No better friend and mentor

Shared by Gene Bogner on October 13, 2019
Phylis, Beverly, Brenda, Barbara, Beth and David,

The day I  met Myron I had no idea that he would become a friend and more for over 55 years.  I well remember the day: Along with another friend who’s family also raised purebred hogs, we were at a winter hog show on the fair grounds in Mazon, Ill.  He made it a point to visit with the two of us. I have since figured out why that day has so vividly stuck in my mind all these years.

There are way too many times spent with Myron for me to list.  I got to work with him at both the Chicago and Peoria stock yards.  He guided this country bumpkin through the perils of learning the ways of the “big city”.  He taught me it was possible to run a clean business in a dirty industry. His moral compass was always right on.  Through some weekend guidance sessions, one even a trip to his farm in WI, he somehow got me through college.

I helped move his family to Peoria. I remember driving the car with Phylis and David who was just  a baby. Phylis had never ventured far out of Evergreen Park and was afraid that Peoria was right next to the end of the world. It took only a short time for her to get settled for a stay of now nearly 50 years.   I helped paint your house. I played Santa when you were little kids. Our kids still remember all the antiques in the house and being in your swimming pool. There are so many fun memories.

When I got the opportunity to work with a brokerage firm in Chicago I didn’t know wether to go or not.  There was never any hesitation on his part. It was: “go for it and never look back”. He instilled the confidence in me to take on that adventure and be successful  Though he never said it, he knew I was a terrible hog buyer and this move was right for me.

For many years we talked every weekday morning.  Always a bit of family talk as well as market updates.  Over recent years we haven’t talked regularly and have seen each other less.  When we did, we picked up where we last left off. “Matter a fact” as he would say, he always had a story to tell.

So back to that day 50 some years ago and why it is so very vivid in my memory.  It was my first exposure to his humor, his quick wit, and that contagious grin.  There were a lot of prominent hog producers around us but he took the time to visit with us two young men.  He was a fun loving nurturer and so enjoyed being around people. He would always take time to visit, help or guide.

Having been privileged to visit with him on the phone over the past few weeks only increased my admiration.   He was so prepared and at peace with leaving this world. He was proud to think he exceeded his goal of being right 70% of the time(probably  80% or more). Most of all he was proud of his family. He had a great wife and together they raised five responsible and productive adults. He will be greatly missed by all of us that were fortunate enough to know him.   I am glad you shared part of him with me.

Joanie and I, as well as our whole family extend our deepest sympathies to all of you.  

Memories of Uncle Myron

Shared by Maradell Peters on October 13, 2019
Uncle Myron was for me the cool “Big City “ Uncle.  My sister Karen and I took the train to Chicago to visit him and Phyllis.  It was very exciting for 2 farm girls.  
Both Myron and Phyllis have always been there for me.  Coming from Phoenix to Galva for a visit so often included a trip to Peoria.  Particularly after my mom LaWanda passed it meant a great deal to me.  
This summer was an especially sweet visit when coming home for Uncle Derrel’s cemetery service.  My brother Mike, sister Karen and I were able to spend a whole afternoon with Uncle Myron.  He shared wonderful stories with us of his childhood.  
I was able to pray with Myron which meant so much to me.  
I know my mom LaWanda is so happy to be with her little brother Myron again!  And Grandma Ardella is loving on him too!  I can just picture the Dempsey Reunion.  

Much love to Myron’s family and friends.  And especially Aunt Phyllis and my cousins.   Maradell Peters

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