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Second Death Anniversary

May 2
Dear Ma,

It’s been 2 years since you left us, yet it still doesn’t seem real. You are constantly in my thoughts. The first thought when there is any special event, is the instinct to share it with you. When your grandkids do well, I wish you were here to celebrate their success. In every action, success and failure, I wonder on your reactions if you would have been here. This January, on your birthday, I wrote in my letter here that I enrolled in a 21 day poetry challenge. I wish I could see your face as I tell you that I completed it, and it will soon be published! Rupesh added his sketches as illustrations, and of course it is dedicated to you and Baba. It is titled January Greys, and indeed I felt very low this January, with both your birthdays that month. Writing was cathartic in a way and I seek blessings from both of you for its release.

The children are growing up so fast, Saisha is taller than me already! Misha is the life of the house as usual, and I see so much of your energy in her. Of course, this leads to many clashes (already!!) and in my mind I hear your I-told-you-sos!!

We finally took a vacation, our first big trip since the 2019 cruise with you and Tuki. At Boston, Rupesh finally completed his 6 medal World Marathon Majors quest, and I wish you were here to celebrate his achievement. You were always so proud of him! I remembered your visit to Boston and work at Harvard Medical College and Brighams Hospital. While we couldn’t go there, we did go to Harvard Yard and walked the Charles river memorial esplanade. I remembered you telling me how you would walk all over Boston and for a few days, we were there, retracing your steps. From there, we took the kids to Disney World, Orlando … and if Boston had us walking miles daily, Orlando had us on our feet 12-14 hours everyday within its amusement park boundaries!! It was quite the opposite from the ‘slow living’ vacations we have had lately! My step count average for the entire year has gone us due to this one 2-week vacation!! Reminded me a lot of the trips you and Baba would take us on every year, and how we would try to pack in as many sights and experiences as possible! Tiring but so memorable, and as we enter a similar life phase with our kids, I wish you were here to guide us, share your experiences and celebrate our achievements (and also keep us standing when the feet say no more!!) I should say, I remembered how painful Tuki and I were on our UK trip that you would make us walk so much everyday! Now, I understand how you must have felt, I’m sorry for being so difficult! Thankfully, Saisha and Aria were much more cooperative… phew! 

This letter started with feelings but has become a chronicle of all that we have been up to since the last letter. It reminds me of the letters you would write to us during your fellowship in UK, telling us about your experiences and guiding us from afar. So many memories each leading from another…my thoughts are just all over, jumping multiple life phases and experiences we shared. I could keep writing all day! You lived your life to the fullest and made my life memorable. Thank you Ma. Rest in peace and please continue to watch over us as always. No matter how much I struggled against your authority, I know I’m a better person because of it.

Love you


January 10
One of my oldest friends was Moon. Memories go back to 1961 when my family moved to Delhi. We stayed in the same area, went to the same school with the same school bus, were in and out of each others houses..our parents, respective brothers were friends. Moon was smart, intelligent ( one sees her genes in Tina and Tuki) extremely helpful always and a very strong person. Even though we didn't manage to meet in the last few years, we stayed in touch.I will always miss her. Tina and Tuki, you were lucky to have such a mother. The beautiful memories that you have of your mother, and I, of my friend will stay forever.


January 10
A year has passed and today my eyes float in tears for a birthday that we cannot celebrate.  I never expected to see your birthday without you.  After all you were younger than I and I ought to have gone away before you.
But God has his own ways which humans can never fathom.

Today you float on on a serene lake that floats into infinity and I look on wondering when I will join you to gambol in the meadows once more as we did when we were children.
January 10
The last time I met Moon was in January 2013 just after her birthday. She had come with Panna to Kolkata for a conference. We were meeting after 45 yrs, and it was just wonderful. She had lunch with us and enjoyed the "shukto". The last time I spoke to her was just before she was hospitalized for covid. Happy Birthday Moon!

You would have turned 70 today

January 10
Hi Ma

You would have turned 70 today. I wonder what your thoughts would have been on reaching this milestone. Despite your health battles with diabetes and related issues, you always had a zest for life, for seizing the moments and enjoying every one of them. I used to wait for January 10 - the first day of the year with a family birthday, starting a new calendar year of birthdays and celebrations. Followed immediately by Baba’s birthday on Jan 11. How we enjoyed the close proximity of both your birthdays! The ‘Happy Birthday’ decorations that would have gone up in August for Tuki’s birthday, would extend right through mine in Dec , Christmas, New Year and till the double Jan10-11 finale. Now they end with the change of the year, and January brings bittersweet melancholic memories instead of the anticipation of a double celebration. As I was writing this, feeling fairly morose, Rupesh just asked me are we cutting cake for Ma and Baba today? My first response was Baba’s birthday is tomorrow. To which he reminded me that we had always cut cake on Jan 10th anyway, sometimes separately, sometimes both together. So I decided, today, we (kids and I) will make cake for you, just like you would bake one for us. Over the last year or so, Aria has found a cake mix that she likes to help bake, and everyone, even Saisha (who doesn’t like creamy cakes) likes to eat it. I started this letter feeling morose and feeling like there was nothing to look forward to, but I’m ending it in anticipation again, with a plan to bake a cake with your grandkids. I like to think that’s how you would like it. January weather may be grey, but your flowers are blooming, and there will be cake. I miss you. Happy 70th Birthday Ma. 

PS: Rupesh enrolled me into a 21-day poetry challenge - one poem everyday! My first thought was that the deadline is on Jan 10 and the competition starts from Jan 11 - both important days for me. I haven’t written in ages. And frankly, I don’t know if I can or how it will turn out. But these dates are significant to me. You were both proud of my writing. I want to do it, for you. And I think it will be good for me too. Wish me luck!  Love you both.

First Death Anniversary

May 2, 2022
Dear Ma

It is your first anniversary and it is still hard to say the D-word. It still feels unbelievable that you are no longer here. Still feels like you’ve gone on a trip and will be back soon. It’s still impossible to watch your videos and hear your voice. Or write this post without tearing up. You were the driving force of my life. At various life stages I ran the gamut of the continuum between obedience and rebellion. But you were always the stimulus. Knowing you, you’d probably read this as blaming you for my faults! But actually I mean this as crediting you for my achievements. For a mostly unambitious person, you were the one who brought performance out of me. Who taught me discipline, organisation, and had me take every class and exam under the sun to broaden my scope of knowledge! You took me travelling and taught me to appreciate different cultures. You let me be free of expectations in developing friendships and relationships. No matter how much you yelled at me, no one else was allowed to yell at me! You were a tigress in my defence. And you made sure to raise us up to stand firm on our own feet. But now … you are gone. And I’m standing here … but I don’t know where to go. 

Miss you Ma. Love you. Be in Peace.
love Tina.

Birthday in Indore

January 11, 2022
10th January 2014, Ma spent it with us in Indore. Still remember how excited you were, we stayed at home but did lot of gupshup. Didi and Jeeju sent flowers and chocolates. You gave me tips to improve my garden. Told me how lucky I was to live in such a peaceful place with ample place to walk and stay healthy. You enjoyed the Sun while sitting in the veranda looking at the Bougainvilleas. We still do the same in winters. Miss you dearly here in Indore.

On her Birthday - by brother Biswajit Basu

January 10, 2022
From Biswajit Basu:

Remembering you, Moon, of our childhood days in Delhi Cantt.  We would shiver in the cold while waiting for the Air Force bus to take us to school and I would pity you in your skirt.  At least I was better protected in trousers.  Remember that we would play the "guinea-ed" game in our front garden in our Cantt house?  We coined the name ourselves and the idea was to touch and the person was guinea-ed.  We had coined the name from guinea-pig which we thought was a dirty animal like a pig! 
Yes now memories linger on of the times we spent together.  Now it seems we did not get enough of it.

Remembering you on your Birthday

January 10, 2022
You would have been 69 today. Still can’t believe you are no longer with us. When we were kids, we thought it was very cool that your birthday was on Jan 10 and Baba’s on Jan 11, so the midnight between the two, we could technically wish you both! We actually did set alarms a few times to do exactly that, and you went along even though you were not a late night person. But we still wanted two cakes!! 
Funnily, since we shifted in together to Noida in 2014, we’ve always ended up with 2 cakes for almost every celebration, whether it would be you baking or getting one, or Tuki baking or sending one, in addition to the one I would get to mark the occasion. But you only had one birthday with Baba in Jan 2015, before he left us that September. The double cakes continued. Now, you are both together again, and for the first time in my life there are no more January double cakes to start a new year of birthdays. 
Happy Birthday Ma . Miss you everyday. Here is a picture of all of us from your last Birthday Jan 10, 2021

Rakhi Tribute by Biswajit Basu

August 22, 2021
A poem penned by her brother on the first Rakshabandhan without her.

From Dr. K. B. Logani and family

June 5, 2021
A small tribute: 
Dr Professor Monisha Choudhury was a courageous, benevolent and hardworking woman looking after equitably the family as well as to the job and would not mix-up the two. She would accept and share the given responsibility very willingly and perform it to her best and stay steadfast to the truth. Professor Monisha had great patience and her contributions in Pathology particularly in  cytopathology and; her professional publications and teachings will be remembered for a long time by her professional colleagues, and the students.

We all, professional colleagues, are extremely proud of the great work done by Dr. Monisha in Cytopathology. Initially, Dr. Monisha was not interested in this subspecialty of Cyto, but when I re-joined LHMC in 1985 from MAMC, we advised that she must develop expertise in it so as to be recognized as cytopathologist in the future and; if I remember correctly she was later awarded Commonwealth Medical Scholarship to U.K. on her excellence in Pathology. She has excelled in this sub-speciality beyond our imagination and she has become a decorated National and International cytopathologist. Dr. Monisha and her professional work will be remembered by younger generations in the time to come.

We all pray to God to give peace to her departed noble soul and courage to bear this irreparable loss to all of us. Wish you and family all strength, good health and peace in years to come.
Dr. K.B.LOGANI andfamily


May 29, 2021
Moon, you have relinquished your worldly status and left your friends, relatives, students and colleagues forlorn.  We, you left behind, will miss you sorely and we already realise how much.

Yours was a life of honest, steadfast and straight thinking, of keeping your focus on your objectives, of the grit of steadfast determination. On the other side, you held the world in compassion in a profession where people tend to lose theirs.  I remember the time when you cried and cried when your patient who had been bitten by a rabid dog and who you had been desperately trying to save died. I also remember how much you cried when you got your quota of vasectomies and tubectomies that you had to deliver to the government in those Sanjay Gandhi days. I always marvelled how you could be so prim and proper and headmistressly on one side and still retain a soft heart of pure gold on the other.
Yesterday marked the end of of our 68 year sojourn that we walked this Earth together.  I remember the day you were born and Daddy, Dadu, me and Mama had gone to visit Ma in the maternity ward.  Ma offered me a banana which was on her bedside table which I accepted and demolished it with a gusto which I exclusively reserve for eatables.  On the return in the car, Dadu castigated me for accepting that banana which he said was actually meant for you.  So even before you were born, I was stealing things that were yours!
And so we led our happy army childhood in big houses with big compounds and gardens which, incongruously Daddy described as 'genteel poverty'. I remember you as a 3 year old in London with a big parakeet, as big as you, on your shoulder.  I remember we played catch me if you can in the garden and the catcher was supposed to be dirty (a guinea pig) and when caught he/she was 'guinea-ed'.  Remember our lovely vacations every summer to the hills? Then came the years of separation as we chose the trajectories to our respective careers. 
Then we saw Daddy go first after a five year ordeal with strokes.  Then came Ma's turn and she left after a short illness.  We were now suddenly orphans!
We passed our lives busy with the work in our respective professions. We got married, you to Panna and me to Tulu.  Panna was a friend and today, a God, and I still ask him for guidance in troubled times.
Even when we were apart we always stayed in contact and sometimes met in distant cities (I remember that lunch in London when we got sozzled on wine and champagne and I prayed that you would reach your hostel back safely)!
Today you are gone leaving us for a better world.  So be it. But I wish you would have stayed longer.  
So farewell, Moon, you will not be forgotten in this world.  You led a good and productive life.
But all things, even our Universe, must come to an end  and  goes through different dimensions.  So have you departed our dimension forever to a better one. 
*Au revoir*.
That was the essence of our lives  We fought, played and cried together. 
Those were the days, dear Moon,
They have come to an end, but too soon
We'd laugh and play forever and a day
We led the lives we chose
We fought, but never to bruise
Those were the days
Yes, those were the days.
Farewell Moon.  We had a great life!

Message from Sharda University

May 29, 2021
Message from Sharda University, where she worked post retirement. 

Message from NIIMS

May 29, 2021
Message from Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences, her employer till her untimely demise.

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