Wonderful Mother, fun Grandma, friend to all. Always a smile on her face.

This webpage was created in memory of our loved one, Nancy Joy (Jackson) Warnock, 89 years old, born on April 24, 1929 in Chicago, Illinois and passed away on April 5, 2019 in Flower Mound, Texas. We will deeply miss our Mother and will love her forever.

Nancy grew up in Chicago and had many happy stories of her time growing up with her best lifelong friend, her sister, Joanie.  It was a happy, loving family with her sister, Joanie (Jackson) Butler, Father, Donald Hewson Jackson and Mother, Isabella (Harland) Jackson. We still smile remembering her stories of sailing on Lake Michigan, going to camps, going to Monticello College, traveling the world, moving to Dallas on her own, moving back to Dallas once married and all of the silliness that was so much Nancy. But the best memories of all are of her being a fantastic Mother. Divorced when her children were young, she did an amazing job raising Pamela (Warnock) Webster, Rebecca (Warnock) Greenwade and Larry Warnock. She put her children first in all that she did. Sometimes working 3 jobs at once to make ends meet, but never letting her attention, support and love of her kids wane.

She is survived by all three of her children, plus grandchildren Zachary Greenwade, Michael Webster, Shannon Webster, Caitlin Warnock, Travis Warnock and Jackson Greenwade along with great-grandchildren Logan Greenwade and Grayson Greenwade.

Nancy’s passing was peaceful and all three of her children were able to say their goodbyes at her bedside. She was ready to go and, in her words, “I had a good run with 89 years”. That is Nancy, the most positive person we have ever known. Even during adversity and strife. Her friends, of which there are many, know about her positivity, her smiles, her corny jokes and her willingness to help those in need. She always put others first.

Lovers Lane United Methodist Church was an important anchor for Nancy for decades. Her church family was just as important to her as her own and her family embraces that and thanks all at the church for the years of friendship, support, kindness and for watching over her.

Per Nancy’s request, there will be a small, family-only gravesite service in Chicago, April 15th. She will be buried alongside her Father, Mother and Sister. The family is together again.

Also, per Nancy’s request, there will be a:

Celebration of Life Service Saturday, June 15th, 2019, 2 pm at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Shipp Chapel, 9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.  All are welcome.  

She wanted it to be a celebration: bright colors, a good time, happy and good memories, and sharing thoughts and prayers for a GREAT life indeed.

In lieu of flowers, say a prayer and thank Nancy for how she touched your individual life.

If you are so compelled, donations should be made in Nancy’s honor to her most important charity: Multiple Myeloma Foundation https://themmrf.org/


In Nancy’s honor to Lovers Lane United Methodist Church at https://llumc.org/

Posted by Susan Hootkins on June 5, 2019
Nancy was such a great friend to my parents. She took my mother Helen shopping and called me in Calif to let me know how she was. Last saw her at Mom's memorial service in April 2009. I will always remember her energy, enthusiasm for life, and wonderful sense of humor. What a hearty laugh she had! Hope Nancy and Mom are still laughing it up on "the other side".
Posted by Erika Therwhanger on June 4, 2019
Dear Sweet Nancy,
This world is a bit less bright with you gone. Your absolute joy for life was contagious and inspiring!
I watched you raise your kids with boundaries and expectations while still allowing them the independence to grow. You taught them to work hard for what they wanted in life, just as you had, encouraging them every step of the way. You allowed me to be a part of your family from the moment we met and never turned your back on me. I knew there was a big hug waiting for me and always a place at your table. I learned so much from you Nancy Joy. I know you are laughing and causing great mischief with Joanie now so I will not be sad... Not true, I am sad. I loved you dearly.
Your third daughter,
Posted by Jackson Greenwade on June 2, 2019
Grams- As your youngest grandchild, I always felt as if you always had a little “extra” for me. Sometimes that came in the form of advice, more stories, and even frustration (probably from something I did or didn’t do, sorry about that) However this soft spot in your heart for me allowed you to see something in me most others did not. The ability to connect with people. I believe this was your absolute greatest strength and you saw that I had that strength too. This is and always will be my greatest strength in my career and I will be forever grateful for your help in realizing this. I will miss hearing all of your stories, from your travels, and about your childhood. I will always feel connected to you through Marshall Fields (even though it’s Macys now, sorry about that too) I love you Grams.
- Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
Posted by Shannon Webster on May 31, 2019
Grandma Nancy...
This world lost a brilliant light the day you passed but the indelible mark you left behind is reflected in us...your family, friends and every life you fatefully influenced. Your rare and extraordinary charisma is your legacy and will continue to inspire each generation to the next. As your grand-daughter, I can only aspire to live my life with a brave and kind heart - just as you did!
I hope you know that we will forever cherish your wonderful stories and memories; for those of us that love you we will keep your spirit burning bright through those very "grandma-isms."
Through all your life adventures I don't recall hearing that you ever traveled to Yosemite National Park in California. Like you it is absolutely extraordinary! There are countless marvels in this world but Yosemite is the most beautiful and the most inspiring. Words alone cannot justify its exquisite and breath-taking views. As you can tell it is my absolute favorite place in this world and to me it feels like home. Yosemite has blazed an eternal mark on my soul and I'm compelled to share a small piece of it with you...my lovely and unforgettable grandma!
I love you bunches.
(See vintage postcard of Yosemite in Gallery.)
Posted by Larry Warnock on May 28, 2019
This is a Tribute From Travis Warnock

I was very close to Grandma as long as I can remember. She alway made me feel better if I had a concern or was feeling bullied at school. She was always there and eased my pain and we can keep comfort in her spirit and our memories of her. Grandma believed in faith and tradition in a way that taught me perspective on faith and having value in family and it influenced how I interpreted and how today, I think of those things. Grandma was always a story teller, she influenced me to be one and I believe she influenced who I am through her stories. She is now back with many of the people those stories were about. We feel pain with our loss because we miss her, not because she is completely gone. She will never be gone in my heart.
Posted by Terri Warnock on May 28, 2019
How to say "Goodbye?" Nancy, the first time you said "Hello" to me, you wrapped me in a tight bear hug with a huge smile on your face and made me feel welcome immediately. There were no disapproving looks for coming home from Texas A&M with Larry carrying all my clothes in a sack. I'll be forever grateful for your happy, positive demeanor from day one. Over the years, I've come to know what a remarkable woman you were. Against all odds, you raised three great children and helped us all to raise our own. You define what it is to be a loving Grandmother. You were always there for us and you will be so missed. You touched the lives of many but I was so lucky to have you as my Mother-In-Law!
Posted by Zach Greenwade on May 17, 2019
I am deeply honored to have been able to have you as my grandmother! You were always loving, caring, funny and could be counted on to share a good life story, better known to family as a “grandmaism”. You made us all better people by simply being you, and aspired us to be more! I’m glad that Logan and Grayson got to meet and know you, and they miss their “silly grams”. We all love and miss you greatly!
Posted by Kevin Jordan on May 17, 2019
Nancy - From the get-go, you were so accepting of me into the family. Your way to make everyone feel welcome when they were around you is something that you've passed onto your son and daughters, and their sons and daughters; I will be forever grateful for that.
Right off the bat, your explosive spirit was apparent from all the joy and excitement in which you would tell family stories and what was going on in your everyday life. I will miss you always, especially during the holiday season when I got to see you most and I was able hear your sweet voice sharing memories. Most of all, I'm glad that I got to be in your life and create some memories of our own like being there on my wedding day.
Thank you for being the rock in the family and we will all miss you dearly.
Posted by Caitlin Jordan on May 16, 2019
Grandma, you were always what I would call (most lovingly) a pistol! Your joy for life and spunk stood out to me, unlike so many other grandmothers I knew who simply seemed old and frail and quiet.
You were also a singularly kind woman. I never saw you raise your voice (though I'm sure you had to put my dad in his place a few times when he was young!) towards anyone, and always made a point to welcome people to your home, family, and social circle. I know that I and everyone else around you were better for having you in our lives.
I miss you terribly and wish we had more time together. Thank you for always being YOU! Your courage, strength, and heart are something I aspire to and I hope you know that you have set a wonderful example for every generation that came after you.
I love you forever. Rest happily.
Posted by Pamela Warnock Webster on April 21, 2019
Mom, it is so difficult to sum you up in a few words. Your positive influence you had on all 3 of us...you always went above and beyond! Thank you and I will miss you forever. We will meet again some day.
Posted by Pattie Holt on April 20, 2019
Nancy was one of the greatest friends I ever had. We worked together for a number of years and we kept in touch. She always amazed me how happy she was especially in the morning. I do not think I ever saw her with a frown on her face. She will be missed so much by everyone that knew her. I know I will miss her so very much. My deepest sympathy to Becky, Pam and Larry.
Posted by Beverly Goode on April 16, 2019
Nancy was such a hoot at Club Royal, always a friend. I walk past her house and think about her in her bikini lady towel cover up! I know her family will miss her spunk and kindred spirit, as I have missed her smiling face. Beverly Goode
Posted by Jeri Bechly on April 15, 2019
To Nancy’s family. I am so sorry for your loss. My family loved Nancy. She always remembered our children and was a very strong woman and I loved and admired her. She was a faithful woman devoted to our neighborhood pool and our neighborhood. I know she was so proud of her children, grandchildren, etc. May God bless her family and give you comfort and strength. I loved her and know she is with God now.
Posted by Richard Euler on April 11, 2019
The very first day I went to meet my new Little Brother and his Mother, Nancy, I had no idea what this was all about. And to tell you the truth, I was very nervous. What if Mom doesn’t like me? I was told to come to the back door, never the front. The front door was for people you didn’t know. What? When that rear door flew open, I was greeted by one of the happiest and funniest people I have ever met. From that day on, I was part of the family. Over the years, Nancy was the same happy funny person as she was the first day, I met her. I knew, like all of us, Nancy had some troubled times, but she never showed it.
For some reason, we all drifted apart, as friends sometimes do. Real friends will stay on your mind and in your heart regardless of the separation, as did with Nancy and her family. There were times, I was in the area of that corner house on Jubilee Trail, and thought of knocking on that back door. But, I never did. More years went by, and now I wish I had.
Larry and I are renewing a lost brotherhood, and I bet Nancy had something to do with it. I’ll see you soon.
Posted by Larry Warnock on April 10, 2019
Mom, I am the husband, the father, the executive, the man that I am today because of you. You were a great mother and filled in on father things as well. When I needed some additional "guy training", you got me a Big Brother from that organization. Richard, my Big Brother, then stepped in to help. 
But, it was you - almost all you, that shaped me. The most important trait I think, was optimism. You always looked on the bright side of things. I got that from you. And because of it, I live my life and manage my affairs with hope, excitement and optimism of what CAN be.
Thank you for that gift. Love you Mom. 
Your son,
Posted by Rebecca (Becki) Greenwade on April 10, 2019
Love you bunches Mom...miss you so much! I will never forgot you ending our phone conversations this last year with "Love you bunches". Even when we both were struggling with the conversation YOU always ended positively. I tried my best to help you with the dignity you deserved and by the example you instilled in me. The Mother and Nana I am today is because of your guidance and love. I am so blessed that I got to be your daughter!

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