Let the memory of Ms. Katherine be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on May 29, 1953 .
  • Passed away on September 16, 2013 .

Dozier, Ms. Katherine, a resident of Smiths, AL, died Monday, September 16, 2013 at her residence.

Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2013 from New Nelius Baptist Church, Smiths, AL, Pastor Eddie L. Morgan, Eulogist, Rev. George E. Rampey, Officiant.

Interment will follow in the churchyard cemetery. Davis Memorial Mortuary of Valley directing.

Public Viewing is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18, 2013 from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Taylor Funeral Home, Phenix City, AL. The body will lie in repose at the church from 11:00 a.m. until funeral hour on September 19, 2013.

Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 22nd December 2018
Kat Dozier, oh how I miss you! During the holidays are worse than others......
Posted by Mildred Dozier on 16th September 2018
It's another year and it still seems like yesterday. I miss you Big Sis! I'm thankful to God daily for allowing you to be the big sis you were. I know God had better and greater plans for you. See you on the other side! Love Baby Sis Mia
Posted by Sherron Welch on 16th September 2018
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 16th September 2018
Wow, 5 years! It seem like yesterday. I have to remind myself so often that I wasnt taught to walk around in my feelings and be down. So I shake that sadness off my shoulder. Instead I do what I do best, I laugh it out. Shan and I sit around on Sunday and educate the girls about you and grandma. India even sit around and tell her stories. We laugh to keep from crying. I love you Kat Dozier!!!
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 18th September 2017
Kat Dozier, ooooo don't I miss you. India has grown up to be a beautiful, intelligent young girl. You would be very proud bc I am. China-Katherine is a mixture of both you and grandma. She has your courage and grandma's mouth. So you know I have my hands full with her. Just hearing her talk sometimes bring back memories. Shan and I always joke around and say you would tell me to meet you half way with India but I can keep that China-Kat. Lol Shan say she would be a hand full for you too. Around this time, I'm extremely emotional. But you didn't teach me to be selfish, even though I want to. I must believe God had a bigger plan for you in heaven than on earth. I love you mom! Always in my heart and thoughts.
Posted by Marcus McBride on 16th September 2017
Auntie Kat... Leaving a measage in your memory is surreal and beyond my comprehension, but God knows best and I trust he needed you more than I can ever understand. You are dearly missed and it is not a day that goes by that our family does not miss all that you did for us. I appreciate the many life lessons and your selfless nature throughout my life. 4 years later or 40 years later my life will never be the same. You truly deserved a garden of flowers while you were yet living, and your untimely departure made me realize the importance of giving flowers when one is yet able to enjoy their beauty as the song writer wrote... I pray one day when we meet again that I am able to give you the garden of flowers owed from me. I love you and miss you dearly... Marc
Posted by Mildred Dozier on 16th September 2017
It's been 4 years but for me it seems like yesterday. I know GOD needed His Angel so He got you. Miss you so much big sis. Love baby sia
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 20th June 2017
Kat Dozier, I am truly missing you. Thank God for allowing you to be my mother.
Posted by Shelia Quarles on 1st June 2017
"Those who are righteous will be long remembered." Psalms 112:6 Love, Aunt Elsie and Carter Dozier
Posted by Shelia Quarles on 1st June 2017
My first cousin, Kat! The most dependable person I've ever known. There NEVER was a time that I call her for help and she didn't come to the rescue. No matter what it was, Kat dropped what she was doing and was there. I could never repay her for coming for me and Carter from Birmingham and getting us home safely. Love you much Kat. Rest on Easy. You work on earth will be rewarded in Heaven!
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 29th May 2017
Normally on this day, even if I'm not near, I would sing happy birthday to you. These past 3 years have been an adjustment. Happy birthday mommy!
Posted by Mildred Dozier on 16th September 2016
Miss you Big Sister! Another year that you're in the arms of Jesus! O' what great care to be in. It seems like yesterday but I know God had a greater plan for you. I have my wonderful memories and thankful for all you taught me and helped shaped me to be. Love you and miss you but I know GOD got you!
Posted by Mildred Dozier on 29th May 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS! I miss your smile, your laughter and most of all those big sister talks we always had. I know God had greater plans for you...For He Is Always In Control! Miss you but never will I forget you..LOVE YA ALWAYS..BABY SIS MIA!
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 29th May 2016
Happy Birthday Momma! Never a day go by without me missing or thinking of you! Always in my heart, love you!~Gabrielle
Posted by Gabrielle Dozier on 16th September 2015
Why cry for a soul set free? We are supposed to miss you but not with ours heads bowed low. We are supposed to remember the love we shared, miss you but let you go. For this is a journey we all must take and each must go alone....it's all part of the Master's plan. Bury my sorrows, miss you, but let you go. Kat Dozier an amazing MOTHER.
Posted by Annie Wimberly on 26th October 2013
Our prayer is that God Blessing upon the family. Didn't really know Kat but i do know that you had one of Gods special Angel taking care of you. The Wimberly's
Posted by Mildred Dozier on 10th October 2013
My sister "Kat"..a true warrior! A woman of character who taught me so much about life. Never selfish, but self given; never a complainer, but a conqueror! I thank God for having such a sister as you! You were always there when I needed you. I miss you so much but God had a greater and better journey for you. Rest in His arms. Love you Kat.....Baby Sis Mia
Posted by LaSandra Pace-Dozier on 18th September 2013
Kat,... you were more then a sister n law, you were a friend and a real sister to me ,..when no one else was there for me and my children.You stood up ,for right!You, beat your own drums,..so keep beating!!!!!Love you sis,..LaSandra

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