Let the memory of Muriel be with us forever
  • 88 years old
  • Born on April 29, 1928 .
  • Passed away on March 15, 2017 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Muriel Wanderer, 88, born on April 29, 1928 and passed away on March 15, 2017. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Mindfulness Care Center on March 16, 2019
Muriel, you continue to be loved and missed!
You created a positive life for yourself and wonderful friendships the last years you were with us. You supported the building of a compassionate mindfulness community that helped many others find an inner path of healing who are so grateful to you. It's amazing how many people continue to come up to me and express how much you were admired and influenced them.
You showed all of us what is possible when someone chooses not to play small anymore in their life...but play it large!
Miss and love you and always have a smile in my heart when I think of you..:)
Your wonderful friend and cofounder of the Mindfulness Care Center.
Posted by David And Roberta Pressma... on March 15, 2019
We moved to the Towers in Dec 2015, near Muriel in Opera Plaza, and invited her for lunch or dinner many times but she was too ill to make it. We lost touch after she moved to Opera Plaza and regret not taking more steps to see her. Had we only known. We were very close to her and Bob with the General Semantics group and introduced her to Rik Center.
Posted by David And Roberta Pressma... on April 29, 2018
We miss Muriel. Also we miss Bob and the General Semantics meetings which we went to for many years. No one can take your place. You both did a great job running the club. We still think of you every time we think of our use GS. We learned so much from GS and it has made our lives better. Also we are sorry you Muriel was not able to visit us and have a meal with us at the Towers after we moved there.
Posted by Beverly Mann on April 29, 2017
Happy Birthday beautiful Muriel. I will forever remember your warmth, child-like smile, graciousness and goodness. You are always in my heart and mind. You have left your indelible caring mark. You will never be
forgotten. So the day of your birth is a celebration which placed you on this planet to touch the hearts around you.
Love you Muriel,
Posted by Joanne Kini on April 29, 2017
Happy Birthday Muriel,
  You were one of the first people I met besides Rik. Your smile and graciousness will never be forgotten.
  What a full, rich life. You are a terrific role model.
      Joanne Kini
Posted by Kim Randolph on April 29, 2017
Happy Birthday, Muriel!
Posted by Katherine Brienze on April 25, 2017
Muriel, I will miss having you in my life. We had lots of fun together especially love when you told me you had never been to a rock concert and I said "ALO is playing at the Filmore! Lets go!" I picked her up and we had a fab time. Everyone at the Filmore treated her like a VIP. She rocked out in her seat on the balcony and had a fabulous time. We stayed until the end and even stayed for the after party. Muriel was a wise and loving spirit and she is in our hearts always.
Posted by Joanne Kini on April 23, 2017
I first met Muriel about 4 yrs. ago during my first course at the Center, She was so warm and friendly whenever I saw her. I so enjoyed the photos presented of her beaming. I found myself in one of the groups.
  Make her joy and warmth spread. May she rest in peace.  What an amazing role model as the Matriarch of the Center. You are greatly missed.
          Joanne Kini
Posted by Santa Citta on April 23, 2017
hi dear muriel
~ you will always be in my heart ~ much love and gratitude for having known you.

have a safe journey and see you again!
santacitta b
Posted by Alicia Caldwell on April 21, 2017
Remembering and appreciating Muriel's modeling of transparency, authenticity, and openheartedness. Reminding all of us that growth happens at every age. I feel grateful for knowing her and for what she has shared with all of us through MCC!
With Much Love,
Posted by Margaret B-H on April 17, 2017
Muriel was the white-haired woman who greeted me at the door when I walked into the Mindfulness Care Center for the first time some years ago. I believe it was her white hair, aging face and figure, her smile and experience that told me it was a safe place with no pretensions. I sat on my cushion and watched as she arranged flowers in vases. Quietly with no need to blare, she gave the place its homey air. Her age, I sensed during the early months of knowing her, she felt she had to apologize for. That began to shift over time to an acceptance, I observed. When she came back from a New Years retreat a little over a year ago, I saw that she had begun to blossom. That blossoming continued through another 10-day retreat this year. One day I saw that her chair was vacant. I sensed it was not just a minor thing. And it wasn’t. A flame had gone out, a bloom faded. The passing of Muriel will be remembered.
Posted by Kim Randolph on April 11, 2017
What a beautiful, joyful, and gentle spirit Muriel was. She always had a welcoming smile for you at MCC. She was the sanga's matriarch and grand elder. May she truly rest in peace and have an auspicious rebirth. Her bright spirit will be missed.
Posted by Beverly Mann on April 9, 2017
Muriel: The world is missing a bright, shining star which lit up the people and space around you. You were proof that age is not a factor in continued personal growth and transformation. You were an inspiration to me and countless others with your positive energy, glowing warmth and smile, and inner beauty that touched me in unforgettable ways. You have left a permanent mark of kindness and compassion on all you have touched. I will so miss your girlish laughter and delicious smile. You will forever be in my heart and mind.
Posted by Pam Peirce on April 7, 2017
I see you in the flowers blooming in the spring, I hear your voice in the morning bird song, and I feel your tears, mixed with mine, in the rain. You may have thought yourself a student but you were such a wise teacher in our midst. I will miss your curiosity, your playfulness, your smile. I bow with gratitude for our times together. I am happy to still have you on my heart. May your spirit be free, may I remember your wisdom, and may the warmth of your love spread the world over to benefit all beings. 
Love, Pam
Posted by Sandra Meyer on April 6, 2017
How nice it was to catch Muriel's eye, finding a smile, a cloud of doubt, a question. What ever it was, she was right there, a fellow traveler on the path, making her way with good humor and good fellowship. A laugh was never far from breaking out. She was a beautiful example to me of an older woman who kept on growing. In fact she seemed to pick up speed as she went along.
A million thank yous to Rik and Muriel for modeling true friendship for all of us. They say relationship is what is between us. Their love for each other was palpable and a true gift to witness. Blessings on you both, and much love from Sandra
Posted by Sheri Center on April 1, 2017
I light a candle to Muriel and the integral part she became to my family. There are no words for me to satisfactorily describe who she and my brother Rik came to be to each other. Beyond friends, student, benefactor, teacher.... Muriel had her own relationship with each member of Rik's family, attending family events and celebrations and time together with out of town visitors by both family members and friends of Rik's. She was family. Her sparkle, her luminous smile, her generous heart and constant love will stay with me always. I love that Muriel was in my brother's life, enriching, complicating, and expanding the joy of it. Thank you Muriel for what you brought to all of us.
Posted by Akemi Iizuka on March 29, 2017

I remember you as a sunflower. When you talk, your eyes brighten up like a little child.

I didn't prepare your sudden loss. We planned to meet on 2/16/17 and I was looking forward to seeing you more often. I miss your energy and a big laugh. I miss our friendship and sharing our time together. I remember your generosity and continuous effort to make community in a better place. You always have a special place in my heart.

I love you forever.
Posted by Jenna Lebowitz on March 28, 2017
Dear Muriel, we will miss the playful sparkle in your eye, the wisdom you imparted, the treasures you discovered on your Goodwill adventures, your delicious applesauce, sweet giggles and the love you shared so generously. We are blessed to have you in our hearts forever. Love, Jenna, Dan and Estelle Lebowitz
Posted by Yvonne Ginsberg on March 27, 2017
This new moon evening, I look up at the stars, glimmering, twinkling--
and I see your eyes, Muriel, penetrating while delicate, fierce while tender, with the light of truth shimmering within them. And a gentle sparkle of irony.

I will have you with me always, the image of you in your red scooter, driving yourself down Market Street with your high-flung flag waving in the wind, as you tool yourself back home, speaking to me of courage and fearlessness, amidst life's ever-shifting ways.

The turbulence of your life you transformed into generosity and expanded spirit. You touched all of us with your loving, encouraging presence. You always extended an attentive ear.

You have made a deep imprint in my soul and I am ever grateful for your contact, in this lifetime.

May you be restful.
Posted by Linda Tung on March 27, 2017
Muriel, it was always nice seeing you when I came to the Center. You had a way of making me feel personally welcomed, and always had a smile to share. I'll miss you, but know your presence will continue to be felt by everyone there.
Posted by Lori Granger on March 27, 2017
I remember:
A clear light in your eyes, always wondering...is this how it really is, to be understood, and feel felt and appreciated.
An amazingly generous heart and spirit.
A mischief and childlike awe.
A poetic soul.
A tender gardener of flowers and happy faces.
A beautiful being missing from our present, but not from our hearts and memories.
May you rest sweetly.
Posted by Michael Lauren on March 27, 2017
I watched you transform from a meek and frightened soul into the incredible person you became. You brought so much love and caring into the universe and made a magnificent difference in so many lives.
Mine included. With your generosity, I learned to feel my feelings.
You will always be with me.

Posted by David And Roberta Pressma... on March 24, 2017
Muriel we will miss you greatly. You were a warm, generous, and kind person and we were saddened to learn of your passing. We will never forget you and Bob and the great times and learning experiences we had in the General Semantics group. -Dave and Roberta
Posted by Elizabeth Steff on March 24, 2017
Your very warm welcome upon my first trip to the Mindfulness Care Center with the Abhayagiri monks remains in my heart. Our time together at your place, shared discussions, poetry and our wonderful trip to the Asian Art Museum is a treasured memory. Thank you for all you have offered to so many people. People blessed to have met and shared time with you.
Posted by Debbie Stamp on March 24, 2017
Dear, Bright, Muriel: How lovely it was to see you at the center and what a treat to have time with you at Abhayagiri on your various visits. It gave me joy to be with you in your glow and also to witness the special bond between you and Ric. Such honesty and care. Kalyanamitta. Your lovely physical presence will definitely be missed, but you will always have a presence in the center and in the heart's of those who were fortunate enough to have met you and had time with you.
Posted by Deb McGuire on March 23, 2017
Muriel, I have been so inspired by my small slice of time with you. Through Rik's gentle encouragement of me to look at my life through the lens of feelings and my body and with compassion, I got to meet you. I have seen what a woman of courage really looks like. I have seen what you have been able to make possible for others, by co-founding the MCC and by your example. I am forever grateful for having brushed against the edge of one of the ripples that you left in the world.
Posted by Denise Cicuto on March 23, 2017
I ran into Muriel last year at our chiropractor's office. I will always remember her great smile. I think of her fondly as I look at some of the artwork she gave me many years ago that graces my office. I am so grateful to Rik for introducing her to me.
Posted by Mindfulness Care Center on March 22, 2017
Muriel you are missed beyond words. Every where I turn there is piece of you that was left behind, smiling at me and saying "I'm here."

We laughed so much these last years my heart would sing seeing how happy you had become by stepping into your life versus moving away from living the life you always wished for. You built beautiful friendships and found out how important you were to others.

We both loved food, often dining out together and of course sharing wonderful desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth!

You became part of my family sharing in holidays and birthdays. My heart is so filled and over flowing with beautiful loving memories.

My wonderful friend and cofounding partner Muriel you taught me so much every day. You often expressed I was your teacher and yet I kept telling you back...you are my teacher! You could say we were always learning from one another.

You exhibited the true heart of a warrior blended with the kindness and generosity of a bright morning sun! You taught others to never give up on themselves and you supported this not just by words though by action.

You supported me in bringing out my voice and healing work to help reach others in away I never could have expected.

I know the last weeks of your life may not have been as planned, though you are forever loved in this heart and by the many others who truly knew the beautiful hearted extraordinary woman you were.

I miss you dearly Muriel, you will be forever loved and forever missed.
Our friendship of love, laughs and shared foibles continues on and holds court in my heart everyday.

May your spirit be resting in peace, knowing how much you were cared for and loved, Rik.

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