Shared by Jackie Askey on March 25, 2012

I  have been thinking about Myron a lot lately and I really wanted to share this story:

I met Myron in the late 80's when we both worked at Antones as servers. He always made me laugh and we would always kidd around with each other. The cooks would always call him Midol and I would get mad at them at tell them  to leave him alone and he would just laugh it off and tell me it did not bother him. This one day one of the cooks said something very ignorant to me and Myron ran right back there and got in his face and told him to never speak to me like that again or he would kick him ass..LOL and it worked.. that guy never bothered me again.

Myron did not care when people were being cruel to him, but he could not stand someone being cruel to his friend and that just speaks volumes about the kind of man Myron was. Myron ended up dating one of my friends for a while and we would all go out and have fun together. I can remember Myron singing karaoke and always singing "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benatar and every time I hear that song I think of him.

RIP my friend.   

My First Real Love

Shared by Kim Fyock on February 19, 2012

I recieved a call today from an old friend telling me of your passing and I dropped the phone and cried knowing I will never hear your voice again.. it's been several months since we have spoken.I met Myron on October 23, 1989 in a counrty bar my friend dragged me to, he was with his two friends CJ and Joey they were trying to pick up girls that night.. and he found me..asking me to dance to the song, "Lady in Red", which became OUR song. Myron and I dated, he became my first in many things in my life, a night I will always remember. He touched my heart, filled it with words of I LOVE YOU and broke my heart like no other. I loved Myron and always will. He will have a place in my heart that no one can ever replace. He made me laugh till I would cry, made me feel special with tokens of affection, gave me my first ring (which I still have), would walk around in my pink bathrobe and created for me many memories, which would fill a book. I thank him for giving me all of these and wish I could tell him today, "MYRON I LOVE YOU" I know that he knows this and is smiling from above. For all of the individuals who may read this please know that Myron never said something he didn't mean, would never take you to a place that he wouldn't go himself and would always embrace the good things in life and share them with you. 
  To Myron our song: "Lady in Red" artist Chris de Burgh

  I  never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight I never seen you shine so hmm I never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance Looking for a little romance Given half the chance
I have never seen  that dress you're wearing Or the highlights in your hair...they catch my  eye I have been blind
Lady in red is dancing with me...cheek to  cheek There's nobody here It's just you and me It's where I wanna  be I hardly know This beauty by my side I'll never forget the way you  look tonight
I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did  tonight I've never seen you shine so bright You're amazing I never seen  so many people want to be there by your side And when you turn to me and  smile You took my breath away I have never had such a feeling Such a  feeling of complete and utter love As i do tonite
Lady in red is  dancing with me...cheek to cheek There's nobody here It's just you and  me It's where I wanna be And I hardly know This beauty by my side I'll never forget the way you look tonight
I never will forget The way  you look tonight Lady in red... Lady in red... Lady in red... Lady  in red.

Myron thank you for asking me to dance...I was proud to be held in your arms and by your side, I LOVE YOU  

Myron-isms and Other Things I Remember

Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 30, 2012

.......... DELISH!!!!!!.........  "Lorrie-belle" and Mama......."Opie"..........a cockatoo named Moose,or "Big pink Chicken"..........deer are "Lovers".......Uncle Buck......
sunsets......sea turtles........seashells and sand dollars..........Will & Grace marathons.........the song Superstar.......Avenue Q and Cats.......cabbage rolls, cornbread casserole, sloppy joes in the crock pot, wilted lettuce salad, and Kisak's kolachi..........decorating for Christmas, especially Nativity scenes........the Ped-Egg.........
exactly 35 plastic grocery bags .........the ocean.....Grand Canyon.......burnt apple pie........Albertson's..........Reisling........Key West........mayonaise.........crab legs....... very strong coffee........tannning.........teeth whitening......... back packs......flip flops.....conch fritters and alligator nuggets......
Halushki.......snowmen.......the song Love Shack...camping.......hiking......a cat named Poupon.....Crisco oil as a substitute for tanning oil...........midnight calls........Easter....
Halloween......back waxing.......gag response to feet touching him.......Desperate Housewives and Mad Men.......Ellen DeGeneres......."I Can't!"............
losing his shoes at the beach or the casino........white lips from kissing Moose......smokey treats.......Christmas Mass......Mitchell and Emily........
whole days in the pool..........gallon size tumblers of iced tea........using every pot, pan and dish in the kitchen when cooking......Hoarders..........the movie 'Pay it Forward'..........the word "shart"......being "happy as two dogs"........

Shared by Nancy Nenstiel Harrison on January 26, 2012
Because of Myron I will ......... Laugh whenever I  hear the word manatee. Say "lover,lover,lover" every time I see a deer. laugh good ole belly laughs when watching the movie Uncle Buck. Be thankful that me and my family saw the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon shown to us  with such respect and passion as it deserves only because of him.  Smile whenever I hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Always refer to the downstairs bedroom of my house as "Myron's room". Even though he hasn't lived here since 2005. Never find someone who enjoyed Halloween more than him. Never see a snowman without thinking of him. Always think of him when someone mixes mayo and ketchup together to dip their fries into...(insert gagging sound) Laugh at my own senior picture. Laugh at his senior picture.  Always use the phrase "I can't" when silly situations seem impossibly frustrating.    know I met my idol Eeyore in Disney World because of him. And yes, Eeyore proposed to me!!  Always think a craft will look better if micro fine glitter is used.  Go over the top with my kid's Easter baskets.  Laugh when my kids refer to a real stinky fart as "A Hoover Dam fart"  Look at Doug's Cleveland Browns room he made with a smile.  Love to decorate for Christmas even more than what my mom instilled into me.  Appreciate one of the reasons that my kids accept people for who they are with no judgement because of him.  Laugh when I think about him camping with Doug and my brother in laws. Smile when I think back about how upset he was at the nurse for what he thought for being too rough washing my son after he was born.  Be kinder to strangers.  Remember how he spent 16 hours straight helping me get my house cleaned up after our fire.  Know my parents got to drink Dom Perignon for the first time in their lives at their 50th wedding anniversary because of him.  Know that I am a better friend to my friends because of his example. always buy only green bingo dabbers. The color of money,baby!  Always laugh when I hear the word "Grande" in reference to a clothing size. Always miss being called "mama" by him.   Know my kids couldn't have been loved more by someone.  Know I was loved by him.  Know I loved him.  Miss him everyday. 

Farewell Night July 1996

Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 26, 2012

This was taken the night before I left for Japan right outside the Westward Ho and the Stardust in Las Vegas.  Both hotels are gone now.  I was so excited and Nick and Myron took me out to celebrate.  Gosh we look soooo young.

Fun Times at Irish Bob's 1994 (or '95?)

Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 26, 2012

Every Monday night at Irish Bob's in Youngstown, the TGI Fridays crew would gather for beer and karaoke with none other than Simply Ed!  Here, the guys (Tom Leslie, Chris Green, & Myron) were singing, "You've Lost the Lovin' Feeling" to Courtney who was leaving the state for a new job and new life.  This was her going away party.

Halloween Party 1997

Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 26, 2012

Myron always had the craziest Halloween costumes.  Here he is the Werewolf and he actually had fake hair glued to his face and then sprayed it with some kind of black paint that got all over his clothes and everyone who even got close. 


Shared by Joe DeNiro on January 25, 2012

When I met Myron over 18 years ago, here was a man that enjoyed life to the fullest.  He truly cared for others and had a deep heart felt love like no one else I had ever met.  Myron had a natural compassion that hooked my wife Lorrie instantly, which continued to keep them close friends throughout the years.  Myron always went above and beyond for people, for example - While he was working at the Grand Canyon, Myron planned a 4 day excursion for Lorrie & I, making sure we had the best room accomodations, along with the best seating for dining overlooking the canyon at sunset.  I cannot forget the best waiter service we ever had of course! Myron truly wanted Lorrie and I to experience the Grand Canyon through his eyes, and we did.  From the mule rides to the spectacular views at "Employee Rock" and amazing sunsets. (Myron was so very in love with sunsets).  Myron loved the Grand Canyon. 

He has touched all of my family's lives in some way.  Because of working there at the canyon, all three of our sons have worked there.  Our oldest son Josh & his wife Christina still continue to work at the North Rim.  All this has happened because of Myron. 

For my wife Lorrie and I, he was a true friend in good or bad times. 

Myron - You made us all laugh till we cried over the years. You will truly be missed by many people and the memory of your love will live on.... As you have passed on to the other side of your rainbow where that pot of gold of peace, love, and happiness never runs out!

Joe DeNiro

PS-- See ya later Uncle Buck!!!

Shared by Kristin Sullivan on January 23, 2012

From the moment my Mom met Myron they connected as only people who have been friends over many lifetimes can. With that connection he became a part of our family and we spent so much time together over the last 18 years I can not think of a holiday, special occasion or time that does have some memory without Myron in it.

I remember a Christmas we went to my in-laws and came home Christmas day exhausted and worn. Waiting for me was a pot of cabbage rolls because he knew they were my favorite. (thankfully my mom has the recipe written in his hand for us to keep and pass on) I walked in the house and as always Myron swept in. Plates of delicious cabbage rolls were in my hands, children were whisked over to be cared for, drinks were poured. I could not move to do anything. That was Myron though. Always doing and loving to do. He was not satasfied unless everyone else was comfortable and taken care of. He was never the guest , you were his guest on the journey of life and he was going to make sure you wanted for nothing in his presence.

I have so many more moments that I know will make me smile and laugh as time goes by..such as taking the kids on a walk and getting lost in the tract housing. Baking himself like a turkey in the backyard all summer until his blue eyes stood out in such contrast they were all you could see when you looked at him. Holding his hand at my grandfathers wake and then watching as he proceeded to ensure everyone at the house had food and drinks. Never stopping until everyone had come and gone. Smiling and gulping down another piece of the first lasagna my poor 18 year old husband had ever made, telling him all the while how delicious it was. (I can not describe how horried that lasagna was lol). Forcing us to play Scene It and card games for hours on end because he didnt want the night to be over.

The smiling, laughing, joyous Myron with unending energy and verve will always be a part of my fabric and will be missed so dearly by all those that ever got to stand in that light.



Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 23, 2012

There has never been such a love affair between man and beast as there was between Myron and Moose.  I had always promised Myron that when he found a place he wanted to settle down, he could take Moose to live with him.  When Myron visited, I could not touch my own bird.  He would bite me and let me know that he was only interested in his Myron.  Myron kissed him so much that he would have white lips from the bird dust on Moose's feathers. It never mattered how much time passed between visits, Moose always knew who Myron was and would immediately begin to nod his head and whistle in a little tune Myron had taught him. He never forgot.  I hope he never will.

The Start of a Friendship

Shared by Lorrie DeNiro on January 23, 2012

The first time I laid eyes on Myron was on the back dock of TGI Friday's, on a cold afternoon in Boardman, Ohio.  We were having a quick shift meeting and it was my first dinner shift since starting there a week or so before.  As everyone filed inside to begin their shift, Myron and I were left face to face to an inevitable introduction.  He cocked his head sideways, and with a big smile said, "And WHO ARE YOU?", with all the enthusiasm of a kid on his first day of school.  It was love at first sight.  He took me under his wing and helped me through my first hectic dinner shift.  He continually checked on me to make sure I had what I needed and that I didn't fall behind on my duties.  He showed me the ropes and made me feel welcome.

During the following year it became apparent that we were destined to be the best of friends, along with so many others who worked there at the time, many of which I am still close with or have at least been in contact with over the years.  The atmosphere at Friday's back then was one of "family" and of cohesion.  I have not since worked at a job where I made so many friends or enjoyed working with people so much as I did at Friday's in 1994-1995. 

Myron was of course among those many friends, but unlike so many friends along the way, Myron didn't disappear.  He has remained ever-present in my life.  In January 1996 Myron and 3 other Friday's servers, (Nick, Julie and Helen) moved to Las Vegas to start a new life in the big city.  One month later, Joe and I, along with our family, also moved to Las Vegas. 

It was a huge adventure and it was so nice to have friends there as well as family to have that adventure with.

Myron had transferred to the TGI Friday's restaurant in LV, and that is where I went also.  Although we made a couple of friends there, it was not the same.  My Friday's days in Vegas were over before they had begun.  Myron stayed for a while, and I got a job dancing for a Polynesian production company at different venues around the city, and eventually a tour of Japan.  Myron never stopped telling me how proud he was of me.

For my first performance at the Westward Ho, my Friday's friends had all said they could not make it.  To my surprise, there they all were at the front row tables smiling up at me while I hula-ed my heart out.  My eyes teared up, and there was Myron, with the biggest smile of all.  They had planned it that way all along. 

When I returned from Japan, Myron and I worked together at the Dragon Noodle at Mandalay Bay, and we went on to shine shoes together at the convention centers.  Yes we shined shoes.  It was a good paying job and lots of fun. 

He dragged me down to apply for a banquet server job at the MGM Grand one afternoon, which he wanted more than I did.  We lost the car in the ginormous parking garage and it took us quite a while to find it.  As it turned out, I got the job and he didn't and I know he was a little mad at me for it, but at the same time happy for me.  I didn't really last long there, as I found it very hard to work 14 hour shifts, come home at 2 AM, then be back in the morning after only 3 hours sleep, a challenge I know Myron would have tackled without complaint.  He loved being a waiter.  He loved tending to people and seeing them relax and enjoy.  He loved serving fine wine and gourmet food, but he was just as comfortable at The Outback.  Bottom line, he just loved people, Period.  Seeing them enjoy is what brought him joy. Yep, that banquet job should have been his, not mine and I would have gladly given it to him if they'd let me.

When things got tough one year, Myron lived with us for a few months prior to moving back to Ohio to take care of his ailing mother. After she passed he stayed for over a year with Nancy and Doug Harrison, more of our friends from Friday's.

But, it didn't end there.  We've had many more adventures since then as he finally ventured out to see other parts of our country.  No matter where he was, he called or visited.  He included Nancy and I in the things he loved most, to the extent of paying for and planning entire vacations for each of us one year.  Those are stories in themselves and I know that Nancy will want to share hers.  Lord knows she took enough pictures. (hehe)  I will write more soon and share the time I spent with him in Florida.  The stories we could write would fill a book, and you would laugh and you would cry.  I hope that anyone visiting this memorial page will take the time to share your stories with us all.  I know you all have one, because with Myron there was never a dull moment, if I may use the cliche.  Stories and their memories are healing, and they are treasures we can keep, so that we will never forget, and so we can realize how one person can so visibly and deeply touch our lives.  When you realize just what it was about Myron that touched you, take it, and use it, and be it and share it.


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