Since traditional funerals cannot happen at this time, and because Monica’s contacts are global, this page has been created to honour Monica's memory as a friend, relative, sister, daughter, and partner.
Monica lived a full and adventurous life. She loved to tell stories of her contacts and experiences. She cannot tell us stories anymore. We invite you to share your story (or two or more) of an event, an experience, a memorable time with her. Please include your name and how you met (school, work, travel, through a friend,…). Help expand our understanding of how vast her world and influence has been. Feel free to revisit and add more stories or photos at anytime. There are two young nieces that will need to know more about their Aunty Momo who loved them "so, so, so, so, so, much".
As time goes by, and if you are feeling sad about Monica leaving us, you are encouraged to come back to read the stories, be inspired, feel the Love and Light she chose to share with each of us. Know that she lives on in our hearts and whenever you share your love you will be sharing a piece of her love for you.
Posted by Graci Rodriguez C on August 26, 2020
In complete disbelief and very sad to hear this news as I just spoke to Monica literally a couple of days ago. She messaged me to tell me she appreciated something I had mentioned in a group chat and that was so like Monica to go out of her way to make sure you knew you were heard, valued, and appreciated. My first and most memorable memory of Monica was when she took almost 2 hours of her day (weekend) to talk to me and get to know me when I first started working at JUMP! Even though she was in Canada and it was late at night her time (I was in Bangkok) she literally took out time from her day to talk to someone she had never met and make me feel welcome, heard, valued, and appreciated. I will never forget that her inherent kindness was even more evident when we finally meet in person and she greeted me with her big warm smile that always sat perfectly on her face. I will always remember smiling Monica. I am grateful and blessed to have experienced her soul on this earth. I am praying and sending love, hope, and peace to all her loved ones.
Posted by Alexa Freudigmann on August 26, 2020
It is hard to imagine a world now where Monica’s smile and infectious positivity are not a call, text or message away. She was simply one of the best humans I’ve ever had the blessing to know. Her genuine caring nature will be missed by anyone who has the great fortune of knowing her.
She’s been a part of our Inventa family for over a dozen years - a cherished colleague who was the source of energy that drove every team she worked on forward. I will never forget her smile, her bright blue eyes, and the hug that always accompanied her entrance into any room. Also her rosy cheeks! In the summer of 2009 she was touring B.C. with a pre Olympic program and this summer was particularly hot and sunny. I was visiting the team in Kamloops and she came in after a shift... completely red faced and sunburned. I kidded her about using sunscreen - and it became our thing. I think I’ve ended almost every interaction with her since with a sunscreen reminder... she would smile - which only made her cheeks brighten more.
I will carry her spirit, her positivity, her compassion for others with me always. She was so loved and will be so missed.


Posted by Rawn Auld on August 26, 2020
She was my friend. Someone with a wonderful heart and loving soul.
May she rest in peace. X
Posted by Cameron Sinclair on August 26, 2020
I was fortunate enough to work with Monica in 2008-2010 while we travelled across Canada for work with CP and with Coca-Cola. I was also fortunate enough to share a love of the Canucks with her in College and University.

She was one of the most outgoing, positive, passionate, inspring person I have ever met. Always pushing for her best and everyones around her. Her work ethic, love, and determination will live through all of us. She will be missed and am unable to express my words to her family. Prayers are with you all.
Posted by Barry Brady on August 26, 2020
Ryan, i have no words. My wife and I worked with Monica at the David Suzuki Foundation and she was a ray of sunshine. She was always so upbeat and warm, everyone who knew her, loved her. We are in total shock at this news and deeply saddened by it. Lots of love to you and the family!
Posted by Stefan Apostolopoulos on August 26, 2020
There are no words or actions that can quell the emotions. Solace in the fact that Monica was a bright light in everyone's path; a beacon of happiness that will not go out.

From the first time meeting over 10 years ago, to the friendship formed, to the family connections we later discovered, to the concert where your love with Ryan flourished. Intertwined through the years are the memory's that I will always hold true.

Blessed for having you in my life as I will forever cherish the moments of your unrivaled energy, uncontrollable laughter and unmatched drive. Always with love.

I am reminded of a poem excerpt that I envision as Monica's legacy:
   "Do not stand at my grave and weep
   I am not there; I do not sleep.
   I am a thousand winds that blow,
   I am the diamond glints on snow,
   I am the sun on ripened grain,
   I am the gentle autumn rain."
     - Mary Elizabeth Frye
Posted by Helga Davis on August 25, 2020
Monica was FULL of Love and Light that she freely shared with everyone she met. She was an Angel in my world and I believe she is among Heaven's Angels now. She had a higher purpose in life and she did it phenomenally. I like to think she has received a promotion with a greater scope of responsibilities. Her Love and Light will continue to radiate through us, in our hearts and our memories.
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Posted by Elizabeth Anton on September 23, 2020
Dear Colette, Helga and Andrew,
It was with complete disbelief, then shock, that I heard this news that Monica has died. I won't be able to fully express (like many others!) my sadness but want to say that I have been thinking a lot about you and your family and Monica's fiance (who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting). I am just so sorry, Colette, that you have lost your sister and, Helga and Andrew, your daughter. I cannot imagine what you have and are still going through. It is the kind of scary thing that makes you hold on tighter to the loved ones you have, and makes everything in the world look and seem different. I am sure every action and conversation is now laced with both sadness and happy memories. My memories of Monica are both soccer (soccer and soccer!) and how good of a sister she was with you, Colette. You are both cut from the same practical, adventurous, fun and always funny cloth. The lasting image for me will be Monica with her toes in the sand and the handheld radio crackling.
Sending you all huge, non-physically distanced, covid inappropriate, hugs and love. Liz.

Posted by Karen Sonnenberg on September 16, 2020
To Monica's family & friends - it was a shock as I am sure for all of us to here of Monica's passing - I met Monica in August of 2018 while being contracted to work for Educo. Monica's smile and warm heart will be missed. A true light has gone on to universe for all of us to see. May you find peace in remembering her good adventures on our earth plain. Karen
Posted by Emily Keller on September 14, 2020
Dear Ryan, Andrew, Helga, Colette, and Monica's two nieces,

Several weeks have passed and my heart is still aching over the news of Monica's passing. As I try to come to terms with the gut-wrenching loss of the most beautiful and loving friend, my thoughts are with you and I send you love and strength as you navigate the unimaginable pain and the long path of grief and healing. I haven't met all of you, but Monica spoke of you often and somehow I feel like I do know you through her stories - she spoke of you often and loved you all so much. She was especially proud of her two little nieces.

I met Monica in 2014 when we worked together at the David Suzuki Foundation. I'm so grateful that our lives collided because she became a dear friend. I have many memories - lunchtime walks at DSF, dinner dates after work downtown when our offices were just a few blocks apart after we both moved on from DSF, a sweet weekend at Mt Baker with Ryan, Andrew, and Edgar, picnic dinners in the park, movies, the ghost train in Stanley Park. In a city where it can be difficult to make connections, Monica was so generous about inviting us to connect and hang out. I last saw Monica on a sunny Saturday in July when we met up for take-out Thai food at Kits beach. I remember that she looked so radiant - beautiful and glowing with happiness in a lovely summer dress, so full of life and excitement for the future. We really connected through conversation that evening and I'm so grateful that I have that final special memory and feeling of closeness to cherish.

As so many have already expressed, Monica was a ray of light and optimism - a good counterbalance and antidote to my cup-half-empty personality. Being around her always encouraged me to see the world more positively and find the light in darkness. I've been reflecting lately how I can honour Monica's life. Reading the stories on this page, I realize how much we all treasured the effort that Monica made to issue invitations, to visit when nobody else would, to make everyone feel like they meant something special to her. Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to reach out to friends more, say hello on the street when I could look the other way - and I feel her with me each time.

On the day that I learned about Monica's death, I walked - stunned and in disbelief - to a beach in Stanley Park. As I looked out at the blue ocean and tears stung my eyes, I was overcome with the feeling that although she didn't want to leave us so soon, her spirit was somehow at peace.

To Ryan and Monica's family - please reach out for support when you need it. I know that if this tragic situation was reversed, Monica would have been the first to reach out and be there to support. We're here for you.
her Life

Monica's life was MASSIVE.

She accomplished amazing things, traveled too many places to count, and gathered new friends where ever she went and whatever she did. Her life was packed full with rich experiences including skydiving, impromptu bungee jumping, riding a bicycle from Glacier, Washington UP Mt Baker, she went boarding down a volcano in Nicaragua, hang-gliding over Lima Peru, donkey rode the Colca Canyon trail, sailed across Lake Titicaca, made it to the top of Macchu Pichu, went boarding on the giant desert sand dunes of Peru, watched the sunrise from atop a Mayan Pyramid Tikal, hiked the West Coast Trail, visited Haida Gwaii, canoe-camped the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City, kissed the Cod and was screeched in Nfld,  rode horseback and swam with dolphins in the Galapagos, walked the Great Wall of China, ......... Vegas? Ya, she did that too.
Keep an eye on this page for future attempts to summarize Monica's broad scope of positive influence in the world. If you want to know more.....The fuller picture will be revealed in STORIES.
Grew up in Dunbar, attended Dragons & Butterflies Preschool, Kitchener Elementary, Byng High School, Capilano University, St Mary's Kerrisdale Anglican Church,
Work (in no particular order) - White Spot carhop, UBC Golf Course catering, Beach Soccer Blast, Inventa, Newad, Jobfest, RBC Torch Experience, Coca Cola Olympic Torch Relay, David Suzuki Foundation, Urban Rec, JUMP Foundation, PDW, TED Talks, PACE Group, RADIUS,........and more.
Travel - over 30 countries (in no particular order) 
Canada - coast to coast more than once, Germany, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Antigua, Thailand, China, Malaysia, USA, England, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands, Vatican City, Austria, Switzerland, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Barbados, Trinidad, British Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan,..........

Recent stories
Shared by Chelsea MacMullin on September 22, 2020
I was on a run today, working through some things, and I think I’ve finally found the words I wanted to share about Monica. I thought of her throughout my entire run, and ran the fastest I have in quite some time (although nowhere near Monica’s average pace!). That’s what Monica was to me, an inspiration, she made me want to be better.

Not just better athletically though, in many aspects of my life. We both worked in the event industry for a time. I worked in it, for the most part, for myself, and for a paycheck. Monica did it to make the world a better place. I loved hearing about the different projects she was always working on, and how they would impact the community. I’m certain I picked up a few more volunteering gigs after listening to Monica, because excitement about things was contagious.

I remember when we first met, probably around 8 or 9 years ago, as Urban Rec EC’s. I knew immediately that I wanted to be friends with Monica. She was such a happy, optimistic cheerleader for everyone around her. I was lucky enough to play volleyball with Monica for quite a few years, when she had the time between travelling, and all her other activities. We would often be the annoying team that wasn’t paying attention because we were too busy laughing, and sharing stories, on the court. My absolute favourite was the sound effects that Monica would make every time she hit the ball. I’d want to set it to her just so I could hear, “HiYAHHH!” or “KAPOW!” as she smoked the ball over the net.

I’m sad that we lost touch over the years, and absolutely heartbroken that I will never get to see my friend again. Wherever she is now is a whole lot brighter with her light shining there.

I saw something recently that was posted about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but it made me think of Monica, so I’ll share it here:

“When a woman like this leaves our mortal coil,
we owe it to her not to grieve,
not to weep or be sad.
We owe it to her to rise.
To all be a little bit more like her..
To be louder, braver,
so that the girls born today have new heroines to look up to.”
– Donna Ashworth

Monica, you will be so missed.

My 1st Ever Open Water Swim

Shared by JR Hammond on September 14, 2020

Your beautiful soul and seemingly endless smile will forever be on my mind when I share and reflect upon this story for eternity to come.

You, Ryan, Jenny and I ventured up to Sasamat Lake for my 1st ever open water swim. My nervous excitement was instantly calmed upon meeting you for the first time and embracing your positive energy that quickly washed over me and replaced any nerves with your calming, adventurous attitude.

From entering the water, to my patient yet continuous effort in swimming across the lake, you were right along side me the entire way. Ensuring that I was in good hands and embracing the full experience of freedom in it's truest sense that rainy day at the lake.

Now, I will know that no matter where my water adventures will take me in the future, you will continue to have that smile and supportive mindset right beside me.

To the many, many more swimming adventures on this planet during this life and those of the next one.... 

Memories of a true champion!

Shared by Dominik Klein on September 13, 2020
I had the pleasure to get to know Monica through my dear friends Kimberly & Julian, who were living in North Vancouver back in fall 2012. Despite hearing a lot about Monica's incredible personality ahead of our first encounter, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes to understand why people loved her. Monica's presence and energy were simply captivating! In addition, I have come across very few people with the ability to give/share unconditional support regardless of someone's personal status/background/situation. To underline the aforementioned, I recall numerous occasions where Monica went out of her way to make my start in a foreign country (just having moved from Germany) easier without asking for anything in return. I particularly cherish the day we spent snowboarding up in Whistler. It goes without saying that Monica not just organised the whole day trip (pick-up, equipment rental, ski-pass, after ski poutine & beer) but also pushed me out of my comfort zone starting my snowboarding career in style on top of Blackcomb Mountain. Monica always thought big and believed not just in herself but also in the people around her. In line with this, Monica pushed me through my first day on a snowboard (a quite painful but rewarding experience) showcasing incredible teaching/leading skills. Thanks to her resilience, patience, motivation, positivity, and leadership, we managed to both have a fun time while acquiring the basics of snowboarding. I believe that this little story underlines why Monica will always be remembered as a true champion, who embodied all olympic values!

We miss you as a friend and role-model, Monica! 
Dominik & Pascale