Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!

"Yet to all who did receive Him [JESUS]... who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.
  • 76 years old
  • Born on July 28, 1936 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on June 22, 2013 in Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved mother, grandmother, sister, cousin and aunty: Mrs Edem Ikoku.

The Mummy, Ejighato, Baby Dear, you have only gone before us to the great reunion in heaven. Goodnight.

Please join us at the following farewell events:
Service of Songs, Saturday 24th Aug at Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Wake-keeping and Night of Tributes, Friday 30th Aug (8pm) at Alvanville, Amannagwu, Arochukwu, Nigeria
Funeral Service and Interment, Saturday 31st Aug (12 noon) at Alvanville, Amannagwu, Arochukwu, Nigeria

Posted by Mohammed Alkali on 30th July 2018
Words would always be inadequate to describe a mother. Precious gift and grace from God. Mama, you are still remembered in love, warmth, affection and prayers.
Posted by Goomsu Obasi on 25th June 2018
Just wanted you to know I'm planting a rose for you. The florist warned that it will change color from year to year. And I said no problem. I was thinking of that time we went to the rose garden up north and we couldn't decide which of the 300+ species we wanted! We wanted them all! LOL!!! Also Mummy, I look in the mirror these days and I see you! Your baby is getting older! But I have ALWAYS loved looking like you.
Posted by Sunday Olugu on 26th June 2017
How wonderful we continue to remember you; because of all the great love you showered over us, as your memory lingers in our heart day by day may our Almighty God continue to shield you. Amen
Posted by Jude Ndibe on 23rd June 2017
The memory of the righteous is blessed......(Prov. 10: 7). We continue to remember mummy for the wonderful life of love, gentility and humility she lived. We pray for the continuing peaceful repose of her gentle soul. We weep no longer, but rejoice in the certainty that she is with the saints.
Posted by Goomsu Obasi on 22nd June 2017
Dear Mummy, still miss you everyday! Today I wish I was at your gravesite to bring you some roses. Your favorite color. I will do, some time soon. Sure you are so enjoying the gardens in heaven!!! Someday we will enjoy them together. Love you Mum, Your N0 1 Baby Girl
Posted by Lorretta Uche on 29th July 2016
Aunty, Epitome of love, peace, gentility and humor. We continue to miss your visits and brilliant interesting conversations. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Ogbonnaya Igbokwe on 29th June 2016
Mama your life was indeed an amazing story!! You touched a lot of lives. You are greatly missed. Continue to rest in peace!!!
Posted by Efiok Otudor on 23rd June 2016
The joy of the memoirs of your gift of love & time are fresh in my heart. Never forgotten. You are one of our Family’s Light House….. Efiok Otudor
Posted by Oke Obasi on 22nd June 2016
Mummy It only seems like yesterday when that call came and not three years already. Each day we see you in your children and grand children. We remember your words of advice and your laughter. The way your eyes smiled when you talked about your family, especially your husband and your children. We will never forget you for your footprints are everlasting. Rest in peace
Posted by Mary Ikoku on 22nd June 2016
Mummy, I still remember running into your room that very morning. I still remember the crazy way I drove you to the hospital and your most caring Son, my husband holding you in the back seat of the car. I remember my screaming and wailing at the security men at our estate gate who didnt realise we had an emergency. Mummy we have since moved out of that Estate. It seemed you pulled a fast one on us that very day. It seemed you had already planned to exit that very morning hence your decision to bless every one around the day before. Mummy, you were a class of your own. Firm, thorough, intelligent, brave, decent, excellent, strong willed, well educated, graceful and with great poise. I want to remember you for all the good you did. You paid evil with good. You left your footprint in the Sands of time. They ran down your pharmacy, some greedy and ungrateful souls but you forgave all. Yes I still remember our little gossip sessions. They stayed on in your property even with the meager rent that wasn't forth coming and I promised you, I will fight to get them out of your house. Mummy the court has finally asked your tenant to move out. I just want to let you know that one leg of your battle has been won even when you are gone. Your son Ikenna engaged a lawyer and justice was served. Mummy, your pension we have still not pursued because we see more pensioners who are still alive and suffering yet no one pays attention to them. Will they pay the one owed you after you are gone.. Daddy's book is yet to be launched but God willing as I promised you mummy, it will happen. I know you will be happy to hear about this, An annual Lecture has been slated in memory of your late husband.. do you get to see him over there, please let him know about this development. If the organisers are doing so for personal gains, let daddy give us hint on best way to handle this. Mummy, I miss you terribly, there are some things I will like to share with you as usual but you are no longer here and there is really no one left to tell it. I love you mum. I truly do. Feeling really down, sad and off. Continue to rest in perfect peace my sweet Mummy E. I love you forever. Your Daughter in Law Mary
Posted by Abena Otudor on 29th July 2015
Baby Dear, Even though our paths crossed briefly you were very kind to me and very much the center of your family's attention and affection. I am certain your spirit is now 1 with The Most High existing in peace & joy. Continued blessings and prayers to those who loved you in this earth dimension.
Posted by Slyvester Owhojeta on 25th June 2015
Sweet mother, how time flies, its being two years now since your passing. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Erinma Ugboh on 22nd June 2015
Mummy I miss you…..wish you were here so we could do the things we always did. Talk on the phone, laugh, joke, share a meal, take a walk, visit family & friends, dream together… been a bit lonely lately.
Posted by Goomsu Obasi on 22nd June 2015
Mum, you loved roses. You grew them and lovingly tended them; from when your garden was just a single rose bedside a bungalow to the expansive garden of the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge. Today as I remember your departure, I learnt from Solomon’s Song of Songs 2:1 (Amplified Bible) that the “little rose … grows in deep and difficult places”. So did you. Yet you grew and beautified your assigned “places”: your children, your husband, your siblings, your parents, your local community, your profession and even your husband’s (as his suitable and indispensable helper, especially during his toughest assignment: the University of Nigeria). And finally you beautified your GOD. He enjoys your eternal beauty now. Until we meet to share in the blissful enjoyment. Your No 1 Baby Girl
Posted by Efiok Otudor on 22nd June 2015
The thought of you always brings deeply cherished memories….. You are still greatly missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Ihuoma Onungwa on 22nd June 2015
You will always be remembered for being a loving Mother. For your Kindness and for being so loving. We will always remember you. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Olufunke Cole on 22nd June 2015
Everything and evryone you left behind will Grow stronger and stronger
Posted by Oke Obasi on 22nd June 2014
Mummy a year ago you left us. Today we cherish the sweet memories we have of you, memories that will always be with us and will encourage us.
Posted by Jude Ndibe on 22nd June 2014
The memory of the just is SWEET! So it's already a year since Mama joined the heavenly host. We thank the Lord for her gift to us and to humanity. We remember her for the extra-ordinary grace with which she carried herself, and the great courage with which she faced the challenges that life threw at her. She had indeed ran the race, and fought the good fight. We are confident that she is now blissfully enjoying the reward meant for those who kept the faith. Keep resting in the Lord's bossom Mama. To Goomsu, Erinma, and Ikenna, you can take pride in the rich legacies bequeathed to you by your worthy parents. Thanks for all you have done to honour and keep their memory alive. God bless you.
Posted by Ako Otudor on 24th February 2014
Dearest Aunty, It's quite hard to believe the time that has gone by since you left. All the same, we thank God for the opportunity to have you in our lives. We carry on knowing that we will be united with you one day. you are very sorely missed.
Posted by Goomsu Obasi on 1st February 2014
Dearest Mummy, it’s exactly 1 year we had that amazing conference call! You asked Ikenna to call Erinma and I, wanting to know if saying the sinner’s prayer was all that God required of us, to show our change of heart. We assured you, from 1 John 1:8 – 2:2, that it was indeed that simple and efficacious; if said from a truly repentant and contrite heart. Then we sang your favorite hymn “When All Thy Mercies O My God” and prayed with joy. I am ever grateful for that undeniable assurance of salvation. It is only a brief goodbye, until we will see you again.
Posted by Uzonna Onyemeh on 28th August 2013
Known you from far but appreciated the strength of your love for your family - which I have admired. Rest in peace...the family you left behind are capable, no worries.
Posted by Azubuike Alvan Ikoku on 28th August 2013
I am deeply saddened by the news of your passage. A certain anonymous writer once wrote a tribute to mothers: ..."there is no way to be a perfect mother....but a million ways to be a good one" In a million and one ways you were good. Your life was a tapestry of greatness in your chosen endeavours and in every way worth the admiration as well as the emulation of all you left behind. Farewell Aun
Posted by Azubuike Alvan Ikoku on 28th August 2013
I am deeply saddened by the news of your passage. A certain anonymous writer once wrote a tribute to mothers: ..."there is no way to be a perfect mother....but a million ways to be a good one" In a million and one ways you were good. Your life was a tapestry of greatness in your chosen endeavours and in every way worth the admiration as well as the emulation of all you left behind. Farewell Aun
Posted by Olibey Chima Oji on 28th August 2013
My Dear Aunty, I remember growing up under your watchful eyes in Aba and Ndizuogu during the war years, what comes to mind is the discipline and strength of character exhibited by you and the spirit of independence which has impacted positively in me. Thank you Aunty. We will all miss you dearly.
Posted by Ihuoma Ogbonna on 27th August 2013
Although I did not interact much with your mum Goomsu, what little interaction there was spoke of kindness, warmth and quiet dignity. Her essence shines through you and your siblings and she must be very proud. My heart goes out to you all but I know that your faith will supply all the comfort and strength you need at this time. You remain in my prayers. May she rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Alvan Ikoku on 24th August 2013
My Dearest Aunty Edem -- as a child your quiet dignity and humor provided me with warmth and strength, and as an adult I now understand it as a way to live life humanely, with the deepest of care for others. I cherish what you have given our family while here on earth. And I know the gift is being reciprocated up high, as you join our family resting so lovingly in peace.
Posted by Anderson Ofuzim Oriahi on 24th August 2013
An angel lived among us, a gift from God above. She showered us with kindness, and shared with us her love. Even though I never met her in person, I have experienced her love through the people she touched. Mummy is gone to live with Jesus. But, she’s here with us, today, smiling down on every one of us, And telling us she’s RESTING. We love you Mummy, now, and forevermore
Posted by Ije Ikoku on 23rd August 2013
Dearest Aunty, You've touched my life directly (through our many interactions and conversations), and indirectly through the moments I've shared with your children Ikenna, Koko & Erinma whose strength of character you helped mold. For all this I say Thank You. Send our warmest greetings to Mom, Dad, Uncle Chi, Uncle SG, Aunty V & all those who have gone before you.
Posted by Antai Effiong on 23rd August 2013
Mummy, we will sure miss you. Thank you for KoKo, Ikenna, Erinma and Eugene - your "touch" is obvious. Thanks for the love "touch" you also extended to me, and all the advice, they came handy. We love you, but the Almighty God loves you more. See you on Resurrection Morning, when we meet to part no more.
Posted by Okey Ndubuisi on 23rd August 2013
Ikenna, take solace in God as he will surely close the vacuum Mama's exit created. May her soul rest in peace. Amen!
Posted by Fred Ekete on 23rd August 2013
It is well with Her soul. Ikenna & Siblings.... May the good Lord strengthen the Living and give them the grace to bear this painful loss and grant your dear Mother eternal rest. Fred Ekete & Family
Posted by Ogechukwu Amaechina on 22nd August 2013
I'm still short of words I am consoled by the truth that our God is good and His mercies endures forever. I am glad that in your lifetime you enjoyed His mercies and love. I pray for my friends, Goomsu, Ikenna and Erinma their spouses,children, and the entire family, that the God of all comfort will comfort you at this time. 2Corinth1vs3-4. Good night MOTHER GENERAL! Good night NNE ORA!
Posted by Okechukwu Emeribe on 22nd August 2013
My dear Ikenna, my Boss. May the Gentle soul of your beloved Mother, Mrs Edem Ikoku rest in perfect peace. We know she rests in the bossom of the Lord and May God Almighty grant you and your entire family the fortitute to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Posted by Lauretta Nwachi on 22nd August 2013
Surely you will be missed, in more ways than one. But we give God praise for the life you lived. Rest in Peace Ma. Pastor Patrick & Lauretta Nwachi
Posted by Ugo Ukpabi on 20th August 2013
"The Mummy, irreplaceable, incomparable, unforgettable". Who cannot but pause at those lines. It affords me a glimpse into the pain of such a heavy loss. Mum always exuded a quiet strength and was quick to take an interest in you. Fare thee well "Mum the beautiful", and may the good Lord comfort those who grieve.
Posted by Tobechukwu Okigbo on 20th August 2013
While I did not know you personally in life, I see you in Ikenna. Our Lord and Saviour stated: 'By their fruits you shall know them'. Ikenna is your fruit and a worthy testimony to your character and goodness. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Victor Ofuyatan on 20th August 2013
Erinma, all is well, and be consoled. Mama is home already. My prayer is that we will meet with her in glory.
Posted by Ruby Umoren on 19th August 2013
As I watched how you did it, I learnt a thing or two- Motherhood can commingle with calmness and there is joy in being present. Farewell Auntie and remain in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Kelechi Nwankwo on 19th August 2013
I was privileged to learn from your humility and wisdom and so see life as a special gift from JESUS CHRIST to impact our world. The joy is that your son, Ikenna Ikoku has imbibed these attributes in his living.
Posted by Ogbonnaya Obioma Igbokwe on 19th August 2013
My dear Ikenna at this time of great pain, I mourn with you . My prayers are always with you and your family. You love her so much but God loves her more. I guess that is why HE has called her home to rest. The greatest tribute we can pay is to continue the good work she started which is to spread Gods gospel of love!!
Posted by Mohammed Alkali on 19th August 2013
A Tribute to Mama. A very dignified lady in life and memory.
Posted by Obehi Christiana Umoh on 19th August 2013
May your gently soul rest with our lord Jesus Christ. IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL MAMA!!!
Posted by Ikenna Ikeme on 19th August 2013
Though I never met your mum, i can only imagine how much of a mother she must have been just knowing the great guy she raised in you. It is always difficult at times like this, cause words can never really be as comforting as we would want. Take heart that she fulfilled her sojourn on earth and is now resting in a better place. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Nnamdi Igwiloh on 19th August 2013
May you rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Chima Oti on 18th August 2013
May her gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Ingrid Singh on 16th August 2013
When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see. I wish so much you wouldn't cry, the way you did today, for me. I know how much you love me, as much as I love you.. And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me, as much as I miss you. But please try to understand that God's angel came and called my name and took me by the hand.
Posted by Nene Kalu on 15th August 2013
May her soul rest in Perfect Peace. We pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort, counsel, strengthen and be with your family in this time of grief and sorrow.
Posted by Erinma Ugboh on 14th August 2013
From Ms. Terri Emezi (Vice-Chair, UWA Children*s Center Committee) UNN. ''Edem, Edem; is this how you will leave us? Looking at you, those who didn*t know better would be deceived into thinking you were a quiet person. Not so. You enjoyed joking and living life to the fullest as much as we all did. Vaya con Dios, Edem!''
Posted by Aka Obasi on 14th August 2013
At times like this words are never enough to express your feelings. The memories w have bring joy that we knew you and sadness that you are gone. Rest peacefully in the arms of our Lord till we meet again.

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