MSgt William Warren /Bill Hallowell
  • 67 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 28, 1945
  • Date of passing: Dec 13, 2012
Let the memory of MSgt William be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, MSgt William Hallowell, 67, born on October 28, 1945 and passed away on December 13, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 15th December 2015

"its me your Wife now been called your Widow well I do not care about what People call me I know that I will be always your Wife. Sorry I did not make it Yesterday to our forever Home to be with you but it was raining and that place is so muddy so it was better to stay here ad the House. You are all ways on my Mined no matter what has been going on all the Years that could never be changed if you had done as the Doctors told you. Well all that is over and don with I just hope that you can rest in peace. I do not find no peace I'm to full of anger toward my self. I will  come as soon as I can"

This tribute was added by wendy hallowell on 28th October 2015

"Happy Birthday Unk.You are so sadly missed.But I am so proud of how far Aunt Christel has come.She prides her whole life in honoring you.Love you for always Wendy and Ed"

This tribute was added by Harriette Hallowell on 27th August 2015

"Bill you are missed by the entire Hallowell family. I have been speaking to some of your childhood friends they were so sorry to hear of your passing. Love and kisses."

This tribute was added by Linda Hallowell on 27th August 2015

"Hi Uncle Bill. Can't sleep again. Just sitting here thinking of how much I miss you and Rick. I hope the two of you found each other in Heaven. Please say hello to everyone from me....especially my Sweetheart. I want you to know you were, and still are, my favorite Uncle...and I Love and Miss You very much. Love You...Linda"

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 11th July 2015

"Hello my Love I know I have not been here lately bud I been ad our Foreverhome to talk to you.I was hoping it would get better over time with been with out you bud it is not so no mater what I do or not do nothing works I still feel like I did the Day you left us.Well are you proud of Amber she has been doing oustanding in School soone she will be going to Chapple Hill she is like you very deturmend just in a better way then you where."

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 5th April 2015

"Happy Easter in Heaven my Love I miss you more and more it is not getting any easier for me I dread every Day every minute the House is so big to big and ice cold with out you been there if I can sleep I still wake up ad night  then I hear you call for me but when I look it is just me in that bed so I get up looking for you but I can not find you that is when my brain starts working again and I know it is no use for me to go back to bed then I feel so made ad my self that I still can not grasp that I lost you for good I feel so useless and worthless now there is nothing left here for me I just sit here by my self 24 /7.But you know I have a little hope now that we will be back together soon then then the polyps in my seam to grow so I can not eat much and Doctor Williams did not even tell me what to do about it could be because I told her that I will not go true all the treatments my Heard is acting up now more often and Doctor Pishaodi wands me to take more and more medication well you know how much I like to take pills the do me no good any way I just wish that all this here will be over soon then I'm so very tired off it.No matter what has happened in the past and what is still to be for me I always love you and I always will be your wife"

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 14th February 2015

"Happy Valentines Day I can not forget the last Valentines Day you where a life or my Birthday that Year your Gifts you gave me are fantastic that the Memory of them like so many others just like that are deeply burned into my Soul that it hurts more then I can stand but I know I do have to live with it until my last Day comes some Memories are easy to live with then others some how I will make it.I wish I could have one more Day to be able to talk to you but I know even if it where there where a way to do so it would not happen for me but no matter what I will always love you and there will never be some one else in my Life then I never can trust any one ever again and I'm dead inside so I stay away from people.I hope you can rest in peace then you been true a lot all the pain and I wish I could have helped you more.As soon as the Weather gets better I will be coming to our forever Home"

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 2nd January 2015

"Happy New Year my Love I'm sorry I did not make it Today but I'm not  fell to well I'm having some paine latly do not worry I get it cheked out but we know that the Polyps can turn canceres any Day if it happens it will be okay with me I do not care much any more.Well but that is not all I have to tell you,your Baby Sister is getting married in June I know you do not mind if I help her out a little the just do not have much so I give them the set of Weddingbands we got in plsce of our original set I'm waring your Ring then mine has goten to smal and I will give her a little Money to help her a bit with the cost for the Food I know you wold ask me if it where okay to help out so I do it for you we both wand to see her happy for ones in her life and she is so Happy. I also will go by Train to PA to her Wedding in place of you.So my Love now you know what is going on here with us most of the People we know doing good and seam to be Happy just Linda she misses her Rick as much as I miss you he was a nice Man and he loved his Linda one could feel it just been around them his Love to her was the kindevery women dreams about I know I use to but not every ones Dreams come thru I know that to well.So I go now I will be back soone RIP my Love"

This tribute was added by wendy hallowell on 22nd December 2014

"I wish you were here for aunt Christel.Its so sad seeing her lonely...She misses you so much and would do anything to bring you back..But you cant so R.I.P Unk you are sadly missed and we are here trying to give Aunt Christel the best we can...But she is so alone and I wish for her to be happy.God bless you and rest well now..Bless"

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 21st December 2014

"My Love in 3 Days is Christmas again most People will be happy open there Gifts make happy memories. Happy I don't even know what that word means I just know hurt loneliness and I feel like no one sees me like I'm not there like I died the same time as you did some people just think of me when the want something and as soon as the have it I do not matter any more remember some years ago when I died out side you did not do as I had ask in my living will you should not have gone against my wishes I did not do that to you even so I wanted nothing more but to keep you I still did what you had ask for. Yes and now I will be alone and lonely like never before the third Christmas waiting for the 1.5.2015 to get here so Doctor Williams can mess in my insides around again she dos not talk much to me about what is going on any more the Polyps spread around that is all I know so far yes I do not feel that well any more but if it is ad people talk about death and heaven than you know what is going on with me well I know that there will be active Cancer soon then I have the same problems like my Mother use to have o my Love I f there is a Heaven then you will be there and I wish you a Marry Christmas I love you more then I can say."

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 10th November 2014

"My Love Happy Veterans Day I'm very proud to be your Wife and it will never change then our Forever has come and gone now I have to go one with out you for only that one Day how long that Day will be I don't know bud I know it will not be very long you see the polyps  growing not just in my colon anymore the spreading into other Organs where Doctor Williams can not burn them out I seen the photos she made and there are almost as many as the where in the large Colon don't be mad ad me but I will not under go all the treatments for Cancer when the Time comes I did not tell Doctor Diane that not yet but I think she knows how I feel about it 18 Years she is been taking care of me she dos not tell me much any more about what she finds  I just get tired during the checkups and she makes me come more often to see her I seen her in the past two Month 4 times and this Month again but this time I will make her talk. I know you worry about me you don't have to I'm okay with what ever will happened and when it will happened then I know the end of this very long Day I will be with you  again until then I will do what you would want me to do. I will see you tomorrow ad our forever Home I love you more then I can say"

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 28th October 2014

"Happy Birthday my Love did you like the Balloons I let fly up into the Sky well I wanted you to have a little Halloween and a little some think for your Birthday but I did not want to over do it and I hope the new flowers are okay with you I wish I could have done more. Now I'm here ad the House by my self again and miss you like before that is why I tried to stay clear of you I could do it for 7 Years but then you showed up with your AMMO Baseball Cap and I know my life would change and I would loose the control over my life I worked so hard for all the Years so I was planning on leaving the Day I still could go back to my job my Boss and his Wife where waiting for my return for the first time in my life I did not know what to do or what I wanted and that was your fold before I even ever had seen your face you had turn down the ford I had build around me and I hated my self for been so weak and now I'm back where I started so many years ago now I'm just to tired to smile for others when I feel like crying far to tired so now I'm going to slip back into that what is called life I just wish you could talk to me but no matter what I always will love you"

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 20th October 2014

"Hi my Love ich werde am Mittwoch eine Operation haben meine Galle muss endfernd werden der Arzt will versuchen es fuer mich so leicht wie moeglich fuer mich zu machen aber mir ist das alles unwichtig denn ich bin zu muede geworden nur zu existieren  ich hoffe sehr das die mich dieses mal nichtaus der Nakose holen koennen dann haette ich endlich meine Ruhe und meinen Frieden."

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 17th September 2014

"Hi my Love well I know I have not been to see you ad our forever Home but I feel closer to you  here as the House then there ad the Grave there is so many things we have never talked about and should have and that is now how you hunt me. Today I have knows for you I do not know every thing jet I have to wait until I get a call from DR. Williams she wants to talk with me about my last Test all I know so far that I have Gallstones Polyps in the Colon and that the spread into other Organs so ho knows what comes if I'm lucky I will be with you soon I'm getting so tired of the pain in my body and soul I'm always alone you see because of you I do not have Friends I never had Time for my self or to have Friends most of the time I did not even had time to sleep when I got to the house from work after 18 hours been on my feet you had a very good life I had work but you know it all right I never mattered just you and now I'm old, sick and tired.I will be back"

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 14th June 2014

"here I'm again my Love Tomorrow is Fathers Day and like always I will be the only one to come to our Foreverhome when this "One Day" ends for me I will move in with you so we can be together again then all will be in order for me we went to Hell and back you together we where scared out off our minds because we needed a new Heart for you in the last minute we got it and we where so full of hope that we have some more Years together but all you got was pain the Doctors played with your life and your medication until your body could not take it any more now I'm here with out you and full of anger then I can just remember you the way you where the last Year of your life I just hope that there is no more pain for you  were you are now.I love you for Ever and ONE Day.Happy Fathers Day"

This tribute was added by Linda Hallowell on 28th May 2014

"You were and still will  always be my FAVORITE Uncle, and my HERO. I miss you more than you can imagine. I miss hearing your voice on the phone. Aunt Christel sent some personal items of yours to me. They are displayed and I look at them and think of you every day. I will always cherish these items and our memories we made together. You would be very proud of Aunt Christel.....she is one strong woman, and I love her. Please continue to watch over all of us. I know you are watching over me, I can feel you at certain times. Say hello to my Dad and Mom, and the rest of the family for me. I know you will be there to greet me when my time comes.....till then, remember I will always Love You."

This tribute was added by wendy hallowell on 28th May 2014

"Always missed. <3 Gone but never forgotten.Love Ed&Wendy"

This tribute was added by wendy hallowell on 28th December 2013

"We all miss you unk.and the holiday was just not the same all our love Ed and Wendy"

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 19th December 2013

"My Love I lost you a Year ago and I still miss you like on the day you left me it still hurts as much and I know it will be so until I will be with you again but Today my heard hurts to for your Sister Marion then she lost her Tom this Morning and I'm afraid for her then she has that bad Heart just like you had. I will fly not drive to Philadelphia for the Funeral in your place and if I can do anything for Marion I will do it. In April I have to see Dr. Williams after that it could be that I have some news for you I know you would not like what I hope for but I made My peace with what ever will happened then I do miss you more then I can ever say."

This tribute was added by Christel VanHorn on 29th November 2013

"Thinking of you on this day of Thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving Dad."

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 28th November 2013

"Hello my Love to Day is the first Thanksgiving with out you I'm still so angry ad the Doctors because the did not take the care of you the should have and I miss you like I never mist any one in my life the Day I lost you I lost my self and  I can not find my self again you know I have to fix what is broken but I could not fix you I could not even help you. Do you know I think my Cancer could be growing I see changes with me like the were with my Mom I can not eat and if I do I'm getting pain and feel sick like hell my skin is getting dry like yours did no  matter what I do I know what you would tell me now call Dr. Williams I will do that first thing in the Morning but if I'm right she will not do anything to me I will not saver for Month just for a couple of Months there after we talked about it Years ago and you where okay with it. Tomorrow  I will come to your Grave to fix it up for Christmas one Day we will be together in that Grave but than the have to open it up again just for me and I do not know if it is right to do that it bugs me some to think about it but in the End we will be together again just the way it should be now. I love you and will be only yours for Ever and one Day."

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 11th November 2013

"My darling Husband I miss you more Day by Day with out you I'm alone and lonely and I wish you were still here with me. Today is Veterans Day and People in Face Book and Pogo thank all Veterans it is about Time that the see what you and all other Veterans did and do for them I'm so very proud of you and allways will be you are my Hero and I will love you For Ever and One Day Rest in Peace"

This tribute was added by Mary Stephens on 28th October 2013

"Happy Burthday uncle Billy I love you and miss you very much you will always be in my heart"

This tribute was added by Christel VanHorn on 28th October 2013

"Happy Birthday Dad, I'm praying for you and I hope as you look down on me that you are praying for me too."

This tribute was added by Deann Hiatt on 28th October 2013

"For your service fighting to keep our Freedom."

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 28th October 2013

"Happy 68th.Birthday my Darling as time goes by the more I miss you even do I'm glad for you  don't have no pain anymore for me it is like as if you just left me and I still do not know what to do with out you and I don't know how to go on then you are my life that is the only think what will never change I can not wait to be with you again."

This tribute was added by Mary Stephens on 23rd September 2013

"I think about you every day I love you I can't believe how much you and my dad look alike I miss you both may God bless you both"

This tribute was added by Mary Stephens on 23rd September 2013

"Still think about you every day and I think how much you look like my dad and I cry but I will always love you both and keep you with me may God bless you both"

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 12th September 2013

"Tomorrow it will be 9 Month that you are gone but I feel like it happened just now missing you hurts so much that I can not stand it. Even do you got so sick and I got angry ad m self because I could not help as much as I wanted I tried but all I could do make sure that you got every thing you needed and wanted I just wish I could have done so much more for you. RIP I all ways love you"

This tribute was added by Else Christel Hallowell on 31st August 2013

"My Darling Husband when we got married I told you it will be Forever and one Day that Forever has come far to soon now I'm waiting for that one Day then than I will be back where I belong with you and all will be the way it  has to be I miss you so very much then I'm lost with out you my Love I'm sorry for my rambling but you know I'm not to good with words but I know you understand me RIP"

This tribute was added by wendy hallowell on 1st August 2013

"Forever my hero Love you Unk."

This tribute was added by Christel Hallowell on 27th July 2013

"So Bill now your Family and Friends have a Place to visit you as often as  the like and me to Star is still looking for you as soon as I open the bedroom door she will be in there sniffing around she will be thru to you as long as she lives. Rest in Peace my Love I hope we will be together again soon."

This tribute was added by Christel VanHorn on 27th July 2013

"I remember how much Dad loved to go to historical sites and see the wonders of nature. He instilled in me a love for the outdoors that shows in my art to this day.  I also remember his for love hot spice food, hot pepper flakes on spaghetti even when it would give him the hic-ups! It would make us kids laugh every time. You are missed and loved. May God keep you in his arms always. <3"

This tribute was added by Mary Stephens on 27th July 2013

"Uncle Billy I love you and miss you very much you will always be in my heart always and forever"

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