Six Year Anniversary March 17,2017

May the loving memory of Aunt Donna be with us forever. When visiting Aunt Donna's Memorial we would greatly appreciate a written tribute and/or a memorable story. You may also leave a flower or note .
  • 52 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1959 in Houston, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on March 17, 2011 in Brookshire, Texas, United States.

    This Memorial Website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ms.Donna Blair Jackson who was born on February 2, 1959.

   Shockingly,Aunt Donna was  murdered (strangled to death ) by her newly vicious so- called husband in her own newly built  country styled home  on March 18, 2011, in Brookshire, Texas .

    In spite of the fact that she had served diligently in  The Persian Gulf War, in addition to her other duties as a Corporal of The United States Army for over 15 years,Aunt Donna was ultimately rendered disabled by The United States Army, with Honorable Discharge.

    Sadly enough at the time of her death Aunt Donna was not only  suffering from her injuries from her services in the  military , she had  just  recently spent some time in the hospital from a horrific car wreck in which her car was totaled , Sadly enough at the time of her death she was still receiving physical therapy and treatments for other underlying medical conditions. My husband and I will never  forget the wonderful time we spent with you during your doctor's appointment at  The West Houston Medical Center in January,2011. 

   We will remember her forever.She leaves to mourn three childen ,two daughters and one son  ages 22-30. 

                             Aunt Donna was Laid To Rest in:

Houston National Cemetery

10410 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX,

On March 30,2011




         Thanking You For all of Your Great Service to Our Country !

       A Salute From The Rogers Family

Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 2, 2019
Happy 60th Birthday to you my precious auntie...still soo hard to pass by your house ~ I thought it would get easier but...
Rest in Peace~Keba
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on March 18, 2018
Time has passed so quickly... 7 years and counting... Life is lonely without you my dearest aunt.... Oh to hear your laugher just one more time ~
Posted by Janice Armstrong on February 8, 2018
Hey girlfriend, Happy Birthday. I wish you were here so we could really shake a leg. I miss you.
Posted by Mary Blackwood on November 1, 2017
"Thinking of you sis everytime i look at my son Trevor's face, he reminds me of you. I miss your crazy laugh or when your telling me about what you bought for a good deal. Or little things i stumble across I think of you." You will be truly missed, but NEVER forgotten.. Until then
Posted by Janice Armstrong on September 25, 2017
Just sitting here and wanted to say hi. I miss you my friend.
Posted by Janice Armstrong on July 27, 2017
Hey girlfriend, I know it's been months since I last checked in with you, but I have retired since our last conversation. I always though that we would reach this mile stone together, how often had we talked about the trips we would take and the benches we would sit on and talk about people. These things bring a smile to my face when I think of you. I will hold these memories dear as I sit with you on that bench without you. Love Ya
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on March 17, 2017
If I had words... Missing you more today than last..
It has been 6 years since you were so briskly taken away from us...

My tears never subsided only hidden from others
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on March 17, 2017
Wishing you could come back to us...
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 3, 2017
Happy Birthday Auntie ,so hard to one here ,so hard to see your face and know you are no longer with us ! Still heavy on my heart and warm in my soul ! 2/2/17
Posted by Janice Armstrong on September 30, 2016
Hi My sister I was sitting thinking about you and a smile spread across my face. So I had to come and talk to you. You know that you could be so funny at times, and how I miss those times. I had to let you know. I miss you and loved our friendship very much.
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on May 30, 2016
A Memorial Day to remember you my dear Aunt Donna although you are not with us in the natural,I can still hear your joyful laugh and harvest your beautiful smile ....WISH YOU WERE HERE~~

YOUR NIECE Mrs Dykeba Rogers abd Family !!

Memorial Day
May 30,2016
Posted by Francine Specks on May 30, 2016
To my best friend of so many years I have truely missed you in my life . From grade school to bigh school we were always together. Even though I moved to Houston I made. It back to Brookshire just to see my BFF You were my first borns God mom an I couldn't have picked a better choice.. You will always be in my ❤. I Love you
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 2, 2016
Tears in my eyes and heaviness on my heart Your mom had finally joined the heavenly enter rouge .I am sure she is glad to see you .In the midst of the turmoil and loss if great mom,fantastic grandmother aunt,sister,and friend to so many Rest In Peace my dear grandmother ,Mrs Dorothy Jean Brandyburg, and Happy Birthday Aunt Donna still missing you waaay more than you can ever imagine Sending love from earth to heaven #loveBeyondMeasure #missingMyAuntAndGrandmother
Posted by Janice Armstrong on February 2, 2016
Happy Birthday My Love......Miss you much.
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on February 2, 2016
Happy 57th Birthday Aunt Donna, it's almost been 5 years since your passing and it still feels like yesterday, you will always have a special place in my heart and I am so very grateful to have had the chance to meet you, I love you and miss you dearly and wish I could see you again, I know that God has been and always will be taking good care of you, RIP Aunt Donna, from your niece, Rebekah. All my love.
Posted by Janice Armstrong on November 5, 2015
Happy Veteran Day, I know I'm early, but I may have a senior moment and forget. Miss you my sister. Love J
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on August 27, 2015
My dearest Aunt we spoke of you today .. The days are running into the nights// The sadness no less than yesterday . Your smile still lights up in my spirit the kind gestures and so many laughs carry me from day to day God is taking good care of us ... REST ON MY dearheart I am sure God has you in the most elite heavenly mansion there is ..
Posted by Kimberly Davis on August 27, 2015
Miss you my wonderful aunty,I still remember the last day we talked,me you and Mia,I didn't know it would be the last one we would have.I pass by your house often,just for the memories.Until we meet again,I know you are having a grand time with nana and granddaddy Mayshack.Love you always,your niece Kim.
Posted by Shelly Alexander on August 27, 2015
Words can't express how much you are missed. I've never known a more beautiful woman, inside and out. Johnathan is a daddy now!! You'd be so proud of the father he is and you'd def love Johnathan Jr. he's the spitting image of him! Rest in love Ms.Donna, I'll never forget you.
Posted by Elizabeth Burton on June 18, 2015
I still can't believe that you are not here with us! The kids have gotten so big! Jermaine is still fat, I'm taking good care of him. I miss you! More than words can show! I miss our prayer times, our wine and cheese times! You would always have it waiting for me when I came over. I learned a lot from you and pretty sure there was more for me to learn! I hate that you are not here to see all the great things happening around us! You welcomed me so openly into this family and I'm forever grateful! I love you so much and miss you more! Keep watching over us! Liz, Jermaine, Kirion, Jermaine Jr, Lyric and a little one we sneaked in..Elijah!
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on March 18, 2015
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on March 18, 2015
The years have passed. Tears we have shed , lonely nights we spent without you the time has not separated how much we still miss you on this March 18,2015 4th Anniversary .Our hearts still saddened,the joy you brought us silenced, We shall NEVER FORGET YOU Aunt Donna from earth to Heaven Your Loving Niece, Dykeba L. Rogers and Family~~~
Posted by Janice Armstrong on March 17, 2015
Happy St. Paddy day girlfriend. Love ya and miss ya
Posted by Janice Armstrong on February 10, 2015
Hello Dykeba, you do not have to thank me for this.  I loved Donna as my sister and I will always remember her and post here as long as you have this site. I miss her dearly. She was a great friend. I was there when Brandon was born and I watched as Sha and Randy grew up.  Kirk was a pain in our behinds but we loved him the same :). Couldn't get rid of him.  She and I had fun together. I am sorry that I did get to meet the rest of the family.
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 7, 2015
Thank you so much Ms Janice Armstrong. Although It has a been a difficult time , we shall never forget our Aunt Donna . The time passed away , our hearts still heavy from the days and nights that we have spent without your smile and your laughter that always filled our hearts with joy and solace .. From The Rogers family rest on my dearest aunt we shall never forget you , You are forever in our hearts ~
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 7, 2015
A belated Birthday wish filled with great memories , tears of joy and sadness , and just the though that we will see you again on the other side ~~ Heavenly Peace always ~Ỹour Niece, Dykeba L.Rogers and Family
Posted by Janice Armstrong on February 2, 2015
Hello My Sister, Just to wish you a happy birthday and to let you know that I was thinking about you. How time fly. We are getting older and more beautiful :0). I love you, talk with you soon.
Posted by Janice Armstrong on February 2, 2015
I just seen this and I wanted to come back and post this....
  Many we loved have passed away too soon.....Without reason.

   We remember them often in a thousand different ways...In the
    morning....In the night...When we look at star...A date ....A smile...
    A smell....A place...A song.. just keep them close in our hearts and
    they will live forever, when they bring that smile to our face.

   In memory of those who have left us too soon. WE LOVE YA
Posted by Janice Armstrong on November 11, 2014
Hello My Sister,  Just wanted to thank you for servicing with me. You made my experience exciting and fun. HAPPY VETERAN DAY. LOVE YOU
Posted by Janice Armstrong on August 28, 2014
Hello My Sister, I just want to tell you that I will miss you calling me for my birthday.  I know that you are with me in spirit, and that mean so much to me. I will always love you my sister.......J
Posted by Janice Armstrong on May 27, 2014
God bless you on this Memorial Day. I miss you my sister.
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on May 27, 2014
Thank You so much Ms. Janice Armstrong . It is soothing to know that someone else shares in the fond memories of my aunt, Corporal Donna Blair-Jackson . She will always rest in our hearts and her smile will forever be missed .To my Aunt Donna, we miss you more each day , another Memorial day has passed and my family and I will never forget your kindness and warm joyful spirit . Rest in peace my dear aunt rest on ...

Memorial Day May 26,2014 * ***//// ( stars and stripes for life)
From The Rogers Family May 27,2014
Posted by Janice Armstrong on April 11, 2014
I really miss you my sister, I often think of you, and I am very happy that I can come here an post my thoughts and feeling. This cite let me know that you are not forgotten and was much loved. Your sister in Alabama. I thank the family for the cite.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on April 1, 2014
Three Years has past since your smile was silenced , your joy for life ended and your compassion ceased . Oh how I wish you were still among us . The memories of you being a great aunt are still fresh in my mind . The funny moments we shared, the exciting stories you would tell of your world travel, and the many events that impacted your daily life as a military mom. You will never know how much those very memories live strong in my thoughts and in my heart. Your sweet spirit will never be forgotten , your love for family never erased and the way you made us all proud by serving your country.....priceless . My family and I shall never forget you Aunt Donna ,,, Three years and you fond memories still near to my heart . Missing you always , your niece , Mrs. Dykeba Lecole Rogers and The Entire Rogers Family 

           ****Three Year Anniversary March 18,2014****

       "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Corporal Donna Blair-Jackson"
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 2, 2014
We are so saddened that you are no longer here with us to celebrate such joyous occasion. A day that you would have had a wonderful bash with plenty of laughter and love all around you . Today is a special day that we must all commemorate. In Memory of our Aunt Donna ,HAPPY 55th Birthday , Today, February 2, 2104 your special niece,Dykeba and Husband Floyd T Rogers Sr, and Family
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on February 2, 2014
To a Wonderful Aunt , on her 55th Birthday !!

Oh how I wish you here with me,
To share this wonderful birthday
A joyous occasion you see.
To share in a very special way.

God was so merciful he gave you life
and let us borrow you for a short time ,
but when your season was finished.
God reached down and picked you from the garden vine

Many Blessing you left behind
A laugh a grin or two,
So much joy you would bring us
Thank God for letting us borrow you.

The tears still fall down my face ,
as tiny reminders we see,
Of the the great times we had when I was growing up
You were that special Aunt to me.

So rest my dear Aunt rest on ,
No sadness regrets or frowns ,
Just knowing one day we will see you again,
The day we come and get our own heavenly crown.

An Original Poem By Your Niece ,

Dykeba L Rogers
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on December 18, 2013
The Holidays are upon us, sadness setting in once again wishing you were here with us to share in all of the many blessing that God has given us . Jesus is the true reason for this season . Tis' the season to thank God for all of the many trials and tribulations he has brought us through this year . To all the bereaved families , My prayers of comfort and serenity go out to you , each and everyone of you . I know , so well , what a void fills your heart during this time of year missing your loved one more and more each day , more and more each night ... AUNT DONNA , I know that God is taking good care of you ,doesn't mean that you are not still truly missed, which you are , ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS , your eldest niece, Mrs and Dykeba Lecole Roges, husband Mr Floyd Thomas Rogers Sr. and The entire Rogers FAMILY ,,,,,keep resting in Christ
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on November 11, 2013
What a Veterans' Day to remember all of the great soldiers who have served our country . What a selfish act to lay down their lives for their great country.What a selfish act to blaze before gunfire for strangers that you will never meet. What a brave act to not only fight without ceasing, but be dedicated the the warmth and safety of our Great Country The United States of America !
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on November 11, 2013
A SALUTE OF VALOR TO ALL OF THE ARMY ,,,,, NAVY,,,,, AIRFORCE,,,,,COAST GUARDS , and MARINES ,,,,,, and to all of the Resevervist they are always on standby if we need them . May God Continue to Bless the families of the deceased :-(( and the families of the millions of past and present Military Officials who are still here with us ! HATS OFF TO ALL OF THE TRUE AMERICAN SOLDIERS
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on November 11, 2013
To My Special Aunt Donna , We all still miss you the same today as yesterday and my family and I will always remember what a wonderful aunt you were and what a wonderful soldier you were, as well . Settled in Heaven Now ,God Got You , rest in his everlasting arms ! A SPECIAL VETERANS DAY 2013 , TRIBUTE FROM YOUR NIECE ,Dykeba L Rogers , husband Floyd T Rogers Sr. and Family !
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on October 18, 2013
Just thinking of the wonderful times we had back in the days when you would come home from Germany , and of course gift in hand and smile on your face:-)) "Look what I got for you niecy " I would be so glad seeing that I was about 9 then.I will forever miss your kindness and sweet spirit ..gather around.. the angels are taking care of you now ,,,, Sweet Rest in Heaven...
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on October 18, 2013
From your niece , Dykeba L Rogers and Family  you are still sorely missed my dearest Aunt Donna
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on August 31, 2013
Such a sad weekend,GoneTooSoon.I will never forget the laughter and joy you brought to me when I was growing up I always used to be so excited when you would call and say you are coming home for a three week military leave from Germany.You never knew it I would always be so so sad when you would start packing to leave (tears)Gone But Not Forgotten,From Your Niece, Dykeba Rogers
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on May 29, 2013
Our dearest Aunt Donna , time has passed so quickly just a pause to say how very much we still miss you . I know that God is taking good care of you in his heavenly place . May the angels of the Lord continue to comfort your spirit Rest on my Dearest AUnt Rest On Your Loving Niece, Mrs Dykeba L. Rogers and The Entire Rogers Family A Memorial Day Memory May 27,2013
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on May 29, 2013
A brave soldier gone too soon . Thanks for serving our country . We are forever greatful for efforts, service , and sacrifice as a True Solider. May God Bless America  Your Loving Niece, Mrs.Dykeba L.Rogers
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on April 12, 2013
Just thinking of you ,,, Knowone knows the hurt, the emptiness ,,so sad STILL MISSING YOU l. I will never forget you Aunt Donna ,, GONE TO SOON :::-(( Your Eldest Niece and Family
Posted by Renelle Pratt on April 12, 2013
Aunt Geneva passed away on April 2, 2013 and her funeral was today April 12, 2013. Please contact Hazel Pratt at (713)633-6771.
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on April 3, 2013
What a Easter Holiday Season it has been . God has shown his grace and mercy to us once again. Continue to Rest Peacefully , Your Loving Niece , Dykeba L. Rogers and Family
Posted by Cathleen Dawson-Jackson on March 19, 2013
Another year that we must embrace the pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet her behind the veil. Love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on March 18, 2013
"It has been 2 years since you're passing but, it has not yet sunk in that you are not here. When I think of you I always see your wonderful smile. Though you are not here I always know you are here with us in spirit, lifting us up through hard times. I know you are enjoying GOD'S beautiful wonderland that is HEAVEN. We will love you forever and always. R.I.P. Aunt Donna." Rebekah R.

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