Posted by Ezekiel Adebiyi on March 28, 2022
Our beloved friend...

Rest on in the Lord. We remember your brief passage..and are comforted by your eternal residence with God.

our prayers continue for the wife, children and family left behind.
May God keep you and bless all yours. Amen
Posted by Wunmi Odebo-Olokoyo on March 26, 2022
Forever blessed is the memory of the righteous. It's been one year you left this sinful world to be with the Lord but the memory of your love for God and humanity, your integrity and emulative role of a husband and father to my friend and the kids is still very fresh in my mind. Bro Foluso, as I fondly called you, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus until that perfect morning. I pray that the joy of the Lord will continue be the pillar of strenght for Joke and the children in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Emmy Onyx on March 26, 2022
Sir Folusho!
The only Engineer in Huawei I proudly call boss, we still kept contact even after you dropped the Huawei baton
Respect my departed soldier

Who will ask me of what I discern from political moves.

Rest on my mentor, my Engineer
Farther Along!
We will understand it bye and bye

The phone rings "Where are you"? you always asked 4:30pm work days

Now I asked where are you Boss?
Posted by Joke Folu-Badejo on March 26, 2022
What a journey, What a journey in the last 1 year, …it’s been 1 full year indeed - 12 months. But God is Faithful!!!

All I want and have to say is THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU FATHER for Your Faithfulness, Mercy, Goodness and LovingKindness, for Your Good and All-Sufficient Word - when there was nothing left to hold on to, when the light got shut down suddenly, when the pangs of sorrow almost deaden the mind and the body - Your WORD was all that was left. The Word supplied the substance, the Life, the Light, the Way, the Strength, the Hope which was also the Anchor for my/our soul.

It is also important to deeply appreciate God for His good hands in many ways for:
1. granting us peace and comfort in the midst of the turbulent storms;
2. making us see light and hope in His Light and the light of His messengers;
3. took off every burden and heaviness when it seems very impossible;
4. a wonderful gift of a marriage of 14 years - I thank you for giving me one of His finest sons. We had rest, joy, gladness, progress, promotion, a conducive environment for raising the children and to foster my career and academics growth - which is paying off now;
5. the lives God has helped him to touch in the short time - one of them successfully graduated from FUTA and is currently serving (NYSC);
6. for sending His Word in season from time to time;
7. for providing grace, strength and courage to go forward; and
8. for the many paths and ways that the Lord is opening for us.

I also want to deeply appreciate the Father for the great family of God - siblings, sister-friends brother-friends, Pastors and pray-ers. He has surrounded us with, those who gave me almost no opporyunity to be unhappy, moody or sad.
We have enjoyed unusual favour, help, care, and regular hugs from my huge support team.

Lovely and Blessed is indeed the memories of the Beloved of God Foluso Badejo. Rest on Soldier and Son of the Most High God.
Posted by Augustine Takpor on March 26, 2022
Your legacies of Godliness, integrity, diligence, and love live on. I can't forget all your words of advice and guidance. I still ask why it had to be you, why you had to go that way, but I'm comforted because I'm convinced you're in heaven.

It is well with your family. May they be continually comforted in the joy of the Lord, in Jesus' mighty name, amen.
Posted by ifedolapo otiko on March 26, 2022
Remembering you again today …. Prayers for Aunty Joke and the kids.

Posted by Segun Fatumo on March 26, 2022
Dear Sister Joke and family,

Remembering you and your children today. Praying that God will continue to strengthen you. It is well.

Segun, Bukola & Family
Posted by Jekayinoluwa Bamidele on April 13, 2021
Engr. Folusho Badejo" that's how I addressed him. "A brilliant Man that still grants audience to opinions of others". A Generous Man who Shares without holding back. Gentleman Man who lattack daily challenges with a common sense of purpose. His qualities to me are endless. The memories of our moments together remain interesting.

A saying in Yoruba says "Igi to to kii pe nigbo".

Rest on Brother. God will look after your Family.
Posted by Sunday Peter Oloruntoba on April 13, 2021
You will never know the value of someone you love until they go away and become a memory, you didn’t realize that you were making memories. You just knew that you were having the time of your lives and showing how much you loved people around you,
I remember your last call with me and those promises, award, jobs .....
you will remain one of my best friend/ client for life,
Good bye
We love you but JAH love you most.
Posted by Emmy Onyx on April 12, 2021
A model since I met you as a young Engineer, can't understand why?
I live with all the straigh-forward discussion as we journey back from work those days in your car!

My phone rings and it's "are you going" or "where are you"

Just grateful you replied my last chat
Posted by John Wejin on April 11, 2021
From my mentor's life, I knew you were a Godly father, and a loving husband. The world has lost an anchor, and heaven welcomes her hero. Goodnight man of valour.
Posted by Ayotunde Elegbeleye on April 11, 2021
You were always a nice, easy going man and I'm sorry you had to leave so soon. You are now with your Lord, rejoicing with the angels; a thought that makes it easier to come to terms with your passing. Keep resting in God's bosom. Good night.
Posted by Kunle Awe on April 11, 2021

He came from his own and returned to his own,
Received and embraced in joy, and
Called and taken back in glory.
Has the man really died?

He left the brilliance of immortality to the shade-less cloud of mortality;
Then the beacon of his real home pulled him back to his immortal abode.
Has the man really died?

He was from no place where boundlessness exists and character holds no contrast;
Appearing in this space—this kink-ful, quirkish region called Earth—
He made his deeds as those of his own defining Nature,
Being destined for a room in the eternal bosom of his Source;
Then the space released its grip on him,
And the man returned to his eternal home, living on in glory.
Has the man really died?

The man is now really living,
Having been delivered from the shackles and vain frivolity of this earthly space,
So that it might be fulfilled that which is heard from heaven,
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on;
Yes, said the Spirit that they may rest from their labours, and their works follow them."

And our brother lives on!

Posted by Omolayo Oladutele on April 10, 2021
My Cousin Foluso
It was a big shock when I saw your pictures posted on Facebook that you were gone.I couldn't control my tears
You were the only one we look up to because dad and mom left at early stage.Its a big loss to us
I know you are in a better place with mom and dad in heaven. I remember memories of Christmas when you always visit owo and also when you were in Futa
May your soul RIP
To Sis Joke
May God strengthen you and the children
It's was just too early
But God knows it's all
Omolayo oladutele
Badejo's family
Posted by moyosore Adegbite on April 10, 2021
Uncle Folusho,

I am grateful I met you, I am grateful you married my cousin; both of you gave me the glimpse of what a marriage between Godly people could be like, all your doings reflected the God kind of love, You loved everyone that was called family unconditionally, me inclusive. The short time you spent was so so impactful. The only thing that comforts me is that you are saved and you are with God.
Posted by Akeju Adesoye on April 10, 2021
Engineer Badejo is the man that I can never forget in my life, he Soo full in love good character very humble man I miss you Soo Soo much.
Sir I we always remember you.
God we be with your family guide them and protect them
Amen and amen
Posted by Wunmi Odebo-Olokoyo on April 10, 2021
He was a perfect gentleman full of virtues. I can go on and on and on to describe his attributes. He was so gentle, calm and selfless. He had a quiet spirit and so full of faith. He was a true son of God, a loving husband to my friend Joke and a devouted father to the core. God knows the reason you had to go home this soon and we can not question him. To us you are not dead but only sleeping in the Lord. We love you but God loves you best. My prayers is that God will continue to bless and keep the family you left behind. Adieu Bro Foluso Badejo.
Posted by Temitope OJO on April 10, 2021
All is well that ends well. Though, I've not met you in person but a summary of the good words read about you here has shown how good you were.

It pains that you have to leave so soon....I remember Ope slept all through at school the day you had the accident, she even mistakenly threw down someone's food...I began to ask if that was a sign after we heard the news before the close of school.

It's well... it's well!!!
Posted by Ezekiel Adebiyi on April 10, 2021
Dearest Sister,

We are not without Hope!. Jesus Christ is the Ressurection and LIfe. WE believe to meet Mofouwasho again at the feet of Our Lord and Savior. He who died so that we can live for Eternity.

God Himself will keep and sustain the family left behind. His Spirit will comfort you at all times.

Farewell dear soldier of Christ. Rest well at His Feet. Amen and amen.

Prof and Dcns Adebiyi Ezekiel
Posted by TDD INVESTMENT TDD INVEST... on April 10, 2021
Engr Folusho Badejo was a lovely person, very reliable and young man of talent and brilliant idea, my family and i , missed you so greatly .I was shocked to the marrow when I heard about the sudden death of my beloved friend and partner. Folusho was the only one I can call anything and answers you immediately. My son David missed your good and brotherly and fatherly advise. My condolences to all the family most especially Dr Mrs Badejo for this irreparable lost. May God Almighty give us the fortitude to bear the lost..Dr Mrs Badejo you are a woman of honour, dignity, a lovely and truly mother with violent Faith and army of Christ, The Lord will not leave you and will fight for you to the end..
Engr and Mrs Yusuf Andrew Bukola
Posted by Segun Fatumo on April 10, 2021

"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord: they rest from their labours." They no longer need to work—for they have entered upon their reward!

Indeed, your hubby is not dead. He will forever LIVE on in your heart.
Posted by Joke Folu-Badejo on April 10, 2021
My Father was born on the 14th of September 1978. He was a good man and cared for us. He provided for us everything that we needed. He was very caring and brought us closer to God. He helped us in everything we find difficult, we prayed with him and helped him in everything he did. He is always available and quick to forgive. May the Lord give him all round rest in Jesus' name Amen.

- Olaoluwa
Posted by Joke Folu-Badejo on April 10, 2021
God bless Dad for training and building me up in the way of the Lord. He taught me the right things to do and the things not to do as a child of God. He also taught me how to pray to God. Thank God he has gone to be with the Lord.
  - Ibukunoluwa
Posted by Joke Folu-Badejo on April 10, 2021
Daddy, I love you because you are a kind and loving father. You promised us that you will stay alive till you are 120 years to see our children’s children. You want us to be greater than you, you love me very much, you always care for us.

Daddy, you are a child of God and you are in heaven.

- Opeoluwa
Posted by Joke Folu-Badejo on April 9, 2021
Mofolumi, God bless the day I met you and much more bless the day I chose to marry you.

You taught me the real definition of love – selfless, sacrificing, highly-supportive, gracious, ever-increasing. I jokingly said you loved me with everything even with your blood and irrespective of anything.

The times we had together, though quite short, are like precious drops of refreshing waters.

You were mostly there, right at the door entrance, when I return from my late work hours.

There was nothing I asked you that I didn’t get from you. You were just a great heart – I can still hear your regular chuckles – it was hard to make you angry. I can go on and on… though my words now cannot express the combustion within.

Spirits don’t die, so I know you are not dead, you live on in the special place of my hearts and much more with the heavenlies. It will be very difficult not to miss you too much but I’ll try day-by-day, even for the children too. Besides, I deeply asked God for mercies to allow me a second-chance with you but hey, He knows best!

I love you Sweetheart; I love you so much and can’t imagine it’s like over.
Posted by Anuli Chukwuma on April 9, 2021
Ever smiling,always taking things cool,You were always calling me on my birthday to pray for me. I will surely miss those prayers. You were kind hearted,I won't forget the 1 year we lived in NCCF family house. You were one of the few brothers that understood that each person had his/unique character and temperament without condemning the person.
I know you are smiling from heaven,a place of peace,a place of no pain and sorrow. Keep sleeping in the Lord. The Lord will surely comfort those you left behind.
Posted by Anuli Chukwuma on April 9, 2021
Ever smiling,always taking things cool,You were always calling me on my birthday to pray for me. I will surely miss those prayers. You were kind hearted,I won't forget the 1 year we lived in NCCF family house. You were one of the few brothers that understood that each person had his/unique character and temperament without condemning the person.
I know you are smiling from heaven,a place of peace,a place of no pain and sorrow. Keep sleeping in the Lord. The Lord will surely comfort those you left behind.
Posted by Innocent Kelechi on April 9, 2021
Your impact in my life will forever be felt , a man that through the archives of the spirit has changed my destiny, the first man that saw a future in me and decided to send me to the university,it’s painful I’m in my final years and you left , he said to me “you shall be great” and truly I can see it in me , you made me realize my potentials , you brought out the God in me , you taught me the way of the lord and that has been our ways , that has made me a better me , memories will surely speak , generations will surely speak good of you , 
You are not dead , righteous man like you don’t die , you only went to be with the lord ❤️, heaven gained the earth lost , we will surely meet again , I love you so so much , keep interceding for us and welcome to the company of the saint , the spirit of just men made perfect, we love u ...
I’m starting from where you stop
Posted by Ayobami Ogunlami on April 9, 2021
Blessed be God Almighty, the Father of Mofoluwasho. Amen.
Engr Mofoluwasho O. Badejo (MOB), my beloved friend, brother and partner in many things. I bless God who made our path to cross, you are indeed a practical child of the Most High, who value the kingdom and all that pertains to it. From the University days that I have known you, you are a kingdom laborer, who love God and the brethren. You are full of life and love, you believe in people’s dreams and help them to achieve it. While you were in HUAWEI, you were concerned about most of us that are yet to be employed and made effort to ensure we got a means of living, you opened your door to me even when it was not convenient for you.
Just like how many thoughts were running through the mind of people , most especially the disciples during the period that Jesus was sleeping, the present situation have kept me looking up and waiting to hear what God is saying.
However, I trust in the Almighty God that the best is what will be, He is ever faithful and just in all situations. I am not saying good night yet, for I know I will be seeing you from time to time, you are indeed part of me, I know that God love you and all that are yours. I am praying for your immediate family and all friends that God will grant all the grace to see the goodness and glory of God in whatever end this, and as God helps me, you will forever be loved, cherished and remembered my dear brother.
To your wife, I say thanks for staying strong and maintaining your stand with God, to your brother, thanks for all the running around, to the children, I am sure God changes not. I am aware of Pastor Ajayi efforts, and many that are there. Peace be unto all in Jesus Christ name, amen.
Posted by phumie love on April 9, 2021
Our Dear Brother-In-Law
It took a while to write this as the pain was just too much. You are now with the master that you loved passionately.
You pursued him relentlessly and lived only for the kingdom.
You were a source of strength, a reliable, amiable and dependable Brother to many including myself. But we take solace in the fact that God knows best; and we believe that you are now in a better place resting in the peace of God.
Thank you for all you did while on earth, your kind smile and all inclusive nature is remarkable. I leave you with a verse in 2 Timothy 4 v 7"I fought the fight,I finished my course;I kept the faith."
Posted by Sam Jacobs on April 8, 2021
Dear Joke and The Badejo Family,

The news of Folu’s passing was a rude shock to us. It is hard to come to terms with his passing but we take solace in knowing that he is eternally with our Lord. Folu was a gentleman in truth and in deeds. His smile, simplicity, and kindness was endearing. We are forever grateful for the hospitality and help you and Folu rendered during our last visit to Nigeria.

May the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit guide Joke and your children’s hearts, and that of other family members through this time and in the days ahead. May your family daily receive supernatural comfort of heaven.

It is well.

Wura & Sam
Posted by Augustine Takpor on April 8, 2021
Engr. Foluso Badejo, I still can't wrap my head around how and why this happened to you; GOD'S OWN FERVENT SON, a true Christian, Mr. Selfless, A man of absolute pure Godly Love, Everybody's trusted person, Mr. Truth and Integrity, Mr. Diligent and Hard-working and so much more. Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! This is really painful. So much that my Christian Faith is greatly shaken!!! But I know God is ever faithful and true. May God console your family. It is well, that's always your language. It is well with your entire family IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN AND AMEN.
Posted by Nne Saturday on April 8, 2021
"Uncle" that was what you were called in NCCF by virtue of your serving position. You had a genuine heart for service in God's business. Joke worked harmoniously with you to ensure our fellowship and activities were in order. I believe your reward is sure in God's presence. May God bless your soul as you rest on. I pray your family shall be stronger for the Lord and be comforted.
Posted by Eghosa Orobator on April 8, 2021
Ever smiling gentle giant who impacted us in a way none other has did.

Your motto was God's will first.

You showed courage and wisdom in all you did and you radiated the Zoe glory in the foot prints you left behind of a truth!

Sleep on great soldier till that glorious resurrection morning...

Barr.Stanley (NCCF)
Posted by KAY JAY on April 7, 2021
always loved..
never forgotten..
forever missed..

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