A dear Friend

Shared by Patrick Okolo on June 23, 2017

Riding on a train today, I thought about my oldest core of friends. I had not kept up with one of them- the brightest and most vocal of my childhood friends. A google search started with the hope of sending a much belated goodwill message brought me to this page.

Eke sie- how sad for me that I never reached out to say hello, never had the pleasure of meeting your family. Now you at peace with God.

You were special! Even as a young child, you stood out with kindness, confidence and those bright eyes. I close my mind's eye and I remember our childhood like it was yesterday. You were special and I know God will grant you eternal rest. May your soul Rest In Peace! So terribly belated - Biko accept my deepest and most profound sympathy.

Elesie The Mighty Woman Of God

Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014


But the path of the righteous is like the shining light

That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. Prov. 4:18


Elesie, the woman on a mission filled and refilled with passion for the Lord and the word of God. She was filled with ever ready excitement to share revelations of power in the word of God and the testimonies of the goodness and faithfulness of God. She was the evangelist faithfully passing on daily meditations.

We watched the scroll of the Lord unfold before us displaying the Advance Warrior Mission life of Elesie. She held on the right hand of the LORD all throughout. She stayed passionate even in a desert place. We watched her emerge from the wilderness with a contagious smile again and again and we thanked God with her.

We gripped our seats and held our breath when the storm swept her under the waters.  The calm looking waters stared back at us. Then Elesie would emerge still praising the LORD and filled with His testimonies. It was like watching the covenant of the LORD with day and night. The night rolls off and the light rolls in. Blessed be our God.

We watched her molded and refined in her walk with the LORD her God. In Elesie we saw a journey with the Lord carrying the cross humbly and firmly, through fiery and slippery terrain. We were often perplexed.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31

Because death and sin were defeated on the cross at Calvary, as she strode boldly carrying her cross she paraded her victory over death in every step. Faith and 

strength manifested in Elesie when she was stretched. Joy bubbled to the surface just when it felt like she is sunk. For the walk with her cross she drew down anointing wherever she went and ministered.

Elesie walked pleasing the Lord and ignored distractions of well meaning words and counsel. She fixed her eyes on Jesus for the joy set before her and did not lose heart. We watched her but did not know her and her identity as only her Lord and Master Jesus does. Our expectation was different from the way of her Lord.

Elesie, life of a powerful testimony to the glory of the Lord, has joined the great cloud of witnesses, with her broad smile, to watch and cheer us on to throw off what hinders perseverance in the race marked out for us. When weary let us fix our eyes on Jesus like Elesie did.

Elesie, you have fought the good fight of faith, enter the glory for the crown.

Yes, Elesie we will remember you with prayers on our lips and recall your loud rendition of Hallelujahs….

Renee, please bless the Lord everyday for the rock from which you were hewn; the rock for a great purpose and legacy of the Lord, Elesie.

Elesie, we saw in you a well orchestrated journey of a warrior woman of the Lord, a soldier in the forward advance regiment of the Kingdom. We celebrate your life lived and accomplished in the Lord. We celebrate the victory of the cross. We celebrate the Lord who blessed us with you. We celebrate the life that shines brighter into a perfect day…

Be Thou my vision o Lord of my heart,

Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art-

Thou my best thought, by day or by night,

Walking or sleeping, Thy presence my light…

High King of heaven, after victory won, Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all…

Aunty Willy (Prof Wilhelmina Kalu)

Tribute To My Sister

Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014

Death comes. It comes to each family each person and is a part of the cycle. We expect it when our family members are old and infirm and have lived many decades. We know that one day our time will come. It takes much soul searching to accept it when death comes totally unexpected.   Elesie, I can’t believe that you are gone. It grieves my heart that you left without saying goodbye. Though I grieve and mourn every day, one thing that gladdens my heart is that you have gone to be with the Lord. Sleep on Elesie my beloved till we meet to part no more on the resurrection day. I will forever miss you.       

Mrs Nnenna Agwu Abai Otah.

Tribute to Aunty Elesie

Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014

Aunt Elesie passed away, on January, but her spirit lives on. I’m honoured to represent my family to give remarks about my aunt Elesie.

I told  My Mummy that I could reflect effectively on Aunt Elesie in 2 minutes, and she assured me that those two minutes do not apply to me, so I’m going to take my liberty, and you can blame her for the extra time that I take.

Actually, there is no amount of time I could be allotted that would be ample to do justice to who my aunt was and what she instilled in my life—in the lives of so many—but to my life in particular. I’m convinced that whatever I am, whatever I am to become, I owe to those who have left an imprint on my life: my parents, yes, who gave me life; my Aunt Elesie, too, who enriched that life, She was  refined strong Christian   , and one might even say, defined, her live life a success.. And she never say no when she is asked to do something in the church. That, too, was God’s will. For so many reasons, and in so many ways, Aunt Elesie left an indelible mark upon my life. 

Her impact for me was unique in that it spanned some of the most vital years in my development—beginning prior to and into my formative years. She shaped my values, solidifying a faith in Christ that would not be shaken. She is respectable person, very likeable, who value of an education, and to work hard and I got to see the fruit that hard work yields. 

She took care of a house like no one else could, she was a gracious hostess, she was phenomenal.   But the truth of the matter is what the Bible teaches us that a man's life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses. And as much as Aunt Elesie enjoyed her share of things, she understood what really mattered. Now, she was not perfect, But she also possessed something that is so unique and sadly, it’s growing increasingly unique: She had a servant’s heart. Hers was a life of true sacrifice. God is God, and He knows how to get things done, but one thing I’ve learned in this life is that God uses people, and He used her. 

 I thank God for the opportunity. Some people don’t get that opportunity. It is something I will always cherish, and I knew God had a plan and He worked it as only He can. I can’t say I understand it all, because I don’t, but I trust God.

 I thank God for the opportunity. Some people don’t get that opportunity. It is something I will always cherish, and I knew God had a plan and He worked it as only He can. I can’t say I understand it all, because I don’t, but I trust God.

 Aunt Elesie’s life was miracle after miracle after miracle, and I thank God for every moment of this past year where He  steadily strengthening her, and sustaining her, and still using her! He is a miracle working God!

Aunt Elesie may have departed this life, but her legacy lives on. It lives on in the lives of so many, and it lives on in me. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the servant’s heart that she had, but even if I possess a modicum of that servant’s heart she carried throughout her life, I will be a much better person—and even then it won’t be because of anything I could ever have been on my own. It’ll be because of the grace of God, and because of those who have poured into my life—and among the most prominent of those individuals is my aunt, Elesie.

Mary Chijioke Abosi


Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014

Being the last of seven Mohicans, I always longed for a baby sister …… to love and protect. I would often ask my mom to please go to the hospital (Akahaba) and bring home a baby sister. When Elesie was born and my mom took me to go see her, I felt my mom finally gave me a baby sister, but did not understand why she did not bring her home with us. Nevertheless, in my mind, I now had a baby sister, and was obviously excited whenever we would go see baby Elesie. When I was older and realized she was named after my mom, the bond got even stronger …. she was not only my baby sister, but also my mom’s name-sake. 

When Elesie went to the University to study Food Science and Technology, I felt the bond had gotten even stronger. I had gone though the same program in the University. And when Elesie came to do her Industrial Training at the Biscuit Plant at Aba, where I was the Production Executive, I was overwhelmed. Elesie would not take advantage of the relationship between us. Out of the several IT students from various universities, Elesie was always the first one to come to work, most times on the factory floor between 7:30 and 7:45 am instead of 8:00. And she would stay till the end of the day, every day, and never called in with phony excuses. Employees in every section of the floor loved her, and voted her the bestIT student of the year.

When Elesie (Elesieuwa)) lived in Connecticut, we were always in touch. She always addressed me as “ Nwa m Chinobi “, and she was “ Mommy m Elesie “. Time Out ……….  Sorry about that !   I could not help but well up and sob, knowing I would never hear “ Nwa m Chinobi “ again.

When Elesie moved to Montgomery AL, I was excited because she was only within less than three hours of driving. Often times, she, her husband and her beautiful daughter would come to Atlanta GA. On an earlier occasion, she introduced me to her daughter as “my son Chinobi “. Renee looked bewildered, but smiled. In her mind, I believe she was saying, “you never told me I had a brother”.

On December 1st 2013, Aunty Kalaria, Effiem, five weeks old Uba and I were on our way to pay a surprise visit. Less than forty miles to Montgomery, we had a burst tire on a busy expressway. God took control as the car could easily have somersaulted. I called Elesie and told her what happened. She said she was goingto pray, and that God would send people to help us. I looked up and saw we were only about fifty yards from a Rest Area. We managed to get to the Rest Area. The lady working at the counter left what she was doing, came to see the damage, then  called the Alabama DOT worker in the area. He came over immediately and did all the work. Mommy m Elesie was a prayer warrior.

Elesie was unquestionably a woman of God, an Elder in the Church. She always saw the good in everyone she met, and you would not leave her house on an empty stomach. For twenty years, I did not eat  I did not eat ‘Ooto’ (water yam porridge with dried fish) until at Elesie’s house. And she made sure I had some to take home.

Elesie will be terribly missed. The warm smile, the ever encouraging words, the on-the-spot prayer sessions. She was always at peace. She touched many lives with her steadfastness and purity of mind.

We will not question the Lord for whisking Elesie from us. Our solace is in knowing that Elesie had a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and that she is now resting in the bosom of our Savior. She will always be in our hearts. She definitely will be on my mind till last breath. And until then, I already know I will well up and sob, sometimes cry and shed lots of tears when I remember she is no more on the other end of the phone line to say ‘Nwa m Chinobi’ 
Chinobi Otisi 


Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014
Death is God’s unchangeable ascription and gift unto mankind. It is irrevocable appointment unto man, the arrival of death may appear sudden, but it had long been coming as every mortal is waiting his own approved date of death. Elesia’s death does not signify the end of her life but a new beginning only to face the judgment throne of God (Heb 9:27). The good and holy life Elesia lived, we have no fear about her on the day of resurrection (1Cor. 15:54-57). She has just translated to immortality waiting for her heavenly garments to join the saints in praise. Elesia has died the death of the righteous, her last will end like that of Jacob. “The  descendants of Israel are like dust, there are too many of them to be counted. Let me end my days like one of God’s people; let me die in peace like the righteous (Numbers 23:10). Elesiauwa sleep well till the breaking of that glorious morning when we will meet to part no more. We all love you but God loves you more. Rest in peace my sister. From Evang. & Mrs. Okoro Onyekere


Shared by Chinyere Emole on February 11, 2014



On that fateful day in the month of March 1998 in New Haven, Connecticut when we received the initial news of the diagnosis, our family life would change forever. It was the beginning of a long and arduous battle against an enemy that was unpredictable. Our daughter Renee was barely one year and three months old, and she too was caught up in the suddenness of the circumstance that befell us. Amid the uncertainty intertwined with moments of encouragement and somberness you remained very resolute and strong but never abandoning the concern and care of your family. Despite the initial prognosis, you battled the sickness from Connecticut to Kansas and to Alabama as the family made professional adjustments over the years. All throughout this ordeal, I can say that I know of no one who has gone through so much physical pain and so many traumas, but yet you remained resolute and cheerful and above all courageous. Despite all odds, you fought the sickness to a standstill with your family beside you each step of the way. And you persevered.

Your uncommon faith and testament to the Grace of God made you a willing servant of the Scriptures on whom others relied upon for inspiration and hope. You reached out to your friends far and near, to all members of your family and to strangers alike with such high spirits and confidence that no one could doubt that the battle has been won. You continued to do everything that needed to be done to keep the house and family in order and to raise our daughter Renee. Yet, you remained very courageous and gave us hope each step of the way. Over the years, despite all the trials and tribulations, despite the physical and collective pain, the stress and uncertainty, and the ups and downs as a result of the sickness, we retained abiding love and appreciation for each other and for the future of our family.  As we have discussed several times, we were simply made for each other and one could not have been without the other. By your absence, an unrelenting sense of emptiness has set in.

I have tried to make sense of the suddenness in which you departed but it has remained difficult. I have tried to ask many questions as to why us? Why me? I have thought about what would have been. And I wonder what else could we have done? But the stark reality is that no matter how I try to rationalize it, no matter the extent of self-denial, a great tragedy has happened to us. A sunshine has been prematurely quenched and the foundation of our family has been broken. Elesie Ukanwa Precious Ndukwe Kalu, The Irreplaceable. I will always be your husband, Forever.

Kalu Ndukwe Kalu.


Tribute from Renee

Shared by Renee Kalu on February 10, 2014

Dear Mom,

            I still cannot believe that you are gone. It seems like only yesterday you were right by my side, and we were talking for hours on end. You made such an impact in my life and gave me advice that I will never forget. Your words are ingrained in my heart and I will cherish them forever.

I remember how you raised me to love and fear the LORD. You always taught me to start every morning and end each day with prayer. In Connecticut, you bought me my first study Bible for children, and I still use it today. Mom, you always made sure I had a strong relationship with GOD and told me to commit everything I needed to Him. You were also very strong in the LORD. Whenever you weren't caring for me or encouraging others, you were praying to our Heavenly Father. I have always admired your relationship with God, and your deep friendship with Him reassures me that you are with Him at this very moment.

In 2 Corinthians 9:7, God says he "loves a cheerful giver." Mom, you always gave to others willingly. I always remember you giving out clothes you had not even worn to others. Even if the items were expensive, it did not matter to you. However, GOD rewarded and blessed you back immensely. You bought countless items for your friends without expecting anything in return. By your actions, you taught me to always give freely to others.

Mom, you were an excellent cook, and loved cooking. Every day I looked forward to what you were going to cook. You wrote a cookbook of all your favorite recipes from growing up and new recipes you learned over the years. When I was little, you would make me Very Berry Pizza, Santa Fe Salad, Ambrosia Salad, Bread Pudding, Rice Pudding, Banana Fritters, and countless many other recipes. You also taught me how to cook Nigerian food such as Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Okro Soup, Ogbono Soup, Okazi Soup, Egusi Soup, Moi-Moi, and Chin-Chin. I am glad that you told me all the hints and tips to great cooking.

You always made sure that I had something to do over the summer. You would go swimming with me or we would go to the library. Also, I would ride my bike while you walked beside me. We also went to the movies and the mall. You always made sure that I enjoyed myself and had fun.

Mom, you sacrificed so much to make sure that I was happy and well taken care of. You made sure that I had all the supplies I needed for school. Also, you would rather make sure I had new clothes before you bought your own clothes. You gave up so many opportunities to make sure I grew up well-trained. Also, you showed so much interest in what I learned and accomplished. I would tell you about what we were reading in English class or the interesting history fact I learned.

I would also show you any artwork that I made. Anything that I told you about school, you kept wanting me to tell you more. You encouraged me to be the best that I can be and told me to always strive to be a great student. You were also very proud of me, and you made sure to let everyone know of all my achievements. You always made an effort to attend all of my award ceremonies and my induction ceremonies into honor societies. You never stopped believing or caring about me, and I want you to know that your encouraging words are still pushing me to achieve. You were always there when I needed someone to talk to, and you always listened to me. You gave me so much advice on every aspect of life. Whether it was on friendships, how to take care of yourself, career choices, or organization methods, you made sure I knew every bit of it. You also told me to always be myself and no one else. Also, you cherished the gifts I made you. You always loved my homemade cards I made you for your birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas. You loved anything I made you more than store-bought cards and gifts because you loved that it came from my heart.

I thank GOD for giving me such an outstanding, selfless woman as a mother. I am glad that he allowed you to see me grow up to be a strong, determined, and independent young lady. Being such a kind, generous woman, it does not surprise me that GOD wanted you by His side. You are a remarkable jewel that will continue to shine in my heart forever. Even though you are not here physically, I can feel you everywhere I go. I know you are watching over me, and you are with me concerning every step that I take. I am happy that you are in heaven with GOD and free from suffering and pain. Mom, I miss and love you so much but take care and be at peace.


Remain Blessed,

Renee Kalu    

Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 9, 2014


The sound of weeping and wailing was heard across the land.  In Alabama, Arizona, California, Chicago, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland (DC, PA, VA,), Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Canada.  It is the voice of Nd’Inyom Abiriba weeping for one of their own and beloved ACIU-NA Women’s Secretary, Elder (Mrs.) Elesie Ukanwa Precious Kalu (Nee Echeme Emole).  The one who spent hours calling Nd’Inyom Abiriba in North America and urging them to call into meetings.  The one who made them feel their participation in meetings matters.    The one who firmly believed in the principle of personal touch.  Who else can take on this personal touch ministry? 

 We remember today Elder Elesie Kalu’s meritorious service to the Abiriba community.  She graciously accepted when I was inspired to ask her to serve as the ACIU-NA Women’s Secretary in 2011.  She served in various committees of ACIU-NA Women including the Revival Committee, the prayer alter of God.  She loyally served a full term and encouraged us, with many others, to embark on the second term despite the odds based on her faith in God through Jesus Christ that we still had work to do in our community.  

 Regarding the modest contribution the ACIU-NA Women have made in the improvement of Abiriba, Elder Kalu wrote, “To God be the Glory and He will continue to increase His work in our midst in Jesus name.  Amen.”  Through wisdom and godly insight, Elder Kalu counseled in April 2011, even before assuming the post of our ACIU-NA Women’s Secretary later that year, that the Lord was leading her that for the conference meetings' attendance to increase and be fruitful, there had to be greater oneness, communication and love between us.  How this admonition holds true even today.   We will sorely miss our beloved sister but take solace in the fact that she is finally relieved of all earthly pains, toils, sorrow and her gentle soul rests peacefully in the bosom of God Almighty until the coming of our Lord.  The same God who will surely comfort and take care of her surviving loved ones.  Let us honour her by continuing to call into meetings and effectively playing our part in the development of the Abiriba Kingdom.  


Lady Felicia Otisi Omoji

Director of Women Affairs


Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 7, 2014


        Elder (Mrs.) Elesie Ukanwa Precious Kalu, is it true you have gone??? You were very brave and courageous in every circumstance you found yourself.  You have now gone to a place where there is no sickness, hatred, mistreatment or oppression.

My dear daughter, rest in peace in the bosom of our God whom you loved very dearly. I love you very much. We shall meet again in Jesus Name, Amen.


Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 7, 2014


         Elesie was the fifth child of Nneji and Echeme Emole. She was born on 27th July, 1966. This was a year before the Nigerian Civil War, which started on 6th July 1967 with mobilization of the Nigerian Federal Army. A ‘WAR CHILD’ who had the blood of a fighter and a height suitable for the Military. Elesieuwa your perspective of the world. ‘Elele - Mama’ her family pet name, had a lot in common with our Mum. She had Nneji Emole’s Stamina, Blunt- not mincing words, Abhorred Injustice, Reprimanded Unruly Behaviour, Generous, Warm, Culinary Skills, Sassy - Fashion Taste, Selfless Service, Mum’s Long and Silky Hair, Elesie was a replica of our Mum in our parents engagement photograph, our parents Humility, Intelligence and Integrity – the list is endless that was Elesie’s World. Precious was the authentic last born of  the Echeme Emole family for five years before I came into the picture. Our parents and siblings recognised that fact. She accommodated me. We shared the last born position.              

          Elele - Mama being my immediate elder, we had a Sister-Daughter-Teacher-Student relationship. She was a capable hand in my formative years.  She taught me the nitty-gritty involved in domestic chores, adolescent lectures, how to be responsible and take decisions with little or no supervision. She was a very strict teacher; admonished me when I default. Elesie had a very high intelligence quotient and her computer brain worked in Gigabytes. She could accomplish numerous tasks simultaneously including the domestic chores assigned to us which I usually evaded. Elesie organised my childhood birthdays with Uche. She took me to boarding school; and visiting days she was there. Elele - Mama the best chef in the world. If you never tasted her cuisine – APOLOGIES! She had express knowledge of numerous recipes of both African and Continental Dishes. Her huge appetite was amazing!                 

           Elesie was an extrovert; the most social in the Echeme Emole Family. I use to tease her that she had over a million friends. She added more to the numerical strength daily till her demise as she came across people in life. She valued relationships irrespective of social status. I bonded with some of her friends whom I regard as sisters.  By God’s Grace; identified as Elesie’s younger sister has opened doors of favour. Elesie had senior friends, who were much older but her maturity and spiritual wisdom endeared them to her. Chijioke’s wife - Nne was Elesie’s childhood friend and destiny brought them together as Sister-In-Laws.                                                                                                    
            She had a sense of humour. Chijioke and Elesie introduced the Echeme Emole Family tradition of pulling chubby cheeks of infants. She gave me the pet name ‘Beefy’ because of my chubby cheeks as an infant while Chijioke included ‘Anu’ the traditional version. Elesie loved children. She communicated with her nieces and nephews especially on their birthdays. As far as she was concerned Echeme Chijioke Emole – she proudly referred to as  ‘Chief Echeme Emole’ whenever they communicated; Echeme Emole Junior always responded with a resounding laughter. God gave her Renee and she trained her daughter into a God-Fearing Lady. I commended Elesie for my niece courteous behaviour. Renee the French Lady, with Abiriba Roots is intelligent like her Mum.             

            Precious was an adviser, consultant, confidant, counsellor, to my Mum, siblings and friends. She would tell you the whole truth with spiritual wisdom. Her friends’ spouses held Elesie in high esteem; because every wise man would want his wife to associate with women of noble character a rare quality they found in Elesie. A Prayer Warrior, Intercessor  and Evangelist who led a lot of souls to Christ. A candle in the wind. She drank Tylenol for another patient’s headache and pains! A voice of reasoning in the family, church and society. She had a male character but God created her with a female anatomy.

             In 1998, health issues took a toll on Elesie. The brave fighter fought till the end! Pulling through after each procedure. A lot of patients would not survive the first session of a procedure. I salute you sister, for your courage all inspired by God. Whenever I prayed for my sister, I always heard God saying to me; Do I know why he is still keeping her alive?  We spoke on New Year Day the clarity in her voice; our conversations did not suggest that was our last communication. When she passed on 9th January, 2014 – Ure’s Birthday; I remembered this church hymn ‘God Moves in a Mysterious Way, his Wonders to Perform’. This was one of our Dad’s favourite hymn.

             We are celebrating Elesie’s Transition to Glory which occurred in January, 2014.  Like St. Paul said, you have fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. Go on sister, you are ready to receive the crown of righteousness, laid up for you by our Lord, the righteous Judge, on that Day. All that you taught me are embedded in my heart. God will surely take care of your daughter. Renee - my niece, daughter and friend welcome to Echeme Emole family where undiluted Agape Love is practiced and Jesus is Lord!  ELESIEUWA, MAY YOUR PEACEFUL SOUL - REST ETERNALLY IN HEAVEN – AMEN!                                     

By (‘Beefy’) Ngozi  Echeme  Emole.                        

Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 6, 2014


Elesie, the pain of your demise remains ever fresh.

I fondly remember pulling your cheeks last December and hearing you chuckle!

I remember feeding you and stroking your hands, during your treatment, until you dosed off....

I will always cherish the countless hours we spent on the phone; talking, laughing, crying and praying.

I have lost a dear friend and sister.

It hurts so bad...

The comfort I have is the knowledge that you rest in the bosom of He who loved you more than any one else.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Rest well O daughter of Zion.

Rest well, my love.

 Effiem Jackson Abbah (nee Uba Obasi)


Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 6, 2014

Tribute to Aunty Elesie Precious Kalu

Aunty Precious, the news of your death came as a shock to me, as I spoke to you on New Year’s Day. The sadness still comes along once in a while, but the joy in the memories I have of you is so dear that it gently pushes aside the sadness.

You were such an amazing aunt. You remembered every birthday, celebrated every major life event with me and encouraged me at every opportunity. You helped me realise that my spiritual growth is of the utmost importance. You taught me how to be confident in my abilities, and still be humble. I am grateful to God for the impact you made in my life, and I will forever remember everything you taught me.

You were one of the strongest women I know, and you fought courageously through life. Your life was an evidence of God’s miracle, and with every passing day, I thank Him that I was close to you before your demise. I believe that you will be saying:

“I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course.

 I have kept the faith; Henceforth,

there is laid up for me a crown for righteousness,

which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, shall give me at that day;

and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing."

II Timothy 4: 7-8

Continue to rest in perfect peace, Aunty. We miss you.

With love,

Your niece,

Ifeanyi Otisi (Miss)

Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 5, 2014

Tribute to My Sister, Elder Mrs. Elesie Ukanwa Precious Ndukwe Kalu


I still cannot believe that my sister, Elesie, has gone on to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It does not feel right. It just seems like yesterday when I got the devastating news that my sister had passed away. Elesie was only 47 years old and had so much life left to live. I have tried to make sense of this loss and all I can come up with is that God’s will has been done. Elesie had an unshakeable faith in God and believed that God has the best plan for everyone. Even though the pain of losing her is indescribable, I hope that everyone can focus on what she taught us. I choose to focus on my fond memories of her and the lessons learned from her remarkable life. Two lessons stand out to me: absolute belief in prayers and love for people.

Precious, as we fondly called her, was more than my sister; she was my prayer warrior and intercessor. Even though she was younger than me, she had wisdom beyond her years and an entrenched faith in God. Precious prayed without ceasing and not just for herself. She was more concerned for her family and friends. She even had special days that she focused on praying for specific people. Precious rejoiced for other people’s healing even as she continued to believe God for hers. She was never bitter but believed that everything that happened in her life was part of God’s divine plan. Her life is a testimony to the power of faith in God. I wish I could say I understand the fact that she is gone. I do not. However, I choose to trust God.

My sister loved life and people. She cared very much for her friends and family and would do anything to help them. Precious was one of the most loving and caring people that I have ever met. She always had a smile on her face, and cared more about uplifting her family than the pains of her illness. I loved her positive, and fun-loving attitude. She focused on bringing others joy. Elesie loved to have people around her. She loved to cook and entertain people. Precious never forgot a birthday. She knew and remembered to call every niece and nephew on their birthdays. I remember the only Christmas I called her first to wish her a Merry Christmas. She refused to continue with the conversation and reminded me that she was younger and should have called me first. She hung up and called back a few minutes later. Precious expressed the same sentiments when I called her on my birthday before she had a chance to call me. Elesie loved to talk to people. I often wondered how she could talk that long on the phone, but that quality meant that she never left anything unsaid. Her love and compassion for people is worthy of emulation.

Elesie, Precious, Elele Mama, your life was short but you left a mark and a void that cannot be filled. You will never be forgotten. Rest lovingly in the hands of the Lord.


O death, where is your victory?

O death, where is your sting?"

1 Corinthians 15:54-55.

Mrs. Uche Olejuru Uchendu

Shared by Uche Uchendu on February 5, 2014




Elesieuwa !!! I could not begin to write this tribute for so long because I just did not know what to write.


        You lived with me in Aba when you were working in Seven Up Bottling Co. Plc., posted to Aba. We worshipped together at Living Waters Chapel of the Living Word Ministries. You got born again and became deeply committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. While I later returned to the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, upon a divine call to service, you remained very active in the Living Word Ministries. Spiritually, we stood together, on firm ground.

        I was led to call Elesie’s good friend and Sister Lillian Akwuba a few days ago to find out what exactly transpired before her departure. I had called Lillian immediately after Elesie called me from hospital on January 8, 2014. Lillian told me that as soon as she came in to see Elesie, she first wondered how Lillian knew she was in hospital. Then she asked Lillian to pray that the will of God will be done. Lillian confessed that Elesie had never before asked for such agreement in prayer.  Rather that whenever she had any challenge that took her into hospital, she would agree and pray with Lillian that she would soon be discharged and strong again. Lillian shared a couple of other things with me. I have processed all this information and I think I understand why the Lord had me call Lillian on this account.

Elesie, you accepted the perfect will of God for you at this time – to come home and rest. God had graciously honoured our prayers all these years and miraculously kept you. But when you asked that His will be done, you accepted that will, whatever it maybe; and in this case, it was to come home and rest. 

While we are mourning the loss of our friend,

others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.

John Taylor


        The will of God! What can I say? I am grieving, I am hurting. No matter the façade of strength, I am broken inside. I keep wondering – what about your dreams and the revelations that you shared with me? What about the ministry that God gave you? Had you accomplished it? To my mind, there should have been another fitting end to the story of your life. Rev. Don Odunze Jnr said to me that there is victory even in death.   Hmmm! The will of God! I cannot pretend to understand but I yield to it.

Elesie, you were not just my younger sister. You were my confidante, my prayer partner, my cheer leader, my friend. Fashionista in your days! A great cook! You were very caring, giving and deeply appreciative of every little gesture. You loved your family as dearly as we loved you. You prayed for us daily. Even in your final hours, according to Lillian, you remembered ALL of us by name. May God continue to raise intercessors for us, with a burden powered by love.

To live in hearts we leave behind

Is not to die.

Thomas Campbell

        Elesie, you will always be alive in our hearts. Thank God for your legacy – one of love, courage, strength, unflinching faith in God; and submission to His perfect will.  I am strengthened by your faith and blessed by the knowledge that you are at peaceful rest. Thank God for your dearest daughter Renee! A constant reminder that you live!

Sleep on Beloved, sleep on and take your rest!

Lay down your head on your Saviour’s breast.

We loved you well but Jesus loved you best,

Sleep on, sleep on, sleep on!


Your sister,


Adieu Dearest Sister

Shared by Chinyere Emole on January 26, 2014


How does one eulogize Elesie?  How does one present a snap shot of her life in a few sentences? Elesie was a fighter who persevered and excelled in all she did academically, career-wise and in other ways. She never gave up till she got results. As a devoted and passionate Christian who always sought to glorify God first and foremost, she diligently bore her cross daily with dignity and class, never complaining. She never once questioned her destiny or asked the question “Why me?”

Growing up in the same household with her, Elesie made her presence known. She wasn’t about to be relegated to the background. She loved her food and was an excellent cook. She was one of the fastest readers I’ve ever known. Elesie could read a good sized book in an hour or less! I still see her hunched over, reading. She was a great dancer and was once featured on a local Television Children’s Show as part of a performing dance troupe from her Elementary School. 

Elesie planted a pear tree at the Bank Avenue family home in Enugu which was named 'Ube Elesie' . This acronym remains to date. Papa had even commented on the name.

Every morning Elesie always made sure she color coordinated her clothing and carefully applied makeup. She wouldn't leave the house without carefully primping and preening herself to her satisfaction and it didn't matter if she was running late for an appointment. Her doctors were always fascinated with her vibrant nail polish colors which she diligently changed every single week without fail!

Elesie was a people person who delighted in praying for and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord. She prayed ever so fervently for me and my son Sam. She made sure to keep in touch and regularly checked on those she hadn’t heard from in a while. It didn't matter to her if her calls were not returned. Elesie was genuinely concerned for peoples welfares.

Elesie stood out from the crowd and made her mark wherever she found herself. Everyone knew her or knew of her. She socialized with anyone who crossed her path! She always greeted everyone by name and with a smile! She never forgot a face or a name!

Though her life on earth was brief, she left an indelible impression. She was a very rare gem, one of a kind, one difficult to forget. She meant so much to so many people in different ways. Though older I learnt a lot from her. She fought the battle long and hard. She ran the race with all her might. 

Adieu dearest sister. We appreciate your strength of character and purpose, eagerness to keep the peace, willingness to assist and love for everyone. You not only shared God’s love but also lived it. The vacuum you have left in our lives cannot be filled. We love you and will always love you. God’s love for you supercedes. We take solace knowing you are resting peacefully with our God in heaven.


Adieu Precious.


Chinyere Urenna Emole

An elegant childhood friend Elesieuwanma

Shared by Chioma Mang on January 25, 2014

I received the news of Elesie's depature with pain but was consoled with the knowlrdge that Elesie is with the Lord as she was a formidable christian. I recall the friendship of very young Abiriba girls - Nkechi Ezikpe (nee Uche), Jane Ndafia, Nnenna Emole (nee Nnanna Kalu), Chinyere Zigi (Uche) and myself Chioma Mang (nee Eleanya Onuma).Another mutual childhood friend is Ogbonne Stanley Okafor (nee Edu). My last physical recollection of Elesie was in Lagos while she was pursuing her Visa to join her husband in US. We were both staying with Nkechi Uche in her room at her elder sisters apartment, Aunty Ndy Uche. Elesie then worshipped with Four Square and was fervent in her christian belief. The news of her health challenge was broken to me by Elesie herself and she assured me that she was under the annointing of the Almigthy God. Her faith sustained her all through the period of her illness up till death.My only regret is that we never united in person after many years except on phone. Elesie, you were a sweet soul and filled with words of wisdom even as a young girl. I still have the beautiful picture of your daughter, you sent to me in what I called 'sailor's outfit'. Elesieuwanma, (as you told me your beloved Dad called you)You came to this world an angel and you are departing an ANGEL. We will miss you but are consoled knowing you are resting with your Creator. Rest in Peace dear friend until we meet again.

To the wonderful family, she left behind especially Mama and Renee, your pain is our pain. Be consoled by the sweet memories she left behind and her sheer strength and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is well!

Chioma Mang (nee Eleanya Onuma) 

Shared by Helga Nosiri on January 22, 2014
Elesie,I will miss you forever.I will never forget the day your father died.You see,we were like. 2 peas in a pod in Nsukka.Everybody that knew me,knew you too.We went everywhere together,ate together and studied together.We walked to classes together and would seperate at the front of Eyo Ita,you to Food Sc and then I ll continue to Pharmacy School.Due to your empathic nature,you were already crying everyday when your dad was admitted at UNTH,so everyone in Mary Slessor,my hostel knew you,for you would come wailing to my room whenever he took a turn for the worse until he seemed to get better,not minding who was watching.The day he finally died,you came screaming to my hostel again,this time in the company of Prof Anya and late Prof Ogbu Kalu and they asked me to accompany you(with them too) to Abiriba because they could not hold you down in the car.You screamed all the way to Abiriba,totally heartbroken as I did my best to console you in the car.I also noticed that you cried more than everyone else in the family when we got to Abiriba.Never seen in my life such intense feeling for one's dad.My father,Sam Mbakwe also loved you very much and showed you a lot of affection because of your dad and your openness.I will love you forever,Elesie!.You were such a gem and one in a million!.

Tribute in Memory of Elder Mrs Elesie Ukanwa Precious Kalu

Shared by Uche Uchendu on January 21, 2014

Tribute in Memory of Elder Mrs Elesie Ukanwa Precious Kalu – nee Echeme Emole

By Chijioke Echeme Emole


I write this tribute in honor of the memory of my immediate younger sister, Elesie Ukanwa Precious Kalu – nee Echeme Emole, who passed away in the early hours of 9 January 2014.

It is with a heavy heart that I attempt to capture memories from growing up with Elesie in Enugu and spending time together in Abiriba during Christmas holidays and visiting Elesie in the United States. But I will proceed to capture these memories for posterity.

I recall playing with her at No. 1 Ogufere Street, Enugu. I recall piercing, or pretending to pierce, one or the other fingertip of mine with a pin or needle – and her shrieking in real horror that I, her dear older brother, was, apparently, injured and suffering pain. This memory encapsulates Elesie’s deeply caring attitude, not just towards me and my other sisters but also to every person she came into contact with.

I, vaguely, recall awkwardly joining her and her friends to play “ikpo oga”—a dance play normally performed by female folks on secondary school play grounds across eastern Nigeria and which involves clapping your hands and knocking your feet together in rhythmic unison, while singing “day by day, night by night … .” Because of Elesie’s broad sense of accommodation, I was admitted into this obviously female-only club.

I recall us climbing the huge frangipani tree in front of our family house in Omaghuzo, Abuo, Abiriba, and play-acting various roles.

I recall us as adults sharing and loving and caring for each other. I recall mostly Elesie being concerned about my welfare and progress, constantly praying for me, prophesying great beginnings and triumphs and endings all around. I recall Elesie even in a vulnerable state doing these things and being solely focused on others.

I recall her remarkable sense of family – a heart-warming and self-validating sense that family was the most important focus of attention: A sense of family that enveloped all members of the family with her singular interest, concern, prayers, affection, patriotism, protection, and doting. I recall her sacrificial love for her daughter, Renee, and her Agape love for her husband, Kalu.

I recall: her immense strength, rooted in the Chief Corner Stone, the Rock of Ages, Jesus; her strong and powerful presence; her courage; her doggedness; her fighting spirit; her independent streak; her individuality; her humanity; her gaiety; her unique laughter; her prevailing over various odds; her thrilling embrace of life. I recall these and say, thank you to the Almighty.

I recall Elesie’s prayer prowess, her deep spirituality, her gigantic faith that moved mountains and leveled valleys, her devotion to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, her prophetic ministry, her anointed bombardments against the gates of hell and the to-and-fro workings of the devil. I recall these with gratitude to God.

Elesie: You were gone too soon. However, we leave all things to God Almighty. He knows best. For the brief 47-year span of your life, you were a deep spiritual presence in the lives of many around the globe. We are grateful that you were a part of our family and lives -- and you will always remain with us even as you look down from heaven.

Indeed, Elesie was absolutely a tremendous spiritual presence in the family and beyond and connected many to the power and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Her labor of love and work of faith and patience of hope are indelibly written in the hearts and minds and souls of the countless number of people whose lives she touched in a significant way. We miss her immensely; however, we do not question God’s will in any manner whatsoever.

May her soul rest in perfect peace: AMEN.


Chijioke Echeme Emole

Shared by Eche-Enziga Emole on January 18, 2014
My heart is so heavy. I spoke to you a week before you passed. I missed you somuch aunty and may you rest in peace.

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