His Life

Luna's Heating and Air

In March 2017, his dream of becoming self employed became true. He opened his business and had so many plans for this. The first year was very difficult and he did odd jobs to make ends meet. He persisted and gained clients through self promotion on Facebook groups and through word of mouth. He also joined a networking group that would help him learn more about being a small business owner. He had high hopes that Summer 2019 would be his busiest season and his business would boom!


My brother's real name was Juan Manuel Luna. The entire family simply called him Nani. Many friends would know him as that as well, but I don't know if anyone really knows why we called him Nani. When we were babies, our dad worked mostly with Mexican guys but he also worked with a man named Bruce. Bruce called my baby brother "Johnny". He is only a year than me, so I was still a baby myself. And I could not pronounce this but I would call him "Nani" and it stuck. I'm sure there are still many of the younger cousins in the family that don't even know his real name was Juan.