His memory will live with us for ever
  • 38 years old
  • Born on May 11, 1975 in Santa, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on May 13, 2013 in Belgium.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ndifon Nanga  aka "NI ABOVE",  born May 11th, 1975 and passed away on May 13th 2013. We will remember him forever.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God can tell us why.

A memorial fund has been set up to assist with the transportation of his body to Cameroon.

Donations can be made through paypal  OR
Bank: Wells Fargo (Wachovia Bank)

Acct Name: Ndifon Memorial 

Acct #: 7715950338

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Domestic wire transfer:

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Friday June 7th 
          Departureof mortal remains from Brussel to Douala

          Laying in State in Douala

          Departure to Bamenda at Midnight

Saturday June 8th 

        Church service and burial at family compound in Atuakom     


Useful Contacts:


Ma Alice Deffo - 310-309-1747 ( California )

Gustave Achu - 763-2917145 ( Minessota )

Michael Atia - 862-215-6791 ( Ohio )

Stanleybatcha@yahoo.com  571 330 2336  ( DC area )

Belgium / Europe

Helen Ndifon

Ndaya Isidore

Doris Ben:


Flavy Ndifon: menyiflav@yahoo.com

Emmanuel Ndifon: 99 91 83 47

Stanley Batcha: 75 04 73 88


Posted by Ndifon Flavy on 16th May 2016
My dear, its been 3 years can you believe that? Every day we miss you, we thank God for your life with us. You were a gift! an amazing one to our family. It was a privilege knowing you. Your sisters miss you so much, sometimes they pretend it doesn't hurt as much, but what order of things will have a baby dying before his seniors? I love you, there have been so many new developments, ones you would have loved and even joked a lot about. there have been new members of the family, I am looking after your sisters and We are doing great. You live in our hearts, our memories Forever! love you
Posted by Stan Batcha on 13th May 2014
Dear brethrens, Its a now one year our son, brother, friend, father left us, and moved on. On behalf of our humble family, I thank immensely everyone who in any way helped soften the terrible pain hard to bear. without your prayers, your moral support, your material and financial support we would not have come this far. I particularly thank his friends and BOBANs in Bamenda. His friends in Belgium who facilitated the complicated process of sending his body home. Staying by our side during this period was so comforting. We may never stop morning NiAbove but we believe he is happier where he is presently. May he live forever. Dear Nanga, I have the conviction you will read my letter...(.you thought me the power of conviction.) Tears still run down my eye like the amazon or the Zambezi or the Mississippi. Even though I cry, I am happy for you because your rather short life was well accomplished and exemplary. You Made it. we did not have the chance to say goodbye, nor to sing a last song in lingala or douala, or the French blues. You did not share your last humour with me, where is the latest poem you wrote, all those proverbs in the dialect that you used to interpret...where ever you got it from; how you used to reincarnate stories from our childhood days; how we used to laugh to the point of tears and our belly muscles will pain and we could laugh no more. What happens to that script you hoped to turn into a movie. I could speak French well by mid secondary school because of your help. Remember we used to read the Onze football Magazine in french when we could bearly understand. Later in life, you will speak to me in Flemish while I respond in German and this took all around us aback, even our sieblings. Sometimes too you were very naughty...hahahahahaha With my conception you created the Digitaland Muiltimedia Company in Akwa Douala. You had the vision, together we saw the big picture, we saw the future. Thank you for being an Entrepreneur and Investor. I remember you saying how far this venture will benefit the community in terms of income generation, employment, knowledge transfer, and service provision. You never mentioned anything about profits nor dividends. Today, when I watch documentaries on TV, when I watch small Movies, slots of video clip, advertisement clips, I remember all the plans we had, (the big picture - as well called it) If you were around, these dreams would have been realized, I believe. You believed in my ability, you believed in my wisdom...your believed in me entirely...like no one else will do. You were a source of inspiration to me. sometimes I did the right things just because I did not want to fail you. I doubled my efforts sometimes to not get you disappointed, because you trusted my judgement so much. You trusted my logic and rational. You were a real brother, a real partner, a real friend. I try hard to understand that it is what it is....things will never be the same again. what an indescribable feeling when I listen to the Smokies, the Beetles to JB Mpiana, to Koffi Olomide, To Aurlus Mabele, to Richard Bona, Dina Bell etc. I better stop bro. You will always remain in my heart. Rest In Peace Brother, Rest in Peace. "if conviction is the Carmel and adversity the desert, I will love to see my heroe's journey" - Nanga Ndifon -
Posted by Jean B on 24th July 2013
My dearest brother, I am short of words to express my deepest sadness.Death, as always, has definitely been unfair to have snatched you from us.I still remember vividly the wonderful moments that we shared & most especially, the joy & laughter that your actions & inactions impacted on everyone.May the good Lord grant you eternal peace & rest.You will always be greatly missed.Jean Beaufils.
Posted by EUNICE EKANI on 29th May 2013
None of us know how much time we have left on this earth. What is left in the end are your actions, the memories you left behind and how you made people feel. And what you want to leave behind is people to remember you with love. Farewell dear friend. U usually linked me with an often lost friend! Who will do it again!!!!!!!!!! Que la tèrre de nos ancestres te soit legère.
Posted by Brita Ndifor on 28th May 2013
There are moments in the lives of people as in the life of a generation, when evens stun, stupify and bewilder. Sometimes words fail us when confronted with an unepected loss as this. ABOVE'S passing into glory reminds me of a passage i read in the Bible which says;like clothes every body will wear. I always remember my days in Bali and the famous name ABOVE THE LAW. Now it is history.RIP
Posted by Ivo Forsung on 25th May 2013
If we could have a lifetime wish A dream that would come true, We would pray to God with all our hearts For a yesterday and you. A thousand words can’t bring you back, We know, because we tried; And neither will a million tears, We know, because we cried. You left behind our broken hearts And happy memories too. But we never wanted memories, We only wanted you.
Posted by Richard Mukosso on 24th May 2013
Oh répé, We still remember you for all the good times spent together. May your soul rest in peace!
Posted by Valentino Wanye on 23rd May 2013
Its really unbelievable learning you had to leave us just so soon but somewhere somehow we understand, we love you but the Our Good Lord,the Omniportant,the Omnipresent,the maker of heaven and earth loves you More!! Just trying to picture the days back even though we cannot turn back the years.RIP brother and know you will always remain in our elastic memories........ From monsieur val
Posted by Njoh Constantine on 23rd May 2013
The mysteries of life are yet to be unveil. But the impacts we leave behind stay forever. ABOVE THE LAW I can only wish u save journey. I remember the last time we met. 10 or 15 years back in the market while I was with my mom. I remember the smile u gave me when we were separating. That moment I shall never forget. Wait for us where we shall separate no more. bye bye
Posted by Ade Ndasi Ade on 23rd May 2013
"Ni Above", your sudden demise has created a huge hole in my heart. I am lost for words to say how deeply sad I am. All what you have left with us are echoes of your laughter and the unique moments we all share But surprisingly, memories you put smiles on my face. A I wish you well as you journey to meet your maker. Adieu comrade..RIP
Posted by Wilson Tita on 22nd May 2013
My friend 'Above'. I lack the words to express my sadness and shock. Weh Weh why?. You were the Social Prefect when i was the Education prefect. I remember when we will hang around the Library and the Auditorium. I always came to you for advice and you always had the right words for me. When i needed the keys to the Auditorium, you always had my back. I miss you Bro till we meet again. RIP
Posted by Maboh Tamasang on 22nd May 2013
Nanga,i wonder why u would choose to depart only when the world with all its disillusionment and broken dreams, needs ,smiles ,selflessness and love which are just virtues u embodied.I caught a glipse of u yrs ago in brussels but could still notice that time hasnt changed u one bid.I join Oneil Bacha like all other Nacho folks world wide in wishing u a save sail home ,RIP gentle soul.
Posted by Emmanuel Ambe on 22nd May 2013
It is sad to know you're gone so soon but only God knows better. Rest in perfect peace 'Ni Above'
Posted by Angela Atia on 22nd May 2013
My dear big brother<< Ni Above>>you are gone too soon indeed! It still seems like a dream that you are gone. I am so blessed to have had a brother like you. i will always cherish you forever for the love, kindness and care that you have shown me throughout these years. You made my life in CPC Bali so much fun and relaxed; always showering me with goodies and lots of laughter. Miss you bro
Posted by Bridget Letsot on 22nd May 2013
"Ni NI Above i came to Belgium with nothing and was looking for job? after just ONE day u looked for a job which i stayed for more than a year. Not forgetting all the Lunches, sandwiches and sodas u always gave me. Your memory lives forever."
Posted by Ngu Solange on 22nd May 2013
To our dear Social Prefect.... May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
Posted by Marebah Tafon on 22nd May 2013
Finally I found the courage to write this tribute. Still can't come to terms with the truth that you are indeed no more. Every day God shows me how short my life on this blessed earth is. You indeed touched lives with your gentle smiles and loving jokes. My heart bleeds for my sister Eli, knowing how much she loved and still loves you. May your gentle soul RIP Nanga. All will be Well IJN
Posted by Pryde Ndingwan on 22nd May 2013
Nanga: I try not to be sad but celeberate the the fullness of your short stay with us. I remember the good times we had, and the funny things you said.I cannot say you are dead, with a cheery smile and a wave of hand you have wondered into an unknown land. You live in the hearts of those you touched, for nothing loved is lost. Sango.
Posted by Fritz Boban on 21st May 2013
My brother,so soon has the wind of death come your way.just,knowing that our meeting 3months ago and u promising we are going to share a drink,I didn't understand the drink was to celebrate your journey of no return.just the memories of how we shared,laugh and cried in Bali college is the cross I will always carry with me.with much love brother,have a safe trip,home.Mutia Fritz
Posted by O'neil Batcha on 21st May 2013
Posted by Florence Asare on 21st May 2013
My bro...., words cannot express the vacuum you have left in my heart. i trust in the Lord. So i believe that God had your life in control. I remember you told me that you also trusted in God. I am comforted by those wards we shared together and i know that your soul is in heaven. I will continue to thank God for his decisions.RIP".
Posted by Ndifon Flavy on 21st May 2013
Uncle Nan,So I am writing a tribute to you!!I still wake up and believe it is a nightmare,someone wake me up!!"my darling abu dont worry healthwise i am fine!" you said and then you died! What a shock!What do i tell little Grace?The void in my heart is huge,hurt is an understatement!I wish for so many things...I miss and love my uncle,my father,my brother,my friend.You are irreplaceable!!!
Posted by MOKOM Kisob on 21st May 2013
Above,l can still hear your voice in my heart as you laught out your lungs and l cracked my usual jokes,l can still remeber our last good moments with Tatah in Old town,infact death is the worst thing any man can wish an enemy,because you untimely and premature death has proven to us that we own nothing in this world,go in peace and with the courage of a BOB,God's arm are open to take you.
Posted by Roseline Batcha on 21st May 2013
NiNi......'A life that touches others goes on forever....' No farewell words were spoken, there was no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.........Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. I am glad you were such a fine brother...Adieu Nanga
Posted by Dur Ngoh on 20th May 2013
They say the good die young,I know it is true now you are gone.You took part of my heart long ago now you have it forever ! I know you are resting in Gods loving grace! R.I.P
Posted by Alice Deffo on 20th May 2013
My brother, my son! Cherished and beloved Nanga. I am beyond words. My pillow is drenched and I am confused. The empty space you left in my heart can not be filled, but I know and trust that our almighty Father has a beautiful home for you in his great mansion above. You know what I mean. Mamie Grace, papa Ndifon, Mama, Ngoh, and all are there to embrace you. Your memory lives forever.
Posted by Kangsen Wakai on 19th May 2013
Ni Above, may your rest in perfect peace. You remain alive in our memories. Your humor will continue to warm our hearts as your spirit soars to the heavens. Your body has gone to rest but your smile will linger eternally. Thank you immensely for bringing light and laughter to our world.
Posted by Etuka Raphael on 17th May 2013
I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.I prefer to spend this time thinking of all our great moments ever.ABOVE,you meant a lot to me and will always be in my taught’s forever.May your soul rest in perfect peace and am sure we shall meet again somewhere., From Del pipi .

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