball Ranking:
  • World- 5,325
  • IFPA- 62,338
Marissa's Favorite Pinball Machines, all of which are ironically Williams machines:
  • The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot
  • Jack-Bot
  • White Water
  • Fish Tales


Recent stories

I Loved Marissa more than my life.

Shared by Kent Williams on June 16, 2021
The following is a letter I sent to Marissa several years ago, entitled. “I Remember”
 When your mom was about six months pregnant I anointed her stomach with oil (Olive oil, frankincense and Mir) and dedicated you to THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Your mom’s delivery was 52 hours long and during that time Tanja (who was then walking with the Lord) called the CBN prayer line to have them pray for you and your mom.  The prayer counselor tried to pray over and over and then said, “Satan really wants that baby dead.” She finally got though and I remember hearing your first cry through the wall about 11PM that night.

We came back to the hospital at about 6AM and your doctor met me and said that you had about a 15% chance of surviving!  You seemed to have a massive infection and he was about to do a spinal tap. After he left I looked up to heaven and said, “Lord You Promised.” It seemED to echo for a thousand miles and I immediately knew that I should open my bible to find the answer. I opened it to Acts and everything was blurry except Acts 27:22. (Paul told the crew of the ship that was in big trouble, “Do not fear, there will be no loss of life among you.”)

I went down to the room where your mom and Gran were waiting for you.  It was a “Rooming In” room where the baby is almost immediately brought to the mother. It looks like a bed room, not a hospital room.  Your mom and Gran were crying, because the doctor had just told what he had told me.  I explained that The Lord had given me a verse for you and I read it to them.  They kept saying, “Read it again.”

The next day you had a 65% chance and the third day you were normal.  I scrubbed up, put on a gown and gloves and went in to see you.  They had you hooked up with all kinds of wires and such.  I spoke to you, but like all babies you just looked around kinda unfocused.

The next day they let your mom (in a wheel chair) and Gran come in. Since only two were allowed in at a time I was in the nurses station to your left rear.  They were talking to you and tickling your feet. Then, somehow, you turned you head, and looking over your left shoulder locked eyes with me.  There was suddenly blue-white lightning flashing between our eyes.  It was an incredible love flashing back and forth and I immediately started crying for I loved you more than my life.  Gran and I went home and I went into Tanja’s old bedroom and wept for three hours.

We went back at four and again they went into see you and I was in the nurses station.  Against all odds, you did it again only this second time it was stronger and I fell to my knees.  The nurses came running over, thinking something was wrong with me. They asked, “What happened?”  All I could say with tears was, “She looked at me.”

Fast forward when you and I were home alone.  I had brought a video camera with me from work and gave you a Oreo Cookie.  As I was video taping I was laughing so much that it was hard to keep it steady. You would take a bite and then drop it on the carpet. You would then pick it up and take another bite. By that time there was chocolate all over you mouth and hands.  It was classic!!

Fast forward again and you and I we’re again home alone and someone knocked on the front door. I carefully put you on the couch with your head against the back rest on your tummy and with your left shoulder against the arm rest. I knew that you’d be safe since you couldn’t roll over by yourself, yet when I was about 1/2 way to the front door I looked back to check on you. You were sitting with you feet towards the back rest on the couch and your rump on the edge of the seat cushion!!  Then you started to fall backwards and as I tried with everything in me to get back to you I could see that your neck was going to hit the sharp edge of the cedar chest.  It was like a slow motion night mare, but when your neck was about 3-4” from that sharp edge you body stopped in space and then an invisible hand put you back where I had left you!  Thank You Lord! BTW - there was no one at the door.

SThe following Sunday you were lying between you mother and Gran when suddenly you shot across Gran and hit your head on the floor. You hit hard enough that the back of your head touched your spine. Then you kinda looked around in wonder.  Your mom was screaming and crying and then when you heard her you started crying as well.  Later when I was at Intercessory prayer before church it hit me and I started weeping.  How close that had been!

Fast forward when we were driving across Texas and I remember you telling your mon, “Boobi, Boobi.” (That will be important later.)

Fast forward to when we were staying at an “A” frame 1/2 way up to the ski lodge.  We were sitting around the table and you were sitting on the bottom step of the stairs looking at a large kids Bible Story book.  You could say a few words and for some reason could spot deer in the forest as we drove up or down the mountain. You’d suddenly start exclaiming, “DEER, DEER!” Anyway, we were talking about something when this loud voice, with a slight accent said, “I Love You God, I Love You God!” We were stunned to say the least.

About a week or so later we we again at the table talking (worrying) about the fact that the per diem was late and the folks who handled the rental wanted money.  Unnoticed you had been listening and had walked over to the other side of the table.  You were visible only from your eyes up and again with the loud, clear voice said, “We have abundance, we have abundance.” You then walked off while we sat in stunned silence.

Another time we were driving up to the ski lodge area where we were renting.  Gran kept saying, “I want to see a bear.”  Well, as we turned on to our street there was a black bear walking toward us, just kind of swinging his head from side to side.  I said, “Well, there’s your bear and Gran started yelling for me to stop the car, because I as driving toward him. I didn’t stop, but the bear decided to make a left turn and go down the mountain. There was fresh bear “skat” in our back yard almost every morning.

Then there was,”The Moose.” Remember him with big antlers stripping leaves off the trees? He would just clamp down on a limb near the trunk of the tree and then just turn that big head and strip off the leaves.

I really wish I had spent more time looking out of the windows of that third story condo. It was so beautiful.  I put up a humming bird feeder on the porch, but didn’t think there would be any birds there.  Boy were we wrong! They would come in fast and sound like big bumble bees. Also, the condo owner put some wire fencing around the porch because you were small enough to slip through the vertical slats.

Later we moved to a rental at the base of the mountain and had settled in.  I was at work and  you were watching a Christian program on the TV in the living room. Gran was in the bedroom and you came down the hallway, again with that loud authoritative voice, and said, “God loves all the  little children, and I am a Christian!”

Just about every day I would push you in a yellow plastic swing on the back porch, and then later I hooked it up to a 2 x 4 between two trees which was a lot higher which made the swing ropes quite a bit longer and would swing you there. Winter came with Montana snow and since you were still small I broke trail for you around the house. (That’s where that photo was taken with you and I in the snow.)

In January the Border Patrol sent me on a 35 day detail to south Texas.  I really didn’t want to leave your but I had to go.  When I left, unknown to me, when you said to your mother, “Boobi.” She said, I’m sorry, daddy took Boobi with him.” (what?)

When I came back y’all met me at the airport and it was as if you weren’t sure it was me. (I didn’t know about being the Boobi thief.) It didn’t take you long and I was carrying you a lot with your head on my shoulder and arms around my neck. (Side note: One Sunday at church a little girl held up her arms to me and I picked her up and she did the same thing.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I had forgotten just how incredible that was and how much I missed it.).    I would also put on praise music in the den and would dance to the music while holding you.  One day Gran said, “You need to put that baby down or she’ll forget how to walk.”  :)

One day when I came home from the office Gran told me about something strange (in a good way) that had happened.  You came up to Gran and said, “Call your mommy, I need to talk to her!” You were quite emphatic about it so Gran called, but her mother wasn’t there at the time. A young lady was staying with her and was the one who answered the phone. Gran told you and then you said, “Let me talk to her.” So, Gran gave you the phone and you gave what could only be called a “Prophetic Word” which included telling her that she had to stop doing what she was doing. (again with that authoritative voice) Then after finishing you handed the phone back to Gran and walked away.

Come spring and summer I remembered a spot that I thought you would like and drove there with you.  We called it, “The Beaver Damn.” There we would throw rocks in the water for an hour at a time. I remembered you giggling a lot when your rock would make a splash. As the spring progressed we started to pick flowers and dropped them off the bridge and we would try to figure out how long it would take for the flowers to reach Whitefish 7 miles away. (Side note: I remember looking north up the valley between the mountains different times and feeling a kind of “drawing” or a “pull” as though The Lord was watching us from the North.  I would feel that also in other places back in the wilderness; always the North.).

One time we (The family) rode the ski lift up the mountain during summer. It was quite a view and there Ptarmigen waking around up there at 7,000 feet.  We also took several trips over into Glacier National Park, first after Spring thaw where there were millions of gallons roaring down the river through the rocks beside the road.  Another time we went up after the pass opened at ~12,000 feet and drove across the Continental Divide down to the other side. (I made the mistake of eating a “Buffalo Burger” over there, but that’s a different story.)

That’s where the pictures were taken with you in a tree.  I used to put you on the tank of my motor cycle and drive around the neighborhood.  Some times I’d let you operate the throttle and we could get up to 50 MPH on one street.That all came to an end when I crashed.    :(

One thing we used to do in Yuma is wrestle or you would ride me like a horse and I would try to throw you off,  Also, I would grab you by the wrists and swing you in a circle faster and faster,  Sadly that pretty much stopped when Jake showed up, because every time we would wrestle,q Gran would want Jake to participate and somehow you would always got hurt.   :(

I remember you sitting on my lap steering the Ford Station wagon in the coliseum parking lot.  That was fun.

One morning you were watching television and there was very loud bang!  You called to me and said, “What was that? The cat is running around all over the place!”  I told you to let him out and you did.  He was last seen jumping over the back fence.

Several weeks later when I had come in after Mid shift and was putting my stuff away the cat came over to me.  I drew my .357 and pointed a him to see what he would do.  He just sat there. Hmm... so I let him smell the barrel and he took off like a shot! (Pun intended). ;)

I remember you wanting t shoot a .357 Magnum.  We went to the “Indian Range” and I loaded my service revolver with 6 rounds.  I cocked the hammer and you pressed the trigger.  After the smoke and recoil you just handed it back to me. I guess that one shot was enough.

I used to come to your school at noon some days.  You had a “Little Mermaid” lunch box.  Then after eating I would push you in the swing.  The other kids always said, “Push me, push me.”

Gran and I used you take over to the city pool and you were taught how to swim.  They called it, “Drown Proofing.”  That’s when I decided to write “Border Gold,” in which you play a prominent role.

After a while you began to sleep between Gran and I.  I was concerned that we would roll over and “squish” you.  You were a “heat seeker” and instead of being in the middle you would always cuddle up to one of us.

Our Ford wagon’s brain fried in Yuma.  So, you and I went looking for a family car.  We tried many, but after trying a couple at the used car lot at Ford and being warned by an honest salesman about some others, we tried a new Festiva that he suggested.  The demo car was OK, so we spoke with new car sales and they said that they had a white one that would be just right for us.  Well, it was better than the demo and we drove it home.

When our Festiva was being serviced they lent me a 4 wheel drive Ford Pickup truck.  I picked you up and we went “Dune(ing)” near the Border Patrol Station. You really enjoyed that.

After recovering from my motorcycle crash and going back on duty I was detailed to DC to go before an oral board for a position at the NFU.  Really, I wanted to retire out of Yuma, take my leave money and head to somewhere near CBN, but Tatia and Gran were VERY much against that, and my retirement monthly income after being a GS-14 at the NFU would be the same as I was receiving at Yuma as a 1st. Line supervisor.

You and I went car hunting again and found a stick shift red Festiva, one that had no A/C. They really wanted to get rid of it, so the price was great.

We told Tanja that we were moving. We figured that she was doing OK there and that since she had said that she wanted to stay earlier we were surprised when she said that, “She would have to follow us!(?). So Da-Da rented a truck and we went over to give her a hand along with a friend off the family. (From this point on, until we get to Altoona I am going to skip the details for a number of reasons, suffice to say, it was a rough trip.)

Altoona, PA.
We ended up buying the White House on the hill and settled in. I remember being there one night while y’all were still at the motel.  I was at the dining room table when I heard what sounded like a woman screaming and running through the woods.  I called 911 and they came out and searched, but to no avail.

Then it happened again about midnight and y’all heard it as well.  Spooky.  One night when it happened again I shined my flashlight in the direction of the sound and I could see two eyes light up at the bottom of our driveway. Hmm.....

The last time it happened it sounded close and on the hill north of us.  This time when I lit it up I could see that it was a Red Fox. (Turns out the females will do that when looking for a mate.)

I remember you and I driving to the top of the mountain (2nd highest in PA) where there was a ski lodge and watching deer feed in the grass and later we would fly a kite while sitting in the back of the car.  We always stopped for Ice Cream on the way home.  I can’t remember what we liked best, but it as always good.  (Or, did we stop on the way up?)

I remember Sunday afternoon rides though “Sinking Valley” where the Amish live and one time when we were doing the hand out the window air plane thing and a car passed us, with two guys kidna making fun of us, but the then they did it too.  :)

I remember going to dog training every Wednesday night and then to competition where Freckles became a “Companion Dog.”  I remember playing ball with him.  I’d sit on the top step and you would be over by the couch and we would throw a tennis ball back and forth.  He would try to catch it and we would (on purpose) let him get it some times.   :)

I remember the first snow and how Freckles couldn’t figure out what it was.  It was deep enough the he had to push it with his chest and then there would be small snow slides down the hill and he would chase the little snow balls.

I remember when I had a laser in my service Pistol and we were on the front porch driving the neighbors cat crazy chasing the little red dot.  :)

I remember shooting arrows with you and using you as my “pretty model” for a number of articles in “Traditional Archer.”

I remember you cooking me a great big meal to eat at midnight on the fifth day of a fast. (I never told you, but when breaking a fast one is supposed to eat a small meal.  :)

Remember; Never darker than the darkest dark nor lighter than the lightest light, but always tonally correct.”

I remember the 3D Archery match up on the mountain.  It was really good!  But even though I was much younger than now I recall that we had to take a break in the middle. (Should have brought water with us.). I remember one shot near the end where, if someone missed the arrow would sail off the side of the mountain.  We passed on that one.  Also, remember the Elke 3D target across the big pond. $1.00 to shoot, but....if one misses there goes a cherished arrow. (They even had a boat to fish out arrows that landed short in the pond.)

I remember the ride to TACF (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) where I missed the turn and we ended up on an 8 lane highway in the dark with a guard rail dividing the 8 lanes down the middle.  We had no idea where to go, but we prayed and took an exit, then turned left and drove a ways and there was our Hotel!!

I couldn’t believe the “All You Could EAT” buffet with Filet Mignon stacked in a pyramid!  Remember how we would take the glass elevator that went up to the Suites on the top floor and then ride back down the regular elevator to our room?  That was amazing at night when we went through the roof of the restaurant and there were the lights of Toronto!

I remember the heated pool with the island and the rubber curtain that allowed us to swim outside where it was about 32 degrees!!

Then I remember our last night there.  I had been “catching” for Edna, a lady from England, and I saw you walking over for prayer.  Then Edna said, Well,I don’t see anyone else to pray for.”  I could see many, but I said, “My grand daughter just walked over to the prayer line a minute or two ago.”Edna said, “Let’s go find her.”  We did and as I was standing behind you I had a very distinct impression that The Lord stilled all heaven and said, “WATCH THIS.”
The way home was uneventful except for having to dodge deer.  I thought for sure that that BIg buck was going come right through the window.

I can’t recall how we got started with the Praise Ribbons, but I used to go down to the church several nights a week to put praise and worship music on. (I even danced, if you can believe that.)

I remember the Christmas program where you and your friend danced with your ribbons and I stood in the center.  Someone asked me why I didn’t face the audience (congregation) and I told them that we were praising The Lord, not entertaining. (I did it in a diplomatic way.) Many years later I was at church and remembered those evenings, The Lord said, “Purity of Motive.”

Ha - I remember when I was burning up those tree worm nests.  It worked great, but when I threw the pole (with the burning cloth) down the hill, it hit the cloths line and then bounced up on the roof right above gran’s window.  OOOPS!  I got it down, but can’t remember how.

I kept live trapping mice and then relocating them up in the upper building.  I’d leave a bunch of food for them.  One morning after I had relocated one I walked around back and there were these tiny tracks in the snow coming down from the upper shed across the yard, then up outside light conduit and then across the roof.  No clue if he/she got back in or not.

I opened the chimney lever down stairs and found out immediately that bats lived there, cuz one flew into the down stairs room and then in circles. I remembered that they echo locate and can “see” for a long ways.  I ran to the outside door of my room downstairs and opened the door.  In a few seconds it recognized the way of escape and flew away.  There was also one on the wall in the kitchen and I did the same thing with the sliding back door and porch doors. (I think)

OTW South Carolina
Well, we loaded up in our new (used) Nilsson van.  It was a good trip.  I know that we had Freckles, but I can’t remember him in the car.  I remember us staying on the Eastern Shore an extra day due to us sleeping in.  :)  I remember you swimming in the Chesapeake and stepping on something that moved!  I really thought that the ocean side would be better, but no way Jose, just salt swamp and biting flies. They were even trying to bite through the windshield!!

The Chesapeake bridge Tunnel was interesting. And then I remember that they played that song, “Give it up,” when we were on the bridge from the mainland to the Outer Banks.  I remember Ocracoke and the ferry and then arriving at La Quinta here after dark.  I took Freckles out in the morning , at noon and then later unless you did.  The maids were terrified of Freckles.

We couldn’t find a place to lease and a notice in the on line newspaper that they 2,3,and 4 bedrooms for rental When arrived there it was a trailer sales and the sign said, “Zero Down and Move in in a Week.” 

They had this home sill in halves in the parking lot and I boosted you up to get inside.  You said that it had to have a fire place, an ice maker and a Big tub.  I could hear inside as you found each. We signed a few hours before the deal cut off and you got to choose the furniture.  They didn’t allow enough $$ so we went back and they gave us more.\ As you remember, it was not a week to move in, but a month.  We looked at a bunch of trailer parks and I was feeling like I was not in the will of The Lord until we drove into this park and the sign said, “Welcome Home” and I wept, because the love of The Lord swept over me.  We were home.

I sadly remember leaving you to do “Night Exercises”and would, from time to time talk to you on the phone.  I am so sorry about how you felt.  I didn’t really realize until later when we talked how much it was hard on you. Had I known more (about the job) I would have taken you with me. Actually, they were not to assign us to more than 8 hours / day, but we didn’t know it and often worked 18 hours in a day.

I remember when we were guiding your mom and Gran into our trailer park and took them through another one.  :)  After Gran walked into this home she said, “This is the most beautiful home I have ever lived in.”

I remember that you used to like to go ice skating.  I tried it once and even though, as a teenager, I skated a lot during the winter I just couldn’t hack it here.

I remember attending “Friday Night Crazies” with you and at first it was in the Gymatorium and one night when we had brought Crystal you were to my right in the prayer line and she was to your right.  You told me later that you thought that you were ”immune” like me, but this time you were praying for Crystal and when Pastor Woody and his wife prayed for you, you hit the deck and started laughing.  This went on until they were closing up the building and a gentleman (name unknown) helped me carry you to our van. You continued laughing as we drove home and at one point I asked you if you thought that God was real.  You responded, “Yes Duh!”  When we arrived home I had to help you get up the front steps and when we got into the kitchen you collapsed on the floor laughing and said, “Just leave me here.”  Then Freckles, being concerned about you came over and started licking our face. So, you relented and I poured you into your bed, clothes and all, at about 3AM.  Even then you had your hand over your mouth so you wouldn’t wake up your mom due to your laughing.  :)

After that night they moved into the chapel in the back for Friday nights and we used our praise ribbons during praise and worship.  Every night you would end up the floor laughing and I would just sit beside you and rest my hand on you and pray.

One night Pastor Woody asked you and Crystal to pray for a lady with a neck problem.  Crystal lasted about 5 minutes, but you stayed with the lady.  Then you started laughing and then she (the lady) started laughing as well and you both ended up on the deck.

After a while ~ 20-30 minutes she got back up healed!  You, however, were on the floor for way longer and after a long time I became a little concerned.  Then a black lady whom I had never seen before, said, “It’s OK, she is with the Lord.”  I looked back at you and then turned my head back towards her and she was gone!  There was no way that she could have crossed from where we were to the door that fast even if she ran.  Hmmm... Our first Angel.

I remember when you and I were attending Pastor Woody’s “Healing” course on Wed. Nights.  He had you demonstrate healing one night and then on the way home I heard “deep sobbing” from your side of the van. It broke my heart!  I asked you what was wrong and at first you couldn’t answer because of the depth of the sorrow.  After a while you were able to tell me that you thought that Pastor Woody didn’t want you to pray for people to be healed.  That was the longest ride home we ever had and I was praying the somehow we would be able to get Pastor Woody on the phone.  Thank The Lord we did.  Until that night I didn’t know just how deep the desire was for you to pray for people to be healed really was.

I remember many times when we would go out in the van on Sunday afternoon and just pick a direction and the drive with praise and worship music playing.  Then, when it was time to head home we had to figure out where we were. (No iPhones back then.)

One night at “Friday Night Crazies” when Pastor Woody’s daughter ad her friend came out at 10PM after watching kids in the nursery. He prayed for them and , as usual, they hit the deck.  They were out quite a while and were making motions like walking, eating, etc.  When they sat up, the one girl said that she had been in heaven with with Jesus for 5 years and talked about what it as like.  Pastor Woody’s daughter went back to her mother and was crying.  (BTW - you were on the floor near the front.)

Suddenly Pastor Woody’d daughter exclaimed, “I see angles!!”  Then the other girl saw them too and they started comparing notes on how they looked.  They were up near the ceiling as I recall and then Pastor Woody’s daughter said, “I am supposed to lay hands on anyone the angel does and pray for them.  If anyone wants prayer, just sit down. Then I noticed that Pastor Woody’s 11 year old “Barbie playing” curly haired girl had tremendous authority.  I could feel it and her countenance changed. (Note: The entire time Pastor Woody and the guy who played the guitar were engaged in a conversation in the left front row and unaware of what was transpiring.)

So, a bunch of us sat down and waited. (You were still out on the floor.) She went from person to person and each one she touched would just lay over on the chairs.  One lady (the one you prayed for) decided to head for the ladies restroom. Pastor Woody’s daughter wasn’t walking normally, just kind of slow (Kind of a stagger actually) and she started for the lady who was going to the ladies room we all watched to see (Those of us who could) if she would catch her before she made it out of the auditorium. Just as the lady grasped the door handle she caught up with her and touched her and the lady disappeared from sight under the communion table.  :)

She stopped behind me again and said that the Angel said I was going to be healed by The Lord, but he didn’t know when. (My tendon)  About that Time you had crawled back to your seat, totally unaware of what was happening.  Pastor Woody’s daughter came up behind you and touched you on the shoulder.  You went airborne (kinda like a frog :) and hit the deck. “Bam”

The she went over to the stage, picked up a cover and placed it over you.  That was something. Something about the covering...  Then she started walking around the periphery of the chapel.  I counted 7 times that she did this and then she collapsed on the floor near the front.

It was cold outside and when she , her mom and dad were leaving she just picked up her coat, but didn’t put it on.  I stopped her and helped her on with the coat.  I felt as though I was putting a robe on a queen, really. I asked about the 7 times around the sanctuary and she replied, “The Angle said that if i did that, that The Lord would come in such power that no one would be ale to stand.”

On the way home I told you about what had transpired and we agreed that we would attend that next Sunday.  On Sunday she was standing against the right wall with that look of incredible authority and I asked if she could see the angels.  She affirmed that she could so I thought, ‘OK, this is what was promised, but it was not to be!  :(  The following Sunday we went to Northwood and that’s when The Lord Showed up as He had promised.  Well, I guess it was meant to be.

Later, when you were visiting Julian you “chanced” to stop at Rollins and called me from “The Bench” in tears.  I then knew that you knew that you were supposed to attend there.  Later at home we prayed together and you were able to let go and trust The Lord.  In ~ 2 weeks you heard that you had been accepted!  PTL!

Fast forward to when you were visiting here and had Jim’s training guitar.  You said that you had learned a little song.  If you remember, when you played it I was hit with “waves” of travail Intercession.  That meant to me that you were to have a ministry of praise and worship as well as healing.

Well, satan has tried to kill you a number of times without success. He has now switched tactics to “derail” your destiny.  I trust the Lord as the Bible say that “His callings are without repentance,” meaning that His calling for you and I are always and Amen. I further trust The Lord that one glorious day you will come back to your first love, Jesus.   :)

I love you Marissa , more than my life,