Posted by Teresa Bush-Bolin on December 27, 2015
Myranda, I think of you often, how I always teased that you was Little Flo but it was the truth, I could see so much of your mom in you and I know that made you proud. Your mom and dad sure miss you along with many others. I hope you have a beautiful mansion now and are walking streets of gold. I will always remember how sassy and what a lively spirit you had. One thing is for sure, you was always the type of person that when someone met you they never forgot you and that is so true, that is why I think of you so often, I'll never forget ya Lil Flo!!! Keep flying high sassy girl!!!!!!
Posted by Deloris Tolson on November 2, 2015
Well it's been another year and we still miss you and think of you. Still can't listen to that song. Harlee still talks about you and Gracie too. We all love and miss you and it is still as unreal today as the day it happened. Love and hugs.
Posted by Matthew Rose on May 19, 2015
We all miss you!! We will all see you in heaven one day!! Love you!!
Posted by Kayla Barrett on May 19, 2015
I miss you chick, you have been gone for to long I wish u was still with us I miss the good time we had you was one of a kind and I sure do wish u didnt have to leave us but one day I will see u again, I love u chick and miss ya you will alway remain in my heart ♡
Posted by Deloris Tolson on May 19, 2015
Dearest Myranda,words can never truly say how much you are missed. I miss your bubbly laughter most of all and when I see butterflies I think of you and when I hear the song If I die young I cry and think of you. Harlee misses you and talks about you all the time. Until we meet again love always.
Posted by charlene rose on May 18, 2015
Myranda Gail Rose you have been gone for four year but to me it sense like today I miss you this family is not the same with out you I just wish I could have you back and I would be happy again and the family would be hold again it is falling a part you was the one that keep it together I love you and miss you everyday

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