"He will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain. The old things have disappeared.”
Revelations 21:4
  • 57 years old
  • Born on September 1, 1959 in Bamenda, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on September 15, 2016 in Denver, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Moses Abam, 57, born on September 1, 1959 and passed away on September 15, 2016. We will remember him forever.

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New Jersey 
Saturday, October 29, 2016

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Denver, Colorado 
: Saturday, December 10, 2015

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Posted by Maggie Abam-DePass on 15th September 2017
Dear Uncle Moses. Today marks exactly one year since you answered the call to be with our Heavenly Father. We will never understand why you had to leave us so soon. But today, I rejoice because you are free from all the pain and suffering of this earth. Sleep peacefully. You will forever be in my heart for I miss you so much. Ngassa
Posted by Abraham Abam on 17th December 2016
Uncle Moise When we met again after over two decades at Pa S.A. Abam’s funeral it dawned on me as though we had it were just a fortnight. You were still the pivot in the family. Your art of recollection, humour and recount of the family history when we all sat together amongst others embodied the kind of person you were, namely catered for warmth amongst us. You have touched hearts of everyone and the communities you were part of throughout your sojourn through your kindness, generosity, openness Today, December 17 2017, 3 months after you took your last breath on earth and answered the divine call, I have paused to reflect and try to understand why so left so soon. In deep sorrow I still can’t find an answer. I however believe each of us has a designed assignment on earth. You completed yours. Then the Lord said “yes it is good”. You can now dwell with the family out there and intercede for us until we are reunited once again for ever. RIP uncle Abi, Malo, Malia & Kiara
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Message from George Awazi He left soon, but went to be with his MAKER. Rest in the Lord and in perfect peace Ni Moise. George Awazi
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Message from Berenice Abam May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord. Ben
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Humphrey Achimbi Only God knows why, so needless to ask why but we give thanks to God in all situation especially this one, after all there is time for everything . You have found your part and God has done He’s. We will miss you. RIP Humphrey
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Abraham Abam Ni Moise, Today we experience yet another void in the family by your departure. We're in grief however assured Jesus never fails. With us in mind God has a better plan. Rest in peace Abi
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Sister Rosaline Amba Afor K My Best Booh! Moses! What a vacuum without you in my life? A brother, a special friend, we both conceived, confided and concealed to each other. Where, What and How do I proceed with all our plans? From teenage till now we have always been known as Finger and Nail. Despite your early departure from Cameroon to the USA, 31 years back, distance has never been a barrier to our infinite relationship. I remember a series of reflections we went through prior to the union that brought forth your handsome son JAKE. The period I spent with You, Lafortune and Jake in your Austin mansion was covered by unforgettable amazing events which are difficult to erase from my memory. Your very first trip to Cameroon in 2015 was the last time we discussed at length. We took resolutions which have never been respected due to your ill-health. No sooner did you return to the USA than I flew to California via Boston when we talked over the phone through the initiative of your immediate sibling Rose since she knew the intimate relationship between us. These were your early hours in the clinic where medical instructions prohibited you from picking up calls. Our conversation started smoothly, but suddenly you were no more coherent. This was in the residence and presence of my elder sister Dr. Ateh Comfort and Mammy AMBA, when I burst into tears. They were angry with me for lamenting since they couldn’t measure the magnitude of your illness as I felt it talking to you. Due to distance and time constraints, I was unable to board a plane to see you. YES! I saw it coming! “No! no! no! my brother is dying” these were my words on the 18th of June 2015. But the Almighty had a better vision and pulled you for some months. The future looks gloomy; however, I will personally put in place an equation that will pave a way forward than weep eternally. Cheuiii! My Best Booh, you do me oooh! Gold or silver endorsed, couldn’t sustain your life. The irresistible hurricane stumbled on you giving no chance for a second trial. MOSES, was your 2015 trip to Cameroon after all the lavishing and sharing past events since 30 years the best way to tell me you were departing for us to see no more? It hurts me much when I make a retrospection of the scenario. You insisted on seeing Lynn and family as well as Boris in his university campus. I succumbed to all your demands notwithstanding the worst traffic jam. Thank God, I never refused. I gave you the best I could, a treat in a barber’s shop, facial and hair-do which you very much appreciated. Oh my God! It was the last but happiest moment we shared. We had a sleepless night as we travelled for Pa Abam’s burial next day with you giving us a series of fairy tales. Lynn and I still have them fresh in our memories. You fought on for almost a year but the obvious happened. Go ahead and Rest In Peace! Rest assured JAKE will grow up to know you loved him and for sure God will do everything to enable us keep him happy. We shared a lot and I cherish our moments till when you left. You will forever be engraved in our hearts. Farewell Moses till we meet to part no more! From your best Booh Rosaline Amba Afor K R.A.A.K
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Mama Tah Priscilia "Chaiii"!!! Why did you do this to me, "chaiii." Brother why? Why now just a few months ago, you were here with us at the funeral of our father and brother after so many years not seen, little did we know that you were soon going to join him. Indeed, it was so shocking. Your death has pierced my heart, my eyes are full of tears due to your departure. Oh! brother, we take solace in that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord, you remain in my heart. I will never forget the advice you gave to me. Good bye safe journey bro. Tah Priscillia
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Franklin Abam My Dear Uncle Moses, Before I was conceived, you left already for the states and I only saw you once when uncle Sam died. Little did I know that was the first and the last time I will ever see you again. For the short time we spoke, I concluded to myself that you were some one of good faith. Your passing away is a big lose to us though I believe God's plan for you is the best. As you rest in the peace and bosom of the Lord, may you always remember that we will love you till we meet again. PEACE. AMEN! Franklin
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Emile Abam Dear Uncle Moses Its rather unfortunate that I have never had the chance to meet you one on one in this life. My heart weeps so much. The Ways of God are different. Go well uncle, Rest with Jesus. Treasured in my heart you'll stay till we meet again some day! Emile
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Ni Ephraim Mimba Taboh This is very sad day. Ni Moses we are going to miss you. Rest peace. Ephraim
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Tah Sharon Dear uncle Moses, How sweet and lovely you were. Uncle why did you leave me so early, I remember the good advice you used to give me. You promised that you were going to see me through till I complete my education, why so soon. Anyways God knows best. I miss you so much, you will forever remain in my heart. May your soul rest in perfect peace and in the bosom of the lord. Amen Sharon
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Ni Jeff Taboh My dear Moise, May you be happy in the hands of our mighty Lord. Rest in perfect peace. Ni Jeff Taboh
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Mama Grace Atanga Dear Moise, You have rested in the Lord, free from all the pain. Ah this life has played too many tricks on us. My strong, jovial, loving brother, adieu adieu. Rest in Perfect peace. Grace Ijang Fri Atanga.
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Mama Rebecca Achimbi Brother Moise azigoing? Safe journey Special greetings to loved ones who had gone ahead. R I P. We love U but God loves U most Ma Miss
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Mami Rebecca Abam Ni Moses, When you came to Cameroon in April 2015 to lay your brother, my husband Pa S.A. Abam to rest, you told me I should not cry and that you were going to take me to Austin after a short while. Now that you are gone what do I do? I will miss you my son. Thank you for your hard work and generosity. Greet your brother Pa SA Abam and the rest of the family that have gone before us. Rest in peace with the Lord. Abot.
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute from Sunday Abam Dear uncle Moses, How lovely and kind thou art, uncle why did you leave me so soon, you said you want to see me grow up and speak French. Here I am speaking good french bonjour. "Bonjour, je t 'taime tonton. Uncle please wake up and hear the sweet voice of mine. You will forever remain in my heart and in the bosom of the lord. Aurevoir tonton!!! Sunday
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute by Eileen Abam Dear uncle Mo Since I met you for the first time in Austin, your love, smile and care touched my heart. You always called to check on me and gave me advice as a young woman growing up. I had a broken heart when my mom brought you sick to Denver. We all prayed for you as you continued to fight which you faithfully did till the end. The moments we shared will be treasured for ever. You were a great uncle, full of strength, kindness, generosity without bounds and love for the family. This legacy will remain in my heart as a reminder and inspiration. May you Rest In Peace in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more. Eileen
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute by Achomukong Abam Ni Mo, You are not here to play with me. I have no one to tease. Where are you Ni Mo? I will always call Jake to come visit so we can play and share the good times I spent with you. Rest in Perfect Peace my dear Ni Mo. Achomukong
Posted by Daniel Abam on 16th December 2016
Tribute by Gillian Abam I can't even write without tears being in the way. Since I knew you as a brother in law, I admired your gentleness, kindness, generosity and love for family and friends. Your hard work and determination to get what you want has been a driving force despite obstacles that didn't stop you . Your illness left us devastated but we all prayed that a miracle cure be found. It did not happen and with tearful eyes we watched you answer the call of the Lord. I have such fun memories of you that will be cherished forever. You were an amazing person who touched and influenced many people along your journey. Death is inevitable and a harsh reality. Life can change at any moment so let's live with love to fulfill the purpose that we were created for. I know you are in a better place. Though no longer with us, you will forever remain in my heart. Rest in Perfect Peace with the Lord, giver and taker of life. Gillian
Posted by Maggie Abam-DePass on 13th December 2016
You’re gone too soon Ni Mo! Why I asked God knowing fully well that I dare not question the Almighty…For His time is not our time. He has called you home to Eternal Glory. A place where there is only Joy, Peace and Love. A home we yearn to be part of, yet scared to venture in because we not prepared. A new residence for the other Abams who have gone ahead of you...Baba, Ave, Mammie, Papa, Nini, Caro and now you have joined them. Hmm! My heart is very heavy with grieve, as I chuckle to hold back tears that are forever flowing. These tears are a reminder of the good times we shared…times that I will “forevermiss’ but most importantly, the love. These are memories that I will hold on to and cherish for a lifetime. One of such memories was your love for sports especially, soccer. A key player to various prestigious leagues, you sored and was admired on and off the courts by so many. My love for sports and fitness came as a result of watching you sore in the various teams. You pushed me to be the best athlete in Track and Field, Long Jump and Volleyball etc. I am in great physical shape today and I owe that to you. Thank you!! You were also very particular about Dental hygiene and made sure we all floss every night before going to bed. I hated it!! But, I am very grateful for my beautiful smile today. Thanks to you. The list is endless and the memories will last a forever. Today I must say goodbye to a most beloved uncle and it is very painful and it saddens me to the core. But, this home here on Earth is only our Earthly home and we’re all just passing through. May you Rest in Perfect Peace Ni Mo and May Perpetual Light Shine upon you always. Sleep peacefully in Jesus’ arms until we meet again to part no more. Tearfully, Avebaba(a.k.a.) Ngassa
Posted by Cindy Abam on 11th December 2016
Dear Brother, It is unfortunate and distressing that you had to go this way and so soon. While you lived, you touched everybody with your generosity, kindness and consideration. While the ARC of your kindness, bent like a rainbow toward everyone, you stood for justice and equity to all. In fact your were the kindest guy i ever knew, that made you my HERO. Maybe it is the betrayal of those you loved and trusted that made you seek refuge in Mother's arms where no one will hurt you again. You left us Jake- we promise to take care of him as you would have. Farewell my Dear. Your Brother- Goddie Abam
Posted by Vivian Ekeme on 6th December 2016
Dear ni Moise, You left a vacum in our lives.You were the kind of big brother who will call to check on me every so often.A family guy indeed.I remember when I told you we were moving to Texas and you did everything to convince me to move to Austin.It's still fresh in my mind how you treated me like a queen when I visited you in Austin.Your voice still rings in my ears the day you were taken to the hospital in Austin and we spoke.I didnot know that was the last time I will hear your voice. We-all loved you but our great father in heaven decided you should come rest with him May your soul rest in peace and may you greet all who had gone before you.No more Austin for me.Will miss you forever.Vivian Amba Ekeme
Posted by John Abam on 5th December 2016
Dear Uncle Moses, It is really hard to know that you have left us so soon. Whenever I think of you, I always see that bright smile and always happy face from you. I am privileged to have grown around you in Cameroon and here in the US. Uncle you will be forever missed. I know the guarding angels of the most high are protecting you. May you continue to rest in peace. Your dear nephew, John Endeley Ndifor Abam
Posted by George Achimbi on 3rd December 2016
My heart hurts everytime I think of you uncle Mosses, hardly would I have known that when you came to visit us in Maryland it would be for the last time. While I continue to cry because I will miss your presence in this somber place, I find peace knowing you are in a better place. Rest in peace Uncle!
Posted by Cindy Abam on 3rd December 2016
When i think of a phrase to describe you, your life and the impact you have had on me and many others its the phrase "By your fruits you are known." You are the kindest man i know and a father who always made sure I was on the right path. I remember all the times we talked about school, life and your wise words encouraging me to not give up despite how difficult my journey. You always knew the right things to say to provide me with comfort and reassurance. So I have had a hard time finding the strength to re-light this candle which once shone so bright. Sometimes God picks a flower that's still in full bloom. Sometimes we feel the flower that is chosen, He's picked too soon. However, we find peace in your physical departure from our lives because we know there is more wind beneath your wings as you rise high into the sky, and as angels of God welcome you. We are at peace knowing that in God's heavenly garden, He has placed you there to Bloom and Blossom You have changed our lives forever. Until we meet Again Adieu Uncle. - Cynthia ABAM
Posted by Ruddy Abam on 30th November 2016
Uncle Moses, as I fondly addressed you. From the countless phone conversations we had after I came into your family, I knew I'd met someone with a heart of gold. As life would have it, we only saw each other on a number of occasions, like: in 2011 at the initial BONJABAM meeting in Denver, when you visited me in Alaska in 2013, and when we again came together at Edwin's weeding in Denver. I not only enjoyed every moment of the time we spent together, I cherished the family bond that your fostered amongst us all. As my plans to visit you in Austin never materialized, the next time we would be together was with me visiting you on your sick bed. For all those times we were together, the fun you created, the laughter you brought, filled every room. I will forever hold onto these happy memories, that triumph over any memories of your struggles on that sick bed. I hold dear to my heart, Valentines Day of 2014, my fondest memory of you! The door bell rang, and there stood a florist, holding a vase of the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I had ever seen. The note read, "With Love, from a lover and an admirer." Finally speaking to you on the phone, and thanking you for always caring for your family, it breaks my heart to know that you left us so soon. The shock and heartache of seeing you go through the problems that followed were always so trying, especially because I could only support from a distance in Alaska. Distance was however never an issue with you. You always sent us love and taught the girls many fatherly lessons they've now grown up with. We are forever grateful to you. It is commonly said, If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans! Our plans were to spend more time with you, laugh, and love with you for years to come. Nonetheless, I continue to thank you for your selflessness, your humility, hard work, wisdom, and unconditional love for your family! I so loved you, but the Lord did love you more. You fought the good fight my dear. Rest In Peace Uncle Moses. ADIEU - CONSTANCE ABAM
Posted by Wally Abam on 29th November 2016
Thanks for all the great time we had. Sincerely hope we will get to meet you soon and continue having fun. May the Almighty God be with you.
Posted by Rose Abam on 29th November 2016
Dear brother, Ni Mo, as Achomukong fondly called you, it took us all by surprise when you took ill barely a month after we returned from Cameroon to bury Papa Abam. With hopes that things will turn around, we exhausted the possible options to get the medical attention that you deserved. All interventions could only go so far until our father in heaven decided that it is time time for you to come home to your maker, the giver and taker of life. I am very grateful that the Lord gave us the time we spent together though in a very uninteractive manner for the most part. Just know that I will always love you no matter how long its been since your life came to an end. My heart aches with sorrow and many tears flowed when you took your last breath. What it means to lose you, no one will ever know. I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain until we meet to part no more. The lessons you taught us about hard work, family unity, kindness and generousity without boundaries will be cherished forever. You had always been family oriented since I knew you as a big brother. You were a loving and caring brother who will go the extra length to take care of family, friends and even strangers as expressed by the cab drivers I met when I came to take care of you in Austin. You use to have an eye for a good body figure which accounted for your dropping me off at the park in the 2000s when I just moved here from home to go walk like everybody else despite the unfamiliar environment. Courage from my previous experience enabled me to blend in and it became our routine. You dropped me off at a nail salon where I got my first manicure and pedicure. You didn’t end there. You dropped me off at a departmental store with money to shop for myself frequently when I lived with you, not to talk of buying me the most expensive perfume that I ever used. I can go on and on. You were so fun of your son Jake that you cannot carry on a conversation for five minutes without talking about him. You used to tell me how you spent time with him doing fun stuff when he was little. My heart really aches that you did not have the opportunity to show and enjoy a father-son relationship now that he can understand. I wonder how that gap will be filled but with God, all things are possible. The bible says we should give thanks to God for everything. We will never understand the why of things but I have faith that God knows it all and he is in control. There is time for everything and so I am comforted that it was your time to leave this world as was the time that you came into the world. I know that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord until we meet to part no more. How we leave this world is not as important as where we are going after we leave this world. Ni Mo, we loved you but God loves you more. Rest in Perfect Peace with the Lord.
Posted by Joseph Abam on 28th November 2016
"My big bro, it like a candle in a wind blowing at all direction and not knowing which way the candle will fall. Bros you left us without a word. If I remember when you joined us here in Denver you said you are not going anywhere and here our hearts are burning with sorrows for the love and care you shear with your family, friends and those you were able to extern a hand of fellowship. If I can recall the last word you said was calling Acho for Jake and never did I think that you will be gone without a word to Jake. Moise, you were bend and broken and as you rest in the lord, let us now give a hand of fellowship and generosity as you did and until we meet again in eternity. Yours li bro,, Joe.
Posted by Edith Samson on 28th November 2016
My dear kid brother, Moses Tibi Abam, Words cannot express my deep sorrow on receiving news of your departure from here on earth. You were part of me like any other brother and sister that God made us to be. But unfortunately I am going to miss that part of me forever. During my brief visit to U.S I met you really sick, bed ridden and when I returned to Cameroon I lived in the hope that you shall get well and will come to meet me back home but sorry my hope is gone. In everything we give thanks to God our creator. Now that you are going ahead. You will intercede for us. Greet our parents who had long gone since you are going to meet them and with one more hope that one day I shall join you to part no more. Adieu my brother. Emmanuel Amunuh Abam, (senior brother)
Posted by Edith Samson on 28th November 2016
My Dear Ni Mose, No matter how much I delay to write this tribute, the fact remains that you are truly gone... Everything happened so fast, from the time you got ill, to the time you answered God’s call. It is hard to believe, and painful to accept, but it’s alright because we know you are in the comforting arms of our Lord, where there is no more pain. Your body may be gone from this world, but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in perfect peace Uncle Moise, rest in perfect peace, until we meet again to part no more. Edith
Posted by Stecy Achimbi on 26th November 2016
Life is truly a journey and we all have different stops along the way. Some stops are brief, some are transient, and others are everlasting. Ni Moses, you got off the journey at your everlasting stop. Though it hurts so bad to know I will never hear you ask me "a beu muh " with a big smile, I also rest easy in the memories of your caring look, and your comforting presence each time I saw you. I will miss you Ni Moses. You were and are my best inlaw. May the Lord welcome you in His Bossom.
Posted by Odette Fombu on 20th November 2016
Gone too soon Uncle Moise. I will always cherish you in my heart. Rest Well. Maami Odette
Posted by Daniel Abam on 12th November 2016
God saw that you were in pain and getting tired, A cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered, "Come with Me." With tearful eyes, we watched you suffer, And saw you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard-working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes "The Best". --- Adapted from Anonymous Dear Ni Moses It is very difficult for me to write this tribute to you, my big brother and uncle. It seems like yesterday when we all met in Wumfi, to bid farewell to my dad, your brother; after he answered the call to travel out of this world to be with our Creator. As we all tried to make sense of it all, you endeavored to keep the family together; more by your selfless, humble actions than your words. Thank you for the lessons in love, humility and family you thought me directly and indirectly as a brother and uncle. Growing up in Cameroon, you gave me countless lessons in self-defense, sometimes using Chinese words although you did not speak the language. You taught me and most of our family a lot about soccer. I enjoyed the "Tombel" and "Dimacache" tournaments you organized at home during holidays. I will never forget the week you and I spent at the Monastery in Mbengwi. After morning prayers and breakfast with the monks, it was very lonely but you did all you could to make our time at the Monastery fun. I had a blast making soccer balls using both our socks and competing against you in juggling contests. After we both left Cameroon as young adults, you did not stop looking after me. Thank you for the driving lessons you gave me in Austin Texas, when I came to visit you as a student. You were also a student, earning minimum wage, but you paid for my ticket to visit you. While in Austin, you gave me driving lessons and helped me find a holiday job. Although I resisted looking for work, I am very grateful you insisted. Not only was l able to return to school with more than enough money to take care of my needs, the lessons in patience, humility and responsibility were invaluable. Thank you for the surprise party you and my friends in the Denver Cameroon Community organized to celebrate my wedding to my wonderful wife Carole. You travelled to Denver as our surprise “guest” to make the event memorable. Thank you for embracing Carole and making her feel very welcome into our family. Thank you for giving AJ and Bri tips in soccer whenever you came to visit. Thank you for playing racquet ball with me when you recently visited Denver before you became ill. Unfortunately, I never had the chance for a re-match and my shoulder still hurts from returning your big shots. Thank you for teaching me through your actions that we are never too young nor too old to lovingly give our time and resources to others. Above all, I thank God for blessing me with the time I spent with you on this earth. Rest in peace. Dan.
Posted by Albert Ngini on 21st October 2016
Moses, may you find some peace, rest, and comfort with the lord. Your gentleness will be missed dearly. RIP!
Posted by Jake Abam on 11th October 2016
Hi my name is Jake Abam as you all know, Ni moses is my father i was just looking around the internet searching my fathers name and i saw this beautiful memorial page. I read all of you guys comments and they all gave me strength to keep going knowing that he does not have to suffer any more that the pain is gone, he is in a better place. Thank god that i got to see him in the nursing home before he passed. I learned that as i keep playing soccer to think what he did and to keep going forward. so as you go see some of your brothers and sisters just know i'm always thinking about you Love, Jake Abam, your only son.
Posted by Ephraim Abam on 6th October 2016
Dear Moses (aka. Moise, Ni Moss): It has been very difficult for me to even imagine that I will write a tribute to my uncle, my brother, my friend, whom I’ve loved very dearly. Growing up in Cameroon, you were a constant part of my life. I still have lots of memories of us going to elementary school together, memories of playing soccer and basketball together and against each other especially when you challenge me to play harder and be the best I could be, memories of us going to the movies and nightclubs together, memories of us daring and walking 20 miles from Bamenda to remote areas of Mbengwi and being chased by cows along the way. I can go on and on and on. My memories of you have one common theme; they’re all good memories. It’s because you were a good man. All who knew you can attest to this. You were a talented soccer player, and could play in any position if you wanted. You were born right-footed, but developed a skill to play as great a left footer as you played a right footer. These traits made you a great footballer/soccer player. When you immigrated to the United States, it was a soccer scholarship that helped you achieve your college degree. For over several years, you regularly visited us in the East Coast of the United Sates because of your unconditional love of family. Being the kind hearted and generous person you were, you would do anything for the family and always made yourself available to help every way you could. It was just last year (April 2015) that we were together in Cameroon to bid farewell to my dad, Pa Abam (your brother), and in less than 2 months, you were diagnosed with late stage brain cancer. I like to believe that Ni Moss having brain cancer was something God intended. It formed a bridge within the family, a bridge that extends to our parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, siblings and friends. Family and friends meant everything to Ni Moss. He believed that family isn’t always blood, and I believe that in our grief and fear following his cancer diagnosis, Ni Moss wanted us to realize that having someone to love is family, and family is where life begins. Ni Moss, we have lived a great life together with you, but we know that God loves you more and has called you back home to be with Him even though at such a young age. We also know that you’d be with us today if heaven wasn’t so far away. As we celebrate your life, we will always remember the value of family love that you showed us. We know that the passage of time will not heal the memory of your passing, but because you have left behind a son, we must carry on and hold his hand, guiding him and showing him the love and affection you taught us how. As you journey home to be with The Lord, guided by your faith in Him and by the light of those that have gone before, you will forever be in my heart. Have a wonderful sleep until we meet again. Miss you dearly, Ephraim
Posted by Eddy S Fondo on 4th October 2016
My dear brother, My Papa, I st[ll don't believe you've gone to be with the lord. It really tears my heart, you'll forever be missed on earth . We shall meet again to part no more. I know you are in a better place with the Lord, oh! my brother I'm lack of words, May your rest in perfect Peace. Love unconditional. Your sister, Cordie Fondo.
Posted by Comfort Lufong on 24th September 2016
So sad to know this night that Night Ni Moise is gone to be with the Lord. Am from Austin myself. Got to know him through my big Cousin Adam Sule when he came visiting us and we fondly became close. Been in Austin looking for a good Presbyterian Church to attend and he invited me to Presbyterian church Altorf and I gracefully loved and attended this church until I relocated to Houston. Am really sad that after I learned he was sick, I never had the time to visit until he moved far away to colorado. He will be greatly missed. Ni moise, you have actually fought a good fight and may your kind and gentle soul rest peacefully with the Lord until we meet again. Adieu
Posted by Frankline Abam on 23rd September 2016
My Dear Uncle Moses, Before I was conceived, you left already for the states and I only saw you once when uncle Sam died. Little did I know that was the first and the last time I will ever see you again. For the short time we spoke, I concluded to myself that you were some one of good faith. Your passing away is a big lose to us though I believe God's plan for you is the best. As you rest in the peace and bosom of the Lord, may you always remember that we will love you till we meet again. PEACE. AMEN! FRANKLINE ABAM
Posted by Eddy S Fondo on 22nd September 2016
My Bro,,,, It's really hard to believe my ears. Whatever that goes up,, must come down. I keep seeing you. Be happy where you are. We'll meet someday. The love remains eternal. Your brother,, Efs,,,.

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