This memorial website was created in memory of our loved ones, Mr Chijioke H. Azubuike and Engr. Prudence Chijioke Azubuike. We will remember them forever.

Mr. Chijioke H. Azubuike & Engr. Prudence Chijioke Azubuike, both passed away in the early hours of Monday February 08, 2021, at their home in Kano State.

On behalf of both families, may their souls rest in peace.

Chima & Iyke

Posted by Okorie Stella on February 27, 2021
I just heard about the passing of your inlaws. I am so sorry to hear this terrible news and wanted to offer my condolences. I pray they rest peacefully from the hustles and struggles of the wicked world.
Posted by Ofeoritse Ejueyitsi on February 26, 2021
Somethings are difficult, this is so difficult. The shock of your exit and the circumstances left me mute for days. Am still speechless. God grant your souls rest until the resurrection morning that leads to enternal life. Thats my consolation.
Posted by chimnomnso ohaeri on February 26, 2021
Can we really question God, can we even determine how we will depart from this earth. It’s indeed hurting to even know the pain you both felt. God knows everything, he sure knows.
You were both loved by your loved ones.
May your souls Rest In Peace.
It’s really hurting .
Posted by Nwabufoh Nkechi on February 25, 2021
My heart is very heavy, can't believe you are gone from this planet. I really don't know why God allowed it to happen, one person would have stayed back who will take of the children.aunty prudence I miss u , I miss u so badly. So if I visit kano I won't see again prayer is God Almighty will receive the both of you in his kingdom. I love u both
Posted by okorie lawrence on February 25, 2021
Words will fail me to express the heaviness in our hearts. That we will not see you and wifey again till the end of time is hard to believe. This is not how it should be but so has it happened. May YAHWEH grant your souls eternal rest. You will be greatly missed brother CJ and sister Pruddy.
Posted by Folasade Femi-Lawal on February 24, 2021
Prudence Sweetie ❤️This was not the plan that faithful Monday before your sudden departure -(a week before precisely )when you called up confirm your receipt of clean 9,so you can begin our 9day weight management journey .Didnt know you were saying your goodbye indirectly after nearly 15 years of non contact .Gudnite beautiful Soul.O Death ,where is your Sting .May the Lord keep the children you both left behind .
Posted by Chigozie Eze on February 24, 2021
I was devastated when i heard of this sad incident. I could not stop recalling my last conversation with you before you left Airtel. Working with you brought out the best in me. I pray that you and your husband receive the blessings of the Lord on your way home. And strength be granted to those you left behind.
Posted by Obinna Ogbunanwa on February 24, 2021
I may not have known you too well personally, regardless it was quite disheartening to receive the news of the demise of the couple - Mr & Mrs Chijioke and Prudence. More so the manner in which it happened.

Evidently, you both led great and exemplary lives. As humans, we may not know why it had to happen now, but the people you left behind will always cherish the fond moments you made possible while on earth. Adieu!
Posted by Agbo Izuchukwu on February 24, 2021
I find it very difficult to write this tribute. My heart bleed whenever I look at your pictures. Till now I'm still having some element of doubt about your demise. Death is truly wicked. I can now truly see how worthless this life is. I discussed with you few weeks before your demise about Mama's state of health because she was with us for omugwo, little did I know that that would be our last discussion. My heart bleed for the children that were made orphans just like that and mama whose second 'husband' you became the moment Mama's husband your father died. Do I even need to write about your support to me and my family as your brother in-law. I gave my only daughter the name Prudence because of the positive attributes I found in you. I pray that God will bring divine comfort to us and fortitude to bear this irreparable loss especially the kids, mama etc. Rest on aunty Prudence my wonderful sister in-law and my wonderful De Chijioke.
From Mr & Mrs Izuchukwu Agbo
Posted by OJ Joel on February 24, 2021
The news of your passing was a terrifying and shocking one! When your brother, my friend, informed me of the heart shattering news, I was shaking to my core. I could not help but ask so many why(s).

I know I may not get an answer as to why this sad occurrence, but I am certain God in heaven knows why. I pray that God will avail your loved ones left behind the fortitude to bear this huge loss. May your souls rest peacefully in the Lord. Amen!!
Posted by Sylvia Ebby on February 24, 2021
Mama Pru as I fondly called you. This still gives me shivers and bring tears to my eyes, how did you leave this earth so soon? You were so cheerful and full of life with your signature well manicured red nails. Death where is thy sting? It's still so painful yet unbelievable you have left the earth with your husband. Airtel regional office PH misses you and now its forever. May God console everyone you left behind and keep the kids. Adieu Engr and Mrs Azubuike.Truly God knows best. Rest in Peace beautiful one
Posted by Yemi Akindoju on February 24, 2021

Am lost called me a week before this sad day after three or more years and I was so glad to hear your voice. You were super excited about your daughter whom you had taken to the University. I had cautioned you about not travelling the roads late due to bandits/herdsmen and we laughed after God's shelter over our lives!

Alas, the story went different a week after, remember the days from Vmobile till the last days at Airtel, you were so supportive and a great team player. Words fail me truly but i can only wish you and hubby rest with the Lord and may Almighty God come out strong for your kids at this time and your loved ones you have left behind!

R.I.P Prudence & Chijioke. God bless.......
Posted by Chioma Mogbo on February 24, 2021
My condolences go out to your family in this difficult time.
I pray that God will comfort you on all sides.
I am praying that God will heal your broken heart and bring you peace throughout this sad and sorrowful time.
Mark 4:22, NLT: "For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light."
It is well.
Posted by Chris Ogah on February 24, 2021
With a sad moment I write this,we never meet but we spoke a couple of times and our discussions were fruitful when the news came I was heartbroken but in all God knows best
Continue to rest until we meet in eternity

Chris Ogah (Airtel facility hq)
Posted by Ngozi Azorobodo on February 24, 2021
I still can't believe you are gone . My Tears had not stopped up until now . I am short of words to say . But all I know is that the good lord will give you and your husband internal rest and only him will take care of your children you left behind . Rest well my sister my Boss and my mentor ❤
Posted by Dr. Don Ogbonna, DBA on February 24, 2021
Words and mind mapping fail me as I attempt to write this short tribute even as I battle to get over the shock that gripped me when Chima broke this sad news to me.

However, since we should not and cannot question God, the Giver and the Taker of life, we take solace in the comfort that death has been swallow
ed up in victory through Christ Jesus.

May the Lord comfort the entire Azubike family over this rather untimely demise of Chijioke & Prudence Azubuike while being the the Abba Father to the orphans they've left behind.

Sleep well, love couple: Prudy&Chijioke
Posted by Damiete Briggs on February 24, 2021
It’s really hard to say farewell, but who am i to question God your creator.
Madam Prudence as I fondly called you, you were a great boss to me and a good friend to my family. So cheerful, outspoken, lover of God, and always willing to give out than to receive.
There’s no discussion with you that you won’t mention your family, you loved your family so dearly. You will forever be missed because you left behind a great legacy as a woman. May the Almighty God accept your sweet soul and that of your loving husband.
I bid you my last respect today and forever.
Posted by Ijeoma Okoli on February 24, 2021
My boss, my mentor, my friend. The sad news got me dazed, dumbfounded and broken.
Nevertheless, I'm consoled when I remembered all you imbibed in me.
Until your death, you inspired me to do and be my best. In you I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love.
May the good Lord continue to rest your soul and your hubby and console us, Amen. Rest in Peace mamah Pru. Rest in peace Mr Azubuike.
Posted by Shuaibu Sulaiman on February 24, 2021
Meeting you was one of the best things that happened in my life, you were a true leader, a manager, a mentor and brought out the best in me, even when all was odd and I thought of giving up on the Job, you were always there to guide and thought me not to give up. You may not be with us anymore but your good work and memories will remain with us forever. Rest in peace Mama P.
Posted by Ezinwa Ajogwu on February 24, 2021
There is never a right time to lose a loved one. May the souls of Chijioke and Prudy Azubuike rest in peace and May God comfort the families during this mourning period.
Posted by Okey Ifendu on February 24, 2021
When I saw my brother lit a candle I asked what happened and his response was so brief that it became clear Chima was in a severe pain. I asked my wife and she explained.

I didn’t meet Chijioke and I didn’t meet Prudence but knowing my Brother Chima and he being your brother and brother-in-law means I know you. You were his brother and you were his sister-in-law and both of you were loving in life and in your passage to eternity.

Today, what the devil meant for evil God has turned for good. Today we celebrate a life lived with laughter and hearts full of love. We celebrate the fact you only went ahead of us. We thank God for your lives.
Posted by michael joseph on February 24, 2021
I didn't know you both personally, but the heartfelt messages here do give insight into the lives you both lived. And it was good. Death lost its sting, but heaven gained two souls. Rest now in the Bossom of the Lord. May He alone fill the space created by your demise in the hearts of those left to mourn you.
Posted by Mary Ahukanna on February 24, 2021
This loss is so hard to understand. Rest In Peace in the bossom of the Lord, Chijioke and Prudence , May the Lord grant your family the grace and fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Adaobi Barbara on February 24, 2021
The demise of this couple remain a rude shock and a very sad one. No one ever imagined this would happen, in a way it did but it’s the will of God who joined you as a couple, to call you both back home. May God grant the whole family the fortitude to bear this great loss and may their souls find complete peace in heaven.
Posted by jay Noni on February 24, 2021
In human reasoning, your passing away couldn't be comprehended but God in HIS wisdom knows it all. You were both United in marriage for better for worst by God and HIM alone decided to take you both to HIS bossom. We are consoled by these facts and ask God to grant the family you both left behind the fortitude to bear this lost. Adieu Chijioke! Adieu Prudence!!

Nonso Ngana
Posted by Emeka Igbojiaku on February 24, 2021
May you rest easy in grace and love Chijioke & Prudence,
And may God grant your families special Grace and fortitude to bear your loss,
Posted by amalaha clara on February 24, 2021
My prayer is with the entire family the couple left behind, may God continue to strengthen, console and comfort them. May the soul of Mr Chijioke and Engr Prudence continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by onyedikachi jessica on February 24, 2021
The news of your demise came as a shock and a rude awakening to me. It was unexpected and premature. How could both of you die same day in your house with no substantial proof? It's still mystery to us. The memories of your indellible imprints & good virtues are what I hold to my heart. To so many and to me on many occasions, you were a source of inspiration in person, in deeds and by example. You were a confidant and great pillar of support, not just to me but a myriad of persons. I had always enjoyed being around you because of your kind, warmth and loving nature. Your influence and dedication will be greatly missed. I feel pained we didn't see before your passage to glory. We do not know how it happened, but the reality before us is that death happened!!!

Adieu, our beloved *MR CHIJIOKE & MRS PRUDENCE AZUBUIKE.* May the LORD comfort your family and grant us all the fortitude to bear this very great loss.  Amen
Posted by Chidimma Okakpu on February 24, 2021
Your demise is a deep wound to the heart. I write with so much tears and regret that you left too soon, I can't believe that this tribute is actually for you.
In one of our discussions ma you told me "it is good to live a life you will be remembered for" Mama indeed we have a lot to remember you for. You usually call me "Chidimma my daughter " and I really missed you when you left South Region little did I know that I will miss you forever.
I won't ask you why you left because if given a choice you won't leave your children behind, but be assured that God will never allow them to suffer.
We can't question he that brought Life and has taken life because he knows everything.
Rest in Peace mama Pee and Husband till we meet to part no more.
GOD BLESS your Loving Soul Amen.
Posted by Okoye Ogechi on February 23, 2021
Mama, still very hard to believe you are no more. Oh death why at this time!! I pray that God will console your entire family, your children and all of us who are weeping for this great loss. May your gentle soul and that of your husband rest in peace till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Olaifa Gbenga Mfr on February 23, 2021
Mama P. as I fondly called her, and I, became close friends about 3 years ago. She was full of life, completely sold out for God, stood for the truth and upheld her trust in God, even in the face of experiential doubts! She was a wonderful woman with great virtues. You could barely be lonely when she was around you. She's one person that I respected, and still respect, particularly for all she stood for. I take solace in the fact that, she knew Christ and was always willing to go extra mile in ensuring the expansion of His kingdom on earth.
My dear Boss and friend Prudence Azubuike, you actually didn't tell me you would leave this soon, as I still remember the tete-a-tete we had in your office last year December... Am sure we shall meet in heaven. May your righteous soul and that of your beloved husband, continue to rest on the bossom of Christ.

Holy Spirit shall be with your children, and stand by them... Amen!

Rest on my dear prayer partner!
We love you, but Christ loves you more.
Posted by Amina Ahmed on February 23, 2021
Hmmm, my madam Prudence!!! Who will call me Mameena again?
I want to live in denial and yet still in utter shock about your sudden demise.

I met my madam Prudence in 2011 when I was transferred to the same office in Kano. She was my Boss and later became my big sis, my friend and confidant. We connected so fast and became family when she introduced me to her husband and kids.
Even when I left the company, we always kept in touch and I still thankGod our paths crossed.

I have a whole lot of fun memories and how she will always say "Mameena you are running things".
It was a great shock to hear how you and oga Chijoke left us at the same time. 

Madam Prudence said a lovely Prayer for me just Two days before the sad day and had called for our usual "Catching up" gist; oh how she loved correct gist(missing that moment already).

The memories of Prudence and Husband will forever be cherished because the story of my life has them etched in a sweet chapter.

I can go on and on and it won't end but I know God alone knows it all.

The kids will forever be in my prayers and have my support. My condolences to your entire families

May your souls rest in peace always with almighty God.

            ....your Mameena

Posted by Alice Anyim on February 23, 2021
You both were one of my first friends in Kano, It was a happy reunion in 2015 when we met at the airport in Kaduna. I am still in shock and it still feels like a bad dream. But they say we cannot question God. Only Him knows best. Rest well Chijioke and Prudence. You both will be sorely missed. it’s really painful!!! But even in the saddest times we will look unto the Lord Almighty our comforter and strong tower in time of need.
Posted by UCHENNA ONYEKELU on February 23, 2021
My sincere condolence to the family, indeed it is like a dream hoping to get out from it. you were a leader with a difference. I pray that God will give your children the fortitude to bear this great loss. RIP maama
Posted by Ogugua Ebomuche on February 23, 2021
Mama P as I call you ,you are a sister and a friend. Always ready to put we your family first at work and shield and carefully guide us away from harm.
I will miss you dearly big sis . It's still a shock to me but I know you have gone to be in a better place of rest and peace.
Continue to rest in Gods Bosom.
Posted by Doreen Ekeh on February 23, 2021
Mama as I fondly call you.Boss like no other,you where more than a boss to me,you took me as a sister/daughter,my heart bleeds,am heartbroken.i never knew, that faithful Wednesday evening 3rd of February will be the last day to speak to you,mama Pee ,the shock of your death,is too much for me to bear,but in all situations we give thanks to God, thanks so much for all you have taught me.
It is well with your family ,and children you left behind.Till we meet to part no more Sis.May your beautiful souls continue to rest in peace .
Posted by guelea oguele on February 23, 2021
Boss, I still shiver at the thought of you being gone. You made a great impact in the few months I got to know you.
I pray God strengthens and comforts your children and entire family.
Rest in the bossom of the Lord, Mr & Mrs Azubuike.
Posted by Okunrinkoya Oluwaseun on February 23, 2021
May God grant your souls with eternal rest.

Rest well Boss.
Posted by Daniel Nwagbara on February 23, 2021
Nothing can be compared with this loss . I am deeply saddened to hear this but I want you to know that you’re never alone when it comes to carrying the load of grief.
Always keep in mind that you have friends to share your pain with. Today, I stand beside you just like you did in all these years. Accept my condolence
Posted by Onodugo amoge on February 23, 2021
My sincere condolences to the entire Azubuike family on this sad loss.
I pray that God will strengthen every member of the family especially her children and mum at this time.i really miss you boss thanks for all you have done for me.
Posted by Pst Kelvin Ekeke on February 23, 2021
It was unbelievable yet true. It came as a shock and surprise. 

May the good lord comfort the family and grant them the fortitude to bear this huge loss.

May your gentle souls rest in peace , Amen.
Posted by Hilary Onuorah on February 23, 2021
Rest in peace Chijioke and Prudence. May God be the reward for your beautiful life while you are here on earth. He will be the shield and guide for your children.
Posted by Tinuola Aigwedo on February 23, 2021
May the good Lord uphold the Azubuikes in this very difficult time and May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace, Amen
Posted by Aikae A on February 23, 2021
My sincere condolences to the entire Azubuike family on this sad loss.
I pray that God will strengthen every member of the family at this time.
Posted by chudy diribe on February 23, 2021
The news of your untimely demise came as a rude shock to me. May I offer my heartfelt condolences to your families and loved ones. May your souls rest in peace and may God comfort your families.
Posted by Azubuike Chukwunyere on February 23, 2021
Day by day, I think of you.
How can all of this be true?
I can’t believe both of you are gone;
I still can’t accept it, Just the thought of you and your wife makes me cry.
You never even got the chance to have a Re-think in this life, It really like a hole in our lives.

I believe in what the Bible said, that
Those who did good, eternal life they’ll gain. So… sleep on my brother and wife.
I wish both of you had given me the chance to take one last glance at your faces before you fly away like a dove

Rest in peace brother/Wife
Chijioke/prudence Azubuike
Posted by Chinedum Ukatta on February 23, 2021
You were a boss like none other, you were my sister and my friend too. The shocking news of your sudden demise has not left me till date and to think I will never be able to seek advice from you ever again, but God knows best and He alone will give us the comfort we yarn at this time. Rest well boss. Good night sis. Till we meet again.
Posted by Ahmed Liman on February 23, 2021
My heartfelt condolences to the family on the big loss. May God provide the family with the fortitude to bear the loss and may He bless the children they left behind.
Posted by Chimzurum Okpechi on February 23, 2021
Dearest brother and sister inlaw , it is unbelievable that two of you passed away thesame time. Till now i still not believe that it is true.  It is only God knows why. I am going to missed two of you . But by God grace we shall meet on the resurrection day. May the soul of you both rest in perfect peace. We as a family we do our best to make sure that the children you left behind will be cared for. Adieu brother and sister inlaw.
Posted by Ndidiamaka Ukaonu on February 23, 2021
My sincere condolences to the families, this was a rude shock but the Lord will keep and comfort all you left behind in Jesus name
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Posted by Okorie Stella on February 27, 2021
I just heard about the passing of your inlaws. I am so sorry to hear this terrible news and wanted to offer my condolences. I pray they rest peacefully from the hustles and struggles of the wicked world.
Posted by Ofeoritse Ejueyitsi on February 26, 2021
Somethings are difficult, this is so difficult. The shock of your exit and the circumstances left me mute for days. Am still speechless. God grant your souls rest until the resurrection morning that leads to enternal life. Thats my consolation.
Posted by chimnomnso ohaeri on February 26, 2021
Can we really question God, can we even determine how we will depart from this earth. It’s indeed hurting to even know the pain you both felt. God knows everything, he sure knows.
You were both loved by your loved ones.
May your souls Rest In Peace.
It’s really hurting .
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Shared by Bridget Akpan on February 24, 2021
That early" dark" Monday morning, the news of your passing came as a rude shock....It was unbelievable and heartbreaking indeed....
I recall the quality time I spent with you and your husband in December when  you invited me for your daughters graduation here in Abuja and later that same evening,when I visited you at the place you stayed (In my estate) and gisted with you till almost midnight before strolling back home....little did I know that would be the last time....I still have the lovely souvenir you gave me for the graduation, exciting pictures of Chidimma and your Son jumping all over both of you and your beloved In-law Chioma on my phone and I will for a long time cherish those precious moments..
Also, the fond memories of working together for more than a decade ( From Econet Wireless to Airtel), and Traveling to Lagos and Kenya for trainings are still so fresh in my heart .. I am glad our paths crossed Pru and will miss you.... 
May the God of all comfort give the Children and entire  family,understanding as they receive the comfort of they Holy spirit in Jesus name.
May your souls rest in peace .

Austin Iguza

Shared by Igie Mokhai on February 23, 2021
I met this wonderful family in Kano, Prudence was my colleague that eventually became a sister, and the husband a very close friend.
The husband calls me Stano ! Stano !
The sad one for me, was that we chatted last on the 7th of February from 5pm into 7:26pm, talking about live, and how the wife left Airtel to our individual biz, only to wake up the next day to receive the sad news...they both died.
I cried all day...!
Rest well Prudyy Prudyy' as we call Prudence and 'Papa' as I fondly call Chijioke.
Till we meet in Glory !
Shared by Okoye Ifeyinwa on February 23, 2021
I still find it difficult to believe this is true. I wish I would wake up from this nightmare. I am drowned in thots of perhaps this or perhaps that. Then I realize I can't question God but it's so painful, it hurts. All I can think of is your motherly smile, I hear your words of wisdom. If wishes were are like a candle in the wind. God give us all the fortitude to bear your loss. God will never abandon your children. They have become very special in God's eyes, worry not. May your soul and that of your husband rest in peace. Amen..