My Tonii

Shared by Shannon Fraser on August 29, 2011

 Altho We Didnt See Each Other As Often As i Wanted Us To ,i Was Satisfied With The Times We Spent Together, This Boy Would Do Anythin For Me Just To Make Me Happy,Never Let Anyone Unfair Me , Could Talk To Him About Anything, The Perfect Big brother if Yu Ask Me ,No One Could Come Between Us ,i Also Had A Crush On His Friend Michael And He Brought Him Here Wheneva He Came To Look 4 Me Just To See Me Blush :( :( ..He Was Alwaiis Also Concerned Dat i Do Well @ School, Alwaiis Told Me Ta To My Best ..When He Found Out About My Cxc Results He Could Not Explain How Proud He Was Of Me ,i Just Want Yu 2 Know Tonii Even Tho i Didnt Get To Say Goodbye..iLove Yu Wed All My Heart R.I.P Big Bro :(

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