Mummy 1
Modupe Margaret Bamidele
  • 67 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 19, 1950
  • Date of passing: Jul 15, 2017
Let the memory of Modupe be with us forever

With all gratitude to God for a life well lived in love and light. Mrs Modupe Margaret Bamidele, we love you and could have asked for 30 more years of your glowing, energetic, vibrant lifestyle. But heaven this day asked for another angel. 
Omo oloni a saare bu mu. Sun re O!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Susan Tayo on 13th September 2017

"I called you mummy ; much younger in age than my biological mum but in all other ways you more than 'matched' it. Just a couple of years you made your entrance into my life but you surely left your mark! Been thinking of you and going through the 'Celebration of Life' program again today, I once again became teary.

However like I said to Bunmi ,your split image daughter, you must have created a stir in heaven already making them smile so much and taken up the role of 'mother caretaker already!; such that should you be allowed to return ,not you or even the angels would allow/agree.

Bunmi is a beloved friend and sister through whom I met you. I guess your motherly instinct picked that and you immediately embraced me like one of yours. One time you came to Lagos , you brought so much iru (locust bean) for me that lasted a year! Infact I took some of it on my trip to U.S to give to friends and family and they started asking how they could get more :-)

I remember when I told you I was traveling, you kept asking how long I will be gone for....when you insisted I said 1month. You shouted and said "Ahh! won ki fi oko le pe beyen o! ( meaning: Ah! you should not leave your husband alone for so long!) You insisted if he could not go with me, then I could only stay 1week! I did stay longer but felt so loved you cared so much even for him. (....teary) Same way you cared for your husband and all around you so much.

We 'gisted' about nothing and everything. So I don't 'waste' money, you even directed me to your salon, followed up weekly on whether I  had gone and gave me on-line, real time description as I drove down finally. Of course it was very affordable, Mama Queen talked of you fondly, and sure I went back again and again.

We talked about children and parenting blessings and challenges. I remember the day you had to use my restroom which my youngest child/son (a teenager) had left in a poor state ; he never heard the last of it! Each time you asked after him, you added "I hope he keeps the restroom clean now" :-). He got life lectures from you I'm sure he won't forget. By the way , he was also sad to hear of your joining the saints so early.

You called me 'Mama Tolu' , Toluwalope been the first you met in my family ; my second daughter who loves and respects Bunmi so much - actually her mentor. Also so sad you left already and says to tell you 'adieu'. Bunmi has been a real blessing to her, me and our entire family.

I am a writer so if I were allowed, I would go on and on but alas the length will scare people from venturing to read it at all......that I don't want. I'm glad your funeral ceremony and all done before and after it, including this website is/has been so beautiful. You deserve nothing less.

Mummy, you were so loving, kind and radiated joy wherever you were. You came, you saw, you touched so many lives and lived to the full albeit short. Rather than cry, we will try to smile as we remember you ; that's what you would want us to do.

Keep enjoying heaven until our times are up or the trumpet sounds as the Lord tarries.....then we will see again."

This tribute was added by Olu Osundiya on 5th September 2017

"The knowledge of your sudden departure brings pain, but comfort comes from the word of God and the memory of a life well spent in passionate dedication to positively impact your nuclear & extended family (all of us) so much that you successfully coloured the life & speech of everyone that knew you even now while you are gone.
Ever then so gentle, amiable and soft spoken rest well in Jesus bosom."

This tribute was added by Olushola Abiola on 14th August 2017

"July 15th will be a day I will never forget. Mummy left this world and her memory still be remembered. You are a good mother.for many years I was with you in Enugu Efon  Ibadan and always there for me with your counsel and advised. How will I forget all your good works.I still remembered your world ..Saraki Eda when are you bringing your wife Shade and my respond was very will said iwo omo yi.i missed u and Shade missed you also.Rest in peace mummy."

This tribute was added by Olushola Abiola on 13th August 2017

"I was sad the day I heard you died. It was like a dream, bad one,to me cos I will not see you again. I still remember those beautiful days I was with you. You were such a wonderful mother. I remember the name you call me  SARAKI EDA.  I appreciate your advice and counsel anytime i'm with you. Though you have gone to a better place, your memory lives forever in my heart. Rest in peace mummy, I know you are in a better place...Olushola ( SARAKI Eda)..."

This tribute was added by Lanre Shadiya on 13th August 2017

It was a shock when the news broke and although it took a while to absorb it, it will definitely take a longer time to accept it. In all, you have lived a selfless, caring and TRULY MOTHERLY life.

In the two decade that I've known you, you shone the light of love and affection to all that find themselves around you. From Ado-Ekiti to Owerri, Ibadan to Lagos and beyond, you made yourself a mum not only to your biological children and families but to a vast number of us.

I have gone through our chats on BBM over and over again and cannot but thank God for giving myself and my family the opportunity to know you. As I said to your daughter - my friend and sister, Olubunmi, you're about the only person outside of my family and closest friends who knows every member of my family by name and ask after them at every opportunity.

Mummy, you will be missed. Sleep on for now for we will be united beyond this world."

This tribute was added by P J on 12th August 2017

"My sincere condolences to the family.   Your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4.  May you find comfort from the God of all comfort."

This tribute was added by Babatunde Oyeniyan on 11th August 2017

"It was a delight and a honour for me to know mama, we only met a handful of times, she was a rare gem and full of life. Was shocked to learn about this, but she lived a wonderful life, may the almighty God surround all that she left behind with His mighty hand... 'till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Kemi omoetan on 9th August 2017

"The demise of Mama was not only surprising but deeply shocking. However we take solace in know that 'this great mum' fulfilled God's divine mandate of raising and nurturing godly children..

Anyone can be a mum but it takes a special mother to raise special minds as mama did with pastor Mrs Diekola and her siblings ...and for this, I'll say,mummy died a champion!!!  Mama Margret in peace. Good night ma"

This tribute was added by Oyetayo Falayi Andrew on 8th August 2017

"When I had your demise,I knew we have lost another great giant. All I know is " death " is a debt which everyone will pay when it's time, mummy u will be fore - ever missed, iku doro, omaseo, eni-ire lo lai ro tele, Iku ose eyitan, mummy till we meet and part no more, (omo - oloni - sun - re - o) rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Gbenga Richard on 8th August 2017

"It is very sad ,unpleasant and unwanted experience that Aunty was sick and in pain for weeks, gave up after total struggle of her life buh all to no avail. Aunty we love you but God loves you most. May your gentle soul rest in perfect blossom of the Lord. Amen"

This tribute was added by Samuel Agboola on 8th August 2017

"You truly were a special, special woman! You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for us. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you were a big part of this family. We will forever miss you big mummy."

This tribute was added by Mobolaji Bamidele on 3rd August 2017

"To a dearest wife of my dearest cousin.
Words cannot express my grief of your transition to glory!  It was so sudden, but this is the consolation that you are in a better place. “Dupe as I Often called you sometimes, remain in the right hand of Jesus, till we meet again where will shall part no more”.
Adieu: Is very painful to lose someone like you in our family. A dear wife indeed, who took care of her husband and children. You personalized Integrity, Faith, Love, Kindness and humility.
Despite all these death does not spare our loved ones. Dupe!
Oma se o, Sun re o, Aya Tayelolu.
What a virtuous wife you were, your worth is far above rubies. Rom31vs10, prov31vs30, Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. You feared your Lord to the end.
Deaconess Deborah Mopelola Aiyesa
(Mummy Iwo Road)"

This tribute was added by toyin oyeyemi on 2nd August 2017

"Rest well in the bossom of our lord mama ,thank you for giving us sis kemi ."

This tribute was added by Adebisi Lilian on 1st August 2017

"I was shocked to the marrow and my expressions could not hide my confusion, when i heard the news of your demise. In my hearts i  was deeply saddened by the loss; Whilst i understand that death is inevitable, however how can we bear the loss? How can this vacuum be filled? You were exemplary, a great mother. We will take solace in God Almighty, whom you served most faithfully. We will comfort our hearts in the knowledge that you loved God and that you are resting in his bosom and in the company of the innumerable saints of God..Good Night and rest on Mum..

Bimbo Babarinde Adebisi"

This tribute was added by Betty Bamidele on 1st August 2017

"I love you grandma and I wish you were still here. Thank you for being a wonderful and loving grandma and I will miss growing up having you around like my sister did!

Love ❤️
Tise Bamidele"

This tribute was added by Victoria Abiona on 31st July 2017

"Rejoice always forevermore...1Thess5:16

(Your children will never forget the bridge that brought them over to earth- Rose Rozier-Brooklyn).You were a jewel, valor, mother in Israel. You never saw Asabi as a wife but as a daughter.

Adieu mama. Sun re o. God loves you more than we do. Oku nsunku oku, akaso lori nsunku ara won. RIPP mama Bamidele...(1Thess4:1-18)

Mrs. Modupe Abiona"

This tribute was added by Abimbola Bamidele on 31st July 2017

"Nle Iyaa... that's what I greet you with.. your response... Nle Omooo... ah. Didn't see  this coming. But God knows best, we cannot question Eledua. I will forever miss you mum, your care, worries for our well being even at the sacrifice of yours. You are a true virtuous woman. May the Lord grant you everlasting rest. Love you mum..."

This tribute was added by Ololade Popoola on 31st July 2017

"Dear Mum,

your departure has left a loud silence...but who are we to question God.
Thank you for your love and care never stop worrying, even over the simplest things, you worried just to be sure everything was fine like a wonderful mother would do.

I am very thankful to God, for the life you lived and for everyone you touched.

Thank you so much Mum.

Good night Mum and rest well now..."

This tribute was added by TONY FALEYE on 31st July 2017





This tribute was added by Mobolaji Bamidele on 31st July 2017

"Grandma, I am going to miss you. You were the only one that used to call me King David and Fiyinfoluwa. Ifeoluwakiitan told me you are now living in Heaven. Grandma, you were always sharing your food with me. Bye Grandma......King David Fiyinfoluwa Bamidele"

This tribute was added by Folashade Bamidele on 30th July 2017

"Jadesola, owurubutu...... those were the few names you used to call me. It took me a long time to become close to you, I guess I was still angry that you travelled just 9 days after I was born. And you were always complaining that I was closer to grandpa than I was to you. And anytime I allow you to carry me, you would beam with smiles as if you just won a jackpot.

If I don't finish my food on time, you would always say 'I want to see the 'made in China' on your plate. I was always happy whenever you are around because I was sure that I will have a lot of goodies to eat. I miss you grandma and I love you but God loves you more.

Hadassah Bamidele"

This tribute was added by Folashade Bamidele on 30th July 2017

"O when the saints go marching in....... You came, you saw, you fought and finished well. My consolation is in the fact that you left chanting the  Halleluyah chorus and pleading the blood of Jesus. What a triumphant way to transit into glory.

It still seems so unbelievable that you are gone. Your presence is still felt in almost every room in the house. I can still picture you in the chair you sat on your last birthday. I dozed off in the sitting room sometime last week and I could hear your voice saying 'Iya Alvin, wole lo sun ki o lo ye kajo sori chair'. Your usual way of waking me up whenever I doze off while watching TV.

Thank you for being you, for being a true mother and a super grandmother to the children. I remember you came one month prior to when I gave birth to Alvin, and then you refused me to even leave the room to get water from the kitchen. You would say ' just flash me on the phone and I will come and meet you'. I almost became afraid and wondered if there was a looming problem with the pregnancy that I didn't know of. But then I soon realized that was the ever caring mother in you. You called me 'Awele' throughout your stay in the hospital. That meant a lot to me.

Continue to rest peacefully mum."

This tribute was added by Diekola Faleye on 30th July 2017

"Eeye Mummy;

My friend, encourager, my super Woman!

I thought you were too strict, because you didn’t let me use Makeup at 11. Then, you also refused to allow dad get an Electric Yam Pounder when I was 12 so I won’t be lazy. I didn’t understand you then and just concluded you were just Strict.

Alas, I realized all you did was to make me a responsible young lady. You turned me to your Phone Technician, Account Officer and Gist Mate 2 (after your husband). You were a good teacher and a very humble student; eager to learn new things.

You appreciated and celebrated people genuinely.  I joked that if someone has a challenge, they should just talk to you about it then go and relax and enjoy life. You, Iya Gbogbo,will worry for that person, pray and follow up with phone calls like kilode. You cared!.

You were determined to share your testimony and roll on the floor in gratitude to God but God had a higher role for you. One of your daily declarations was “iye ni mo yan”. Eternal life you chose Mum!

You were very neat and finicky. Ahaaa!!  You wanted things arranged in an organized manner.

I remember the Day 22 of  ‘Halleluyah Challenge’ we had together. I had to take a snap shot of you some minutes to 1am, when you lifted your hands to shout Hallelluyah. The same Halleluyah you lifted your hands to chant twice in a semi -conscious state few hours to your transition.

I celebrated my birthday 11days after your transition without your usual FaceBook greetings or the early morning prayers and panegyrics , your standard prayer,in Ijesha dialect, of nursing my twins, a boy and a girl ( Ma baa o to mo, Okunrin kan obirin kan….  ).

I was hit in another way last night, 29th of July, when I picked my phone because I was away from home and wanted to check up on you, the 9pm routine. Was about to dial your number and then, I remembered! Won’t hear the “ ose oko mi, olowo ori mi.….”

You proved that life is not about how long but how well. You truly fought the good fight.

Sleep on ‘Ma Femi’, Sleep on  Eeye Mummy.  Anike, omo oloni ororo ,asawe asa weri asa we gbogbo ara  lule uro, omo obo  niyun pauke uke, omo elere mefa tako tabo laofin.

Will always love you Mum!!


This tribute was added by Olowookere Amos on 29th July 2017

"Mummy, I will forever cherish those last moments I spent with you in July 2017. Yes, mummy, those last moments when on every single time I would come around your bed to pray affectionately for you. In those moments, I saw an aura of indescribable peace and happiness around your person.
But while I have been mourning your departure with uncontrollable tears and shock, I am much more comforted by the good news that you are now resting with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ the King whose vicarious death has secured eternal life for those who believe in him.
For the umpteenth time, I wonder to myself again, “So it is true!” With sorrow in my heart but gratitude to God for a life well spent, I say adieu mummy. Goodnight mummy. O daaro mummy. Au revoir mummy. Bye mummy. I loved you till death mummy and heaven knows I did and still do and will forever do."

This tribute was added by Ademola Alimi on 29th July 2017

"Mothers never really die, they just keep a house up in the sky, polish the sun by day and light the stars that shine at night whilst keeping the moonbeams silvery bright.Mothers don't die because their memories live with us forever.
We mourn not because mama has risen in faith and dignity in Christ and defeated death as did Christ at Calvary.
We might have lost a praying mother but we haven't lost her prayers.Mama left the family a treasury of prayers worth more than gold and diamond.Oh!! what treasure is laid up in store for us of the prayers of our dear mother and what responsibility is now ours?

Our heart will not be troubled as we draw our consolation from John 14:1-3 and the understanding that we shall meet her at the better place God has gone to prepare for us.

The Alimis"

This tribute was added by Obasohan Obasohan on 29th July 2017

"Thank you for living a worthy life. Rest In Peace mummy!"

This tribute was added by falayi yemisi on 29th July 2017

"Mummy Abuja, I will miss you and I will always miss you.will are born to death that is the purpose of our been born,but your death is sudden to us,iku Doro iku Seka o ga o,but nobody can stop death,greet my husband Baba Ajoda and others till we meet again continue to rest in peace, omo oloni asere bumu,omo oloni awe gbokun gbe ,omo oloni ase weri weri asa we gbogbo Ara sun re oo ,we love you but Jesus love you more."

This tribute was added by Febishade Falayi on 29th July 2017

"Mummy...... it's unbelievable you're gone!
I'm still in total shock and I didn't know what to say or write when it first happened.
It's been on my mind to call you. Just to say hello and check on you, but kept on postponing. I learnt a great lesson... don't leave or delay what you can do today till tomorrow. If I had called, I would have had the memories to hold on to.

Looking back still, I thank God for your life. It was a glorious one and I strongly believe you're in a better place.
You lived a righteous life.... continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We love you but God loves you more.
Good night mummy!


This tribute was added by Oluwafunmilola Ojo on 28th July 2017

"And she died.Mummy Isale,how can I forget the way you took us to school far back in the early 80s,how you scolded us whenever we were wrong most especially Brother Femi. The news of your death rendered me speechless for sometime, because I never wished you dead in many years to come. Mummy isale,as you were called then,though you are no more, the memory of you shall continue to be in my mind. May the Almighty who knows best, grant unto your soul,eternal rest. On behalf of the Oderinlos(Apata ), I say adieu ma.Live on mama."

This tribute was added by Tomi Oshode on 27th July 2017

"I’ve been thinking of you (and my dear friend Bukola) over these past days it suddenly dawn on me that we only met once during your trip to Edinburgh, but then I guess for someone as loving and warm as yourself once is enough, to feel such void at your departure. Whenever I got to speak with you I could feel your embrace when you said ‘Omo mi’, thanks for the pleasure of knowing you. Mummy, we love you but God loves you more, rest in His bosom till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Mrs F.O Ige on 26th July 2017

"Your death was so sudden and sad.

When you joined the Christian Ladies Society, I was not in the meeting that day. The first time I saw you, it was during the burial of my mother-in-law. I was surprised and asked who you were. Since that time, I have been praying that one day you will have something to celebrate so that I will repay you but death took you away from us.

Iku oro rę da, isa oku isegun re da.

You were very nice, generous and lively.

Rest in the bosom of the Lord.


Mrs Ige, F.O"

This tribute was added by Christian Ladies Society on 26th July 2017

"How are the mighty fallen and the weapon of war perished?

The entire members of Christian Ladies Society were deeply sad when we heard about the untimely demise of one of us.

You were very committed to the society. You were very cheerful, kind, gentle and amiable. We shall miss you so dearly in the society but we take solace that you have made heaven. You lived a life worthy of emulation.

Goodnight. Till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

Chief (Mrs) C. A Ogunmodede
President, Christian Ladies Society"

This tribute was added by Ayo Ishola Bamidele on 26th July 2017

"Today, myself, entire family and indeed all Bamideles both in and outside Nigeria are now celebrating the life and legacy of a pioneer whom we all shall especially miss very dearly.

As I was thinking of writing this tribute, I thought how I can say a few words that will do justice to your love, advices, support and the affectionate care that you always give to me and my family.

Infact you were a very good and shining example for everybody to emulate. You lived a very good life till your last day on earth.

Your sudden departure from this sinful world at an unripe age without an adequate farewell came to me as a shock which I had been trying to adjust myself to accept the reality that we shall not see you again until we meet much later in Heaven (perhaps, we may likely see you in our dreams).

You are a very virtuous mother. Your left when you are much needed by your children and grandchildren, indeed all the family.

How can I say "GOODBYE" to someone I so much hold very dearly...HOW...

Yes my saying GOODBYE to you would have been easy "IF" you had assured me that the parting is just for a while. But now your parting is not a day, not a month or even a year. It is "GOODBYE" for a life time (forever). I feel the unbearable pain of knowing that your journey is a journey that you will never return to us.

I must therefore with thanks to God, for a life well spent (though very brief) but worth of emulation, honour you by smiling as I am saying "GOODBYE" till we meet to part no more.

Continue resting peacefully in the bosom of our Lord and Creator.

Sleep on until the day of resurrection when we shall see you again face to face without parting again.


Mr & Mrs Ayo Ishola Bamidele"

This tribute was added by Sprina Anderson on 26th July 2017

"We will miss you!"

This tribute was added by toyin fatogun on 25th July 2017

"Aunty mi,(MM).Life is a process that has a beginning and ending,so everyone has the power to retain his or her own time and when it comes,no one has the power to retain his own soul but to submit to the will of God.
We thank God for the life well lived.
Adieu Iya Femi,o wun ni ka jeran lenu pe titi,sugbon ohunfa Ona ofun ni ko je.Continue to rest in Perfect Peace in the bosom of your Lord and Saviour until the resurrection day.
Toyin Fatogun"

This tribute was added by Nurudeen Akinlesi on 24th July 2017

"May Almighty God grant her eternal rest and grant the rest of her family the fortitude to bear the loss. SUN RE MAMA."

This tribute was added by patience okocha on 23rd July 2017

"Mummy,when i called your line on your sick bed ,you pick and said my daughter how are you ,i was very happy when i heard your voice hoping you will be discharge soon  not knowing  i was speaking to you for the last time.
    The news of your departure was a shock to me , i never expected it now but i thank God because he allowed it .I will miss you ma. Rest in Peace.  .........   ;Pat Ogundare"

This tribute was added by Abayomi Ogundare on 23rd July 2017

"Anti mi se e ti ku ni yen se kiakia ni le se ya lo ni Ah ta lo ma tun pe mi ni omootaobayomi like you ..i love you mum  rest in peace big sister .Time may pass and fade away but memories of you will always stay..MAMA SUN REO"

This tribute was added by Jude Owumi on 22nd July 2017

"I never met you.  I never knew you.  But, you are still a mother to me.
As your Nigerian child, I arise today and call you Blessed.

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.. - Numbers 6:24-26

Sleep well.  May your soul rest in peace. Shalom."

This tribute was added by Paul Agboola on 22nd July 2017

"I still find it difficult believing that you have gone so soon to be with the lord. I have been with the family close to three decades and the type of Love that surrounds the Bamidele's family can't be explained. I made a remark when you held your birthday that I was happy to be part of such a lovely family. Mama Femi, you are such a caring mother and that have shown in the way your sibling relate with each other home and abroad. I came from a humble background and was accepted to marry a lady that stood as your first daughter, these portrayed your show of love and acceptability. We tried all we could spiritually but there is no man of God without the God of man. The God of man said it's time for you to come, so, no amount of prayer, fasting, laying of hands, anointing oil, binding and loosing or decree that can change God. My comfort is that in my presence, you sang a song of victory "HALLELUJAH" (Meaning, IJA DOPIN, OGUN TI TAN, OLUGBALA JAGUN O MOLU, ORIN AYO LA O MA KO, HALLELUYAH" prior to your departure to Glory.
You rode Death triumphantly to heaven"
1 Corinthians 15:55-57 KJV
[55] O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? [56] The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. [57] But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Rest in Perfect Peace ma, till we meet to part no more.

Pastor Paul Agboola."

This tribute was added by Jide Bosunde j on 22nd July 2017

"O digba o digbose... Sunnre o mama oninunre."

This tribute was added by Popoola Agbejule on 22nd July 2017

"Farewell Mama, heaven has gained you from this wicked world! Please, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. You will never be forgotten in the minds of those who loved you. The beautiful memories of your good works, altruistic life, laughter and love will be the greatest possession of your loved ones, forever engraved in their minds.

Sleep and Rest on! Mama rere! Abiyamo tooto

Ronke, Pope, Daniel, David and Angel"

This tribute was added by Funmi Akintibu on 21st July 2017

"An embodiment of love,  keep resting in the lord's bosom sweet mum,  where there is no pain or anguish!"

This tribute was added by Aaron Abenemi on 21st July 2017

"July 9th, 2017 Sunday afternoon on a raining day, when I set my eyes on you on the sick bed, after the group prayers by my counselling brother GHC - Who could dispute that our prayers were not answered in faith for quick recovery and for strength.

Oh I now understand Death lost is sting, Lost is pride,

Mummy even if I didn't really know much of you, but I know you  won in victory,  you Left Like a Lion , you are a strong warrior, You were a virtuous wife and mother.
Testimony of your fame, Love , caring, faith makes me realize you gone to heaven were there is no more pain. Rest on mama, rest on, rest on."

This tribute was added by Agboola Christianah.O on 21st July 2017

"This tribute was added by Agboola Christianah on 21st July 2017

Ma Femi as I used to call you, I did not know you will depart so soon, I would have come to say goodbye. It was shocking when I learnt you have gone to be with the Lord. Your sudden demise was painful and a great loss to the entire family. My memory kept reminding me the nickname you always call me when I was young "idi ileke" and each time I called you on phone, your first word have always been " nle o oko mi". During my father burial ceremony, you stood by me, you did not allow me to feel the absence of my mother. I love you and will never forget your motherly care and love.  My solace has been that few days to your departure from this sinful world, you kept repeating the word
"Halleluyah" which gladdens my heart to the word of God in Isaiah 57:1
( The righteous is taken away from evil to come) . My beloved mother Adieu ma, May your soul rest in perfect peace of God."

This tribute was added by Mobolaji Bamidele on 21st July 2017

"Mum, your memories will forever be fresh in my memory. Abiyamo tooto. Modupe Margaret Bolatito Bamidele, you left like a great conqueror.  You asked me to do a recording session of your grandchildren for you few days before you left, I totally forgot because I was running around sorting one or two things out for you, o ma se o. I should have suspended every other thing to do that for you. You called me again same week and requested  that you wanted to put your head on my chest. Thank God For that few moments that your head was on my chest. I entered your room today and I perceived your fragrance strongly. It was as if you were there with me in the room. Love  you loads mum. Iya mi owon."

This tribute was added by OluwaDamifogo Adeniba on 21st July 2017

"As told by mummy.....for Damifogo Adeniba

Friday 14th July 2017, about 8.30pm, mummy called my sisters and I and asked us to speak to grandma. Mummy placed phone to her ears but she was not conscious to respond. My sisters spoke but I refused to talk to you.

Saturday 15th July 2017, 8.50am, you took your last breath at Ibadan as I slept at home in Lagos. 5 minutes later Daddy buzzed Mummy that I snapped out of my sleep and said "I want to talk to Gaonma" (as I called her)

Grandma, you came to say bye to loved me till the last second of your life.
Your Ayotomiwa had the best of care and love any grandchild worldover could imagine. That and some more. I will always love you!

OluwaDamifogo "Ayotomiwa" Adeniba"

This tribute was added by Fasuan Oluseye on 21st July 2017

""Victorious Mum"
God has taken precious and adorable mummy Bamidele home, death has lingered long for our dear mother, but now her soul is in the land where death is no more.
Mummy died by faith, with dignity, in Christ.
We have lost a praying mother, but we have not lost her prayers.
Our Mothers, Our Personal Superheroes....Our Mothers, Arbiters of Taste....Our Mothers, Our Defenders.
mummy you will always be remembered.
"Even though i have never met you but your seed has been a great inspiration to me" We love you....Sleep well Grandma. Love from Oluseye."

This tribute was added by OluwaDamiyan Adeniba on 21st July 2017

"Grandma was so dear to my heart I don’t think I can ever let her go. She called me Ronke and I loved her ever so much.
Anytime she came and when she left my sister and I will cry in our beds. I somehow knew this day would come but I would have loved it if she had stayed many years longer. She comforts me and loves me.
I always felt that when Grandma was around no one would ever beat me, because i knew that Grandma would always beg on my behalf.

The time we went to the beach with the extended family and I wanted to ride a horse and Grandma said E RORA O! That was the same Grandma all over again always worried of someone else and not always herself. If only she had been a little more worried about herself maybe she could still be here.

It pained me so much because I could not be there on her birthday and my family and I went on the 24th after my Birthday. If only we had known that we wouldn’t see her next week we could have stayed with her but all I pray is that the OLOWO GBOGBORO(The Outstretched Hand of The Lord) reach out to all of her loved ones and comfort us all in his everlasting Love.

Grandma if you can hear  me, if there is anything I could do to bring you back healthy I would do it.

But for now, goodbye until we meet again.

OluwaDamiyan "Ronke" Adeniba"

This tribute was added by OluwanDarimi Adeniba on 21st July 2017

I feel like I’m in a terrible nightmare, expecting to wake up and hear your melodious voice.
Grandma, I still remember the times when I run to you whenever I am upset, you always knew how to comfort me, and the times you send me on errands when if I grumble you always corrected me.
I am so sorry If I ever took you for granted, it never occurred to me that a day would come I could no longer be with you; no longer hear you call me Olushola.
Though I know you are gone, I will never stop wishing you were still with me, but you will always be in my heart. You lived an exemplary life on earth; you were always willing to help those around you and you are definitely one of my role models.
I am proud to be the first granddaughter of such a wonderful woman.

Although the pain I feel cannot be explained, the assurance that you are with our heavenly father above fills me with joy. I know in my heart, you will always be my grandma and I will always be your Olushola.
I don’t know anyone that can fill in the role you took in my life.
May your soul rest in peace.

OluwanDarimi "Olushola" Adeniba"

This tribute was added by Betty Bamidele on 21st July 2017


When I heard that you died I was very sad and cried. I hope you're enjoying yourself in Heaven.
I enjoy when you call me "my baby". And I remember Tise running around instead of talking to you on the phone.
Thank you for all the lovely gifts you buy for Tise and I.
❤️I miss you grandma and I love you.

Tamilore Bamidele."

This tribute was added by Adewale Omololu on 21st July 2017

"It's with great sadness that I write this tribute. I was really heart broken when I heard the news that you had left this world. A cluster of memories,sprinkled with tears. Wishing God had spared you a few more years. Time may pass and fade away but memories of you will always stay.... Those precious memories of you calling me Oluloyo or Oluleshe(tears). Also remembering us our birthdays & wedding anniversaries. In ma heart you rest with love as mummy Abuje. Mine is just a simple prayer. May God bless & keep you in his care until we meet to part no more.
  Love you mummy. Amen. In Ie o omo oloke lo no one gun. Sun re o."

This tribute was added by Adenike Bosunde on 21st July 2017

"Tribute to My Dearest Aunt Modupe Margaret.
As God's greatest gift,become Life's greatest sorrow. Today's precious moment turn into tears of tomorrow, but why my hearts  grow heavy ,grief stricken and's hard to put into words how I feel about it. Your promised  me on phone that nothing will happen  to you.Death has weight of finality you came and you contributed in building a better society for all.Abiyamo tooto,egbon mi,Aunty mi,ekeji mi,,Iya mi did not build houses, factories and you  built me and my siblings, who could dispute that you were not a virtuous wife and mother.iam  much more comforted by the good news that you are now resting with  Lord Jesus our saviour, who will i give the stuff you asked me to buy when coming to Nigeria. I will miss you,incredible Aunt. Sun Re oooo,Omo olomo ororo.o dabo."

This tribute was added by Faith Gbagidi on 21st July 2017

"Mummy!!!! You were my second mummy growing up. Always made sure we were all taken care of and fed when my parents traveled. It seems so long ago but the memories are still fresh. I know you are resting with The Lord. Adieu mummy!!!"

This tribute was added by Folake Bamisaye on 21st July 2017

"My heart goes out to you all at this time and only pray our Lord Jesus Christ comfort,heal and abide with everyone.

Continue to Rest In Peace sweet mother!!!"

This tribute was added by Seyi Ogunmodede on 20th July 2017

"May your gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Mobolaji Bamidele on 20th July 2017

"Didun ni iranti olododo. Mum, You left like a great soldier with shout of Hallelujah from your mouth. I refuse to mourn you, I am rather celebrating you. You were inviting people already for your thanksgiving service. Mum,it's actually going to be a thanksgiving service. hmmm, Iya mi owon, Sun re oh."

This tribute was added by Adeyemi Ilesanmi on 20th July 2017

"A life that touches others goes on forever."

This tribute was added by Tosin Osijirin on 20th July 2017

"On few occasions that we met, i observed that you and your husband are like Siamese twins. Deep down me.....i will be praying to God to allow me and my wife age graciously like you and your husband. Secondly, your Son, Mobolaji. A Quintessential man! Natural Leader that is full of wisdom. I have come to a conclusion that..... you must have expended  so much energy to have raised such an Outstanding Personality.
May you continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Adieu mama!"

This tribute was added by Gbemisola Ogunniyi on 20th July 2017

"Wao it's still a shock, I can't believe you are really gone ma. You were like a mother to me, loving, caring and always happy. I'm so sorry I didn't call as often as you wanted me to. I remember all your advice and prayers to me and Bukky. You were always accommodating whenever I come to spend time at home with Bukky, you made me feel at home. I know you are resting now and in a peaceful place, in the bosom of the Lord. I pray the Good Lord comfort the entire family and give you the fortitude to bear this loss. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu ma ........"

This tribute was added by Marvelous Marvelous on 20th July 2017

"Rest in Peace mummy. You came you saw and you conquered."

This tribute was added by Pst Joel ilesanmi on 20th July 2017

"Good night my wife and my Auntie was shocked when i heard the news about your passing on to glory i thought we will still spend another 40 years together but God knows more than we do but all is well.
I remember the first time i saw you was in 1975 when  you and my uncle came to Efon inside the Strabag Land Rover for Baba Daramola's burial.
The light you carry in you always lighten the room anywhere you showed up.
Still remember your Jokes like the way you always threatened us that you are going to leave us and marry somebody else.
My wife and Auntie we are going to mix you a lot but rest in the bossom of the almighty till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Alvin Bamidele on 20th July 2017

"Grandma you fought like a champion. I miss you Grandma. You  were very important to me. May your soul Rest In Peace.........ALVINA BAMIDELE"

This tribute was added by Alvin Bamidele on 20th July 2017

"Grandma though it is sad that you are no longer here, your memory is forever in my heart. I miss all the laughs, smiles and fun and I would always remember the way you would scold me when I did something wrong and buy something for me when you come to Ibadan. I can still remember the doughnut you bought for me one time. Grandma I miss you so much bye bye. Rest on in the Lord......Alvin Bamidele"

This tribute was added by Chidinma Ubunama on 20th July 2017

"It's so sad to hear of your passing ma. I heard a lot about you from your darling daughter bukky, all your loved ones are grieving now.....but I pray that the good Lord console each and everyone . Rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ, rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Chinyelu Anene - Nwabufor on 20th July 2017

"So sad to hear of Mama's passing. I met her in 2010 when she visited for her baby's graduation. She was so proud of you Bukky. I will not forget her laughter and d way she made everyone smile. She will be missed indeed. I pray the Lord grant you all especially her twin (daddy) the fortitude to bear this loss. Adieu Ma. Continue to rest in the Lord."

This tribute was added by Marcus Bamisaye on 20th July 2017

"Rest in Peace Mummy!"

This tribute was added by Adenrele Fatunase on 20th July 2017

"Mummy Bamidele, thou I never got the opportunity to know u personally but from the way the Bamideles' welcomed us I knew we were home. Ur character n nature reflects on ur children. The humility and love within the family shows that u were a woman of virtue and impacted positively  on her family. Mummy we love u but God loves u more sun re oo."

This tribute was added by Bukola Popoola on 20th July 2017

"Iya mi,  

It still feels like a dream. I never imagined that the time I hugged you in January 2017 was going to be the last time. I did not doubt for a minute that you will be awake and smiling when I got to you. I was initially going to pull off another surprise like I did in 2014. I had pictured your usual welcome of 'Oko mi, Abike, My Baby'. It hurts deeply that I was not able to say goodbye given I was just a few minutes away to the hospital. I was told (and I know) you fought hard to wait for me.

I cannot get my head round the fact that you are truly gone. I still go to your room every morning, hoping to see you. I have gone through so many cycles of 'what ifs' but like I have been told...God's will. Unquestionable God, even though I have asked Him so many questions.

I miss you so much. I don't know if this heart-wrenching pain will ever go away. Every day, every milestone, will trigger a new memory of this great loss.

If tears could bring you back, I will weep to fill the ocean
If material things could bring you back, I will give all I have

You were a true Abiyamo. You loved deeply and gave yourself selflessly. You were the most devoted wife, mother and grandmother. You looked forward to taking care of my children like you did for my Egbons. I didn't pay much attention when you bathed my nieces and nephew as babies because I was so sure you will be there to do the same for me. You will never be forgotten Mum. My children will know what an amazing Grandma you were.

I promise to look out for Dad, your 'twin'. He misses you so much.

I was told 'Hallelujah' was one of the last words you uttered. Keep singing 'Hallelujah' with the Angels, adding your own unique high pitched twists at intervals.

Sún ré ó Abiyamo tòótó. Sleep on mum. Sleep on. Till we meet to part no more...

You will always be in my heart.

Your 'Baby, Abike'"

This tribute was added by Tosin Oni-Orisan on 20th July 2017

"Grandma served Jesus to the very end. It was a privilege to have met you. Jesus has taken her to His bosom away from all the pain and sleepless nights.Now you can enjoy at your saviour's feet forever and enjoy endless thanksgiving as you shared with me. It was all worth it. Glory be to God!!!!"

This tribute was added by Ifeoluwakiitan Faleye on 20th July 2017

"The memories of my grandmother is precious and fondly recalled. You were everything to me. There was no Christmas you didn't buy something for me. On my Birthdays you always bought something for me. 18th March 2017, the  day before my last birthday, you bought me traditional cloth.  That was the first cloth I wore on my last birthday. Everytime, you were there for me when I was sick. You always called to check up on me.

I can remember precisely the Friday 14th July, a day before you left, my mum told me to squeeze some oranges for you. Immediately I got home, that was the first thing I did because I wanted you to get well. The following day, I told my dad to take me to the hospital so that I could see your beautiful face and give you the juice but it pained me when I was told you died. I cried.

I will miss your scolding, your gifts, your help and most importantly your love. I can still remember the things you say to me "Kiitan lo weh  (go and bath), Kiitan don't climb on my bed".

You knew the things that were good and bad for me. I always called you "Grammy B" because of our close friendship and you gave me the name "Ayomide".

Sún ré ó Grammy B. I love you.

Your Grandson"

This tribute was added by Bukola Popoola on 20th July 2017

"From Ronke:

Rest on Mummy

I only saw Mummy a couple of times but felt like i knew her more through stories Bunmi told me and somehow through your children and grandchildren. Your footprints on this earth will never fade as we will continue to remember all the good works you left behind.

Indeed this is a victory and celebration, you have gone ahead of us, free from the struggles of this life....though we miss you...we know we will surely be together again singing at the feet of Jesus.

 Eki won lule o, layo la mo pade loya 


This tribute was added by Bukola Ifayefunmi on 19th July 2017

"Death most wicked and cruel. You came for a great mother just like that unannounced. Our hearts bleed over your loss iya omo. You were always there for everyone of us like your own biological children. You left when needed most. May God rest your soul and comfort the entire family at this trying period. Sleep on Granma till resurrection when we meet to part no more. Adeiu mummy buki."

This tribute was added by Margaret Adeogun on 18th July 2017

"My dear blessed Auntie, may you rest in peace until the day of the Lord.  You lived a life of love and care and your legacy will live on. May the Lord take good care of the family that you left behind. May His face of love and mercy shine upon them. Rest in peace Auntie until the trumpet shall sound and you will rise to meet the Lord in glory.  This is our Blessed Hope."

This tribute was added by Betty Bamidele on 18th July 2017

"It's so unreal that mummy is no longer here...that feeling of not letting go when you lose a loved one. You want them to stay forever, create memories, make plans and share life journeys together, but...

Mummy, you were a mother and a true one. I am blessed I got to call you mum. Everyone's happiness was yours and everyone's pain was yours. Who will call me 'Asabi', who will say on the phone 'Asabi, o to ojo meta' even when we just spoke yesterday. Thank you for taking me in as a daughter, and showing me love.

Sun re o!!! Ma gbagbe mii. Painful but I console myself with that knowing that Heaven just gained another special angel and that my angels in Heaven just increased.

Memories of 2016 Easter with you is what I'll hold dear to my heart always... I love you mummy and you are missed dearly.


This tribute was added by Frederick Falayi on 18th July 2017

"Tribute to Aunt Margaret Modupe Bamidele

Death, the wicked enemy has again raised its ugly head amongst us
Knowing that we are helpless before him,
Mercilessly and coldly kills the dearest of our beloved ones.

Since December 1980, he started unabated with my mom;
Then barely seven years after my loving uncle.
And as if that is not enough, the younger brother dastardly;
Then the mothers and then another uncle and then the progenitor.

Five years ago, the pride – the icon of the family was gone.
Amongst the remnants who as a rock stood tall to assuage the grief,
He allowed only five years few days to raise its ugly head again -
Striking where less expected – where it pains most – in the early hours of
Saturday, 15 July 2017 – which remains indelible in our minds.

How can I describe her? Beautiful, kind, generous, loving, warm - the
tallest amongst the tall – a peerless beauty!
An incredible strong, caring, wonderful, loving person.
A visit to her web site tells it all – her love for the family and friends,
Vividly captured in her good will messages in good and bad times
Relating to all and sundry even the stoics and the fault-finders.

So painful, no opportunity to say good bye as in all the cases.
We will miss your touch, the smiles and mostly the indiscriminate love
“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”

In spite of it all, death is not the end, for our hope is in the Lord - death itself shall die.
We have a promise when all things shall be made new. “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.  There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” (Rev. 21:4)

What a glorious day, that day will be!

O d’arin’na ko, o d’oju ala; o tun di ojo miran, ojo ‘re!
Sun re o, omo owa, omo ekun, omo oloni ororo asawe, asa weri weri,
asa we gbogbo ora lule uro. Omo elere mefa t’ako t’abo l’eti oni; Eji gbori kege, eji pokunkun mo’le, eji yoku puru l’oju omi, e j’eye mi pon mi l’ule uro.  Omo obo niyun pa uke uke!"

This tribute was added by Titus Ayodele Bamidele on 18th July 2017

"What shall l say?
What shall l think?
How do I explain why death took away my joy, my happiness and my companion?
We do everything together, eat together, walk together, even to buy bread. We go everywhere together.

During all your stay on the hospital bed, your words were "Jesus I must not die, blood of Jesus save me" and after raising up your hand and shouting "Hallelujah" twice, you talked no more.

You are a symbol of love.The love between us, greater than that of Romeo and Juliet.  I love you so much and will miss you but God loves you more. The ways of God surpass all understanding.

The Angels, Ma Femi (as I fondly call you) will lead you to heaven.

Goodnight my other half. Till we meet to part no more.

Suń ré o iyawo mi atata."

This tribute was added by Wem Sam on 17th July 2017

"Sweet mother! Extremely supportive is what I'll always remember you for. Rest in the bossom of our Lord mummy..."

This tribute was added by Bunmi Ade on 17th July 2017

"Even though I never met you Mummy Bamidele, ( and I wished I did!) I got a peek of how lovely and God fearing who you are from the little time that I've known Bukola. She never stopped talking about you and her desire for you to visit as soon as you get well!
We loved you mummy, we stood together in prayer for you to the very last but we know God loved you best. He showed you a glimpse of heavenly glory, and took you to be with Him forever in that place of blazing light, glory, bliss and eternal peace! Rest in the bosom of our dear Father in heaven until we all meet to part no more! Good night Mummy!!
- Segun & Ajibike Ibigbemi (Glasgow)"

This tribute was added by Sunita Sapru on 16th July 2017

"I have had no chance thus far to meet you, but I have heard about you so much from Bunmi... and my favorite stories about you are from how inspiring you were to her during her own motherhood journey.   I see this as the victory of our Jesus and while you rise high to be with the angels know well that the Holy Spirit is incharge of your loved ones here!!"

This tribute was added by Jae Falayi on 16th July 2017

"It never crossed my mind I wouldn't see you again, but am glad I saw you that last time. Thank you for raising me mummy. Your thoroughness in all things remain with me till today. May your soul continue to soar in light right by Jesus forever!!"

This tribute was added by Bunmi Ade on 16th July 2017

"Hmmm i only met you a couple of times but Bunmi always had anecdotes from granma! Sing halleluyah with the host of angels ma. Rest well and may Jehovah be with the family left behind. Amen"

This tribute was added by Bunmi Ade on 16th July 2017

"I am glad it's not goodbye,  it's goodnight!  See you in the morning grandma. We will miss you ma. PF and Ptee"

This tribute was added by Bunmi Ade on 16th July 2017

"You won victoriously, Fought like a champ.
Your last minute, I saw the struggle of choosing between the Abiyamo that you were all your life to stay back with us and staying on to continue the Halleluyah you already started chanting as you transitioned.......Jesus ruled....Heaven won an angel!

What I will always remember as your favorite hymn was the last sound you voice nowhere near that of the angels that waited to receive you......yet an absolute honor to sing that to you as you moved on and you took your last breath on this end.

Olugbala gbohun mi
Gbohun mi Gbohum mi
Mo wa so o doro gbami
Nibi Aigbeleebu.......

Don't hold singing from your heart like you always did ---- in and out of tune :) just sing on Mama!!!

Bunmi Adeniba"

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