Shared by Katie Wuori on January 28, 2019

Katie Wuori: I met Moni in the Philippines at IRRI when I was a teacher at the Brent Satelite School.  We quickly became friends and one of the few people to change the path of my life in a positive way.  Moni was the reason I literally went around the world, know how to cook with spices and teach my students to become part of the solution, not the problem.

The following is an activity I do with my fifth and sixth-grade social studies class when we look at current events. It helps the long-winded students shorten their words and pick the most important (which I found was happening with me trying to share my feelings about Moni with you) and it gives a focus for those who don’t know what to write.  It’s called a 20-word GIST (although mine is a few words past twenty).

Who: Namrata Singh

What: During her celebration of Life

Where: All around the world

When: February, 1st 2019

Why: People around the globe are honoring her life.

How: Through personal grief, public gatherings, family and friends' homes, social media and more.

My GIST about Moni:

Purple, loving, smiling, giving, real, spices, adventures, bending social norms, laughing, easy-going, dedicated, big tables of food surrounded with lots of friends, strong, stubborn, hard-worker, card-player, true friend, peace

Love you long time my friend.

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