Posted by Blair Slater on August 21, 2022
Hey Mons, thinking of you today and sending well wishes to all of your family and friends. We are all so lucky to have shared such great moments together and be inspired by you.
Posted by Loxley McNeill on August 20, 2022
Keeping Monica in my heart and in my thoughts today, as I take a walk along the river and soak in the beauty of nature. 
Posted by Emma Barker on June 27, 2022
Dear Monica,
Yesterday was your birthday. I think, in true Monica fashion, you were a busy bee spending time with the many people on this earth and elsewhere who love you.

This morning I was leafing through an old journal and came across your name. A sacred pause. Of the many gifts you shared in your life and beyond, this one I feel especially grateful for.

When you sidle up in my heart, there is no other option but to pause. I close my eyes, feel my eyelids fluttering as your come into my consciousness. In my chest, a kind of hum--which is so fitting and makes me smile. This vibrating, hummingbird energy spreads through my body and there is a sense of being connected to you.

In my mind's eye, we are side by side, surrounded by this big, beautiful, fuchsia energy.

I miss you Mon. I'm going back to Vancouver for a visit this week and feel a heaviness knowing that I won't get to see you, at least not in the traditional sense.

I'm remembering how on past visits we would often meet at Starbucks on Kits Beach. I would always get a coffee of some variety, but you, being the sweet-loving hummingbird woman that you are, would get some unusual creation, like peppermint tea with a few pumps of chocolate-flavoured syrup.

We would walk along the beach and talk about our work and relationships, foods we were into, random things that had happened, plans for the future...

Lots of laughter but always too, some foray into the bigger questions. A comfy swing between the mundane and profound. Never a dull conversation with you Monica. And always, your incredible ability to lift me up from some of my darker moments, into the bright sunshine-y light.

It's a beautiful day today. In a little while, I will take my coffee down to the secret garden, a lovely shady area in the backyard that I think of as our spot. I will sit on the wooden bench, listen to the wind riffle through the pear trees and the hum of the highway (you would have a positive spin on this particular sound I know).

Pause. Feel the weight of this grief.

But feel too, the sense of magic and tiny bubbles of joy that arise when you are near.

I miss you friend, today and always.

I'll be here in our spot, saving you a seat beside me.
Posted by Jay Korbelik on June 26, 2022
Thinking of you on your birthday and all the great memories we shared together…
Posted by Edith Thompson on June 26, 2022
Happy Birthday Monica, my birthday Buddy! You are so greatly missed by oh so many people. Remembered for your kindness and active spirit, you will always be loved. Just one more hour left in our birthday but you of all people know how much can get done in that time. ;-)
 I keep the hummingbird feeder fresh, and think of you each time one comes by. Your Hummingbird Spirit continue to live on. Fly high and far.
Love always, Auntie Edie
Posted by Helga Davis on June 27, 2022
Hey Monica,

Today is your birthday and I’ve been thinking of you all day. It’s been a warm sunny day, just the way you like it, and we have a large brightly colourful bouquet of Gerbera flowers on the kitchen table.
I saw Oma today. We talked about you, looked at old photos and remembered your annual birthday request for Oma’s pie made with fresh strawberries and a pecan nut crust.
I miss you Monica and in recent weeks I’ve really been missing your genuine, exuberant laugh. No one else laughs the same as you. I’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a video of you laughing. Thankfully Ryan has found and shared one with us. I’m hoping more of those videos will surface in the coming weeks.

Sending you Hugs Full of Love,
Today and Always,

P.S. Your webpage reached a milestone 17,000 views today.
Posted by Kim Thomson on June 26, 2022
Wishing Monica a Happy Birthday today and sending lots of love! xo
Posted by Devyn McNeill on January 27, 2022
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die

This poem made me think of Monica and some others we lost last year.

Posted by Kim Thomson on November 27, 2021
Just randomly this week a colleague told me what a hummingbird symbolizes in their culture: It's when you're able to do something that you shouldn't be able to do.
Seems like it describes our Monica well :)
Posted by Kat Fellows on August 22, 2021
A year has gone by Monica and it still feels like yesterday.
This website offers to "leave a candle" which reminds me of the time in San Francisco we went to that church in Haight Ashbury and left a candle for our grandparents, lamenting that we sorely missed them. I didn't ever think that I'd be here doing the same for you (albeit virually).
Your spirit still lives on and I often find myself thinking WWMD.
If there's any respite in you being gone, it's the positive impact you have had on all of our lives to be and do better, and I'm still thanking you for that.
Love and miss you beautiful xx
Posted by Blair Slater on August 21, 2021
Hey Mons, I miss you. I think you know how I’ve struggled with the fact that you won't be there when I visit Van next. Forgive me for not posting on here earlier but hopefully you’ve heard me in other ways :) Remember that time on the seawall and how we always said that no matter where we end up in the world, Vancouver will always be home!? Can't wait to visit Van again and do the Grind in your honour and find some way of paying tribute to the incredible impact you've had on my life and so many others. Miss you and love you. 
Posted by Jay Korbelik on August 20, 2021
Miss you Monica…
Posted by Helga Davis on August 20, 2021
Hi Monica,

It’s raining today, just like a year ago, although the rain isn’t quite as heavy as last year. We have a bouquet of sunflowers and a lit beeswax candle on the kitchen table along with some cut watermelon.

I have believed for many years that you were heaven sent. The tributes, stories, comments, reflections received this past year have me more convinced of it. You were here to show us how easy it is to enjoy life and make this world a better place. You demonstrated that it doesn’t need to be difficult. It just takes a little will, a little thought, a little effort. Every small change makes a difference. By your example you have influenced others. YOU made a difference. Some people have said, “We need more Monica.” We would have loved to have had more Monica in our life. Now WE can endeavour to BE more Monica. A little more Love, Joy, Compassion, Adventure, Social Consciousness, Environmental Awareness that’s all it takes. It starts by avoiding excuses. Just do it and make it happen.

Heaven has recalled an Angel. Some people say “Rest in Peace” and I chuckle. The Monica I know is not resting. I believe you are as active as ever. Not only are you socializing, running, swimming, cycling but now you are FLYING! With the energy, efficiency and effectiveness of a hummingbird you continue to do what you do so well. You are greeting and embracing the overwhelming number of souls who are joining you. Someday, but not too soon, I too look forward to being welcomed and embraced by you. In the meantime I will try to remember little things do make a difference. I will try to let go of excuses and make this world a better place. I will BE more Monica.

I am very grateful for the years I had with you and so very proud of the adventurous, compassionate, accomplished, globally aware person you became.

Thinking of you today with my broken heart
and as always I am sending you
Hugs Full of Love,

PS Just in case you wondered -
Your memorial webpage is approaching 16,000 visits!
Posted by Ann Bray on August 20, 2021
Dear Monica, I've been missing you for a fiew days now...our family was together last week in Paradise, we all thought about you. Your visits here were always so joyous. I find solace in all the memories you gave us. I'm sure you are having and guiding adventures and making an impact on the next souls you encounter. I hope they have plenty of peanut butter and I miss you Monica and wish I would have had you for longer. Love Ann xo
Posted by Elizabeth Stewart on August 20, 2021
So many heavy hearts today, around the world.  But that smile is every bit as bright in my memory.
Posted by Kelli Cardinal on August 20, 2021
I think of Monica often, but more so today. It's still so incomprehensible. I'm not a person she knew for years or had a long history with, but the time I had with her meant a lot to me, and hopefully to her as well. I miss her. With her in mind, yesterday I bought myself a luxury can of Passionfruit scented shave cream (you'll have to find a previous post of mine to read why) and smiled. She made a lasting impact on my life, and I'll always feel lucky that our paths crossed, even if it was for such a devastatingly short time. Holding all those who loved her close in my heart, and praying for all to find some moments of peace and beauty today.
Posted by Kim Thomson on August 20, 2021
Thinking of you Mon, and sending out love to all your loved ones missing you today xo
Posted by Melissa Lombard on August 20, 2021
Thinking of Monica this morning, and how she continues to be a light in the lives of everyone she met.
Posted by Elizabeth Stewart on June 26, 2021
Remembering, and sending love to Andy, Helga, Collette and Ryan.
Posted by Tria Medrano on January 28, 2021
I know this is really late, but I only found out about her passing today. I'm not sure how I could miss something like this.

The first time I ever met Monica, she said "Hey! I'm a hugger!" and gave me a lovely embrace. I worked with her at Jump! when I was recommended to reach out to her by an old teacher of ours. The first few times I worked with her, she made me feel so welcomed to the programs and so involved, even though I was just a newbie. She was so incredibly understanding when I would get overwhelmed with new information, and helped me figure it out in such a kind and gentle way.

I worked with her after her haemorrhage and I could not believe that such perseverance could exist in a single person. Just because she was blind in one eye did not stop her from much, just driving a car. She told me about a special shirt she made to wear during triathlons that said "left side blind," I'm sure that made her competitors all the more impressed. But she would just do it out of love of the sport.

Monica is what I want to be when I grow up, even though I am already 22. She was always, always positive in the face of adversity and loved life more than anyone I have ever met. The last email I sent her was thanking her for everything she has done for me and others, and how much I admired her strength. 

Thank you again, Monica for agreeing to meet with me that one April afternoon. I could never thank you enough.

Love (especially to everyone who reads this),
Tria ❤️
Posted by Ann Bray on December 26, 2020
Monica..The BEAUTIFUL .., I dreamt about photography last night, I'm sure Monica felt my be inspired , to remember that life is precious and to find beauty in everyday moments. To see things big or small as miracles that affect our existence. A story comes to mind with this an occasion in which her wonder and excitement overflowed. It was a warm summer morning and Monica returned from her run...she was bouncing with excitement ( literally bouncing) " I have to tell you something!" As I looked down on her from the upper cottage bedroom window I smiled and felt excited to hear what the next adventure would bestow us. Her charm was infectious...Monica was awaiting something..a sign. It was her 6month recovery day from her brain stroke. Miraculous as it was she dared to push boundaries fiew of us will ever imagine. Her innocence and open heart to receive allowed her to experience and to my benefit hear the sprinkling of magic she shared. As her run came to a close that day she encountered a sign..for her crossing the dirt road in our Paradise was a glistening spider web...( if you know Monica she did not like spiders or their webs...another funny story) she knew she had to break the was a beginning but also a finish line..she recalled how she put her arms up in the air and ran through it..." I made it !" Tears filled her yes...Ryan hugged her and I said " that was beautiful!" Oh Monica...I miss your stories, how you saw light in all. Thank you for coming to see me in my dream, I will try to capture more life from the memories you gave and remember that you are here with me, in Paradise to share all the beautiful moments life has to give. Love xo
Posted by Isabel Heuer on November 23, 2020
Dear Helga, Andy and Colette,
We wanted to share a memory of Monica that has touched us so many times over many, many years. Monica wrote Mum, Ida, a note about how Mum influenced her love of travel. It wasn't the context of the note that touched us, although very dear, it was the fact that she took the time to write this to our Mother. The note hung on Mum's bulletin board for many years and we all remember reading it many times over those years.
The Davis family holds a special place in our hearts and we will all miss Monica and her beautiful and kind heart very, very much.
With Love,
Silvia, Isabel and Karl Reichenback
Posted by H Bell on November 17, 2020
This week marks 3 months since Monica's passing. I am reminded of her daily - of the friendship we shared, the values she lived by, and the sadness of her loss. While we stay separated during this difficult fall/winter, I am reminded of how positive Monica was, how she pushed herself through challenges and always treated others with love and respect. I am also reminded that she rarely, if ever, would buy a to-go drink if she didn't have her own mug! I've done well avoiding coffee shops where they only allow single-use cups right now. Thanks Mon for inspiring me to do better even when you are gone. xo
Posted by Kim Thomson on October 14, 2020
I've really enjoyed reading others tributes and stories about Monica. A common theme is this positivity and lightness that she exuded. I love the connections people have made to hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies. I think of Mon when I hear wind chimes. I was just out for a walk (it was a beautiful, blue sky, fall day) and I heard some ringing just as I was coming home. I like to think maybe she's saying hi :) I'm thinking of her often and she's still making me smile.
Posted by Kelli Cardinal on October 3, 2020
We had a small gathering today to remember our friend, and Helga asked me to post what was read before we all joined in for the Monica Davis Memorial Scream Race. It felt like exactly something she would have loved. Here's the prayer of thanksgiving that was read:

Thank you God for my friend Monica.

We are thankful for our time with her. Her joy and enthusiasm has left a lasting mark on our lives. Although we so desperately wish there was more time, I can’t think of a person who made better use of their time on earth than Monica.

We are thankful to have experienced her spirit and energy. Monica was like a lightning bolt. She changed any environment she entered, charging it with energy. Her spirit and energy was infectious. I know we will all try to continue her good work and spread positivity and kindness in her memory.

Thank you for filling her life with meaning and wonder. Listening to Monica’s stories, it was obvious that her sense of wonder went around the world with her. She was inspired to discover what the world had to offer. She chose jobs that meant something to her. She was always passionate and articulate speaking about the meaningful work she has done, and had so many stories, I wish I could hear them all.

Thank you for guiding her and Ryan to one another. Ryan has always held a special place in my heart, we’ve grown up together in a sense. When we met Monica the first time, there was a sense of “yes, that’s the one. He’s found her”. I’m so grateful for the love they shared, and my heart breaks at the loss.

We are thankful for each other. We have strength together, and we know that we can lean into one another as we process what our lives will look like with a piece of our hearts missing. We will continue to celebrate together, laugh together, and love together. It’s how Monica would have wanted it.

I miss my friend, and am thankful for the gift she was to my life.
Posted by Chris Kirk on October 1, 2020
I recently remembered a moment that I was really grateful for Monica's grace and positivity. It was our 10 year high school reunion at London Pub. During all of the angst that comes with an event like this, one of our classmates passed out (not from booze!). I personally felt a little awkward and wasn't sure what to do, but then enter Monica. She helped her to her feet, got her sorted out and was able to settle everybody into some relieved laughter. She made it look easy. I'll remember her as a great woman who encouraged people and built them up. Xo
Posted by Elizabeth Anton on September 23, 2020
Dear Colette, Helga and Andrew,
It was with complete disbelief, then shock, that I heard this news that Monica has died. I won't be able to fully express (like many others!) my sadness but want to say that I have been thinking a lot about you and your family and Monica's fiance (who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting). I am just so sorry, Colette, that you have lost your sister and, Helga and Andrew, your daughter. I cannot imagine what you have and are still going through. It is the kind of scary thing that makes you hold on tighter to the loved ones you have, and makes everything in the world look and seem different. I am sure every action and conversation is now laced with both sadness and happy memories. My memories of Monica are both soccer (soccer and soccer!) and how good of a sister she was with you, Colette. You are both cut from the same practical, adventurous, fun and always funny cloth. The lasting image for me will be Monica with her toes in the sand and the handheld radio crackling.
Sending you all huge, non-physically distanced, covid inappropriate, hugs and love. Liz.

Posted by Karen Sonnenberg on September 16, 2020
To Monica's family & friends - it was a shock as I am sure for all of us to here of Monica's passing - I met Monica in August of 2018 while being contracted to work for Educo. Monica's smile and warm heart will be missed. A true light has gone on to universe for all of us to see. May you find peace in remembering her good adventures on our earth plain. Karen
Posted by Emily Keller on September 14, 2020
Dear Ryan, Andrew, Helga, Colette, and Monica's two nieces,

Several weeks have passed and my heart is still aching over the news of Monica's passing. As I try to come to terms with the gut-wrenching loss of the most beautiful and loving friend, my thoughts are with you and I send you love and strength as you navigate the unimaginable pain and the long path of grief and healing. I haven't met all of you, but Monica spoke of you often and somehow I feel like I do know you through her stories - she spoke of you often and loved you all so much. She was especially proud of her two little nieces.

I met Monica in 2014 when we worked together at the David Suzuki Foundation. I'm so grateful that our lives collided because she became a dear friend. I have many memories - lunchtime walks at DSF, dinner dates after work downtown when our offices were just a few blocks apart after we both moved on from DSF, a sweet weekend at Mt Baker with Ryan, Andrew, and Edgar, picnic dinners in the park, movies, the ghost train in Stanley Park. In a city where it can be difficult to make connections, Monica was so generous about inviting us to connect and hang out. I last saw Monica on a sunny Saturday in July when we met up for take-out Thai food at Kits beach. I remember that she looked so radiant - beautiful and glowing with happiness in a lovely summer dress, so full of life and excitement for the future. We really connected through conversation that evening and I'm so grateful that I have that final special memory and feeling of closeness to cherish.

As so many have already expressed, Monica was a ray of light and optimism - a good counterbalance and antidote to my cup-half-empty personality. Being around her always encouraged me to see the world more positively and find the light in darkness. I've been reflecting lately how I can honour Monica's life. Reading the stories on this page, I realize how much we all treasured the effort that Monica made to issue invitations, to visit when nobody else would, to make everyone feel like they meant something special to her. Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to reach out to friends more, say hello on the street when I could look the other way - and I feel her with me each time.

On the day that I learned about Monica's death, I walked - stunned and in disbelief - to a beach in Stanley Park. As I looked out at the blue ocean and tears stung my eyes, I was overcome with the feeling that although she didn't want to leave us so soon, her spirit was somehow at peace.

To Ryan and Monica's family - please reach out for support when you need it. I know that if this tragic situation was reversed, Monica would have been the first to reach out and be there to support. We're here for you.
Posted by Kevin Dixon on September 14, 2020
I met Monica when she was only 13 and she was a sweet and enthusiastic participant in my youth group at St Mary’s Kerrisdale. She made everything more fun! Whether it was a “bigger and better scavenger hunt” (adult tricycle) or a bible study (1John) or a weekend of fun at Whistler (boys in the girls’ room, tsk tsk) or Salt Spring Island (painted toe nails) her bright smile and bubbly personality lit up the event. When Monica was 19 she went with me and a group of young adults to El Salvador. I remember visiting a prison in the city of San Miguel and how BIG her eyes were as we entered that terrible place. We were there to lead worship among the prisoners and I remember how clearly and sweetly her voice carried across the enclosure as we sang songs like “We Are Marching In The Light Of God.” She brightened a dark place. Afterwards, in the scorching heat on a dusty street she reflected on the experience while sipping Coke from a glass bottle; she found the significance in that experience so rare for a kid from the west side of Vancouver, and commiserated with Eileen who had had a sudden onset of tummy troubles in that very inconvenient place. Years later, she caught up with me and another group in El Salvador while she just so happened to be backpacking through Central America. At Christmas in 2009, while she was staffing the Olympic torch relay she joined me and my family for Christmas dinner in London, ON - it just so happened we were all in the same city at the same time. Then, in 2013 (I think?) I was back in Vancouver on the same weekend as the Vancouver Sun Run. And who but a Monica should just happen to have been on the floor of the stadium after I crossed the finish line? Typically, she greeted me with “Kebino!!” and hugged me like I was her best friend in the whole world. She had a way of making people- me! - feel special and loved. I miss Monica even though we haven’t seen one another in a long time. She was a beautiful soul, a rare example of what it is to be fully alive. Truly, her quip was true: “‘Why not?’ is the slogan of an interesting life.” I thank God for Monica’s life, even though it was too short, and I am so glad she filled it with so much living.
Posted by Sharen Rowlandson on September 10, 2020
Keith Clay & I adored Monica. She was so full of life, with a most beautiful smile that would light up a room! Her infectious laugh made her so much fun to be around.
We looked forward to running into her occasionally on the seawall or around Spanish Banks. She had a gift of making us feel like we were the most important persons in her life at that moment.
She was so kind to others and was a real treasure. We will miss her and are so blessed to have had the opportunity to know her, if only for a short while.
The world was a better place with Monica in it.

Our hearts go out to her family, her fiancé, and her many friends. Keep memories of the happy times you had with Monica close to your heart.
Her spirit will be with us forever.

Posted by Melissa Lombard on September 8, 2020
Monica was a special kind of person.

Everyone she talked to felt important.
She was welcoming and unafraid.
She touched many people's lives with her endless energy and positivity.
She connected people.
She saw opportunities.
She said 'yes' without hesitation.

She was always open to embracing new challenges and experiences, but especially to embracing people.
Posted by Tuveyc Mordag on September 8, 2020
Dedicated to MONIKA

I am in shock and I have felt big grief by learning Monika’s passing away from this life. I have known Monica past ten years and she was the kindest, happy and full of life person I have ever met. I feel lucky to know her, because I have inspired from her positive nature that was standing on life and doing her best. My daughter and I have been long term family friends, so we had lots of chances to observe Monika’s genuine relationship with her family. She was always loving, caring and giving importance to contribute to family dynamics. Also, as our friend, her attitude was always kind and caring, as well as her intentions were giving importance to interact with everyone around her. My observations about Monika was absolute perfection that she was a dedicated, passionate, responsible and hard working girl in her life. In the time being in our friendship I have experienced lots of good memories with her. She was being careful to touch our hearts and offering help when it was needed. When I think about Monika I always remember her with her big smile on her face and full of energy in her eyes that was reflective to everyone around her. I will keep remembering her that we have never been lost her. I believe soul lives on a different level and remembrance keeps the soul alive, so she will live in my memories and I will keep her alive in my heart as long as I live. She was the shining sun and a good example for her kindness to us. I am sure she will continue shining towards us. I love you Monika. God shines His goodness, forgiveness, blessings, love and care on you forever.  
Posted by Judy Button on September 7, 2020
Dearest Helga, Andrew, Collette, family and friends........................
No words can express the sorrow and heartfelt sympathy shared. When I think of Monica a smile comes to my face even though at this time I do not feel like smiling. Monica will always be in my heart and the hearts of many. Even as a young girl, ever caring, generous and beautiful. Monica gave up her bedroom to make John & I welcome as her parent's friends and guests in her home.
From that moment the special bond of family was always there. Many thoughts, how proud to hear of her global adventures. Meeting up during her entrusted work at the IPE in Armstrong and accompanying the Torch Run, across Canada, even at Little Vernon, BC. Her Big Smile and Shining Eyes like she had a secret and enjoying every minute, every day, enthusiastic, hard working, professional, confident young woman. Looking forward to the Family Christmas picture cards we had the pleasure of receiving over the years. Another most remember-able time was at Collett's wedding, the love, admiration and thoughtful words Monica shared about her big sister. 'Look, look how beautiful my sister Collette is on her wedding day WOW. '
God Bless and keep her safe on her travels. Forever in our hearts.
Blessings, love and hugs. Your friend Judy Button in Vernon. xoxoxoxoxo

Posted by Elise Woolliams on September 7, 2020
I met Monica through Colette. My memories of her are filled with her boisterous laughter, her boundless energy, and her warm heart. One of the memories of spending the most time with her was at the beach soccer tournament, over several years. Not only as a strong, confident woman running the show, but as a player getting deep into the fun of it. More recently seeing her with her nieces it was always apparent how much love she shared and how her energy brought smiles to all those around her. I could tell Colette and Monica had a special bond as sisters and it breaks my heart to know she is no longer with us. My heartfelt condolences to my dear friend Colette, Monica’s partner Ryan, and her many family and friends whom she has obviously touched with so much joy over the years.
Posted by John Raikes on September 6, 2020
My earliest memory of Monica is one where I came over to Andrew and Helga’s place for visit. This little wonder, stopped for a second from running around the house, to stare up at me with seeming amazement in those big beautiful eyes as if to say “how can anybody be so tall?” I received a little “hello”, then she was off to chase her sister some more. I shall always have that memory to hold as I remember you by Monica. Rest in the Arms of the Lord.
Posted by Kate Fagan-Garcia on September 6, 2020
I met Monica through Colette when we were kids (Colette and I met in Kindergarten so I guess I met Monica as a toddler!). Even as a little kid I remember her bright energy and big smile. As we grew older and I moved away, we were able to reconnect through facebook. I loved seeing what new adventures Monica was on - the Blue Dot tour with David Suzuki, the Olympic torch relay, the JUMP program - I never knew what she was going to be up to next! It was great to see her through her photos and stories. I could feel her pride and love for her little nieces even just through social media. Monica was a shining light in this world and she will be missed deeply and remembered fondly. My heartfelt condolences go out to all of her family and friends who her life touched.  
Posted by Elaine Ho on September 4, 2020
I had the pleasure of Monica's radiant smile and her enthusiasm during the sewing of her bridesmaid dress for Heather and Andrews wedding
then again as we looked at designs and fabric for hers to Ryan.
I will always be grateful for the friendship and love Monica shared with
my daughter. Your smile shines in my family photo wall.
Posted by Ryan McNeill on September 3, 2020
How do I even start? Where do I start?
Monica was my everyday, and my everything... She infused her essence into all aspects of our lives together.
From the first thing I saw when waking up in bed, after she would come back from a morning run or after making our morning smoothies, she would come to the bedroom to wake me up, to give me morning kisses, and to share that smile that we've all come to adore.
To the bedtime routine where she would put toothpaste on my toothbrush before I came to the bedroom, and then when I would get into bed, she would say "I Lolo", and "Sweet Dreams", followed by a kiss to bookend our day.
She always gave me her best, and in turn she got me to be the best version of myself.
She got me to eat better, be more environmentally conscious, to exercise more and to push my body to places I've never thought I would go. She taught me to love more deeply than I have in the past. She taught me humility, and selflessness. She taught me to be less cynical, and to see more in others.And as exhausting as her endless aspirations sometimes were, regardless I enjoyed every moment of being at her side!
And now that she's gone, as much as it hurts to know that I'll never again be able to hear her upbeat words waking me up or her soft lips whisking me off to sleep, I know she would want me, and every of us, to continue to espouse her ethos of positivity, engagement, and adventurousness.
Monica has left an indelible mark on my life, in so many deep and profound ways, it's hard to count.I will forever be grateful for having spent every moment with Monica that I was given. And I will do my best to move forward in life, holding her spirit with me wherever I go, for as long as I live.
I miss you so much already.

I Will Lolo Forever
Posted by Melissa Austin on September 3, 2020
I met Monica through our beautiful mutual friend Heather. Osoyoos, Saltspring Island and UBC farm are some of the places we went together. One thing that I really admired in Monica was her commitment to the environment. I remember going out for dinner one night and she declined to have a pop because she didn’t want a wasted bottle. She would send me uplifting messages like “you’re rocking this” on my birthday. She never took life for granted and lived life to the fullest as others have so eloquently described. 
I’m a neuro occupational therapist and saw Monica as a friend a few times after her injury. I feel like the medical system- the one I directly work in let her down. I’m so very sorry for your loss.
Posted by Caroline Jane Green on September 3, 2020
Monica bowled me over from the get go - I'd never met someone who radiated so much joy, energy, power, and kindness, all wrapped up in one. And considering I first 'met' Monica via a WhatsApp call in 2018, that's no mean feat to be able to convey these things digitally! Yet somehow, she did, and it's a testament to the beautiful spirit that she was and is. I'm entirely unsurprised to read all of the wonderful stories and tributes others have shared. Monica has clearly impacted so many people, in so many ways.

Monica went out of her way to make every person who joined the JUMP! community, where we both worked, feel at home. Always the first to extend a warm welcome, celebrate the achievements of other people, offer a helping hand. As both a trusted colleague and friend, I'll be forever grateful to have been part of her journey. Monica spent countless hours with me over text, calls, videos (and face to face, when crazy international schedules permitted) both professionally to provide guidance on how to create powerful, meaningful experiences (she was a pro!), and on a personal level - laughing, reflecting, sharing about life, love, and everything in between. I'll never forget what started once as a short work call rapidly evolved to an evening of hilarity, as she gave me a virtual tour around her new place, showing me the frames she'd put together for all of the photos of her treasured family and Ryan - always referred to as "my forever guy" by Monica. We'd concluded that call by coming up with future crazy ideas for physical challenges, adventure, and travel when we next saw one another in Thailand.

The last time we'd spoken, shortly before she passed away, we'd chatted about open water swimming, as she'd encouraged me to start again. Monica had even offered to send over her old wetsuit (to Europe!) as she'd just bought a new one. Generous to a fault. She also told me that she was considering another skydive next year, 'just to mix things up'. I'm certain she would have done it, if she'd have still been here! Monica refused to let her stroke define or limit her in any way.

Monica's unfathomable resilience in the face of adversity, her deep enthusiasm for life, and an unwavering commitment to positivity and supporting other people, was inspiring. Truly one of a kind.

Posted by Rachelle Mezzarobba on September 1, 2020
I knew Monica through her sister Colette and was a fellow beach soccer babe :) Like most I'm still in shock over this news and feel I can't find adequate words to express my deepest sympathy to her family and friends and my gratitude for having the chance to know Monica even a little bit. I will forever remember her engaging and infectious smile and laugh and my awe (and slight jealously) in hearing of her many adventures across the globe.
Posted by Maria Zeldis on August 31, 2020
I met Monica many years ago through my soccer teammate and good friend Colette. I'm not sure exactly what year, some time around 2007-8? During those couple of years we spent a lot of time together volunteering at the beach soccer festival in Spanish Banks every summer. It's been more than 10 years since I've seen Monica but somehow I remember her like it was yesterday. She had an unforgettably magnetic personality. She was always genuinely interested in what other people had to say, a truly caring friend and good listener. She never judged or exuded any negativity, but was always supportive and optimistic. She was super fun at social events and very outgoing, but at the same time really connected with people on a quieter level in conversation. Reading through some of the other memories posted here, I am not surprised to learn how much good she did for the world in her professional life. I wish for her nieces to know as much about her as possible because she is an amazing role model for girls and just humans in general.
Posted by Eric Kasoyaga on August 31, 2020
I was introduced to Monica earlier this year at SFU Radius. We both share a passion for community development and working with youth. Every interaction and experience that I had with her was filled with high-energy, enthusiasm, and making our communities better. She went out of her way countless times to help me with work for my foundation, and was always there to give insights, and inspiration.

I will forever cherish our experiences together and how she went out of her way to help others and the world. Prayers & love to Monicas family and friends, her spirit lives on!
Posted by Maria R on August 31, 2020
I met Monica in 2017 when she was creating partnerships for JUMP programs. I work for the YMCA, and we immediately decided to partner for JUMP's first local program. As soon as the program finished Monica said "great what's next!" and we starting writing proposals and received grants for 2 more programs which we ran together. Her energy and drive was contagious! She started every day with a smile and a high-five - there were no dull moments when Monica was around. She showed genuine care and interest in each of the youth she worked with, taking the time to connect with them one on one. We used to meet at Cafe Cittadella, one of her favorite local spots, to catch up and chat about our next new project idea. I'll miss you Monica, you made a difference in so many people's lives that they will remember forever.
Posted by Raichal Philip on August 31, 2020
I did not have the good fortune of meeting Monica in person, but I got to know her pretty well through her mom. Over the 5 years that I have known Helga (we work together) I have heard so many stories of Monica. Stories that created this picture of Monica in my mind of someone with an infectious smile, radiant, bursting with energy, unstoppable, kind, caring, gentle, loved nature and the outdoors. Someone who cared deeply about people and left a lasting impression on anyone who crossed her path. I am envious of all of you who knew her personally, but for me she will always be this angel that I will get to see through Helga. Praying for the Lord’s comfort and healing for the whole family.
Posted by Kim Korst-Davis on August 31, 2020
My precious niece so full of life, love and light no longer walks this earth. Well, truth is Monica never really"walked" anywhere. She was always such a force to reckon with and tougher to keep up with! I have always known Monica through the context of family and of course aware of most of her adventures as she tries to sate her appetite for knowledge and connection. It is through reading all of these memories and stories from friends near and far that I can say I am truly humbled to see my beautiful Monica through the eyes of SO many people who loved her as her family loves her. My heart is broken and my head doesn’t want to accept that she will no longer be at our dinner table for family events however, there is some peace in knowing that she will now be feasting at the table of the Lord. Heaven surely has received an Angel Extraordinaire! Love you forever, Monica.
Posted by Kasandra Harriman on August 29, 2020
I met Monica through Colette. Whenever I saw her she was enthusiastically describing her latest adventures and honourable pursuits to make the world a better place, with a huge smile that lit up the room. That is how I will remember her, with her infectious smile and beautiful spirit. My love to her family and friends- she will be missed.
Posted by Lesley Conway on August 29, 2020
Monica was pure heart. She was one of those people who made every day spent with her that much better, and every life she touched that much more joyful and meaningful. I remember hiking the Grind with her soon after my husband and I met (he liked her immediately), and laughing with her at Sophie's birthday last year. She was just so easy to love.

I knew Monica through my dear friend, Colette. Over our 19 years of friendship, I spent many family dinners and celebrations with the Davis family. What I remember with the most fondness as I've reflected over the past week and a half, is the love and joy at those family events. The jokes never stopped, and nobody was spared a joke at their expense. Monica had a "bring it on" attitude and would laugh more than anyone when someone cracked a joke. She and I would always joke that the two of us were going to gang up on Colette, but of course it was always in jest. It makes me happy to think of those times. Monica so clearly grew up surrounded by love and found a unique and wonderful way to share that love with the world.

I have thought of Monica continuously since I heard the news, but I particularly think of her each morning when I open the curtains and let the light into the house. The world is a much happier and kinder place because Monica was here. She lives on in the hearts of those who knew her, and I will strive to share some of her compassion and kindness with each person I meet. I know this is a "challenge" Monica would have been happy to ask us all to take on.

My heart goes out to Colette, Helga, Andrew, Ryan and all of Monica's friends and family.

Rest in peace, Monica. Spread your light and continue to shine.
Posted by Stu Gillett on August 29, 2020
Monica ,

The loveliness we've lost.
These empty days without your smile.
This torch, we'll always carry,
For Vancouver's lovely child.
And even though we try
The truth brings us all to tears.
All our words cannot express
The joy you brought us through the years.
C. Sir Elton John

“The Gilletts”
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