Posted by Savita Mittal on June 11, 2021
 I will always fondly remember dr monisha choudhury,she was dear to me .she was multitalented personality,renowned pathologist/cytologist.
I had a long association with her.luckily she was my first post graduate student then became my colleague and friend.always laughing smiling and helping others.i remember dear Tina And tuktuki she always used to talk about her lovely daughters
We.had a very strong bond I miss her a lot .
May her soul rest in peace .
May God give strength to her family to bear the loss.  ओम् शान्ति
Posted by Amrita Anand on June 8, 2021
Dr Monisha Mam, was a brilliant teacher, an outstanding pathologist, mentor, researcher, guide, photographer, all in one. It’s a difficult reality to come to terms with, that she no longer is with us. I fondly remember and feel so privileged to be a part of her teachings in lady hardinge. She was such a dynamic lady, always smiling, her passion for cyto-pathology was unmatchable. There are so many memories attached with mam, the way she encouraged me when i was travelling to London for FRCP, I remember getting a very sweet message from her, wishing me all the luck, just before i could board my flight. We not only shared our birth-dates, but also the fact that both our fathers are ophthalmologists.
Her memories live with me forever, and i miss her presence in my life, her regular posts on social media, Her beautiful comments on facebook posts would bring such a beaming smile on my face. Such was her charisma, she could keep anyone engaged for hours with her teachings, experiences, her travelling adventures, the amount of history which she had lived and shared, her life was no less than legendary. She was and She is, an Extraordinary Lady. I firmly believe, they don’t make women like her anymore.
I miss her, and I don’t think anyone can match upto her zeal and passion for life. If i could just be half of what she was, i’ll consider myself supremely lucky.
You will forever live in my heart Mam, Miss you,
Please be at peace
Lots of ❤️ love
Posted by Shivali Sehgal on June 7, 2021
Ma’am was the first person I met when I joined Department of Pathology as a post graduate student. I still remember her smiling at me as she was writing down my name in the roster. My eleven year relationship with her will be a memory of a lifetime. She was an amazing pathologist and an outstanding teacher. I fondly remember how she used to show such subtle and interesting findings in the microscope and how she used to fire questions in reporting and seminars. Ma’am always greeted everyone with a smile, was ever cheerful and most importantly was always there for her students no matter what.  It was a pleasure to see her posts on Facebook. I am blessed to have known her and be taught by her. She was my mentor and I strive to be a person like her everyday.
Posted by Valinderjeet Randhawa on June 7, 2021
I worked on the first floor in microbiology deptt of LHMC and Dr Monisha on the ground floor of the building.So we often used to run into each other.She always used to radiate friendliness and was a committed individual.She loved nature.
Sometimes in the evening I would find Dr Panna Choudhry waiting in the car to pick her up.His face always revealed a vision.
We will miss you.
Posted by Ratna Lamba Dhingra on June 6, 2021
Whenever I think of dear Monisha I think of a really happy,loving ,beautiful person who lit up the room.
I cannot believe she has left us.
She was in medical school with me—a petite beautiful girl—happy and kind.
We did not meet each other for over 35 years and then in 2016 I met her again and communicated on Facebook and messaging.
She shared her beautiful garden with me and wrote the kindest comments.
I wish we could have met again.
My condolences to her wonderful daughters and family she left behind.
Posted by Gauri Nath on June 6, 2021
I have known aunty for a very long time. She was my neighbor from Netaji Nagar. What I remember most about her is her smiling face and her immaculate garden. She always invited everyone to view it. Uncle and she were good friends of my parents so we saw a lot of them. Even after she moved to Noida, she would tell me to visit her whenever I visited India so that I could view her garden and have a nice long chat with her. She was well traveled and told me that if she ever visits New York she would visit my place. I last saw her in November 2019. She was at a party of a family friend and as usual she was smiling. Wherever she is now, I am sure she is still smiling.
Posted by Shubham Basu on June 6, 2021
Will always carry her in my memories... what being positive in Life means, what finding joy in the smallest of things means. There are a handful of people who become a permanent bedrock of learning for you and for me she is one. I can see her smilng with the kids around handing out chocolates as I write this.
A person so full of unconditional love, she perhaps is that role model on what a human being is meant to be...

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