This tribute was added by Cynthia Roeckel on September 14, 2020
I am Nancy's Aunt Cindy, but I never really felt like an aunt---more like a friend because we are only 5 years apart in age. There were never better hosts than Nancy and Allen in March of 1988 when our family invaded their family on the island of Oahu. They loaned us a car, gave us military passes to private beaches. kept our two boys, Bryan and Christian, for the entire 12 days, fed us great food and entertained us. Nancy was always ready to play any game and she played to win---very competitive! Only Nancy would wear knee socks to a luau because she said it gets cold when the sun goes down in Hawaii. There was always laughter around Nancy, but we weren't laughing at her, but with her. Illnesses are cruel, but now she is free of pain. Love to all the family.
This tribute was added by Adnan Mahmud on September 13, 2020
rest in peace :)
This tribute was added by Jim Mullaney on September 12, 2020
Nancy was my oldest sister (of course, she was the oldest sibling :-) ). When were kids I really didn't know her very well as she was 6 years older than me. As a kid that's a very large number. I'm sure, when we were kids, I was probably the main pain in her side. Once she graduated from high school and moved out on her own we definitely got closer. We (Mary, Mom and I) had moved to Sioux City, Iowa during the summer of 73 and there were several times we visited Omaha that summer. I stayed with Nancy 1 of those times and that was the time she moved from "only my sister" to my friend and my sister, I was 13 then; she was 19.

We moved to Colorado in December of that year and I really didn't see very much of Nancy until I got out of high school and went into the Navy. I visited her in Omaha when I was on leave one time. Her new boyfriend picked me up at the airport, she had just met him less than a week before that. That night we went out partying and we definitely got our money's worth. We pretty much stayed out all night and had some adventures that Nancy's new boyfriend would definitely remember. I learned 2 things that night (and into the next morning) that Nancy's new boyfriend was a REALLY nice guy and that he must REALLY care about her to put up with her crazy brother. By now I'm sure you've guessed that the "new" boyfriend was Allen and they ended up being together for a very long time.

I have many memories of my sister Nancy, and the thing that is laced through all of them are how generous and real she was. You always knew where you stood with her and she didn't mince words. Those are 2 things in life very few people will give you. I'm so sad that she has passed as she should still be here with us. I know though, that she doesn't have to live with pain any more. I will truly miss her!
This tribute was added by Dawn Rinehart on September 10, 2020
My wonderful friend whom I taught to crochet and we laughed so much at her first attempt. She then became my teacher on more elaborate stiches! She was so excited to meet Tom Selleck and wouldn't stop talking to him I had to drag her away. A very dear friend who loved Bingo bunco and boggle. We would play for hours and laugh and cry from laughing so hard. She was a blast to be around and I will miss her so much! She was a sister to me! RIP my friend until we meet again
This tribute was added by Wendy Calvin on September 10, 2020
Nancy and I have so many great memories growing up. We were only 2 years apart and we had a very special bond. She has been there for me early on in life and she continued to support as we got older. She never judged me. She accepted me for the crazy person I am. I will always remember our secrets and deep wishes. She was so blessed over the years with a wonderful husband and two fantastic children! I will miss her deeply. I know she is with Dad, Dennis, Ann Louise, grandparents on both sides. She is out of pain! I miss you Nancy and I know I will see you again in Heaven! 
This tribute was added by Mary Hupp on September 10, 2020
My sister Nancy was truly one in a million! She was funny, loyal, and she loved to talk and sing, especially karaoke!! I remember when we did a family cruise in 2006. Our family took over the karaoke bar and she was bold enough to get up and sing!! Oh the memories! One of the greatest honors that I had was to baptize my sister with her family watching. I am so thankful for that time. grateful that she is no longer in pain!
This tribute was added by NATALIE MULLANEY on September 10, 2020
My Aunt Nancy was always so fun and silly. I can still see her smile and hear her laugh. She was always wanting to make people happy and feel at home. I have so many memories of her singing and laughing..he sure did love to sing!!! She had such a loving heart and I am sad that she was taken from us so soon. I hope she is in heaven now with her brother, father, and friends...She is no longer suffering and Cancer free!!! You will be missed by many Aunt Nancy! Sing your heart out up there and I can't wait to see you again someday!!! LOVE YOU <3
This tribute was added by Amanda Huggins on September 10, 2020
My mom was a beautiful soul that will be missed dearly. She was my best friend and made me laugh and smile so much throughout my life. She was so much fun to be around and never met a stranger as she could talk to anyone she met! My family will miss her more than anything, I feel like she was taken from us way to early in her life... but I am thankful for all the time I got to spend with her and all the memories I will always cherish of her. I love you so much mom and I hope you are out of pain reuniting with friends and relatives. 

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