"aut optimum, aut nihl"

God is able to do exceedingly abundantly, above all that you can ever think or imagine. Ephesians 3:20
  • 27 years old
  • Born on August 21, 1989 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on November 11, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

This was created in memory of our loved one, Mrs Mosadoluwa Fashina (nee Ilori), 27, born on August 21, 1989 and was called to Glory on November 11, 2016. Mrs Mosadoluwa Fashina studied at Federal Government Girls' College, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Lagos State, Nigeria  B.Sc (actuarial Science) M.Sc (Insurance and Risk Management) with distinction from Cass Business School, City University London, ACII. Risk Analyst ERS Insurance Company Limited, London, UK. Married to Mr Dayo Fashina. We miss you but we are happy you touched lives in your short stay on this side. Rest in the bosom of your Lord and savior, Jesus Christ that you loved so much. Bye dear Mosadoluwa Ajoke, Omo Ilori. Omo ajigbayin olode Ayin. We will forever remember you.

Please join us to celebrate Mosadoluwa's Life at a Memorial Service in her honour
Date: Sunday 27th November, 2016 
Venue: Lecture Theatre, UNILAG Guest House and Conference Centre 
Time: 2pm

There will be a Memorial Service this Sunday 20th November, at 12.30 -13.30 

In the Drewe Theatre, Reynolds Building, Imperial Medical Campus  St.Dunstans Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8RP 






Posted by Ayomide Adebayo on 23rd August 2018
MOSADOLUWA ILORI, I remember how you call me Ayomideee Esoimeme back then in school, I get chills when I remember you are gone but at the same time I feel so much at peace because I know you are in a better place. I love you Dolu SUN RE O
Posted by Obehi Enabor on 15th November 2017
Dolu, we never met but I was touched by your devotional. I only heard admirable and good things about you. To live in the hearts of those you leave behind is not to die. May your soul and the souls of the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Adeola MATTI on 13th November 2017
Mosadioluwa,continue to rest in the bossom of God.
Posted by Ebere Orji on 13th November 2017
Dear Dolu....Thank you for making a difference.Thanks for being you.Thanks for the impact.
Posted by Clementina Ramsey-Osere on 23rd August 2017
I got to know Dolu as an immortal being after reading an inspiring post by one of her friends and I wanted to learn more about Mosadoluwa Fashina. Though I was never privileged to meet her on earth but she is one soul i would love to meet in heaven. After reading her eulogies, I am inspired to love more, serve more and live for Jesus more than ever. My thoughts are with her husband, family and friends; continue in the hope of meeting up with her in heaven.
Posted by Omolara Daramola on 24th January 2017
Mosadoluwa, 16 years a friend and forever so much more. I couldn't bring myself to write anything until now, I guess I was trying to come to terms with reality. I have tonnes of memories of us, from being co-shorties ***wink wink***, to being classmates, chapel coordinators, Press Club newscasters, L&D society, our private Technical Drawing tutorials, even getting into trouble together (just once though). I remember how you would gleefully sing "condition na im dey make crayfish bend.." and do ur funny dance in front of class. Your favourite quote "Aut optimum, aut nihl" became my best quote too. It has been either the best or nothing. Till date, I carry a journal almost all the time, I picked that from you. Dolu, I remember our chats and calls and how so badly u wanted to make that trip to France to see me. I'm glad I got another chance to see you after that. I recall our conversations, about my challenges, leading up to when you passed, you told me "Lara, simileoluwa" (rest in the Lord). If I could see you right now, I would pinch you for being a sly. Yes, you know why? You showed me so much love, you were always ready to listen and hear me out, I felt verrrrry special, ase you were like that with everybody, well done o. Dolu, how did you do it? Better still, God teach me how to love like Dolu did because I know she did all these only by your help. I know Jesus, but I have never met him in person. I read the bible, I feel God's love, but I have never been able to put a physical/human form to it, I have never held, carried or hugged it. Dolu darling, you were my slice of Jesus, the closest human representation I could ever have of the love of Jesus. I learnt a lot from you while u were on this side but I have learnt deeper things from you, even though you are now on the other side of eternity. I remember our dream "One Step Up", you are several steps higher now, we hope to meet up, in faith and in love. Your memories are forever dear to my heart. Rest in Peace sweet angel.
Posted by R. F., on 31st December 2016
"You are a mist that appears for a little while, and then disappears" (James 4:14). Mosadoluwami's life was brief , but well lived! She made a deep and warm impression on all the hearts she met, never to be forgotten! God's plan for us was to live on a paradise earth forever, and death was not part of his plan. He promises that soon there will be a reunion of all our love ones that have fallen asleep in death. 1 Thessalonians 4:14, 18 states "For if we have faith that Jesus died and rose again, so too, those who are dead in union with Christ will rise.... So keep comforting one another with these words". God is faithful and true. I give the family my most heartfelt condolence
Posted by Onikosi Matti on 26th December 2016
Yesterday you were reality,today you have become a memory, such that can never fade no matter how time pass. MOSADIOLUWA,I couldn't believe you are gone. Your sweet, gentle &ever smilling look keep wanderin in my brain. You will forever live in our dream. May your soul rest in the abode of your creator whom you have gone to meet. The Iloris,the Fashinas,well wishers,friends, family, sympathizers, May God give us all the fortitude to bear the loss. MOSADIOLUWA AJOKE, we will MISS YOU. ADIEU MY GIRL.
Posted by Bola Alayo on 13th December 2016
Dear Dolu, I have put off writing this for a long time. but I find myself going back to read about you. you are indeed special! when people talk about you its always something sweet. I wish I got closer to you when I had the chance. I am glad about what your death has taught us. Love is indeed a beautiful thing. I am glad you are at the bosom of the love and that your sweet soul is resting indeed. I have learnt that with you in deed OLUWATOSADI. Rest on baby gal!
Posted by Adanna Ezeamama on 6th December 2016
Dolu, words cannot express the shock and sadness I felt when I heard of your passing. My heart is so full of sadness because I didn't get to see you to say good bye. I had hoped to see you the next time I came to the UK, but the Lord needed to see you more than I did. Dolu, my sunshine, my small but powerful friend- truly, you will forever be missed. You were more than a friend to me. You were always there for me, advised me, constantly checked up on me, even though I should have been the one looking out for you. But that's the sort of person you were. Selfless. You even encouraged me to attend fellowship during our lunch break at work...But the thing that amazes me whenever i think of you is that through it all, you remained strong, kind, wise beyond your years and so so full of love and light. That is the memory of you that I will forever hold dear. Death is a terrible thing, especially when it comes for a special person as you were. I will miss you Dolu- I will miss your optimism, your happy nature, our train rides home, our lunchtimes together. I will miss so many things about you my dear friend, but I rejoice in the knowledge that you are now resting in the bosom of our Lord where you will know no more pain. Rest well my love.
Posted by OLUWASHINA REBECCA on 29th November 2016
it was an early bright gaze when I walked into my mother-in-law’s room only to see much pain on her face. She said three words to me: "MOSADOLUWA TI LO "I couldn’t believe it and looked away in shock. Didn't want to face the truth, I tried so hard to be strong but how can you hide the stabbing knife those words took to my heart? It is HARD to accept the death of a loved one; especially when you didn't have the chance to say goodbye; especially when the deceased was taken so suddenly and so shockingly at the prime of life and most especially when it seems like an irreplaceable part of your world is gone. The grief and the pain can be unbearable; you cry a river and your sorrow knows no end. You never really know what it's like until you are there yourself, but you look to God because he's the only one who can comfort you. Death and indeed a death so sudden and painful like the death of MY SISTER IN LAW, makes me realize the brevity of life. We often take life for granted; too much so. Her death has made me sit down and reflect. It has made me take time to appreciate the loved ones in my life because I don't know what tomorrow will bring. It's made me put things in perspective. I want to live life and love it, I don't want to spend my life being unhappy or dissatisfied, I want to put a smile on my face because that's what can make a dark day seem bright and I want to play the game of life to the very end. MOSADOLUWA is gone; WE cannot bring her back, but at least in memory of her, WE can live a life that WE know she would be proud of. Our loved ones may be dead and gone but WE privileged to still be living owe it to them to live fulfilling lives. DOLU LIVES ON
Posted by Kupoluyi Feyikemi on 26th November 2016
Since Nov 14th that I heard about your passing away I still can't stop thinking about you. MOSADOLUWA.... our ever-friendly, outspoken, God-fearing petite lady is gone to be with the Lord. God has surely taken the righteous before the evil days.... I keep reading all these tributes with teary eyes but God knows best. Continue to rest at the bossom of the Lord dearest. ADIEU!!!
Posted by Bookey Olawumi on 22nd November 2016
Dolu, on hearing your name for the first time I was amazed and more amazing is your full name, Mosadoluwa! Your write ups wowed me steady, I looked forward to reading your Facebook posts cuz of how captivating they were, I admired you a lot since saggy days...I hold fond memories of casting news together, anglican chapel activities as well.... You were such a great woman with a beautiful heart after God. Those of us you left behind find solace in the fact that you're now walking on the streets of gold, wining and dining with Jesus. We love you! Rest in Peace Dolu.
Posted by Bookey Olawumi on 22nd November 2016
Dolu, on hearing your name for the first time I was amazed and more amazing is your full name, Mosadoluwa! Your write ups wowed me steady, I looked forward to reading your Facebook posts cuz of how captivating they were, I admired you a lot since saggy days...I hold fond memories of casting news together, anglican chapel activities as well.... You were such a great woman with a beautiful heart after God. Those of us you left behind find solace in the fact that you're now walking on the streets of gold, wining and dining with Jesus. We love you! Rest in Peace Dolu.
Posted by Ruth Pitan on 21st November 2016
Smile for me - A poem As the sun rises each morning and you wake to face the day, I’m hoping you say a little prayer and at the same time smile for me. Not because you just may miss me and all my playful ways, But because I sit with my Father in Heaven smiling down on you always. My time with you was short, but it could be no other way. You see God already planned my purpose and for our friendship to always remain. So let’s remain as we are for I know we will meet again. But don’t waste time dwelling on how or when but know we will be reunited once again. I hope my blogs did not bore you but know that I wrote them from the depths of my heart. We are here only to serve Him, and from that I pray we never depart. He sacrificed so much for me of this I hope you know…. I fact it wasn’t just for me, I just hope you come to know. I hope that when you think of me and the good times we may have shared. Please just go ahead and smile for me…..and I'll return the gesture, just think of my dimpled smile.
Posted by Christiana Adeyemi on 20th November 2016
Mosadoluwa.. I met you on the 26th of January, 2014 for the very first time. I was happy to have a friend in the new location that morning, but i later found out you only came for vacation... And ever since then, the friendship and communication continued via facebook, skype and whatsapp and every other possible means... Such a Lovely Lady!!! I never knew it was my first and last time of seeing you.. Doluwa.. thanks for been a good friend, your love, care and support for my needs are deeply appreciated. Thanks for the daily devotionals IT'S THAT SIMPLE, my best are - Walls and Standing ovation... Above all, thanks for leaving a MEANINGFUL LIFE.. Even though your exist hurts so badly, but am grateful to God for making it a MEMORABLE LIFE, by using it to touch lifes. Guess what Doluwa, even while you are resting, your life is still ministering to people, of which am sure many people can affirm this. All I can say is our God is good and all He does is good. Sleep on Mosadoluwa darling.. You will always be remembered....
Posted by Fadi Oluremi on 19th November 2016
I still remember the little time we shared together, you are really a rare gem. I wish RIP means Return If Possible. I know your return is being celebrated in heaven. It's that simple.
Posted by Ego Ogueri on 18th November 2016
Mosadoluwa... your name always fascinated me... I'm glad to have met and served with you in this lifetime... I'm grateful for the life you lived and the stance you took for Jesus which never wavered... I'm thankful to God for the impact you made in my life and in the lives of everyone you came across even as young as you were... You will be sorely missed but we take solace in the fact that you lived well...for the audience of ONE and now you can rest with Him. Rest well Dolu Fashina till we meet again...
Posted by Kachi Nwokenna on 18th November 2016
Dolu, Your spirit and energy was a joy to be around. Thank you for being the special person you were and lighting up every room you were in. We will all miss you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. x
Posted by Remi Turton on 17th November 2016
Its funny, i was reading one of your post published this past sunday and was about to ask after you when i got the call. 'aunty Remi' that was your signature in addressing me and i never understood why, you always went ' wo! thats what i call everyone. I am glad that i met you and called you a friend, because you blessed me and always and i mean always inspired me when we saw. Always with a cheerful face, grateful heart, and graceful spirit. I pray for God's unending comfort, perfect strength, uncommon peace and priceless love for your family and loved ones during this period and as the years go by, I pray your soul rests in perfect peace, i do not for a second doubt you are dancing and rejoicing with angels. Mosadoluwa!!! looking through our picture together, you embodied that name perfectly, and i am thankful for our times albiet short together but still priceless. God bless With love , Remi x
Posted by Remi Oloko on 17th November 2016
I don't even know where to begin, what to say or how to say it... My beautiful, gentle and passionate Mosadoluwa. This really hurts... I'm really sitting here writing this tribute? You are gone? Hmmm it is well... Oh how much I love you. You were GOOD! SO GOOD! in every sense of the word! The amount of times I have shut my eyes to search for your gentle voice and how you would say, "Aunty Remz, how are you RE? Oya o, let us pray!" ... I just never understood why you called me "Aunty Remz", it just made me feel weird. I asked you why and you said, "Don't mind me jare. Me, I call everybody aunty o!" - lol. You had a rare kinda heart, small but mighty, pocket rocket, a woman with a purpose. Through you I felt the love of God on this earth. You absolutely, and without any hint of delusion embodied the nature of Christ. Its so true what they say, "You don't know what you have until its gone." - You were an angel in flesh and blood... Yes, you were an angel in human form. Sometimes, I wondered if you were human... You were just TOO GOOD! I can't even explain it You were a "Walking Bible". You didn't only know the Lord and His word; you lived like Him and lived the word too! You ALWAYS had a word ready for any season. You lived a purposeful life; you loved unconditionally; you were always positive and happy despite the oppositions; evenmore, you were so quick to put your issues aside in order to carry someone else's. I wish I had come for that sleepover with you and Anjie; I wish I had called you every single day I remembered but procrastinated; I wish I had come to chill with you and Dayo like we did a few months ago; I wish I had kept my promise to come to rummage your fridge for that jollof rice and ayamase... HA! MY HEART IS HEAVY... VERY HEAVY... I love you Mosadoluwa... My inspiration. I remember when I was thinking of a name for a character in my blog. I wanted a deep and meaningful name for that character, then I remembered MOSADOLUWA! You were now blushing when you read the story lol. I also remember when I sent you a picture of a note I made in my bible next to Proverbs 18:10 with your name scribbled on it... You called me immediately saying, "Aawww aunty Remz you like my name this much?" to that, I said, "I LOVE everything about your name Dolu! In fact, by His grace, I will name one of my children 'Mosadoluwa'." ...and there it was again, that beautiful giggle followed with a, "Thank you Aunty Remz." Gosh! Indeed, Olorun ti n palemo aye o (God has started His "housekeeping" on this earth); He has started taking His brides. For those of us still here on earth, God is giving us more time to "get IT right", to find our purpose and live with that purpose. For me, by God's grace, I will endeavour to be to others what you were and STILL are to me. One thing I know for certain is this: you, my dear friend, are in heaven. If you could see how heartbroken we are now, and if you could talk to us now, I know exactly what you would say... *in your gentle angelic voice* "You people should stop crying now... Don't cry again... Me, I'm ok o; I'm here with Jesus... I'm even about to eat lunch with Him sef... He says He wants us to gist small *insert your cute giggle*" - Somehow, each time the tears starts streaming down my face, this thought slowly comforts me and I smile a little amid the pain and tears... You are forever scoured on my heart, Mosadoluwa... I love you SO MUCH, but God loves you more! Sleep tight my sweet angel.
Posted by Uju Ofili on 17th November 2016
Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ Dolu. We love you but Jesus loves you more. You will always be remembered.
Posted by Balogun Ebunoluwa on 17th November 2016
A life so short but worth a life time. Mosadoluwa 1Thes 4
Posted by Ayobami Oduntan on 17th November 2016
Doluwa Ilori, the Brilliant, Smart and Outspoken Hadeija girl. I knew you as a Sagamu girl, but my sister always talked about you. i have read so many stories about you and it feels as if it is not a 27year old that people are talking about. From all that i have read "i read so many stories" you lived a FULFILLED LIFE and it is obvious heaven just gained an angel. Even the bible says it that the Righteous will be taken away before the day of Evil. Doluwa Fashina, my prayer is that God will comfort those you left behind and fill the Vacuum in their heart. Rest on Beloved. Sleep on
Posted by Bidemi Williams on 17th November 2016
Dear Dolu, I can't even describe the shock I experienced when the news of your passing was announced in church. You were an angel here on earth. I am confident that you now rest in the bosom of the Lord. You touched lives during your stay on earth. You will be greatly missed. Continue to rest in peace dear, till we all meet at Jesus' feet.
Posted by Bola Fakeye on 17th November 2016
Dear Dolu.... I will miss u so much Rest in peace dear Angel
Posted by Dalt Ogunniran on 17th November 2016
I do not know you but reading about you made me wish I had met u while u were here with us. You are all I pray to God to help me become but you have ran your race and am sure the heavens are delighted over you. Rest in peace Dolu.
Posted by Kehinde Agunbiade on 17th November 2016
My Darling Mosadoluwa, we have been friends for over 17 years, u have been such an amazing woman of God, Brilliant, Selfless, Humble, Jovial, Giver, Ever Smiling, God Chaser and Lover. You loved doing the things of God with all your heart and explained bible verses in such a simple and realistic way. I remember when you preached on the “Prayer of Jabez” from FGGC, Sagamu. You made me fall in love with the book, by Bruce Wilkinson. You loved everyone that you came across, both small and big, you served God, impacted lives with your devotional, it's that simple. Also, i remember when we went for a Praise Concert in London, on our way back around 5am, i and taye wanted to top up our Oyster card, you said u will pay for it, so that we will have a share of the Olympics money that you work for during summer. I still have those beautiful Multi-coloured shoes you bought for us as a birthday gift from Stratford mall. Dolu, u were a generous giver and expected noting in return. Even as I write this, I still cannot wrap my head around over your passing away, still in shock but who are we to question God. You left so soon but can never be forgotten. Heaven was in a hurry to have you back but our hearts were not. I have decided to thank God for your life and I am Super Proud of the Life you lived here on earth. I will miss you a great deal. I pray that the Lord Console your Hubby, Parents and Siblings at this time and always. You fought a good fight, finished the race and you kept the faith, 2 Timothy 4:7. Rest on my Dear Soldier. I Love you. We will meet again at the feet of the Lord.
Posted by Rebecca Emeraghi on 17th November 2016
Like the song writer wrote.... ...'I am a flower quickly fading here today and gone tomorrow a wave tossed in the ocean vapour in the wind...' I knew you from a distance back in FGGC sagamu, but from a distance you impacted my life by your godly living and character. RIP Dolu as you live on in Eternity... May God grant your dear ones the fortitude to bear this loss...
Posted by Demilade Kukoyi on 17th November 2016
Mine is a testimony of love ....love shared with a priceless heart. Mosdoluwa mi, I really really do love you. You brought so much joy and flavour to my life.... Months before your going home, while you battled with your health, I had other kinds of battles. Every time we talked you always wanted it to be about me. You felt what I was going through was more important. I don't know if I was always there for you but you were always always always there for me. You called me your best friend...you told me you love me as Jonathan loved David. Me? How? Just God's favour could have done that. We always both said we do not know how we became friends as our relationship started just at the very last moment in Secondary school. You changed my world, Doluwa. I bless God that I met you. I bless God that you came into my life. My friend for all and through all seasons....many friends have done well, but you you Doluwa were just enough for me....You stood in the place of 1000 friends. You loved many, you mentored many, you taught many. God's love was made manifest in You. You believed so much in me Doluwa. After Christ and just like my mother, you were my rock. I remember telling you that you had to fight and win, as I couldn't imagine my life without you in it...and you said "you have plenty life without me, Demilade" You touched so many hearts, you gave hope to many. You passed on life (God's life) to thousands...and I am so privileged to be your friend. Thank you so much, Doluwa. Thank you for everything you were to me. Thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for the across border flights just to see me, just to be with me. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for listening to me...You always let me pour out my heart to you. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. I would really miss you I sorrowed so much when I heard of your passing....couldn't take it....but the Father, whom you led me to, has brought joy and peace to my heart. You chose heaven and I know you like it there. God, please now that my darling is with you, please I do not want to forget anything. I want to remember everything. I want to carry her in my heart always, always and forever... Always and forever ❤ Demilade
Posted by Oluwadamilola Adisa on 16th November 2016
Doluwa, my petite cousin to wa gifted, aren't you smiling with all these tribute? 'It's just simple' I love you but God loves you much more that He wants you right by His side. Rest on baby girl!!!
Posted by Sade Owoeye on 16th November 2016
There are friends and there is that friend………. I passed by a security guard at my client’s office after work today and noticed the lady was looking tired and stressed out. I said to myself, hmm let me pull a Dolu on this lady. So I mentioned that she was looking pretty stressed and asked her to take care, then offered her the bottle of cold water I was holding. As that moment I looked up at the sky (well, the roof) and said to myself. This one is for you Dolu Fashina. You should see the smile on my face right now as I type this. It’s probably contrary to the mood which I should have when writing a eulogy (I put an eulogy oh but Microsoft kept changing it to a eulogy, who am I to argue). Dolu Fashina! How can I explain you? You were a huge piece of Jesus in that small body. I wonder if you are taller now in heaven lol! Let me tell you 10 things I have learnt from Dolu’s life. 1. Love people from your heart (and tell them often too) Dolu was a lover. Very mushy and romantic somebody. She just loves, it’s probably a reflection of how close to the One who is called Love himself. If I got a dollar for every time she said “I love you”, I could open a BDC business. She just loved, selflessly and wholeheartedly and she didn’t keep the love to herself, she let it all out. 2. Learn to go the extra mile for people (even when it’s not convenient) I remember a phone call where Dolu expressed her worry about not knowing where to draw the line between helping others and being exploited. You see, Dolu is that person that would bend over to help others without expecting anything in return. Even few months before she passed she helped out a mutual friend to arrange her references just so she could meet up with the deadline for submitting her PHD. In sickness, in health, Dolu would still do her best to help others without them asking. 3. You can only give what you have Hadassah Oluwademiladeogo Kukoyi asked me once “Sade how did Doluwa do all this?” That question haunted me for a while until I realized, it was no longer the human Dolu that touched lives so effortlessly. She had spent so much time with Jesus that he started to reflect on her. You know when they say married couples look like each other after a few years of marriage… Yup that’s exactly what happened to Dolu. She had spent so much time seeking the heart of the Father, she started to look like him. 4. Christianity is so much more that church doctrines Dolu has attended about four churches (if I'm correct) while she was alive, each with distinct codes of conduct and rules but the Christian within her never wavered. Whether she was in Nigeria or in the UK. Many times on this side of the world, we are so bogged down with church doctrines and it starts to replace the real weight of God’s word or even hinder our relationship with him. As Christians, the most important thing is having a relationship with God. Not to say that church rules are not important, most times they guide us, but it should never cloud or hamper our relationship with God. (Honestly I don’t know where this point came from) 5. Beauty isn’t all about physical appearances (common its way deeper than that!) In moments of openness and vulnerability, Dolu would share some of her insecurities with me, “oh Sade, one eye is sleepier than the other, me and my shortyparker self, or my front tooth overlaps….” But I would just smile and tell her, Dolu if I was a guy, I would marry you ten times over. You see, many times we (ladies especially) focus on out physical appearance at the detriment of our soul. If everyone could take a picture of their soul, what would it look like, I’m pretty sure Doluwa’s soul selfie would be stunning to look at! A picture of grace, kindness selflessness and love. 6. The world needs more hugs and kind words (say something kind to someone today) Doluwa was a hugger!! (and pincher too). It’s amazing how a kind word and hug can go a long way to lift up someone’s spirit. Doluwa impacted the world, one hug (and pinch) at a time. Remember, people will always remember how you made them feel. 7. Stay true to your calling (that gift God gave you is not for decoration, get to work) Dolu was an amazing writer (Hello, “ITS THAT SIMPLE”). She realized this gift early enough and used it to the glory of the Father. She writes amazing love letters too! I still remember mine from 2005. Her devotionals touched lives in ways that she could never fully grasp. 8. You can have it all! Dolu Fashina is brilliant, diligent, a good cook (have you tasted her fried rice?), a sharp dresser (with her small body), very neat and tidy, a somehow good dancer, a great friend, very cute, infectious laughter, generous (she once dashed me 50 pounds just because :)... she lived life to the fullest all to the glory of the Father. 9. You don’t have to mount a pulpit to impact lives. Doluwa is a walking signboard with the words (JESUS LOVES YOU) boldly written in orange (her best color). Do people see Jesus when they see you? 10. Life may be full of adversity, but your response to the challenges determine the quality of life you get to live Many people may know of Dolu’s battle with cancer (Devil you lost!). But you would never tell. She churned out devotionals from hospital beds, in between chemo sessions, after getting negative reports…. No matter how hard the devil tried to strike, she never lost her praise. Doluwa was always thankful, always grateful for each moment. True there were moments of weakness and despair, but it never lingered for too long. In her words “I am praying from a place of victory”. What is your reaction to that current problem you are having are you throwing tantrums and complaining rather than staying in the place of prayer, faith and praise? 11. He that hath friends must showeth himself friendly (yes…I know I said 10 things) If you introduce your friend to Dolu, not only will she be good friends, with the person, she would make more friends with your friend’s friends and bring you back more friends…. Multiplier effect! Mosadoluwa you once accused me of not being able to give a decent speech when asked to talk about you. Well, I hope this makes you smile. Folake Alade mentioned that you are probably disturbing Paul in heaven now. Say hi to him for me please. I’m praying to God for the grace to live my life so well that I see you again. I know you are among the cloud of witnesses now (as per saint and big girl things), I will do my best by His grace not to embarrass you. Biko please use style to ask Jesus when he is coming back (looool). I love you soooo much Dolu. I sure you know that already and PS…that protein diet didn’t work :( Till we meet again my darling.
Posted by Jessica Onah on 16th November 2016
Beautiful Dolu, I met you through Seun only a couple of years ago, but the moment I met you I told Seun that there was something about you that just stood out in such an amazing way. A light is what I can describe you as, your face always lit up, positivity was your motto and you made me laugh every time I was in your presence. Such a small amount of time we spent together but such a HUGE impact you had and will continue to have in my life and every other life that was lucky to know you.
Posted by Moyosola Adeyegbe on 16th November 2016
Rest In Peace Mosadoluwa.
Posted by Ene Apeh on 16th November 2016
My Dolu, I'm still in Shock that you're no more. I wish I shared in your pain... I got so overwhelmed in my pains and worries and didn't check on you these past few months. I do not have Regrets, i'm only grateful to God that you lived a life worthy of Emulation. I'm sorry for all the aches & Pain you went through. I'm glad you fought from Victory. I can't question God, His thoughts are never our thoughts. I miss you Dolu, I miss your posts, I miss your devotional, I miss everything you represent. You decided to run to God, You've become Heaven's gain. That's where my solace lies. Rest On my darling.
Posted by Abi M on 16th November 2016
You caught my attention because you were smaller than me Dolu...I was drawn to your spirit, every time I saw you walking around Uni I will say hi and chat with you a bit! I didn't even know then you were Kanyinsola's sister until you both showed up at my house one afternoon! Whenever we talked, we discussed books and God a lot. My spirit witnessed with yours on truths. Whenever we got the chance we talked about the mystery of God. Thank you for looking for and giving me the Bible Story mp3. I remember you will message me when I will write a note on Facebook and commend me and I will also say to you Dolu you should write, you will be a very good writer... I remember when you mentioned the idea of your devotional to me, I encouraged you to go for it. I think you even mentioned the idea of writing children's books once and I encouraged you to do so. I heard about this struggle Dolu and I prayed for you. I was very happy to hear you got better. You got married and I thought Praise! Then life and focusing on my challenges made me loose contact from you for a bit...but I still checked in from time to time on your FB page. Dolu I have been saying your name and sighing every now and then since I heard this tragic news. I have had so many questions running through my mind. I'm so sorry you went through this. However I can almost hear you saying '...but God does not give us more than we can bear...' The note you wrote confirms this...You fought from victory which means you won! You were still chatting on our bridal shower group saying you were 'under the weather'... Dolu! Gosh you were a super human, and most super humans do not stay long here... I went through our posts on FB and I am happy I let you know how much I admired you. I know you are happy where you are and telling us I have run my race, cry but move on and run yours! I know... I will miss you Doluwa Ilori. Till we meet again... Rest well, you were a super human....xoxo
Posted by Kolade F on 16th November 2016
Dear sis, Words fail me. You were one of a kind. I will always miss you.
Posted by Oyeyemi Immanuel on 16th November 2016
God bless your legacy Mosadoluwa.
Posted by Yejide Adewolu on 16th November 2016
DEAR MOSADOLUWA, You have played your role very well,You lived well. You lived for God without fears or limitations. Small but mighty Dolu, sometimes when i feel down i just stalk your pages on social media to check what you have for my moment, i always found something to lift me again. your passion for Christ has no part 2, You were sold for Christ in words and in deeds Dolu. I admire you Dolu, i celebrate you, love you. You live on. may God grant your husband, parents, siblings and loved ones the fortitude to bear your loss. till we meet to part no more. mosadoluwa sun re o. i love you.
Posted by Patience O on 16th November 2016
Dear Dolu I am thankful for having known you for the few months we worked as colleagues. I am glad we had chats and had lunch together. I was and remain inspired by your strength and zest for life, willingness to share, your hearty laughter and generousity. Although i only knew you for a few months you enriched my life. From the testimonies of others here, i have a glimpse to your walk of faith, now I realise it's the depth of this faith that carried you through and gave you strength and courage. This gives me joy to know that you have gained your wings and are with the saviour that you so loved. Rest in the bossom of the lord as you light up heaven with your smile. XX
Posted by Abiola Lawal on 16th November 2016
Mosadoluwa, my darling Doluwa… aka Shortypaker aka Ko ma waste aka Small but Mighty. I can’t believe I am writing a tribute. Doluwa I am so sorry I got distracted with my own struggles and worries and didn’t keep in touch enough. I am so sorry I kept missing your calls and didn’t repeatedly call back enough when u missed mine as well…. Doluwa the ever thoughtful, sensitive, amazing firecracker who never wanted to burden anyone. A true angel and force to reckon with, nothing fazes my Doluwa, there were always words of comfort, hope, faith, belief in God coming out of your mouth. Doluwa with the amazing wide dimpled smile that lights up the room, with your quirky shaky bumbum dance and Oba to se mi lanu ma kpolongo re song. Doluwa the one with so much faith in God, I am always amazed at the angle you always look at things from. Biola, not everyone is like you but you have to love them anyway… those were your words Doluwa when I rant again about how someone did something. God bless the person who called me and said Biola do you know Dolu is going to Cass as well, you both should hook up, I hear she is also looking for accommodation. Little did I know how much I was going to be blessed by that one year we would live together, going to school together, living in the same house, reading for exams together and acing our Msc together albeit all the Akio Toyoda headache your supervisor was giving you. Ah Doluwa, you were and are a great blessing to me. The days of dozing off on the central line after class in the evening and ending up at the next station. We would get off the train laughing and catch the bus home while scared of the roaming foxes near the house. Doluwa, the only short babe that would drag her bag with a thief at 10pm outside the house at Beckton instead of leaving the bag and running (Hahahahha). Doluwa remember the makeup class I forced you to go with me at the Beckton library. Doluwa, remember all the breakfasts in bed you would make me when I was going through another heartache and didn’t want to get out of bed and all your shaky small bum bum dancing moves. Doluwa, thanks for giving me Jumoke although you say I stole her from you but we both know that’s not true… you knew we would need each other sometime in the future. Dolu thanks for sharing your friends … Busayo, Ireti, Oyin, Nini, Bimpe, Tola Onaks and her too gbaski moimoi. I remember our market trips laughing to Upton Park to stock up the house every 2 months and signing come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish with the pound fish guy. Doluwa I remember when am feeling down, you would cook your special fried rice for me. I tasted my first egusi soup from you and that your special sauce fired egg.…….. Doluwa anytime I cook fried rice or eggs in my home now, it would be with you in my heart because I learnt the best versions from you. Doluwa, remember our bus trip (as we didn’t have money for train tickets) to see your brother in that his mansion kind house in Scotland and not wanting to go back to school. I remember pestering Ayo to hook you up with someone when she came to stay with us after I kept shouting that my Dolu is a pastor o, I don’t want someone who won’t let her pray at 5am everyday again like she does. Little did we know that Dayo Fashina was being sent by God into your life to help you through the days we would not be physically present, the days when you would need a lover and not a friend to fill the roles we can’t. Doluwa, thanks for the most thoughtful birthday gift ever (my ticket to see the Harry Potter Studio in 2012).. I have never ever gotten a better birthday present since then and I have never forgotten. My Dolucious, your contagious smile, constantly putting everything before God, your love for making and always wanting to see others happy. Your delight in truly helping others would always make me in awe of you. Doluwa, I remember I was working on a client site the day you told me you were diagnosed with cancer in 2013, barely months after I moved back to Nigeria. I am happy I was there for you in the little way I could by coming to be with you during all the prep for your first chemo session. I remember forcing you to take all the green smoothies, with your mum supporting me and you would do your face like yuck… I was so happy when you were cleared free that I didn’t follow up so much about your checkups as I should after you told me you were getting better the second time. Then wedding plans came and we were not able to talk albeit all the missed calls. Seeing your parents on the 6th of October calmed me down after I hounded jumoke the morning of the wedding if she saw you and if you were ok before she came to Nigeria. I thought to myself oh dolu’s parents are here so she must be fine. Little did I know that I was going to be writing a tribute barely a month after. Doluwa, I can’t say thank you enough for allowing me share a part of your life, thanks for sharing the messages I shared with you when I needed it the most. Truly, you were operating from a place of victory. I thank God I told you how much I loved you. As usual, you have WON. Even in death, you are impacting lives. Mosadoluwa…you have truly run to meet God. I have accepted that you won’t read or reply all the quirky messages I sent you to cheer you up while I truly believed you were recovering in the hospital. Doluwa you didn’t die…. YOU LIVE ON EVERYDAY forever in all our memories, in your messages via the devotionals, in our hearts.
Posted by Nsifiok Etuk on 16th November 2016
You lived long enough....you lived well enough and the number of our days would never be about how lobg we live but about how many lives we impact. You lived well Dolu and even in death, I celebrate you - your courage, your bubbly spirit and most especially, your heart that followed hard after the Master. Thanks for being a worthy disciple and for being worthy of emulation. You are greatly missed. Sleep on Dolu.
Posted by Koleosho Olusegun on 16th November 2016
Dont know her but d good things have read about her make me wish to have met her .dolu rest at the feet of the almighty u are ondeed an angel sent on earth .may be if i have a child someday i would name his or her mosadoluwa to remember someone that had touched so many lives without me meeting her.
Posted by Busayo Odumoye on 16th November 2016
So Doluwa... this is for you. Since you left, i start and end my day with your memories, I either go through our chat or listen to the video Fikayo (your sister) shared with me. You thought I was the stronger one but I put it to you, you are far stronger. I wouldn't laugh about such condition but we laughed over it. What height of faith and strength? It was not the faith of "the grave is near" but that of "I know I can make it". No wonder you said, you are fighting from the point of victory. Did you even know how many lifes you touched, "you little you"? You didn't have to meet them to touch their lifes, how much more we that were opportuned to meet you. Some of us met you just for 1-2days, some for years, some met you and lost contact with you, yet everyone speaks great about your Bible-based faith, your cheerfulness, your intelligence, and much more the works you did to show for it, etc. I can't even imagine the accolades that is been given to you by God neither can I imagine how shining your crown of glory is. Your years on earth were short but very fulfilling. Can I talk about the last few years we spent together as sisters and friends.... I won't trade these years for anything. I wish our 4-eyes saw again, I wish we could hug one more time, I wish we could pray together one more time, I wish we could celebrate many things together... Forever, you (DoluFash, MOI) live on in my heart. Thank you for the words of comfort you left behind. You indeed overcame the pains of this world and the cares of this world. Doluwa I miss you, I love you so much but yes God loves you more. Rest on my darling.
Posted by Abisoye Adeyiga on 16th November 2016
Dear Mosadoluwa, though words fail me, but all I've got to say is that you were an Angel sent from Above to us; You taught us love, care and the importance of life...Rest on my dearest Small but Mighty Dolu...I'm certain you're in Heaven smiling at us....
Posted by Lynda Muoghalu on 16th November 2016
Dear Dolu, Its so surprising and sad to know you have left. I knew you in Unilag as Shade's bestie. We may not have been close but I always admired your passion for things of God, your beautiful smile, your kindness, your humility, infact ur just an epitome of a true Christian and were so full of life. Sad, it may seem you left, I believe you have fought the good fight, for its not how far but how well. Was just telling someone this morning at work that, if we were to list people going to heaven, your name would be there. Rest well my dear, your exemplary life, your smile remains with us. I will always remember that. May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Onyinye Evbuomwan on 16th November 2016
Rest in Peace Dolu....You were truly an Angel.Our consolation is that you lived for God while on earth.Thanks for impacting lives...I wish your husband and family the strength to bear the loss
Posted by Seyi Joko Ogunrinde on 16th November 2016
Hmmmmmm, heard this sad news a night before my birthday, all i did was pray for you because we would only find solace in the life you lived,you really touched lives. We havnt spoken since saggy days but your impact was strongly felt. My seetee, rest in peace in heaven. You did well on earth..
Posted by Obiagirlie Aito on 16th November 2016
Dolu... now I ask myself, did I love enough? Have I let the people who matter to me know how much they do? You were like a little sister... in FGGC, we would meet almost everywhere. Press, Debate, Chapel, Assembly and I would think, does Doluwa ever stop smiling? Then we met again in Unilag and now I realize it was too brief. Too brief Doluwa. Im sorry I get to leave a tribute to tell you how much I cared. You were amazing! Sun re! You will be forever missed! When next you walk with Jesus, tell Him it hurts because we cant see the other side. Good night Dolu.
Posted by Omowunmi Akinboni on 16th November 2016
May ur gentle soul rest in peace Mosadoluwa... we love you but God loves you more.

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