Shared by Chelsea MacMullin on September 22, 2020
I was on a run today, working through some things, and I think I’ve finally found the words I wanted to share about Monica. I thought of her throughout my entire run, and ran the fastest I have in quite some time (although nowhere near Monica’s average pace!). That’s what Monica was to me, an inspiration, she made me want to be better.

Not just better athletically though, in many aspects of my life. We both worked in the event industry for a time. I worked in it, for the most part, for myself, and for a paycheck. Monica did it to make the world a better place. I loved hearing about the different projects she was always working on, and how they would impact the community. I’m certain I picked up a few more volunteering gigs after listening to Monica, because excitement about things was contagious.

I remember when we first met, probably around 8 or 9 years ago, as Urban Rec EC’s. I knew immediately that I wanted to be friends with Monica. She was such a happy, optimistic cheerleader for everyone around her. I was lucky enough to play volleyball with Monica for quite a few years, when she had the time between travelling, and all her other activities. We would often be the annoying team that wasn’t paying attention because we were too busy laughing, and sharing stories, on the court. My absolute favourite was the sound effects that Monica would make every time she hit the ball. I’d want to set it to her just so I could hear, “HiYAHHH!” or “KAPOW!” as she smoked the ball over the net.

I’m sad that we lost touch over the years, and absolutely heartbroken that I will never get to see my friend again. Wherever she is now is a whole lot brighter with her light shining there.

I saw something recently that was posted about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but it made me think of Monica, so I’ll share it here:

“When a woman like this leaves our mortal coil,
we owe it to her not to grieve,
not to weep or be sad.
We owe it to her to rise.
To all be a little bit more like her..
To be louder, braver,
so that the girls born today have new heroines to look up to.”
– Donna Ashworth

Monica, you will be so missed.

My 1st Ever Open Water Swim

Shared by JR Hammond on September 14, 2020

Your beautiful soul and seemingly endless smile will forever be on my mind when I share and reflect upon this story for eternity to come.

You, Ryan, Jenny and I ventured up to Sasamat Lake for my 1st ever open water swim. My nervous excitement was instantly calmed upon meeting you for the first time and embracing your positive energy that quickly washed over me and replaced any nerves with your calming, adventurous attitude.

From entering the water, to my patient yet continuous effort in swimming across the lake, you were right along side me the entire way. Ensuring that I was in good hands and embracing the full experience of freedom in it's truest sense that rainy day at the lake.

Now, I will know that no matter where my water adventures will take me in the future, you will continue to have that smile and supportive mindset right beside me.

To the many, many more swimming adventures on this planet during this life and those of the next one.... 

Memories of a true champion!

Shared by Dominik Klein on September 13, 2020
I had the pleasure to get to know Monica through my dear friends Kimberly & Julian, who were living in North Vancouver back in fall 2012. Despite hearing a lot about Monica's incredible personality ahead of our first encounter, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes to understand why people loved her. Monica's presence and energy were simply captivating! In addition, I have come across very few people with the ability to give/share unconditional support regardless of someone's personal status/background/situation. To underline the aforementioned, I recall numerous occasions where Monica went out of her way to make my start in a foreign country (just having moved from Germany) easier without asking for anything in return. I particularly cherish the day we spent snowboarding up in Whistler. It goes without saying that Monica not just organised the whole day trip (pick-up, equipment rental, ski-pass, after ski poutine & beer) but also pushed me out of my comfort zone starting my snowboarding career in style on top of Blackcomb Mountain. Monica always thought big and believed not just in herself but also in the people around her. In line with this, Monica pushed me through my first day on a snowboard (a quite painful but rewarding experience) showcasing incredible teaching/leading skills. Thanks to her resilience, patience, motivation, positivity, and leadership, we managed to both have a fun time while acquiring the basics of snowboarding. I believe that this little story underlines why Monica will always be remembered as a true champion, who embodied all olympic values!

We miss you as a friend and role-model, Monica! 
Dominik & Pascale 
Shared by Katie Trydal on September 13, 2020
I’ve struggled to find the right words to say or find one special moment together to share. Looking back on old photos from high school reminded me of all the wonderful times I shared a laugh with Mon. She was such a wonderful friend that I admired so much for her energy and zest to live life to the fullest. I don’t remember where this photo was taken but I know it was a good night based on her smile. Miss you Mon xo

Her Spirit Animal

Shared by Helga Davis on September 10, 2020
Monica’s contract work took her to many remote areas of BC where she encountered many interesting people in different cultures.  It was during these work related tours that she learned about spirit animals. She was thrilled to hear that her spirit animal was the hummingbird.

Earlier this week I decided to learn what the characteristics of this spirit animal are.

joy, playfulness, enjoyment of life, lightness of being, adaptability, ability to response quickly, express love fully, tireless pursuit of finding the sweetness of life, travel great distances, using their wings in magical ways

Add energetic and delicately powerful to the above and I’d say that’s a very accurate description of Monica.  Every time I see a hummingbird I will think of her.

The Sky is Falling

Shared by Carson Townsend on September 9, 2020
I've never met someone like Monica, brimming with a smile that made even the worst day worth it. I remember one time the ceiling of her co-working space fell on top of her, and she messaged the team something along the lines of, 'I've been meaning to re-organize!' I remember polar bear-ing with her and Ryan one winter, knowing throughout—from touching the sand, to stripping to a swimsuit, to barreling through a wall of people to plunge into the ocean—'this is a bad idea.' Yet, immediately after, Monica drove into me, "You did it!" like I had just finished a marathon.

We worked at JUMP! together and after every phone call I was in awe of her drive and positive attitude, and scrolling through our 1:1 messages she made me feel so valuable, so worthy. As I read the messages on this board, I recognize that that was her superpower, she was everyone's cheerleader, could make everyone feel like they had her undivided attention and care, inspiring all of us to be the best we could be. I cannot believe she is gone in large part because I still feel her kindness. 

Monica, I cannot think of anything more unfair than your early passing. I hope you knew how amazing, how world-changing you were, and I am sorry I didn't tell you that every day. 

My Brothers Soulmate

Shared by Devyn McNeill on September 7, 2020
The most memorable moments I have with you always seemed to be in the morning before the rest of the family had woke up. But that was your style I guess. Always doing what I thought was crazy. Waking up on days off super early. But not just that you usually seemed to just be getting back in the house/cottage as I woke up. I'd wonder what it was you were doing up so early on your vacation only to be shocked when you'd tell me casually you had just returned from a swim around the island at 7am( it's a big island). Or coming in with rosey cheeks from the winter cold just as early or earlier wearing barely anything to keep you warm stating as long as you kept moving your body would keep you warm. Again I'd ask what it was you were doing only to hear again casually you had just ran several kilometers. It was easy to see the love between you and my brother and I was ready to have you as a sister. 2020 took alot from all of us but il remember you Monica

OPEN HAPPINESS- oh yes you did!

Shared by Michelle Dupuis on September 7, 2020
Dear Monica,
It has been several days since I learned the news of your passing. Shock, horror, sadness, literal heartache. I do not accept news like this well. Who does? I have read many of the memories of your friends and family,  family to be,  and I echo their sentiments (with tears dripping from my heart). 

You and I met while working the Olympic Torch Relay for Coca Cola in 2009. We traveled across our great country spreading the positive word of the upcoming Olympic Games. We were roommates many nights along the 4 month journey, where I remember us sharing stories of our day, stories of our lives, talking about our achievements, goals and ambitions.  You always entered the room with your huge, beautiful smile - I will never ever forget you.  

You gracefully invited me to couch surf at your downtown Vancouver apartment during the Olympics which I took advantage of. We kept in touch over the years always making a point to see one another when possible- you came to Banff, I came to Vancouver. We always encouraged and supported one another on Facebook while sharing our world travels.

You led the life you always wanted- you traveled, explored, taught, inspired, you lived large, loved large and smiled your contagious, beautiful smile large. You have made a HUGE impact on many lives Monica- I hope you are proud of that. Our world is much different without you.

I was saddened to learn of your stroke and visited you in Vancouver last April where you introduced me to Ryan. I was so happy for you - you found the love you deserved. You looked so happy.

My deepest condolences to Ryan, your family, Ryan's family, all of the friends who adored you, including me-  we did not get enough of were like a happiness magnet- just like the Olympic Torch Relay theme- you OPENed HAPPINESS- always.

Like so many others, I miss you and look forward to seeing your smile and meeting your spirit when my day comes.

RIP my dear friend. 

Shared by Loxley McNeill on September 6, 2020
I was at dinner when a friend of mine relayed to me that finally, after 10yrs of being with her husband, his sister had opened up to her.   The sister in law had never been “rude”, but my friend said she could feel the internal eye roll from her when she was her usual friendly self.   “Oh my god” I said “...I think I do that to my brothers girlfriend”.   On my drive home I thought of you and your over-the-top constant bubbly joy.   Here I was, retreating further away every time I was met with your positive nature, and I think you could feel my internal eye roll to your extreme enthusiasms because the cooler and more distant I was, the happier and more friendly you became.   I realized how incredibly stupid I was being because Ryan had been the happiest I had ever seen him, and I believe you were a big piece of his puzzle.    I realized too that I wanted you to like me, and that I was excited he was dating someone so lovely.   I started fantasizing of all the ways we could be great friends and that I would finally have a sister in law.   Your energy was palpable at any given moment, and you were hilarious, and I was excited to know you better.  The first time we were able to speak deeply, we were looking out at the lake on a beautiful morning, drinking coffee, and you told me you wanted to have kids with Ryan.   That trip we were able to connect several times and I really started to love you.   It was like you woke up with a smile and a willingness for each and every day.   I was so happy for Ryan, to see he had finally found someone who recognized his valiant character and looked at him with adoration.   I wish I had held on to you longer.    I wish I had talked to you more.   I wish we had set up more dates and didn’t let life get in the way.   I wish I had told you how grateful I am that you came into our lives and into our family.    I wish I could have helped.  Like all of us, I have so many questions, so many more things I had to say to you, so many more times I wanted to hug you, so many more memories to look forward to.  The earth will never see a soul so pure again.    I don’t think any of us will encounter another light as effervescent as yours.     I know your memory will live on as all of the people who loved you carry in their hearts the infectious joy you created.   I know our family will talk about you with so much love for years to come, and we will miss you every time.    

How to Find the Joy

Shared by Emma Barker on September 6, 2020
Dear Monica
I miss you
The way you would tilt your head back and laugh
With wild abandon
And an actual twinkle in your eye

You are beautiful
Gorgeous actually
I always noticed this about you but can't remember ever telling you

It comes in waves
Had to pull over by the side of the road
Picked a small bouquet of wildflowers
The occasional car shushing by

Thought about the last time I saw you
We went for a walk by the sea
Like we’ve done so many times before
Thirty years of friendship
What a gift

I looked around for a good spot to lay your bouquet
Stood it up between two rocks
A splash of brightness amidst the gray
At that exact moment
A butterfly landed

Watching the intricately patterned wings
Opening and closing
One wing damaged
Still beautiful
More beautiful

Later on I looked it up. Butterflies:
Grace, playfulness, positivity
Finding joy in life
That was you
Through and through

My dear friend
You lived your life in a bright, vivacious way
Your warmth drew others near

Thank you for showing me how to find the joy
And laugh with wild abandon
Face turned up towards the sky
I imagine you up there
Smiling down on me

Holding the Space

Shared by Andrew Stegemann on September 4, 2020
With Ryan on bended knee, I was the one receiving a proposal now. “Will you be the MC at our wedding” he cooed with Monica failing to stifle an oh-so-Monica laugh and looking at me with wide-eyed expectation. Of course, I said yes. Monica was the MC at the wedding of Heather and I, and who wouldn’t want to be the MC at a COVID times wedding? Heather and I had already given birth to a COVID times baby, after all (okay- Heather gave birth, I cheered her on). Of course, as we know, not all things come to pass as intended, and so I now want to go back to my wedding, where Monica entertained our guests and ushered the evening along. As can be imagined, the energy from our MC was upbeat and lively, but the full of life Monica that shone so often also knew how to shift that energy and give it to others. My mother was having a nerve fueled hard time, as happens, with the speech she wanted to give. And so, I pulled Monica over and told her what was happening. Monica nodded with that “I got this” smile and went about her way. As the time for the speech arrived, Monica gently took my mom by the hand, whispered something to her, and walked her up to the mic by her side. Monica stood a few feet away the whole time. You’d think that it was a nervous, halted speech, but the space that Monica was holding for my mom was palpable. She may as well have been spreading pixie dust. My mom, with a shining light beside her, pulled a speech out of her hat so eloquent it made the groom ugly cry in front of all his guests and then ended it with everyone laughing. Monica beamed. My mom beamed. The whole wedding beamed. That’s Monica.

Thanks for One Last Hurrah

Shared by Victoria Fraser on September 4, 2020
I met Monica a few years ago through my friend Jay who was her roommate at the time. She's the kind of person you don't meet very often. Her personality and joy is infectious. Even when I hadn't seen her in years, she would welcome me with a vivacity into whatever situation and I instantly felt comfortable. I remember bumping into her at Kits Beach, or on the Grouse Grind, and even if it was brief it felt like I belonged and that only days had passed since I had seen her.  

To my own regret, I was never close friends with Monica, but I admired her energy and positivity. Truthfully, despite being acquaintances for years, I only added her on Facebook a few weeks ago. Last minute, I was invited on a little roadtrip to Penticton with Monica and some other friends and we had a great weekend together. After floating on a river and drinking more wine in one weekend than I had in the last year, I was excited to reconnect with Monica.

Sadly, we're not able to do that, but I am grateful to have spent those few days with her. I hope to live my life with as much love and energy as Monica did. She may have left us too soon, but we can still spread joy and happiness into the world like she did. 

I'm thinking of you now as I drink the wine we bought in Penticton (but if I'm being honest it tasted better when we were drunk).

Thanks for the last adventure Monica. 

The brightest light

Shared by Rebekka Flam on September 4, 2020
Monica was truly one of the kindest, bravest, most badass humans I've ever met. A marathon running, ice-cream loving, fellow JUMPer around the world <3 We shared some beautiful and inspiring moments together working in Thailand and Malaysia. She was both a mentor and a friend, teaching me about facilitation and never afraid to be vulnerable and share her life experiences. She blessed so many people with her positive energy. Although I only worked with her for a short time, it was such a privilege to be around someone so caring and motivating. Shine on Monica. We love and miss you.

Singing to the cows

Shared by Tessa Ruttan on September 3, 2020
Yesterday I was walking down a little country road in France and came upon a family of cows and was immediately overcome with grief. A memory flashed back to our trip together to Taize, France 20+ years ago, skipping along country roads together singing loudly to the cows. Giggling away as we went. 
So many moments shared with you my sweet silly wise kind beautiful friend. 
Youth group, camp, Saltspring, France, Whistler..truth or dare (like no other!), spin the bottle, dance routines, costumes, much laughter till our insides ached. You were a huge part of my formative years. Some of our first big talks about spirituality and philosophy, first crushes, first parties. I loved you like family. As time passed and life carried on we lost touch a bit, I often thought fondly of you, intending to reach out. Im so sad I didn’t. That I didnt get to meet your love Ryan, or tell you the news that I am to be a mum. Im sorry I wasn’t reaching out more when I knew of your brain injury, I cant imagine how difficult that must have been. I thought of you often, thinking if course there would always be more time. Thank you for the lesson, not to take this precious time we have together for granted. To embrace our loved ones always and reach out when we think of them. I hope you can feel my love for you now, and that wherever you are you are surrounded in unbounded peace and love. Till we meet again sweet friend. Love you always. 

Adventurer Always.

Shared by Rox LG on September 2, 2020
My heart goes out to you Helga, Andrew, Colette, Mallory and family. 

Ryan, even though we’ve never met,  please know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve heard so much about you over the years. Thank you for loving Monica the way that she deserved to be loved and know that you’re loved by her world. 

Monica was my first friend when I transferred to Byng half-way through grade 10 after a difficult life eventShe was one of the few that came to my parent’s old home out of catchment in those early days.

When I think of Monica, I’m reminded by the images of her having the largest grin ear-to-ear. I always hold memories of her big smirk with her tongue partially sticking out. I always think of spoons hanging off of her nose or ice cream/whipped cream dollops on her nose. She was one of the silliest friends I’ve had and she made everything feel fun and lighter. Everything was done with an added flare of playfulness and incredible laughter.


As always, I’m in my head and getting super emotional while procrastinating trying to put words to my feelings and thoughts. There are so many incredible memories and so many feelings that I associate with you but these are the ones that are present for me today;

I’ll always remember the time you got me into playing girls rugby somehow (I didn’t last long). However, you made it seem less terrifying and full of laughter, I remember running around the field laughing.

I’ll always remember sitting at your family dinner table where it was determined that for months the chocolate pudding from the basement pantry had been solely stocked for my enjoyment, I remember the look on everyone’s face like it was yesterday and tell this story often. I remember spending countless meals with you and your family and I’m forever grateful for being so welcomed and nurtured in your home.

I’ll always remember your phone call about the ‘buzzing bees’.

I always remember and tell the story of the time we ran around downtown Vancouver and the Pan Pacific Hotel Lobby laughing ridiculously with toilet seat covers on our heads as hats.

The movie Jeepers Creepers and the theme song will always remind me of you and I can never hear it without hearing your voice singing that song to this day!

I’ll always remember my first friend vacation away as it was with you and our girlfriends to Osooyos. I thought we were so adult and cool, when in reality we were so baby faced! I’ll remember the banana boat and the special bus.

I’ll always remember the times spent in Mike’s basement watching all of the hockey games and the parties in our early twenties. I remember spending so much time at Ryan Clay’s house eating rows upon rows of cookies, watching movies, and watching hockey on the regular (funny thing is that I hate hockey, but I loved watching it with you because you got so worked up and cheered so enthusiastically).

You were my regular go-to for snowboarding and mountain adventures, and I’ve enjoyed countless visits to the mountain with you over the years. In all reality,  I would try for any random activity as I knew there was a chance you’d be into it. It didn’t matter how random or how much time had passed- you were always so game for pretty much anything if the timing worked. I love that about you. I’ll forever miss that about you.

I loved getting your email updates about your adventures and misadventures of the Caribbean boat when we were younger. As an adult, I was so excited to hear that the story was being written into a book. I hope to read what has been written one day. That story has always stuck in my mind.

I’ll always remember how much we laughed even during stressful serving shifts at White Spot and the UBC Golf Course. You made it so much fun. You trained me and it was hilarious, I don’t know why anyone let us work together. We were responsible for sure, but we were loud. So loud.

I’ll always remember dancing with you. We had found ourselves in many friend groups over the years, but they all had dancing components.

You got me interested to join and volunteer at all sorts of events over the years and it was always so upbeat.

Every drive we had was always accompanied by loud singing, no matter the song. I even recall intentionally turning up the car volume at times, only to to hear your singing voice raised- it was so funny and happened often :)

You were one of the few I enjoyed running with. I honestly will always associate Jericho Beach with you. We ran that beach path so many times regardless of how late at night or how rainy it was. I remember watching your soccer blast tournaments and playing some rec volleyball briefly ( I was terrible but you didn’t mind, you were so supportive and positive about me essentially loosing the games).

I love that we both ended up working random contracts and travelled often. You were always one of the few I related to as no matter how much time had passed or where we were in the world - we supported one another’s visions and dreams. We talked projects often, some organizations even intertwined loosely. I loved how we always thought of each other when project offers came up and we’d loop one another in. Often our travel was occurring at the same time and there were times we’d be in the same country (part of the world) only a few weeks or few months apart, but unfortunately never at the same time- how fun that would have been! You’re actually the only one who really understood my need for adventure, project based work, and who truly saw me and my dreams. I love you so much. I’m forever grateful for the love and support you’ve shown me, and the constant encouragement to be me. I’m sorry we never got to see each other as often as we tried.

People always refer to others as a light or being full of love and laughter. Monica, you truly were those things. You always amazed me at how you saw the best in others. You were so accepting of everyone, so supportive, non-judgemental and so thoughtful. You showed up to every single milestone including my surprise 30th (where paint was literally splattered everywhere inside and outside). You supported every important event when asked (and so many times without needing to be asked). You did so much for everyone around you purely out of love and kindness. Your love for helping others and causes is incomparable. You truly are one of a kind.  I really love and miss you.  I’m comforted to know that you’re free to expand and find peace. I know you’re with us always and please know that we’re always thinking of you. Xo

Red toenails...

Shared by Susie Ruttan on September 2, 2020
Like many people on this page, I have been so overcome with shock and grief it has been hard to write anything as that would mean that this terrible news was real, that this incredibly bright light was extinguished. But here goes...
I first knew Monica back in the nineties, as a spunky, bouncy ball of positive energy attending family camp at Camp Arteban. Already she stood out with her enormous smile and infectious energy that delighted us all. I had the great pleasure in having her over to our cabin on Saltspring  Island many times, as a friend of my daughter Tessa, and as a member of St. Mary’s Youth group. On one memorable youth retreat, I remember Monica, as our youth leader Kevin was sitting in front of the kids talking about the Book of John, snuck up from behind commando style, and painted Kevin’s toenails red without him noticing. Such was Monica’s mischief, always with a big twinkle in her eye.
I have been reading over all Monica’s entries into our cabin guestbook, weeping and remembering what a very special person she was. Each time she wrote in our book she would always include a famous quote. Here is one of her favourite ones: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, and today is like a gift and that’s why we call it the present”.
Monica, you were a gift in SO many people’s lives. We are so blessed at having known you. Thank you sweetie. Love, “Mommy number two”.

The Ultimate Adventurer

Shared by Sarah Casorso on September 2, 2020
I've known Monica since high school at Lord Byng.  I think that the last time I saw her was 6 years ago when we were both in Lindsay's bridal party.  I remember after the wedding, we gave her a lift to the city where she was on her way to another adventure.  I can't remember where - it was hard to keep track.  I will always remember her ability to befriend and make any and all feel comfortable no matter their background and social circles.  It's evident through all these posts from her friends from all over the world of her impact on all lives she touched.  She was a bright light and one in a million.  She will be deeply missed.

My Mon

Shared by Mallory Psihas on September 1, 2020
I have about 1001 stories to tell about my beautiful cousin Monica but this one is her to a T.  Last September a friend and I drove out to Cultus Lake one pouring Sunday morning to surprise Monica with signs when she and Ryan were participating in a triathlon. We got there a few hours too early, watching runners go by but no Monica.  Finally we see Ryan (we had a sign for him too) he said Monica was coming shortly behind him. Sure enough, far far down the road I just see this beaming smile.   As she gets closer I get in position to cheer her on but as it turns out, I’m positioned where she can’t see me and passes me.  So, I chase Monica in my rubber boots still holding up my sign.  When she finally sawme she gave me a big hug and was SO happy to have her own little cheering team. She still had a lap to go so we cheered her on as she kept running. All the runners that were already finished their run and were standing on the side waiting for people came up to us and said that they saw her all throughout the triathlon and that Monica was cheering on all the participants and encouraging everyone around her.  Even though it’s was POURING out and Monica was trying to navigate a swim, bike and run, she was still Monica and was being the light for everyone around her.  I am so thankful I didn’t let the rain detour me that day and I still went to see Monica as I have that day etched in my memories.  Monica is such a special person and my life (everyone’s life) just wont be the same without her.  That being said, wherever she is right now, I know she’s still beaming.  I love you Mon.

Loved our time together in Mexico

Shared by Trish Bray on September 1, 2020
We met Monica through our nephew Ryan, she was everything we thought she would be and more!  Monica showed her enthusiasm for everything we did during our 10 days together, from lounging around the pool, making a delicious meal, visiting the beach, and of course the long walks and runs that she did (and made Ryan do) to the Scuba Diving!  We had many laughs, and she was great company.  She was able to be positive despite our Valentine's Day dinner that wasn't (had to go to a different restaurant after waiting about 2 hours at the first one) and not a word of complaint.  We look back on that now and it is a good memory.  She told us many cute stories about her niece Sophie, and loved her dearly.  We know Monica will be missed by all who knew her, whether casually or close friends and family, she touched everyone's lives.  Our condolences to Ryan and her parents and sister.

Good morning beautiful

Shared by Annelies Tjebbes on September 1, 2020
Over the past 3 years that Monica and I have known each other we have been big supports in each other's lives. It's incredible how someone can come into your life and bring such joy and connection and you can't quite imagine how you lived without them before. Monica and I sat next to each other at RADIUS and developed a friendship that felt instantly close, supportive and comfortable. We were always there for each other to talk something through that we were dealing with, celebrate the wins, or just to share a hug or a brief walk in the park. I just read back through all of my messages with Monica and was warmed by the love and support we were able to share with each other through thick and thin.

After Monica's stroke I started many of my mornings by sending her a message "Good morning beautiful" and it became a little tradition. We both seemed to sense when the other was going through something and our messages seemed to come at exactly the right moment when we were needing a little love or encouragement. These little messages made a huge difference in my life. Often we'd just help each other breathe through a tough moment, or we'd inspire the other with encouraging words. At other times we'd bring a huge smile or laughter to the other. I was incredibly inspired by Monica's dedication to her recovery but also her acceptance of the ups and the downs. 

Monica had an infectious energy and was one of the first people to make me feel at home at the RADIUS co-working space after my big move back to Vancouver from Toronto. We had the chance to work together on a JUMP! program and it was evident how much Monica cared about the world and bringing a positive contribution to it. She always wanted to push to improve her work and was beautifully open to feedback and innovation. 

I am devastated by this loss and am hurting for Ryan and Monica's families. A bright future lay ahead and Monica's death is a real tragedy. The world shines less brightly without her in it. I am sending love to all those who have been touched by her life and hope we will continue to bring that energy forward in our lives. In Monica's words "Let's create a contagion of positivity so more people get onboard". I will try to carry that torch as best as I can - heartbroken as I am with this loss. 

Inspiring, beautiful, kind, adventurous Monica xx

Shared by Kat Fellows on September 1, 2020
Monica and I were friends from the moment we met on the RBC Torch Relay (2007). Lucky for me, she was my roommate and I instantly fell in love with her adventurous and excitable nature.
There was something just so safe and warm about her when I met her - she was completely different to anyone I had ever encountered...and I loved her for bringing this point of difference into my life. She was so pure and good, it always encouraged me to be better.
Living with Monica on several occasions meant I had the joy of getting to know her on a really personal level. I remember being in awe of how much she had achieved and her unconventional ways of going about life - she didn't have a linear path but she went wherever the wind took her and she was a total breath of fresh air.
We had the time of our lives on the RBC tour, always making sure we went out as much as we could and always regretted it fully the next working day!  As always, Monica was a true professional though and always met every person with a smile on her face. I have multitudes of pictures which capture the fun and silliness of this trip which I will share in the gallery for your amusement! 
We worked together on several other occasions, most memorable we went on a tour to San Francisco for BC Tourism, where we got paid to go to all the best tourist destinations in San Fran, dressed up in pure Mountain Equipment Co-op where we all had to embody a spot as part of our uniforms. Much to my amusement Monica had to wear full cycling gear at all times (sans bike) - I got off a little lighter by being a "hiker". Despite looking utterly ridiculous, our job was to give out free caribeeners to promote BC Tourism - possibly the easiest job ever and we had so much spare time we had the time of our lives (again, I will share pics - so many here!) I remember Monica and I went to a church in Haight Ashbury where we lit a candle for our Grandparents where say and cried together in memory and was a beautiful moment which which really bonded us as friends. 
Years passed and I moved to London but we continued to keep in touch. Monica would always touch base when she was in London and we would meet up and it was like time had never passed. She wasn't a fairweather friend, she was a loyal, generous, and dependent friend to the end.
When I heard of her stroke it was utter shock that this healthy woman who basically lives and breathes "carpe diem" had had such a thing happen. Instantly we reconnected and spoke for ages, Monica telling me about all the fascinating ways the brain reheals and repairs. Following her story, I can't think of someone who is more awe-inspiring, a total hero who remained positive in the face of adversity.
After having not been back to Vancouver for several years, I made plans to see Monica in January with the excitement of meeting Ryan - who she was utterly besotted with. Her love was completely undeniable and I took so much joy in hearing about all the detail of the engagement and how much she appreciated Ryan's support throughout her ordeal.
My husband Max was completely captivated by her story too and I remember chasing her up on the book/memoir I know she had been writing since I met her - I truly hope that book I hope is somewhere and waiting to be published. 
In one of my last texts from her in June, she mentioned that she had been searching everywhere for a song for her wedding - "Say You Won't Let go" by James Arthur. I was particularly surprised as it coincidentally happened to be the song I walked down the aisle to also and thought what are the odds? This song I will now remember as a beautiful ode to Monica.
It goes without saying that I am absolutely devastated by the passing of Monica, I simply adored her but I am so appreciative of the memories I get to keep and also beyond appreciative that Monica took so many pictures of us I can cherish.
If there are plans for a charity of foundation set up in her memory and I would love to help out in any way that I can should that be a route decided by her family.
To Monica's family - You raised one incredible woman. Thank you for bringing her into this world so we could cherish her.
To Ryan - thank you for making Monica so happy, for loving all of her, and being her rock through the tough times.
I cannot express my condolences enough - my thoughts are with you. 
Love always, Kat xxx

Cinnamon and Funnel Cake

Shared by Bryan Thompson on September 1, 2020
I can honestly say that I have never met anyone like my cousin Monica. She was always warm and smiling, she laughed freely and was adventurous. She was always kind.

My first memory of Monica must be when I was probably about 3 years old in the dining room of our Oma's house. I remember Oma explaining the word "cousin" and me struggling to understand that my family extended beyond my parents, sister and grandparents. For some reason I remember our older sisters weren't there that day. I think we ate Eggos with Nutella at some point that day and maybe played with Duplo.

There are so many bits and pieces I am trying to organize in my mind. Memories I want to consolidate and write down to protect them from being eroded by time. Sleepovers with Colette, Heather, and Monica growing up, Birthdays, Christmas dinners, the trip to Germany for our Omi's 90th birthday. Full stories of days together and little idiosyncrasies I want to hold on to. I wish there were more, but I know there could never be enough. Here are a few specific ones that I cherish:

Her distinctive way of singing the word “hellooo” along with a smile when entering a room. 

She had a laugh, a giggle and a chuckle. There were all different and they were all hers.

One Christmas dinner I was talking about my friends who had tried and failed the “cinnamon challenge” and she immediately said “I think I can do that! I love cinnamon!” we then had to spend the next few minutes talking her out of it.

When I was going through a hard time of my own, Monica made time during a visit to Toronto to spend the day with me. We went to Canada’s Wonderland and spent the day on roller coasters. More accurately, we spent the day waiting in lines baking in the hot sun, eating funnel cake and talking, with a few rides here and there. Once we had our fill we met up with a couple of her friends in Brampton for dinner and then ice cream. We were caught in a sudden downpour on the drive in between but the skies soon cleared up. It helped a lot feeling connected with family during that time, she was very generous with her care and attention.

She was someone who knew how to love life and those around her. 

Thank you for all the wonderful memories

Shared by Andrew Cheng on September 1, 2020
I met Monica in elementary school and she was always such a great friend. Such a cheerful, happy person, always full of laughs. She is one of those people I’ll never forget. She will be sorely missed.

Inspirational all around incredible human being

Shared by Corey Solomon on August 31, 2020
How to describe a special soul like Monica, too many words, however, if I had to narrow down to 3 I would say: smiles, positive energy, and accomplished.  She did so many incredible things that benefited many.  

I first got to know Monica at Urban Rec volleyball where she was responsible for the night I played, little did I know the friend she would become and the laughter and fun she would add to my life.  Whether playing volleyball, dancing, hiking, snowshoeing, or my sisters wedding, if Monica was there it was going to be a good time. 

Monica will be missed, but she will continue to inspire me to live each day to the fullest and push myself to the next level as she did every day. Rest in Peace Monica.  

Always saw the positive

Shared by Jenn Rodriguez on August 31, 2020
It's taken me a few days to process this news and believe it's real. I returned to FB for two days to check I hadn't imagined what I had read...

I was fortunate to work with Monica at the David Suzuki Foundation during the Blue Dot Tour and Coastal tour. My work directly affected her on the road, so we developed a close working relationship. Not only was Monica a complete joy to work with, I admired (and was inspired) by her energy and positivity under pressure. Despite the demands of her job, she always made everyone feel like their time and their work mattered. She was also highly driven to do what is right for this world, was vibrant and had a beautiful smile that warmed up the room.

Two stories about Monica:

  1. She cared for my then five-year-old for a week one summer. I had a gap in childcare, and I asked her if she'd be willing to hang out with my girl, as I knew she was in between jobs. I thought they would go to the park, the beach, for walks etc. But no, Monica texted me with a fantastic itinerary of their activities, which included the Aquarium and Stanley Park, hikes, a visit to Londsdale key, and yes, the beach and playgrounds. She even asked if she could do the Grouse grind with my daughter! What a dream week my little girl had, and because of Monica.
  2.    I joked with her that I thought she was secretly training for the Olympics. She always found the time and energy to be outside and be active. I recall during the Blue Dot tour talking to her on the phone about logistics just before midnight and then seeing on FB that she'd gone for a 5 a.m. run before the tour day began. Just amazing!
I am so grateful Monica crossed my life. She was truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. My deepest condolences to Ryan and her family.

A whirlwind!

Shared by Glen Mitchell on August 31, 2020
A beautiful whirlwind of life and energy!


Shared by Tanya Puertas on August 31, 2020
Oh Mon :( its taken me a few days to come to terms and write, like most I didn't think it was real.. I met Monica the first year of high school, 1998. Like we all know, she was bubbly and smiling and always everyone's friend.  One day she saw me whistling loudly with my fingers and asked , how do you do that?! I gave her the basics, told her to practice in front of the mirror at home and try until she got it.  The next day she found me all excited that she had done it hahaha she stood in front of the mirror the whole afternoon!! We never saw eachother after high school but friended on facebook, and over the years commented on pictures and she always told me, I tell everyone you taught me how to whistle! 
Monica is and was the epitome of life, the epitome of taking advantage of every moment and truly appreciating the time we have. Taking on challeneges and setbacks and finding reasons to be grateful for still being alive! 
It didnt matter that we hadnt seen eachother in almost 20 years, it was a pleasure to see her live through every post and picture, every experience, every piece of opinion and outlook that she shared, every picture, every smile was real, you cant fake that kind of love for life. 
To those lucky enough to get to experience that kind of energy everyday, you are better because of her I'm sure! 

To her family, friends and Ryan, my most sincere condolences and like I told Monica many times, " sending positive vibes, you got this" ❤

A force of positive energy

Shared by Kelsey Klaver on August 30, 2020
Although I've only known Monica for 2 years, I felt a strong connection with her in that short time. We met at RADIUS in the summer of 2018 where she and I were often the last ones in the office, working late. She is one of the hardest working people I know, so dedicated to the positive mission of the social enterprise she worked for. 

I also got to know Monica as a triathlete, then as a friend. Monica was a strong athlete. We celebrated after finishing the Vancouver Triathlon, four months before her stroke, and the Elk Lake triathlon, seven months after her stroke. I lived vicariously through her stroke recovery and the joy of small but significant milestones in her recovery. She approached her recovery with perseverance and persistence and as a result, bounced back fast. Her diligence to those mundane physio exercises was impressive and it paid off. She had a stellar race in August 2019 with the support of Ryan during the swim and bike, and the left blind t-shirt her sister made. I had tears of joy for her when she crossed the finish line - I was thrilled for her to hit this big milestone in her recovery. 

Monica had an energy and an aura of positivitivity that was a gift to others. She had a wonderful ability to reframe tough situations to see the bright side. Her ambition helped her overcome setbacks. She is someone I admired in many ways.

My heart goes out to Ryan, whom I could tell that Monica cherished, and to her family, who raised a truly wonderful human being.

Monica - I was looking forward to river rafting together, ocean swims, triathlons, and many more good talks. Your spirit will be celebrated and deeply missed.


Monica was synonymous with love

Shared by Claire H on August 31, 2020
I will miss your laugh, which held nothing back and would send ripples of joy through the room.

I will miss your inclusive spirit, which made no judgement and saw only equality and humanity.

I will miss your humour, which would send us into fits of giggles as teenagers.

I will miss your hunger for adventure, which pushed us all to be a little more brave.

Brightest Mon-star

Shared by Kim Thomson on August 30, 2020
I’ve had the privilege of being Mon’s friend for about 30 years. We met in Kindergarten at Lord Kitchener and grew up on the same street playing block tag and such things in Dunbar. When the intimidating time came to go to high school at Lord Byng, we would walk to school together and eat lunch together. Mon has been a constant in my life for so many years it’s hard to summarize all the things she means to me.

Here are a few things about Mon. She loved traditions – she would call me on my birthday every year to sing me the happy birthday song. She’s thoughtful, like when she brings you a picnic dinner after work and asks about your day. She makes you believe in yourself and encourages you out of your comfort zone – whether it was white water rafting, cliff jumping, polar bear swimming, or tackling the Grouse Grind. She’s up for any adventure, like when you tell her you want to drive 8 hours to attend a 3-day concert at the Gorge. She gave a lot of herself – in the midst of her own recovery, she took time to help me through a tough experience I was having, and reminded me that we all have the power to write our own stories.

Mon is the best person I’ve ever known at showing you that she cares – and she cares a lot! About her friends, her family, and the planet, and probably the universe too… As others have so accurately described, Mon brought out the best in people. She’s an inspiration to live life a little bigger, to show people that you care, to live in the moment, and to do things simply for the joy of doing them. I'm so thankful to have known amazing Monica. She's enriched my life and will be with me forever. Love you Mon.
Shared by B Perrott on August 30, 2020
When Colette married our son Jerrold, we were blessed with a bonus. Not only did Colette become our daughter-in-law but Monica also became a member of our family.
Al and I will miss her effervescent personality, her infectious smile and her caring heart.

Beach Soccer Superstar

Shared by Lisa Baker on August 29, 2020
I met Monica through the Beach Soccer Blast. I'd get to see her for 3 days every summer, and looked forward to the day when I'd walk on the beach at 6am on a Friday morning (to volunteer) and hear her laugh before I reached the group. Like I've read on many other posts here, her laugh and zest for life was infectious, and she had a positive impact on everyone she met (even briefly). I remember on a few occasions, a triathlon was on the same weekend. Monica would crush the triathlon, then show up at the beach to help run the tournament, and play in multiple beach soccer games. Us volunteers (who did not run the triathlon) wouldn't dare say we were tired that day! She was one of the most positive, adventurous, energetic, and inspiring people I knew. I remember her telling me lots about her work with the JUMP! foundation, and I know that's only one of the many impactful organizations she was involved in. Everything she did had a purpose, and she had so much passion in whatever she involved in. She was an incredible force, and will never be forgotten. Sending lots of love to the Davis family and Ryan. 

We lost an Angel, God gained one

Shared by Steve Gibson on August 29, 2020
Dear beloved Monica

Where to begin?  Monica was a bright light shining on all whom she met.  Infectious in her ability to be high on life and  the ability to always see the positive angle of everything.  It was always a pleasure to be in her presence.  Her accomplishments were many for such a young age.  Her travels extensive and an abundance of stories.  I will always hold the dear memories of her close to my heart for the genuine person she was. 

  She was an amazing partner to my stepson Ryan, a “match made in heaven”.  They were so happy and so in love and brought much joy to each other.  When their eyes locked, it was evident that they found a soul mate.

I will hold dear a few memories that were shared with Ryan’s mom and I. 
: Leaping from the jumping rock at the lake. She had no hesitation.
: Ryan and her jumping off the Pontoon while motoring on 31 mile lake....trying   to give Ann a heart attack.
: Watching the two of them on the dock holding each other. Ann and I thinking, “so glad she will be our daughter in law”.
: showing your love to each other one beautiful thanksgiving when we were ALL togeatherwith the beautiful ring that sealed you were to be our daughter in law.
: How you made Ann and I so welcome in your home and took us to have the best Indian food I ever had, topped off with a trip to the biggest ice cream shop. Oh and bombing us around Van in that tiny formula 1 car.
: Hiking to Pont du Pierre, Rapid Rouge..etc. So many memories. So much to hold dear.

My heart is broken that we cannot see that wonderful smile or to be with her in person anymore. But, the memories she bestowed on all of us will live on.  She has touched so many life’s.  We could all use some of her attributes in our day to day lives.  She was a better person and made us better people in her presence. Thank you for showing what exceptional love is to our Ryan.

I am so deeply sorry for my stepson Ryan, Monica’s family, our family, and the people whose lives she has graced from all over the world.   We welcomed you into our family from the moment we met.  She is a light that will always shine.

This day will be extremely tough on Ryan and Monica’s family as they say goodbye...we are with you in spirit. We are sending enormous hugs and courage to endure the difficult days to come.

God has received the gift of a special angel and I am grateful that you touched our lives and especially Ryan’s. Soar high and reach far.

Love always, Step dad Steve.

Daughter In law

Shared by Ann Bray on August 29, 2020
Where does one start.. To convey the emotions that a heart aching for another and thyself. It starts with every memory, every story and sentiment felt. To embrace life for all of its many big or small wonders..! That was Monica. Coming to Paradise AKA the family  cottage with excitement from the first time to the last one last Thanksgiving. Where Ryan and Monica announced their engagement! All my kids were here..and when I say "ALL" I mean all because Monica had already entered my heart as one of my own...from her first visit to Paradise where she disclosed her love for Ryan. It only took half a second to fall in love with her. She wore her heart on her sleeve as I and felt a relief  of love for Ryan. He had found the love he had been looking for. Monica took every drop of rain and turned it into gold. She could not resist the opportunity to turn a frown into a smile. Her zest for adventure was contagious. Every time you turned around there she was...smiling, hugging..being her positive self. She had that ability to know when someone needed that " extra " little touch or word. And I will never forget how she gazed at Ryan..I will hold Monica in my heart forever...forever because of who she was...but mostly because of how she loved my Ryan. I will so miss you daughter to be..from Paradise, from me to you. Fly high with the eagle and look over us as we try to live on without you here in Paradise. Xo Ann AKA your fun mother in law.!
Shared by Harpreet Maghera on August 29, 2020
I had the privilege of getting to know Monica while we travelled across Canada for 7 weeks on the Blue Dot Tour.  Her passing has left me at a loss of words.

Monica was the kindest, most positive person I have ever met, always going above and beyond and asking nothing in return. During the tour, Monica would be the last person to go to bed and the first person to wake up, while still finding time to go for a 5:30am run before heading into the 14-16 hr work day.  Most of us would be tired after the long days but Monica never complained, she thrived in the chaos.  Even though her plate was very full, she’d offer to take on more work while still taking time to graciously thank volunteers, performers and event staff for their time. She made sure people knew that they mattered.

Monica was a force whose energy lit up a room and her zest for life was infectious and inspiring.  I’ll never forget her.

My deepest condolences to Ryan and Monica’s family.  The world is shining less bright without her but her light truly has and will continue to inspire those who had the good fortune to know her.

Shared by Katie Bramhall on August 29, 2020
I met Monica at the Bell’s family and friend’s pig roast the summer of 2015 and we quickly connected over our shared love of triathlons. 

Though we didn’t spend a lot of time together, and the majority of that was spent exercising, she always left me feeling inspired to be a little better, try a little hard, smile a little (ok a lot) more.Nothing seemed to get her truly down because even if a situation wasn’t what she wanted she was hopeful and optimistic that was she was working towards or looking for was on its way. 

My deepest condolences to Ryan, her family and friends. Though the world got a little dimmer last week hopefully through this site and the sharing of memories her light and inspiration will to continue to shine through all the people she touched.

Beach Soccer Underline BLAST

Shared by Benny Deco on August 29, 2020
My deepest condolences to the incredible Davis family. Like, all else I can't come to grips with this news and my thoughts and love are with her extensive clan of wonderful people.

I met Monica at the Beach Soccer Blast 12 years ago. I was pre-warned about how lovely Monica was before we were introduced. But, truthfully, who could be that warm, inclusive, and define what it meant to be full life. I thought it was hoax, surely not one person in real life could embody such a pure and people loving character. No surprise here, I was wrong. From the moment I met her with that big beautiful smile of hers, I was enthralled. That said, I'm glad I never had to play against her on the sand pitch as she was a maniac throwing herself into tackles only to laugh it off and apologize to the player she had just crushed... funny thing was that she would just smile and the opposing players would all want to be friends with her afterwards. She was the best people person I have ever met. You listened to her, you trusted her, and she always found a way to make you smile. Not only that but she had an "in" at the local white spot for free breakfast sandwhiches (of course she did). We shared many laughs at these tournament and further we kept in touch over the years. Always quick to encourage, offer up a compliment out of the blue, and constant source of inspiration to aspire too.

Monica I will never forget our times together and I will be sure to pass forward your sense of humility and openness to those I know and encounter. I feel lucky to have met you and your family. So much love to you from me here in Denmark.

Tell me about your Dreams, Life, and Aspirations!

Shared by Laura Beaulac on August 28, 2020
I met Monica through Heather, and instantly felt that she was a person I wanted to know more about! Shortly after meeting Monica for the first time, I asked Monica if she could meet me for a tea and she of course said yes! Monica called it a meeting to talk about our 'Dreams, Life and Aspirations'! Monica told me such inspiring stories and I instantly thought, wow, this is a very interesting and amazing woman! Monica, you have left us far too early, and remarkably also left such a legacy of 'dreams, life and aspirations'. I am sending my deepest sympathy to Monica's family and her partner Ryan. 

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
― Eskimo Proverb

A bright light

Shared by Michael Ward on August 28, 2020
Monica was the most positive, vivacious and cheerful person I have ever known. Her upbeat, can-do attitude was an inspiration. Every time I was around Monica there was a joy and a happiness that was so genuine and easy.
We were friends at Lord Byng and afterwards. We didn't see each other that much when she went globetrotting on her amazing adventures, but we always kept in touch online.
I'm heartbroken by her passing. The world has lost a happy light. I will remember fondly, all of our playoff watching get-togethers and 007 parties and all the happy times we had.
To Ryan and Monica's family, I cannot comprehend the grief you must be experiencing. I offer my sincerest condolences. We may have never met, but you and Monica are in my thoughts.

Forever Shining

Shared by Fiona Smulders on August 28, 2020
I am so blessed, honoured and grateful to have had Monica in my life for the past 22 years. From our awkward teenage years, to freezing polar bear swims (pictured), to profound and inspiring conversations. Whenever we spent time together, I would leave feeling lighter, loved and inspired to be a better human. Thank you Mon for all the special moments we've shared and for the gift of your presence. I truly believe that I am a better person just by knowing you. 

Sending my deepest condolences and love to Ryan, Monica's family and those closest to her. She was truly a gem and will always hold a space in my heart. 

That smile

Shared by Kelly Proudfoot on August 28, 2020
I met Monica while working with Coca-Cola on the Olympic Torch Relay. She brought so much positive energy to everything she did and if Monica was there you always knew it would work all work out.

I was lucky enough to join her through her torchbearer experience in Timmins Ontario with none other than Shania Twain. I have a folder in my OTR photos called "Mon's Day" with any possible photo I could capture of her standing beside this Canadian legend. Of course she opted to not outright bother her with a request for a photo. 

There was something so distinct about that Monica Davis smile. Full of love, life and curiosity. These are the qualities of Monica that I will endeavor to include in my daily life. May her beautiful smile live on in all of us!

A light

Shared by Sandra McNeill on August 28, 2020
I heard and saw pictures of Monica, my nephew Ryan's partner, before I met her. Through our phone conversations and the facebook posts, I could see how much love there was between the two of them. Then when we met her in their travels to Ontario, she sparkled in our family gatherings. Her esprit and joy seemed unlimited. 
I am so sorry to know, now, that her sorrow and angst was so deep. May she rest in peace, and I hope those closest to her can also find peace.

A Radiant Soul

Shared by Addi Gaash on August 28, 2020
Monica and I were part of the Vancouver OTR and met at the tail end of 2009 on 12/27. I joined the relay in the middle and she was one of the first people to beeline over to me on my first day, introduce herself and make sure I was comfortable. My enamor for her started then. Throughout the tour we made it a point to check in with each other and always ended up in deep conversations revealing more of ourselves each time. I loved hearing her opinions, curiosities and all the adventures she had experienced and wanted to experience. Her optimism had a realness to it that was just as captivating as her smile, which literally lit up a room. I’m extremely grateful for those moments and for our Facebook message exchanges throughout the decade since, which constantly inspired me and brought me joy to catch up with her. 

My deepest condolences to Ryan, the Davis family, her extended family and friends, and all the lives she touched. We will forever be better because of her infectious imprint. 

The most electric human I've ever met

Shared by Kate Fenton on August 28, 2020
My Mon Mon. From the very first day I met you, it was impossible not to love you. Your warm energy, your incredible positivity, your undeniable work ethic, and your obvious zest for life were just a few things I noticed instantly.

I met Monica working at PDW back in 2015. The first week she started, I noticed she would arrive in workout clothes, with a minor sweat at best. I came to learn her 'commute' was to run from Cambie and Broadway all the way to North Vancouver over two bridges. I was in instant AWE. I asked if I could meet her half-way one day and run-in from Stanley Park. She was so excited!!! I felt bad, because we had to stop so many times. But Monica made me feel like a frigging champion!! She encouraged me the whole way and we eventually made it to work, 15 minutes late, but full of smiles and sweat. After our time at PDW we continued our friendship. I always looked forward to an adventurous double-date with Mon and Ryan, because we all know Monica doesn't do average dates ;). I will never forget getting out of the SmartyPantz escape room in under 30 minutes. We were the literal dream team. Or the time we bounced our way through the Insane Inflatable 5K race. Monica asked me to do the Polar Bear swim one year. And I couldn't possibly let my girl down, even though I despise the cold + swimming.

Monica, I cannot fully express the impact you had on my life. You encouraged me to appreciate every single day and push myself outside my comfort zone, because that is when you are truly living. You encouraged laughter always, but most notably after one of the most challenging work days we had both ever had (invaluable lesson). And you always worked (very) hard and played harder.

I'll miss you forever, dear friend. Love, your girl in all the dimensions of life. -K

A beautiful soul

Shared by Lena Papadopoulos on August 28, 2020
Monica was so special. I don't have to tell any of you that. You already know. Her positivity, radiance, joy, and love for life was infectious. Her energy was magnetic. Monica began her first contract with JUMP! around the same time I transferred to the SEA hub from Beijing. We shared a small studio apartment in BKK until I found a place of my own, then Mon came to live with me until her contract was up. In those few months, we did everything together. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thai massages, markets, and more. I'm so thankful for that time I got to spend with her. That was a hard year for me. Darkness and depression. I didn't tell anyone about it. Monica could see I wasn't ok, but she let me be. She never tried to fix it, she just held space for me to be accepted as I was and lifted me up with her powerful presence. What a gift it was to have her by my side in that period of my life. I am forever grateful. I'll miss you, Mon. Sending love to all who loved her. 

My Friend Monica

Shared by Ryan Clay on August 27, 2020
Hi Mon, 
I am having such a hard time coming up with something to say. There are so many stories, adventures and laughs that its overwhelming to try to think of just a few to share. Monica, you were the most kind, compassionate and radiant person I have ever known.  You have profoundly touched so many lives across the globe and you did it fearlessly and always with a huge smile. To the Davis family, you are the most amazing family ,so full of love and kindness and I am so sorry for your loss. I miss my friend Monica....

Friend Ryan.
Shared by Cora Skaien on August 27, 2020
Monica was one of the kindest and most optimistic people I've ever met,  and I found her to be a total inspiration. Watching her and Ryan together made me believe that love is possible. I can only imagine the pain felt by those close to such an amazing person! I met Monica and Ryan years ago in beach volleyball and they were two of my favorite people to pay with! So much fun and encouragement, and support and understanding when I was injured. You will be missed Monica, but I'll cherish all my fond memories of you! 

Designated friend

Shared by Kelli Cardinal on August 27, 2020
So, I originally sent this just to Ryan as a kind of dumb thought I had today, and he suggested I post it here. I'll trust his judgement.

You know how when people pass, its always said that heaven gained an angel? I don't know what I think of heaven, but I really hope it's a thing because it just helps me cope with grief. Anyhow, I kind of smiled today to myself because when it comes to Monica, I don't really think heaven gained an angel. It gained a friend. Like, if you show up there, and no one is there for you yet, it's ok, because Monica will be your friend. Doesn't matter who you are, if you show up in heaven, you've got a friend. Just because all you ever had to do was meet her, and she was your friend. She was just magical that way.
Shared by Andrea Thompson on August 27, 2020
Like others here, I am reeling from this heart-breaking news. What an immense loss for the world. I met Monica playing beach volleyball and her lovely partner Ryan through soccer several years ago. I remember how delighted I was when I found out the two of you had found each other. I haven’t seen Monica in quite a while, but her Facebook posts always made my day with her beautiful insights about community building, impressive achievements, tenacious and patient approach to her recovery, and overall infectious positive attitude. Playing in the sand with her was full of laughs and she struck me with her encouraging spirit. What a remarkable woman. She will be deeply missed by somany. I’m sending warm, comforting energy to all of you hurting.
Shared by Sarah Cowan on August 27, 2020
While Monica and I first met when we joined the rugby team at Lord Byng, our friendship didn’t really begin until the night of our first big rugby party. I had apparently been having a little too much fun and started to get sick. There, while Monica was holding my hair and helping me out, a friendship was born. Not the classiest of stories but one that got a good laugh when she shared it at my wedding reception many years later.
From there into our days working together at  White Spot, our friendship continued.
There are so many adventures, memories and stories from over the years. Even when I moved away from Vancouver and we couldn’t see each other regularly, our friendship just continued along. On more than one occasion she made the 12 hour drive to come and visit me in the middle of nowhere. A true testament to how just how good of a friend she was.
I loved receiving her random text messages. Whether it was just to wish me a good day, or an uplifting message when it wasn’t such a good day, they always brought a smile to my face. My heart is completely broken that the world no longer has Monica in it.
To Ryan and the Davis Family, you are all in my thoughts. She will be greatly missed.

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