Shared by Meriah Park on September 11, 2020
I recently taught my kids to play Farkle, which is a game Aunt Nancy taught me how to play.  She was so fun-loving.  I remember visiting in Hawaii and she let me and Amanda fix her hair (I make no representations about the quality of the finished product since we were 9 and 6 years old at the time lol!).  

My mom was great at cheering people up!

Shared by Amanda Huggins on September 10, 2020
My mom was always the best at cheering me up.  I was depressed about some things going on at the time and my mom went go-cart racing to cheer me up and it did.  She really didn't like racing in motorized vehicles and might have even been the slowest racer on the track, but she did it to cheer me up and it worked.  I'll never forget all the times she went out of her way to make me feel better.  I love you mom!

monopoly fun

Shared by NATALIE MULLANEY on September 10, 2020
I just keep remembering that time Aunt Nancy was visiting us in Omaha,January 2016, the month before my dad passed and we were at his apartment playing Monopoly....AND My dad sweet talked me into giving him boardwalk. as soon as I did he bought houses and hotels and proceeded to rob my Aunt Nancy blind lol she was getting so mad at him for taking all her money and all my dad could do was wink at me and laugh  such a good memory I will always have to make me smile 

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