June 2021
Hello and Welcome to Monica’s Memorial page.

Monica had a gift for connecting with people. She would reach out to family, friends and people she had never met before. She had a way of making everyone feel valued. She made a point of acknowledging our personal life events - birthday, wedding, anniversary, new born baby, graduation, new job, family loss, etc. If you said to her, “We should get together some time”, Monica was sure to make it happen. I don’t know how she did it. It was her Super Power.

We encourage you to share a favourite Monica memory or event. What do you treasure most about your encounters with her? Did she inspire, motivate or influence you?

Monica’s spirit is shining through the stories and tributes that have already been shared. Please keep them coming! Long stories, short notes and photographs brought together create a more complete understand of how remarkable a person she was. Help each of us heal and celebrate the time we had with her.

August 2020
Since traditional funerals cannot happen at this time, and because Monica’s contacts are global, this page has been created to honour Monica's memory as a friend, relative, sister, daughter, and partner.
Monica lived a full and adventurous life. She loved to tell stories of her contacts and experiences. She cannot tell us stories anymore. We invite you to share your story (or two or more) of an event, an experience, a memorable time with her. Please include how you met (school, work, travel, through a friend,…). Help expand our understanding of how vast her world and influence has been. Feel free to revisit and add more stories or photos at anytime. There are two young nieces that will need to know more about their Aunty Momo who loved them "so, so, so, so, so, much".
As time goes by, and if you are feeling sad about Monica leaving us, you are encouraged to come back to read the stories, be inspired, feel the Love and Light she chose to share with each of us. Know that she lives on in our hearts and whenever you share your love you will be sharing a piece of her love for you.
Posted by Colette Davis on August 29, 2020
I’ve lost a best friend. She was the person who was by my side through all my happiest moments, and who was there as a shoulder to cry on in tough times, even before I had a chance to ask.

Monica, I will remember you:
When I run the seawall.
When I walk in the pouring rain.
When I watch Disney movies or sing their theme songs with your nieces.
When I witness my daughters’ affection for each other.
When I see a rainbow.
When I recycle something, especially if it takes extra effort to do so.
When I travel to places, new or familiar.
And when I do something dumb, I’ll be able to hear your genuine laugh, cheering me up.

I will endeavor to live my life with the kindness and enthusiasm that you modeled, and that inspired so many people you’ve met along the way to do the same.

You were an angel on earth, but your wings were clipped. Now you can soar!
Posted by Jay Korbelik on August 29, 2020
I first met Monica through her sister Colette. I had just returned to Vancouver and was looking for a roommate. We ended up living together for over 6 years and thus my nickname "Roomie Jay" was coined. Monica wasn't only my roommate, she was my running partner, adventure buddy and close friend. When I decided to move to across the country, she came with me. We dodged tornadoes in the prairies, got stuck in the worse traffic jam in Chicago and got up to all sorts of adventures on that memorable trip. Whatever Monica did, she did with a smile on her face. I will always remember that radiant smile. Monica, I will never forget you.
Posted by Arizona Fraser on August 28, 2020
I first "met" Monica over email in early 2018; re-reading that first exchange I am reminded of how I was impressed by her from the get go. It's a rare skill to be able to convey both unbridled enthusiasm and clear professionalism within the same email, yet Monica always pulled it off.

When we eventually met in person up at Educo Adventure School, Monica was incredibly friendly and welcoming. She struck me right away as someone I would be keen to work with, and perhaps the draw of Monica's beautiful energy is part of what pulled me to joining the JUMP! Canada team. Monica and I worked together in the RADIUS co-working space from November 2019 through March 2020, and travelled to/from Thailand together around Christmas. Monica went out of her way to ensure I felt settled and welcome within JUMP! and my new role, and I'll always appreciate her for that.

She was unbelievably hardworking (would answer texts and emails at almost any hour of the day or night) and cared deeply about the quality of each program, all of which contributed immensely to many life-changing experiences for youth in the Vancouver area and beyond.

Specifically I admired her fierce independence in the face of adversity and the sheer scope of her generosity. I am better for having known her. Monica will be greatly missed.

Sending love to Monica's friends, family, and community at large,

Posted by VJ Terzic on August 28, 2020
What a devastating loss. The world was lucky to have known Monica. I can remember meeting Monica for the first time at the RADIUS office. I was in awe of her warm welcome and genuine excitement for life. That energy, enthusiasm was always there, regardless of the challenges of work. So sad to see her gone so soon. Thanks for shining your light on us, Monica, and continuing to inspire us to be better humans.
Posted by Nicola Farmer on August 28, 2020
The sight of Monica bee-lining her way to me across a crowded room, immediately improved every social event I went to in the past few years. Her enthusiasm for those around her was second to none. Since the start of last year we got to know each other a bit more by sharing a few afternoons together. At the beginning of her recovery I could see how hard she had to work but was so impressed with her energy and how open she was about what she was going through. It didn't take her long to be telling stories faster than I do (something she was keen to point out to her rambling British friend!) I feel very lucky to have known you Monica. You will continue to be an inspiration and I will carry you with me until we meet again.
Posted by Alison Wall on August 28, 2020
I feel deeply blessed and privileged to have known and witnessed Monica inspire and engage those around her. Her compassion knew no bounds and her beautiful smile was infectious. The world has lost an amazing person, but her spirit will live on through those that were fortunate enough to learn and work alongside her.
Posted by Elizabeth Stewart on August 28, 2020
I first met Monica when she was five years old and starting kindergarten at Lord Kitchener Elementary School with my daughter, Kim.  There was an extraordinary group of girls in that cohort -- Kim, Emma, Nicole, Erin, Christine, Melanie... and, of course, Monica. I swear none of us were particularly pushy parents, but those girls pushed themselves to excellence in all they pursued, right through high school and beyond. From reading the dozens and dozens of beautiful tributes on this site, it's clear that Monica maintained those standards in every relationship in her life. My heart goes out to Ryan, Andy & Helga, Colette and her family and to Monica's literally hundreds of friends. Monica, your smile shines on.
Posted by Richard Bell on August 28, 2020
Every once in awhile you meet someone special who inspires you to just be better. I met Monica through my daughter, Heather Bell. Although I only saw her occasionally I immediately recognised her as one of those special people. What an incredible lady. She will be missed. Her memory is an inspiration to us all.
Posted by Antony Wilson on August 28, 2020
I was so fortunate to have met and worked with Monica over many years at Mulgrave School through her leadership at the JUMP Foundation in Vancouver. She was an incredible person. Her inspiration, warmth, literally boundless enthusiasm, compassion for everyone and genuine commitment to kickstart young changemakers and make our world a better place were unmatched. She was always there to help us and our students create amazing learning experiences and, no matter how challenging and endless my requests might have been, she somehow figured it out with a smile!

She will be dearly missed by our students, staff and community, but I know her spark and legacy will continue at our school with the great work she started in social justice and global citizenship education for all of us. Our hearts go out to her friends and family at this difficult time.
Posted by Jim Richards on August 27, 2020
I met Monica on the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. While there were close to 500 people on the team, there was only one Monica! Her infectious smile, her kindness and willingness to ensure everyone felt their contribution mattered made her someone who stood out in the crowd. It’s common to find people who take pride in their roles but it’s a delight to meet those special individuals who help elevate everyone on the team and that was Monica. Our mission was to light up the country and Monica would do more than that, she would light up our days. I was lucky enough to cross paths with her from time to time since 2010 and whether it was at a triathlon or on the job, she was consistently energetic, enthusiastic and brimming with life. She was an absolute star and someone who will be missed by all who had the pleasure of even a moment in her company. I am so sorry for your loss; my heart goes out to all her family and close friends.
Posted by William Nicholls-Allison on August 27, 2020
I remember the first time I met you I had already heard so much about your energy and enthusiasm from everybody at JUMP!. As we worked together, I learned of your courage, your creativity, and your incredible passion that had already positively impacted the lives of so, so many people. I was just an intern at JUMP!, yet you treated me with absolute respect, trusted me to work alongside you on big projects, and empowered me to follow my own passions. I was sad to complete my internship for many reasons, but most of all it was because I would no longer have the immense pleasure of working with you each week. You reached out to me in March to send words of encouragement and I still look at those words from time to time. Your belief in me made a big difference in my life. I wish that I had known you for longer yet I am so, so grateful that I got to know you at all. I promise to carry that light that you spread into my life with me as I go off on my own journey. Thank you for helping me, and so many others, on the way.
Posted by Maya Blix on August 27, 2020
I met Monica at the CP tour across Canada in 2008. I remember noticing her at our orientation training sessions at the Inventa office; she stood out like a sore thumb and was impossible to miss. She was a force of nature and you could feel her presence wherever you were. Her smile, her radiance, her energy...her rosy cheeks which got even rosier when she was excited about something. This girl was one in a million and made you feel like you were the only person in front of her. She made everyone on her path feel special. After I moved back to Norway, we stayed in touch on social media. I loved her larger than life posts. Her positivity. Her adventurous spirit - always seeing the best and seeking the light. Years later, when I was back in the US and went on a work trip to Vancouver, I went for a walk in English Bay. I noticed a lady running towards me...she was SMILIING as she was running. I saw the rosy cheeks and the BIG was Monica. She threw herself around my neck and we hugged for what seemed forever. Later that week we went out for dinner and caught up. Monica was and will continue to be a lifelong inspiration. She managed to pack so much into her life and create memories that will last forever <3 <3 <3
Posted by Erzsi Institorisz on August 26, 2020
The light shined bright in this one. I met Monica in 2014 when I spent a week at the David Suzuki Foundation’s office helping with logistics for the Blue Dot tour... Monica was my boss for the week and was awesome. I felt like I was in good hands. She was super approachable and kind. I’d hoped she’d work with us volunteers for a long time but was glad to keep in touch via social to see her go onto other awesome endeavours like JUMP and TED talks. Was shocked to learn of her stroke almost two years ago, she was so active. I got to greet and chat with her one last time in November 2019 at a Blue Dot 5th anniversary event and it was lovely. From the stories shared on this page you can really tell that she always embraced the moment and had joy for life. My deepest condolences to her family, partner and friends . RIP dear Monica
Posted by Mike Wallberg on August 26, 2020
The news of Monica's passing is surprising for its ferocity, for the way it swelled my throat, heart, pupils when I learned the terrible news, for the horrible unfairness, for the burden that we the living will have to bear for the loss. What is most surprising for me is that unlike so many of the lucky others on this page, who knew Monica well and long, I spent a couple of summers playing beach volleyball against her and Ryan, and socializing occasionally. Technically what most might define as an acquaintance. And yet. And yet. And yet I feel consequence and loss at her passing, because she was not an acquaintance, not to me or to people she met on the bus or passed on the street. Monica had a light that erased barriers, even in frosty Vancouver, a light that made friends out of strangers, conducted her bottomless energy and positivity, and as I've read here, for many, hope. Monica was a gift that we were so fortunate to receive. May she rest in peace. Love to Ryan and her family.
Posted by Sophika Kostyniuk on August 26, 2020
I am so deeply saddened to read this news. Monica emanated pure joy, kindness and positivity. I am honoured to have worked alongside her during the Blue Dot tour at the David Suzuki Foundation. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved her.
Posted by David Suzuki on August 26, 2020
My heart is torn. Monica was one of those rare people who filled one with joy at knowing her. I fell in love with her when she joined the Blue Dot tour across Canada. She was lovely inside and outside, always smiling, working like mad without complaint and vibrating with life. When the tour ended, I would have loved to have her work with the David Suzuki Foundation for life. But there was so much she wanted to experience, to see and do, I doubt that we could have ever kept her but I loved that she kept in touch. I was shocked when she suffered a stroke in France, but I knew she would work her guts out to recover. The world is so much poorer with her loss, but she will live bright in the memories of those who were lucky enough to have known her.
Posted by Breanne Oliver on August 26, 2020
Absolutely shocked and saddened to hear this news. Monica was an incredible person. She was absolutely key to the success of the 2008 CP Spirit Train. CP knew they were in capable hands with Monica as a leader of the team. we got to work together numerous times leading up to the 2010 Olympics and stayed in touch beyond that. Last spring following her medical challenges we caught up again via text. She wrote “ I have always been doing meaningful work and living a great life but this experience has really humanize things for me and help me connect to youth in more ways. Turning lemons into lemonade to the best of my ability” She was a warrior, a wise soul and a true giver. Life cut too short, impact that will be missed. We all needed much more of her lemonade.

So sorry for your loss Ryan and Davis family. RIP Monica Davis
Posted by Beth Wolfe on August 26, 2020
I worked with Monica at Inventa leading up to the 2010 Games. She was a rock during an exciting but stressful time. I always knew she would get the job done in the best way possible and always with that big, beautiful smile. She was loved by everyone be they clients, managers, her peers, her staff, or community stakeholders.  Monica was a genuinely beautiful person inside and out and I admired her positive energy and desire to do good things for others. Rest easy, gorgeous girl. You will be missed by so many.
Posted by Kelli Cardinal on August 26, 2020
I’ve known Monica for four years now. We met at a party meant to introduce Ryan’s new girlfriend to his friends. She was so loveable and relatable. There was never a moment of “there’s Ryan’s girlfriend”. She was our friend from the moment we met. Monica was instant joy. You couldn’t help but smile and relax around her. She had a way of making you feel special, and appreciated and important. She never gave just a generic compliment like “great party!”. It was always specific, pinpointing a special touch, pointing out a skill you used, or and idea you had. Encouraging you that with said skills, you could do this thing or that thing! She was amazing. It feels like it should still be she IS amazing. None of this seems real.

She always made sure to connect with my kids, who were and are very shy. It meant the world to me. When my daughter met Monica at that party, she decided that she wanted to give this new friend a gift, and so presented Monica with a small plastic diamond. An unofficial welcome to the family, and just a few weeks ago Monica sent me a picture showing that she still had that diamond nestled amongst shells in her bathroom. She always struck up conversations with all the kids, made sure they were listened to, and valued. And they knew it, and were comfortable with her too.

My daughter is now 8, and was just starting to get to know Monica. We had just gone for a girls date on Monica’s birthday. Monica and I had decided that every time we got together, we would bring something from our past to share. A memory, or a card, or a silly photo, just something so we’d get to know the other better. That day we brought gifts for Monica, and memories. I shared some old cards that were special to me, my daughter brought questionnaires filled in by guests at her first birthday, and Monica shared some favorite stories and traditions. We were all so excited to share and to listen. It was one of my favorite coffee dates.

I have a few stories to share about Monica, but for now I’ll just end with Monica was my friend. In four short years, she became a cherished part of my life, both for who she was, and for how she loved my friend Ryan. We all saw how that love grew and changed, how they supported each other and faced their challenges together. They believed in each other, and their happiness together was beautiful to watch. Her loss feels catastrophic, and my heart is holding all those who loved her. She was my friend, I loved her very much, and I will miss her more than I can put into words.
Posted by Mark Korst on August 26, 2020
I have always been so proud of my niece. Always a smile, always thinking of how she can make this world a better place. I recall her turning down a job offer by the president of a well known corporation. He had witnessed her giving her all to his project and wanted her to be part of his team. She would excelled. The offer was turned down because she felt she wanted a career that gave back to the world, not success for the shareholders.

When she was with the TED organization Andrew and I discovered we could watch the Vancouver production at the public library. Her dad and I were so proud to be part of a production that she was involved with, even bragging to the others gathered around the screen that she was behind the scenes.

I can’t tell you how many times I have proudly told friends about Monica’s life accomplishments and her commitment to a better world. Monica has left this world after touching thousands of lives in such a loving positive way. Monica you are loved and will be missed. Love Uncle Mark.
Posted by Dorothy Keung on August 26, 2020
I know about Monica through her Mom, Helga. Helga and I work in the same office. I met Monica once when she visited our office after her return from Paris. She just talked with me for the first few minutes, I have already felt the connection with her, it looked like I have known her for many years. I still remember that day that she wore the boots and walked side by side with her Mom. The moments being with her was remarkable that I enjoyed so much listening for what she said about her goals and adventures. I am very fortunate that I was able to meet with her face to face and feel her compassionate with people.

Monica is in my pray for the repose of her soul. She is definitely be missed by everyone who knows her.

- Dorothy Keung
Posted by Lindsay Jeffs on August 26, 2020
I met Monica through Ernest. Her enthusiasm, optimism and happiness always brought a smile to my face. She brightened my day every time I saw her. I will miss her laugh and smile. May she rest in peace. My deepest condolences to Ryan and to Monica's family. 
Posted by Luca Bertacchi on August 26, 2020
We met during Vancouver 2010 and we spent the 15 days of the games working together for Coke for our dear Nicola K. I perfectly remember when we went to Whistler and you drove all the way to allow me to take pictures. Then, last year after almost 9 year we met again when I came to the hospital here in Paris to bring you some fresh fruits. Even in that situation your smile was big and your eyes full of happiness. It’s a very sad news. You have been a very unique person and you‘ll be remembered also as a special person that have given lots of unforgettable big smiles .
Posted by Trina Mousseau on August 26, 2020
I worked with Monica at Inventa many years ago. Her light and energy was undeniable. She brightened up my day every time I saw her.
Posted by Panos G on August 26, 2020
I had the great pleasure of working closely with Monica at the David Suzuki Foundation in 2015. After she went across Canada with the Blue Dot Tour, we knew that Monica was wildly capable of leading a tour of coastal B.C. with David Suzuki, Tara Cullis and other staff.

We met with Indigenous leaders and community members, 10 stops in 10 small communities: the logistics were quite complex. Monica handled everything with a huge smile, despite how tight the schedule was.

Even though we had early starts for travel, Monica managed to get out for morning 10k runs and ran a tight ship, but never lost her cool.

I’ll never forget when she walked up to me at the Bella Bella airport and said “We don’t have any tickets for this flight.” She wasn’t in a panic, she just had that smile that we all know and started laughing!

Monica never looked backwards, she just went into problem solving mode, managing to get David on the flight through a series of small miracles. I just saw Monica a few months ago on the seawall, she was with Ryan, beaming and full of energy. That’s how she was.

Monica leaves us with a legacy of brightness, positivity and hope. Thank you to her family for raising her—our love goes out to you.
Posted by Jocelyn Huber on August 26, 2020
I've only met Monica a few times, so the fact I feel compelled to share my memories of her speaks to her warm, friendly, and wonderful character. I met Monica while volunteering at the Santa Claus Parade in Vancouver. She was a great addition to the operations team and her calm demeanor, warm smile, and friendly nature are all things I will remember about her. 
To all of Monica's friends and family, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. May you find peace in this difficult time. Sending hugs to all who need it.
Posted by Graci Rodriguez C on August 26, 2020
In complete disbelief and very sad to hear this news as I just spoke to Monica literally a couple of days ago. She messaged me to tell me she appreciated something I had mentioned in a group chat and that was so like Monica to go out of her way to make sure you knew you were heard, valued, and appreciated. My first and most memorable memory of Monica was when she took almost 2 hours of her day (weekend) to talk to me and get to know me when I first started working at JUMP! Even though she was in Canada and it was late at night her time (I was in Bangkok) she literally took out time from her day to talk to someone she had never met and make me feel welcome, heard, valued, and appreciated. I will never forget that her inherent kindness was even more evident when we finally meet in person and she greeted me with her big warm smile that always sat perfectly on her face. I will always remember smiling Monica. I am grateful and blessed to have experienced her soul on this earth. I am praying and sending love, hope, and peace to all her loved ones.
Posted by Alexa Freudigmann on August 26, 2020
It is hard to imagine a world now where Monica’s smile and infectious positivity are not a call, text or message away. She was simply one of the best humans I’ve ever had the blessing to know. Her genuine caring nature will be missed by anyone who has the great fortune of knowing her.
She’s been a part of our Inventa family for over a dozen years - a cherished colleague who was the source of energy that drove every team she worked on forward. I will never forget her smile, her bright blue eyes, and the hug that always accompanied her entrance into any room. Also her rosy cheeks! In the summer of 2009 she was touring B.C. with a pre Olympic program and this summer was particularly hot and sunny. I was visiting the team in Kamloops and she came in after a shift... completely red faced and sunburned. I kidded her about using sunscreen - and it became our thing. I think I’ve ended almost every interaction with her since with a sunscreen reminder... she would smile - which only made her cheeks brighten more.
I will carry her spirit, her positivity, her compassion for others with me always. She was so loved and will be so missed.


Posted by Rawn Auld on August 26, 2020
She was my friend. Someone with a wonderful heart and loving soul.
May she rest in peace. X
Posted by Cameron Sinclair on August 26, 2020
I was fortunate enough to work with Monica in 2008-2010 while we travelled across Canada for work with CP and with Coca-Cola. I was also fortunate enough to share a love of the Canucks with her in College and University.

She was one of the most outgoing, positive, passionate, inspring person I have ever met. Always pushing for her best and everyones around her. Her work ethic, love, and determination will live through all of us. She will be missed and am unable to express my words to her family. Prayers are with you all.
Posted by Barry Brady on August 26, 2020
Ryan, i have no words. My wife and I worked with Monica at the David Suzuki Foundation and she was a ray of sunshine. She was always so upbeat and warm, everyone who knew her, loved her. We are in total shock at this news and deeply saddened by it. Lots of love to you and the family!
Posted by Stefan Apostolopoulos on August 26, 2020
There are no words or actions that can quell the emotions. Solace in the fact that Monica was a bright light in everyone's path; a beacon of happiness that will not go out.

From the first time meeting over 10 years ago, to the friendship formed, to the family connections we later discovered, to the concert where your love with Ryan flourished. Intertwined through the years are the memory's that I will always hold true.

Blessed for having you in my life as I will forever cherish the moments of your unrivaled energy, uncontrollable laughter and unmatched drive. Always with love.

I am reminded of a poem excerpt that I envision as Monica's legacy:
   "Do not stand at my grave and weep
   I am not there; I do not sleep.
   I am a thousand winds that blow,
   I am the diamond glints on snow,
   I am the sun on ripened grain,
   I am the gentle autumn rain."
     - Mary Elizabeth Frye
Posted by Helga Davis on August 25, 2020
Monica was FULL of Love and Light that she freely shared with everyone she met. She was an Angel in my world and I believe she is among Heaven's Angels now. She had a higher purpose in life and she did it phenomenally. I like to think she has received a promotion with a greater scope of responsibilities. Her Love and Light will continue to radiate through us, in our hearts and our memories.
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Posted by Blair Slater on August 21, 2022
Hey Mons, thinking of you today and sending well wishes to all of your family and friends. We are all so lucky to have shared such great moments together and be inspired by you.
Posted by Loxley McNeill on August 20, 2022
Keeping Monica in my heart and in my thoughts today, as I take a walk along the river and soak in the beauty of nature. 
Posted by Emma Barker on June 27, 2022
Dear Monica,
Yesterday was your birthday. I think, in true Monica fashion, you were a busy bee spending time with the many people on this earth and elsewhere who love you.

This morning I was leafing through an old journal and came across your name. A sacred pause. Of the many gifts you shared in your life and beyond, this one I feel especially grateful for.

When you sidle up in my heart, there is no other option but to pause. I close my eyes, feel my eyelids fluttering as your come into my consciousness. In my chest, a kind of hum--which is so fitting and makes me smile. This vibrating, hummingbird energy spreads through my body and there is a sense of being connected to you.

In my mind's eye, we are side by side, surrounded by this big, beautiful, fuchsia energy.

I miss you Mon. I'm going back to Vancouver for a visit this week and feel a heaviness knowing that I won't get to see you, at least not in the traditional sense.

I'm remembering how on past visits we would often meet at Starbucks on Kits Beach. I would always get a coffee of some variety, but you, being the sweet-loving hummingbird woman that you are, would get some unusual creation, like peppermint tea with a few pumps of chocolate-flavoured syrup.

We would walk along the beach and talk about our work and relationships, foods we were into, random things that had happened, plans for the future...

Lots of laughter but always too, some foray into the bigger questions. A comfy swing between the mundane and profound. Never a dull conversation with you Monica. And always, your incredible ability to lift me up from some of my darker moments, into the bright sunshine-y light.

It's a beautiful day today. In a little while, I will take my coffee down to the secret garden, a lovely shady area in the backyard that I think of as our spot. I will sit on the wooden bench, listen to the wind riffle through the pear trees and the hum of the highway (you would have a positive spin on this particular sound I know).

Pause. Feel the weight of this grief.

But feel too, the sense of magic and tiny bubbles of joy that arise when you are near.

I miss you friend, today and always.

I'll be here in our spot, saving you a seat beside me.
her Life

Monica's life was very full and exciting.

She accomplished amazing things, traveled too many places to count, and gathered new friends where ever she went and whatever she did. Her life was packed full with rich experiences including skydiving, impromptu bungee jumping, riding a bicycle from Glacier, Washington UP Mt Baker, she went boarding down a volcano in Nicaragua, hang-gliding over Lima Peru, donkey rode the Colca Canyon trail, sailed across Lake Titicaca, made it to the top of Macchu Pichu, went boarding on the giant desert sand dunes of Peru, watched the sunrise from atop a Mayan Pyramid Tikal, hiked the West Coast Trail, visited Haida Gwaii, canoe-camped the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City, kissed the Cod and was screeched in Nfld, rode horseback and swam with dolphins in the Galapagos, walked the Great Wall of China, several triathalons, a half Ironwoman, Whistler Tough Mudder,......... Vegas? Yup, she did that too.
Keep an eye on this page for future attempts to summarize Monica's broad scope of positive influence in the world. If you want to know more.....The fuller picture will be revealed in STORIES.
Grew up in Dunbar, attended Dragons & Butterflies Preschool, Kitchener Elementary, Byng High School, Capilano University, St Mary's Kerrisdale Anglican Church, Westside Church
Work (in no particular order) - White Spot carhop, UBC Golf Course catering, Beach Soccer Blast, Inventa, Newad, Jobfest, RBC Torch Experience, Coca Cola Olympic Torch Relay, David Suzuki Foundation, Urban Rec, JUMP Foundation, PDW, TED Talks, PACE Group, RADIUS,........and more.
Travel - over 30 countries (in no particular order) 
Canada - coast to coast more than once, Germany, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Antigua, Thailand, China, Malaysia, USA, England, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands, Vatican City, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guateloupe, British Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan,..........

Recent stories

Happy Birthday Monica!

Shared by Chris Bowers on June 26, 2022
You were always great at remembering birthdays.  We will not forget yours.

Happy Birthday Mon

Shared by Lindsay Racco on June 26, 2022
I hope you're partying up in heaven today (and every day). I miss you greatly

Special Moments

Shared by Helga Davis on April 11, 2022
Hi Monica,
This morning I decided to wear your Haida Gwaii silver hummingbird bracelet. It's Sophie's birthday and I wanted to feel your spirit with me today.
I can clearly remember us entering the hospital room six years ago and your sister introducing us to our newest family member, Sophie Monica. We were all emotional and had tears. You Monica, you were bawling, doing your happy-crying-laughing. Your face was red and the tears were streaming down. It was a very memorable occasion.
After work today, with my colour changing mug from Auntie Edie, I headed to the townhouse for a birthday celebration. As Colette cut and served birthday cake, I dazzled Sophie and Caity with boiling water in my heat sensitive deep purple mug that transitioned to green and miraculously revealed the image of a hummingbird. While eating cake my eyes went to the hummingbird feeder outside. It had been hanging there for several weeks. Every 5 to 7 days the water has been changed to keep it fresh with hopes of attracting a visitor. No hummingbird had been seen yet.....and then it happened. "LOOK!" at that moment we all watched as a hummingbird hoovered by the feeder, took a sip, hoovered a little and then zipped away.
Monica, your spirit was definitely with me/us today.Thanks for the specially timed visit.