Posted by Willie Murphy on April 12, 2021
O God of endless comfort, our beloved one has left this world – receive her soul and may she rest in peace. Cloth her mortality with immortality, according to your solemn promise. We are comforted by the knowledge that she died in Christ. We will meet again, in our glorified bodies, to reign with you in glory. Our sorrow is eclipsed by joy at the bright future that awaits us as your children and your inheritance. We look forward to our eternal home in heaven. Amen.

I Love You Momma Dickinson, you mean so much to our family. A strong woman of God. You celebrated with us, shed tears with us, prayed with and for us, but most of all you blessed us with your presence.
Posted by Marian Collins on April 11, 2021
Mrs. Gloria was a sweet and kind neighbor, and she will be missed. May she rest in peace. My sincere condolences.
Posted by Frances Jackson on April 9, 2021
Gracious Lord, it is understood that your child Gloria is with you, safely in your care. Allow now, your loving kindness and peace that surpasses all understanding to undergird, sustain, comfort and strengthen those who remain and are broken-hearted. Thank you for the hope and promise of eternal life through faith in Your Son, Jesus. It is in His name this prayer is offered. Amen
To the entire Dickinson family, may God’s grace and love be with you always.
Posted by Birvid Atkins-Warner and ... on April 8, 2021
Aunt Gloria loved her family and friends very much. Her Christian spirit and love was often shown in the way she smiled at you, laughed with you, or did some kind gesture for you. She enjoyed being around others and was a joy to be around. I have known Aunt Gloria for over 4 decades and have always admired her for being such a classy, God-fearing lady. 

Our loss is Heaven's gain. Although you will no longer be with us physically, you will never leave our hearts or minds spiritually. We believe that you are truly resting now in a far better place, and we will meet up again one day. God bless you, Aunt Gloria, for being such a blessing to us and others! We will always love you! Until we meet again........
Posted by Lora Jones on April 7, 2021
I had the honor of meeting Ms Gloria when she and her husband moved in next door to me and my two young children. After a storm my dad cut down at fallen tree in their yard and she immediately brought over a pound cake. After that she would always put a flower on my patio when she planted her spring flowers, I would bring her baskets of peaches and veggies from the farm, she would leave my kids a Halloween treat, and on 4th of July she would bring over a plate of her amazing ribs that me and my kids would fight over the last rib! I always told my kids that if anything ever happened to me, they should get help from Ms Gloria! I trusted her with my
Children’s lives! After I moved, her sweet son Rommell, was so kind to look over the house. My
Children and I were so grateful to know such a sweet lady. I know I will see her again one happy day!
Posted by Sharon Frazier on April 7, 2021
She was my momma Gloria. She taught me how to be a little lady at all times. She took me on my first plane ride, which was a vacation in Atlanta, even though Atlanta was only a short drive from Birmingham. When I was a little girl she made me a beautiful lavender dress but she tricked me and said it was for someone else. I will always love and cherish my memories with momma Gloria. Rest well.
Posted by Stephanie Dickinson on April 7, 2021
Man, can't believe you are gone. Last time we talked you were still hoping to come to California. I was looking forward to the visit because when I come to bham all the hospitality and love given I couldn't wait to give it back. Plus I needed the recipe for them cheese grits. Also wanted to see if you can still drive fast!!! You didn't play on that road. You are a woman of many trades with so much beauty on the outside that matches the inside. You will be missed and always thought of. Definitely wont be able to go to bham without thinking of you. Thank you for everything. Love you so much!!!
Posted by Rommell Dickinson on April 7, 2021
I call her Mom or Momma or Mother at times. Some, her own first name or a name special only to them. Whatever the name, she helped give me life and I THANK YOU, dear God.

She protected me from harm, the real kind and the harm that came in my dreams. She held me and loved me and even scolded me and I THANK YOU, dear God.

She taught me important things when I was little, and tried to teach me more as I got older... It was more difficult for her and for me then. Often I ignored her and for those times FORGIVE ME, dear God.

She was there when I needed her, and when I foolishly thought I didn't need her. She cared in ways that remind me of Your great care, dear God, and I THANK YOU.

She loved me, dear God, and my Father, and others, and taught me to do the same. THANK YOU dear God, for my Mother, bless her with my love. Bless her with Your love, dear God, now and in heaven.

And a special THANK YOU!!! Dear Mother, Momma, Mom of mine. For now and for ALWAYS, I LOVE YOU.  AMEN

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