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From Dr. K. B. Logani and family

Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on June 5, 2021
A small tribute: Dr Professor Monisha Choudhury was a courageous, benevolent and hardworking woman looking after equitably the family as well as to the job and would not mix-up the two. She would accept and share the given responsibility very willingly and perform it to her best and stay steadfast to the truth. Professor Monisha had great patience and her contributions in Pathology particularly in  cytopathology and; her professional publications and teachings will be remembered for a long time by her professional colleagues, and the students. We all pray to God to give peace to her departed noble soul and courage to bear this irreparable loss to all of us, with regards,
Dr. K.B.LOGANI and family


Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on May 29, 2021
Moon, you have relinquished your worldly status and left your friends, relatives, students and colleagues forlorn.  We, you left behind, will miss you sorely and we already realise how much.

Yours was a life of honest, steadfast and straight thinking, of keeping your focus on your objectives, of the grit of steadfast determination. On the other side, you held the world in compassion in a profession where people tend to lose theirs.  I remember the time when you cried and cried when your patient who had been bitten by a rabid dog and who you had been desperately trying to save died. I also remember how much you cried when you got your quota of vasectomies and tubectomies that you had to deliver to the government in those Sanjay Gandhi days. I always marvelled how you could be so prim and proper and headmistressly on one side and still retain a soft heart of pure gold on the other.
Yesterday marked the end of of our 68 year sojourn that we walked this Earth together.  I remember the day you were born and Daddy, Dadu, me and Mama had gone to visit Ma in the maternity ward.  Ma offered me a banana which was on her bedside table which I accepted and demolished it with a gusto which I exclusively reserve for eatables.  On the return in the car, Dadu castigated me for accepting that banana which he said was actually meant for you.  So even before you were born, I was stealing things that were yours!
And so we led our happy army childhood in big houses with big compounds and gardens which, incongruously Daddy described as 'genteel poverty'. I remember you as a 3 year old in London with a big parakeet, as big as you, on your shoulder.  I remember we played catch me if you can in the garden and the catcher was supposed to be dirty (a guinea pig) and when caught he/she was 'guinea-ed'.  Remember our lovely vacations every summer to the hills? Then came the years of separation as we chose the trajectories to our respective careers. 
Then we saw Daddy go first after a five year ordeal with strokes.  Then came Ma's turn and she left after a short illness.  We were now suddenly orphans!
We passed our lives busy with the work in our respective professions. We got married, you to Panna and me to Tulu.  Panna was a friend and today, a God, and I still ask him for guidance in troubled times.
Even when we were apart we always stayed in contact and sometimes met in distant cities (I remember that lunch in London when we got sozzled on wine and champagne and I prayed that you would reach your hostel back safely)!
Today you are gone leaving us for a better world.  So be it. But I wish you would have stayed longer.  
So farewell, Moon, you will not be forgotten in this world.  You led a good and productive life.
But all things, even our Universe, must come to an end  and  goes through different dimensions.  So have you departed our dimension forever to a better one. 
*Au revoir*.
That was the essence of our lives  We fought, played and cried together. 
Those were the days, dear Moon,
They have come to an end, but too soon
We'd laugh and play forever and a day
We led the lives we chose
We fought, but never to bruise
Those were the days
Yes, those were the days.
Farewell Moon.  We had a great life!

Message from Sharda University

Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on May 29, 2021
Message from Sharda University, where she worked post retirement. 

Message from NIIMS

Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on May 29, 2021
Message from Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences, her employer till her untimely demise.

Remembrance by CHF

Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on May 29, 2021
Remembrance Message by Child Health Foundation

Condolence Message by IAC

Shared by Pallavi Tripathi on May 29, 2021
Condolence message by Indian Academy of Cytologists

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