Shared by Stewart Jankowitz on March 18, 2017

I was a student of Master Lee over forty years ago when I was attending Law School in Hartford. One evening after class, my car would not start. Master Lee closed the school for the night and saw me trying to fix my car. He insisted that I come home with him and stay overnight at his house. He drove me to his house where I had the pleasure of meeting his very young children and his first wife. We had dinner, and the next morning he drove me to my car and called his mechanic to tow my car. I graduated from law school that year, got married, and relocated to California. However, I never forgot his act of kindness, and we would correspond every year at Christmas. I would send a letter about what I was doing, and he would send a letter in reply. Christmas of 2015 he sent a letter advising that he was undergoing cancer treatment and he hoped that it would be successful. This year I did not receive a reply letter and I feared the worst. Finally, after waiting two months for his letter, I Googled his name and learned of his passing. It is a tribute to his charactor that I considered him a friend up to the end, and that for over forty years we kept in contact. I will miss him. My sincere condolences to his children and his wife. He was a great teacher, a good friend, and a nice human being. Because of his inspiration, I am still a student of martial arts, even at the age of 65!

Stew Jankowitz
Redding, CA 

Shared by John Beckwith on March 11, 2017

I have been away from United Taekwondo for a long time so when I stumbled on this notice of Mr. Lee's passing I was stunned and saddened. While my time at United TKD was 25 years ago, it sticks with me because of its importance in helping me to be who I am today. And I attribute that to the firm and wise manner in which Mr. Lee taught his students. His guidance, applied through instruction in TKD, helped to me to become stronger and more capable, and I attribue much of my later success and happiness to the teaching environment Mr. Lee created. There are many lessons that settled in for me, but one clear one makes sense even today - "In TKD we train our minds by training our bodies." I am heartened to see that many of my former training partners are now helping to carry on Mr. Lee's legacy. That is as it should be. Thank you, Mr. Lee. You have had a lasting and positive impact. - John Beckwith

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Shared by Mark Kaufmann on December 18, 2016

I am posting from my Facebook page, I don't want these thoughts and memories to be lost. I hope this is the proper forum....

It was 1984 or 1986, at the nationals, Blue Dragon competitors paperwork was lost! NO ONE knew who we were despite our registering, so, none of our names were on the roster. Also, the check to pay for it was lost. Dennis went to Master Lee and explained it, Master Lee paid for it with his own checkbook.

I forgot the year, but it was the 84 or 86 Nationals. - Jim Bancroft 

Master Kaufman, my deepest condolences to you, all of Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee's students and family. He was a kind and gracious man, who worked tirelessly for Taekwondo, he will be greatly missed. - Grandmaster Gordon White

I did not know he had passed away. Grand Master Lee was always very kind and fair man. He was a special man, a martial artist and leader in the emerging sport of Taekwondo. He always had a kind word to me. Please pass my regards to his family. - Grandmaster Robert Fujimura 

So sad to hear this news. President Lee was a first class gentleman that always had a nice thing to say or word of encouragement for everyone. His contributions to Taekwondo cannot be overstated. Sincerest condolences to his family. - Grandmaster Jay Warwick

RIP, sir - Grandmaster Seunkang Yoo

My first tournament ever now I have almost 300 under my belt, wow what a great throwback!! R.I.P to a Real Legend in the Sport of Taekwondo - Master Anthony Heyl

GM Lee was a good man. Started training under him late in my career, but taught me so much in a short time. Little details that still have an impact on me now. - Jeremiah Mason

Grandmaster Lee did so much for so many… his spirit will live on forever through everyone he touched. I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for him. The world is dimmed with his loss. - Grandmaster Joel Waldron

So very sorry to hear of GM Lee's passing always a gentleman condolences to his family & friends may he be reunited with God forever ! - John Connors

Sorry about your loss. I am glad to have known him. - Phil Scudieri 

I am deeply saddened at his passing. I came to admire and appreciated his quiet strength and honor with each meeting, and realized how fortunate I am to by trained by his students. He gave so much - he will truly be missed. - Alice DiPace

Please accept my sincere condolences. - Hyeon Kon Lee

So sorry to hear this. In my experience, he was one of the great leaders that I had the pleasure to work with in my years in TKD politics. His integrity and fairness was unquestioned. He was a warm and gracious man. A great loss. My condolences to his family, instructors and students... - Jack Amsell

I was so sorry to hear of his passing today! He was such an influential man to me and many other taekwondoists. His character shone through every conversation I had with him. Even speaking to him 2 years ago, his mind was on the future of taekwondo and thinking about how to improve things. Grandmaster Lee will be missed by me and many others! - Dan Chuang

Truly blessed to have known him and to have trained with him. Always our Grandmaster, he was also always our friend. - Grandmaster Jim Montgomery

Grand Master Park just texted me the sad news. Sorry to hear that. I'll always remember his trips up to Portsmouth for our dojang's testings...and him kicking me under the table giving me a hard time about something. He always had a funny sense of humor! - Jeff Koss

One of the greatest Grand Masters in Taekwondo! He will be missed by all and never forgotten. Rest in Peace!! - Michael Gregatowicz

Deeply sorry to hear about Grand Master Lee's passing. He was one of the judges at my black belt test. Such a great gentleman. My sympathies to his family, his friends, students and his associates. May he Rest In Peace.- Jean Theodore

He is in my thoughts and prayers. Such kindness... Rest in peace, GM Lee. - Grandmaster Sung Park

This is great loss to everyone in Taekwondo! My deeply sorry to great grand master! We will missed him for good and forever! - Grandmaster Myung Cham Kim

Wow very appreciative of his contributions to Taekwondo. What an honor to know him. - Lynette Love

GM Lee Will be sorely missed. He was a great man, teacher, and a person who always made you feel great about yourself. The world is a colder place without him. - Tom Lord

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